The stone guest

O gentle statue
Of the great 'Commendatore!..
…Ah, Master!
Don Giovanni.

Guang Don and Leporello

Don Guan

Wait for the night here. Brother, finally
We reached the gate Madrita! soon
I'll go through the streets of the familiar,
Mustache cloak closed, and eyebrows hat.
What do you think? can not find me?

Yes! Don Guana wise to admit!
such, How is he, this abyss!
Don Guan

Well, who knows me?

The first guard,
Gitana or drunk musician,
Or as your brother cheeky gentleman,
With a sword under his arm and a raincoat.
Don Guan

What kind of trouble, Though learn. only b
I did not meet the king. And yet,
I did not afraid to Madre.

And tomorrow will reach to the king,
That Don Juan from exile without permission
In Madre was, - what then, tell,
He will make you?
Don Guan

will send back.
Oh right I do not cut off the head.
I'm not a prisoner of state.
I deleted it, Well I love;
To be left alone
the victim's family ...

Well, just the same!
You only sat there in peace.
Don Guan

humble servant! I barely
He died there with boredom. What people,
What kind of land! And the sky?.. like smoke.
A woman? Yes, I would not trade,
Do you see, my stupid Leporello,
The last in the Andalusian peasant
At first, there the beauties - right.
They first like me
eyes blue, yes whiteness,
Yes modesty - a novelty Forest;
Yes, thank God, soon I realized -
I saw, that sin and know them -
In them there is no life, All wax doll;
And our!.. but listen, this place
known to us; Do you know him?

How not to learn: Antonio monastery
I remembered. Ride you here,
And I kept horses in this grove.
Proklyataya, confess, position. You
Here the time spent pleasant,
Than me, trust.
Don Guan (reflectively)

poor Ynez!
It is no more! I loved her!

Ineza! - eyed about ..., I remember.
Three months you cared,
For her; hardly something to help sly.
Don Guan

In July, the night .... strange pleasantness
I found in her sad gaze
And half dead lips. This is strange.
You, it seems, it did not find
beauty. And just, there was little
It truly beautiful. Eyes,
one eye. Yes, look ... this view
Oh, I've never met. A voice
She had a quiet and weak - like a patient -
Her husband was her stern villain,
I learned too late ... Poor Ynez!..

Well, followed by the others were.
Don Guan


And we may live, there will be others.
Don Guan

And that.

Now that in Madre
We look for?
Don Guan

ABOUT, Laura!
I ran toward her be.

A business.
Don Guan

To her right out the door - and if anyone
Oh, she - I ask to jump out the window.

Of course. Well, we cheered.
We worried briefly deceased.
Who comes to us?
Included monk.


Now she comes
Here. Who is there? not the people l Dona Anna?

No, themselves gentlemen, we,
We walk here.
Don Guan

And who are you waiting for?

Who should come to Dona Anna
On mužninu tomb.
Don Guan

Dona Anna
Where Solvay! as! the wife of Commander
Killed ... I do not remember anyone?

conscienceless, bezbozhnыm Don Guanom.

Wow! here's how! The fame of Don Juan
And in a peaceful monastery penetrated even,
Hermits sing praise to him.

He is familiar to you, may be?

Us? not at all.
And where is he now?

He is not here,
He is in exile far.

And thank God.
The further, all the better. All have their,
lecher, in one bag so the sea.
Don Guan

what, you're lying?

Shut up: I purposely ...
Don Guan

So here buried Commander?

Here; he erected a monument to his wife
And coming here every day
For the repose of his soul to pray
And cry.
Don Guan

What a strange widow?
I do not durna?

We feminine beauty,
hermits, should not be seduced,
But lying is sinful; can not and saint
In its glory wonderful not confess.
Don Guan

Not for nothing did the dead man was jealous.
He kept locked up Dona Anna,
None of us have never seen it.
I would like to talk her.

ABOUT, Dona Anna never with a man
Does not speak.
Don Guan

And you, my father?

With me is another matter; I am a monk.
Yes, that's it.
Included Dona Anna.

Dona Anna

My father, otoprite.

Now, Senhora; I have waited.
Dona Anna goes for monk.


what, What is the?
Don Guan

It can not be seen
Under this widow's black veil,
Slightly narrow heel, I noticed.

Pretty with you. You have imagination
The minute rest Doris;
It is our nimble painter,
You still, Why would not start,
With eyebrows Do, with legs li.
Don Guan

Listen, Leporello,
I'm with her seeking.

Here's another!
Where as needed! husband threw
Yes like to see the widow tears.
Don Guan

However, too dusk.
As long as the moon rose over us not
And in the gloom of the darkness light is not turned,
Go up in Madre.


Spanish grandee as a thief
Waiting for the night and the moon is afraid - God!
accursed habitation. So long will l
I tinker with it? Right, Force is no more.

Room. Dinner Laura.

first guest

I swear to you, Laura, never
With this you do not play perfect.
As their role correctly understood you!

How to develop it! with what force!

What art!

Yes, I was able to
Today, every movement, word.
I willingly indulged Inspiration.
words flowed, as if they gave birth
I do not remember a slave, but the heart of ...
The first

Even now, your eyes shine
And cheeks flared, does not pass
As you delight. Laura, do not give
Cool it unfruitful; sing, Laura,
Sing something.

Give me a guitar.


A lock! brava! wondrous! inimitably!
The first

thank you, enchantress. Your heart
Charuesh us. Of enjoyment of life
One love music gives;
But also love melody ... look:
Carlos himself touched, is your sullen guest.

what sounds! but in their souls!
And whose word, Laura?

Don Guana.
Don Carlos

what? Don Guan!

They wrote once
My faithful friend, my lover windy.
Don Carlos

Yours Don Guan atheist and skunk,
And you, you fool.

You are crazy?
Yes, I'll tell you right now to kill
my servants, though you Spanish grandee.
Don Carlos

Call them already.
The first

Laura, stop doing that;
Don Carlos, do not be angry. She forgot…

what? that Guang to fight fair
He killed his brother? truth: pity,
It is not his.
Don Carlos

I'm stupid, that was angry.

To her! he confess, you're stupid.
so make it up.
Don Carlos

is to blame, Laura,
Forgive me. but you know: can not
I hear that name with indifference ...

And I blame eh, that constantly
My tongue is the name comes?
a guest

Well, in token of, you're absolutely not angry,
Laura, sing More.

Yes, goodbye,
It's time, too night. But what I will sing?
BUT, hear.


charming, inimitably!

Goodbye same, gentlemen.

goodbye, Laura.
out. Laura stops Don Carlos.


You, mad! Dwell with me,,
I liked you; You Don Juan
He reminded me, both scolded me
And with his teeth grinding.
Don Carlos

happy man!
So you're in love with him.
Laura makes an affirmative sign.


Don Carlos

And love and now?

In this minute?
No, I do not like. I can not love two.
Now, I love you.
Don Carlos

Tell, Laura,
Which year you?

eighteen years.
Don Carlos

You are young ... and the young will
More five years il six. Around you
More about six years, they will huddle,
you caress, cherish, and give,
And entertain nightly serenades,
And for you to kill each other
At the intersection at night. but when
It is time to pass, when your eyes
Dwindle and eyelids, frowning, turn black
And graying braid your melknot,
And they will call you an old woman,
Then - what do you say?

Тогда? What for
Think about it? that during the conversation?
Or do you always have such thoughts?
Come - open balcony. As the sky softly;
Heated air is motionless, night lemon
And the smell of laurel, bright moon
Shines on the blue thick and dark,
And the watchmen shout drawl: "Clear!..»
A far, in the north - in Paris -
May be, the sky is covered with clouds,
Cold rain falls and the wind blows.
And we cares? hear, Carlos,
I demand, so that you smile ...
- Well, that something w! —
Don Carlos

cute demon!

Don Guan

gay! Laura!

Who's there? whose voice it?
Don Guan

Otopri ...

uzel!.. Christ!..
(unlocks the doors, part of Dong Guan.)

Don Guan


Don Guan!..
(Laura throws her arms around him.)

Don Carlos

how! Don Guan!..
Don Guan

Laura, Dear friend!..
(He kisses her.)

Whom do you have, my Laura?
Don Carlos

Don Carlos.
Don Guan

Here's an unexpected meeting!
Tomorrow I fly to your service.
Don Carlos

Now - now!.

Don Carlos, stop!
You're not on the street - you have me -
Kindly go aside.
Don Carlos
(it is not listening)

I'm waiting. well,
After all, when you sword.
Don Guan

if you
Can not wait to, if you please.


month! month! Guan!..
(He throws himself on the bed.)

Don Carlos falls.

Don Guan

Get up, Laura, over.

What's that?
killed? perfectly! in my room!
What do I do now, povesa, devil?
Where do I throw it?
Don Guan

May be,
He is still alive.
(examining body)

Yes! alive! look, damn,
You're right in the heart poked - I suppose not by,
And the blood of the triangular wound neydot,
And is not breathing - what?
Don Guan

What to do?
He wanted to.

Source, Don Guan,
Boring, right. Eternal leprosy -
And it's not to blame ... How do you?
How long is it here?
Don Guan

I just arrived
And then quietly - I'm not forgiven.

He remembered once of his Laura?
What well, it's good. to full,
I do not believe. You walked past the accident
And the house saw.
Don Guan

No, my Laura,
Ask the Leporello. I stand
In the countryside, in damn Wente. I'm Laura
I come to seek in Madre.
(He kisses her.)


You are my friend!..
Wait ... with a dead!.. What shall we do with him?
Don Guan

leave him: before sunrise, early,
I brought it under epanche
And I will set a crossroads.

Look, they see you.
How well did you do, that was
One minute later,! I have
Your friends dined here. Only
That came out. Were you caught them!
Don Guan

Laura, and his long time you like?

whom? you, it is seen, delirious.
Don Guan

How many times have you cheated on me
In the absence of my?

And you, povesa?
Don Guan

Say no, after the talks,.

monument Commander.

Don Guan

All goes to good: accidentally killed
Don Carlos, humble hermit
I hid here - and I see every day
My lovely widow, and it,
It seems to me, Seen. Still
We were repaired with each other; but today
Admitted in a conversation with her; time to.
Where start? "I dare" ... or not:
'Syeniora' ...! that will come head,
Then tell, without predugotovlenya,
Improviser love song ...
It is time used to come to her too. Without her -
I think - misses Commander.
As it is presented here giant!
what shoulders! that of Hercules!..
And the dead man was small and schedushen,
Here, standing on tiptoe, I could not hand
Prior to his nose he endure.
When we came together for Eskuryalom,
I came across it on his sword and stood,
How dragonfly on a pin - and was
He was proud and brave - and the spirit had a severe ...
A! here she is.
Included Dona Anna.

Dona Anna

Again it here. My father,
I entertained the thoughts you have in your -
Don Guan

I must ask forgiveness
you, Senhora. Can, I'm in the way
Your sorrow freely poured out.
Dona Anna

No, my father, My sadness in me,
If you are my molenya to heaven
Humbly carried up - I beg
And you have my voice Sedin with them.
Don Guan

To me, I pray with you, Dona Anna!
I do not deserve such a fate.
I do not dare wicked mouth
Plea your holy chant -
I'm just in awe from a distance
Looking at you, when, leaning quietly,
You black marble pale Vlasov
Crumble - and methinks, secretly
Tomb of the angel visited,
In the confused heart I was not found
Then prayers. I look bezmolvno
And I think - happy, whose marble hladny
Breath warmed her heavenly
And sprinkled her with tears of love ...
Dona Anna

What speech - strange!
Don Guan

Dona Anna

I ... you forget.
Don Guan

what? that unworthy
I hermit? that sinful my voice
Not here to be heard so loudly?
Dona Anna

I thought ... I do not understand ...
Don Guan

Oh I see: all of you, you know everything!
Dona Anna

What I learned?
Don Guan

So, I'm not a monk -
At your feet beg for forgiveness.
Dona Anna

Oh my God! Arise, Stand up ... Who are you?
Don Guan

Unhappy, victim of a hopeless passion.
Dona Anna

Oh my God! and here, while the tomb!
Get away.
Don Guan

minute, Dona Anna,
One minute!
Dona Anna

If someone rises!..
Don Guan

The grille is locked. One minute!
Dona Anna

Well? what? what you need?
Don Guan

Of death.
Oh let me die right now at your feet,
Let my poor ashes buried here
Not beside the ashes, nice for you,
Not here - not close - dale anywhere,
There - at the door - right at the doorstep,
To my stone could touch
You light foot or clothing,
when here, this proud coffin
Go to incline curls and cry.
Dona Anna

Are you out of your mind.
Don Guan

or wish
decease, Dona Anna, a sign of madness?
If I were a madman, I would like to
Remained alive, I would have hoped
Love gentle touch your heart;
If I were a madman, I would be the night
I became Having your your balcony,
Worried serenadami your Son,
I would not hide, I on the other hand
I tried to be everywhere seen you b;
If I were a madman, I would not become
Suffer in silence ...
Dona Anna

And so you
Shut up?
Don Guan

case, Dona Anna, case
fascinated me. - Do not you ever used
My sad secrets do not know.
Dona Anna

And like a long time since you have?
Don Guan

Long ago or recently, I do not know,
But since that time as soon as I know the price
instant life, Only from that time
And I realized I, what the word happiness.
Dona Anna

Get away - you are a dangerous person.
Don Guan

Dangerous! than?
Dona Anna

I listen to you I am afraid.
Don Guan

I shut up; just do not drive away
Togo, whom your vision odna otrada.
I do not cherish hopes stout,
I did not ask, but seeing
You need me, when it is already on life
I was sentenced.
Dona Anna

Go and - do not belong here
such things, such insanity. Tomorrow
Come to me. If you are vows
Keep me is w Respect,
I'll take you; but in the evening, later, —
I did not see from that time,
As a widow ...
Don Guan

Anna Don Angel!
God comfort you, how do you do today
Consoled the unfortunate sufferer.
Dona Anna

Well, Go away.
Don Guan

Another minute.
Dona Anna

No, it is seen, I leave ... to train public prayer
In my mind neydot. You amused me
speeches secular; them so ear
my long time, long ago lost the habit. - Tomorrow
I'll take you.
Don Guan

Not yet dare to believe,
Fortunately I do not dare to indulge in ...
I'll see you tomorrow! - and here
And not by stealth!
Dona Anna

Yes, tomorrow, tomorrow.
What is your name?
Don Guan

Diego de Kalvado.
Dona Anna

Farewell, Don Diego.

Don Guan

Leporello enters.


What is your pleasure?
Don Guan

dear Leporello!
I'm happy!.. "Tomorrow night, later…"
My Leporello, tomorrow - prepare ...
I'm happy, like a child!

With Donna Anna
you said? may be, she
I told you two affectionate words
Or is it blessed you.
Don Guan

No, Leporello, not! it is a date,
Rendezvous has appointed me!

About widow, all you are.
Don Guan

I'm happy!
I'm ready to sing, I'm glad the whole world a hug.

A commander? what he says about it?
Don Guan

You think, he will be jealous?
Oh, right there; he is a man of understanding
AND, right, subsided since, died.

No; look at his statue.
Don Guan


it seems, she looks at you
And angry.
Don Guan

Go well, Leporello,
Welcome to ask her to me -
No, not to me - and to Donna Anna, tomorrow.

Statue of a visit call! what for?
Don Guan

too true
Not in order, to talk to her -
Ask statue tomorrow Donna Anna
Come back later in the evening and become
At the door of the clock.

Hunting you
Tell jokes, and with whom!
Don Guan

Go well.

Don Guan


Preslavnaya, beautiful statue!
My master Don Juan asks meekly
Welcome ... Jove, can not,
I'm scared.
Don Guan

quake! Now I will!..

My master Don Juan asks you tomorrow
Come back later to the house of your wife
And become the door ...
The statue nods in assent.

Don Guan

What's that?

month, month!..
month, ah ... Umrah!
Don Guan

That hath done for thee?

Statue ah ...!..
Don Guan

you bow!

Not me, she!
Don Guan

What nonsense nesosh!

Go and do.
Don Guan

Well, look w, loafer.

I, komandor, I ask you to come
For your widow, where I'll be tomorrow,
And articles on the lookout at the door. what? will?
Statue nods again.

Oh my God!

what? I told…
Don Guan


Room Dona Anna.
Don Juan and Don Anna.Dona ƈ This took you, Don Diego; only
I'm afraid, my sad conversation
You will be boring: poor widow,
All I remember his loss. tears
With a smile bothering, on April.
Why are you silent?
Don Guan
I enjoy the silence,
Deep thought to be alone
С прелестной До ной Анной. Here - not there,
Not at the tomb of the dead lucky man -
And I see you are no longer on his knees
Before the marble wife.
Dona Anna

Don Diego,
So you are jealous. - My husband and in the grave
have tormented?
Don Guan

I should not be jealous.
He was chosen by you.
Dona Anna

No, my mother
He told me to give a hand of Don Alvaro,
We were poor, Don Alvar rich.
Don Guan

happy man! He treasures empty
Brought to the feet of the goddess, that's what
It tastes heavenly bliss! If only
I first knew you, how delighted
My dignity, my wealth, everything would have given,
All of the single gracious look;
I would be a slave to your holy will,,
Your every whim I'd studied,
To warn them; to your life
Was one uninterrupted magic.
Alas! - Fate has judged me otherwise.
Dona Anna

Diego, stop: I Gresham,
you listening, - I can not love you,
The widow and the coffin must be true.
When you would know, Don Alvar
loved me! about, Don Alvar too true
Do not be adopted to him in love lady,
When he had widowed. - He would be faithful
conjugal love.
Don Guan

Do not torture the heart
To me, Dona Anna, eternal remembrance
Spouse. Ye execute me,
Though I deserve punishment, may be.
Dona Anna

With what?
You are not bound by ties of saints
With no one. - Is it not true? loved me,
You are in front of me and in front of the sky right.
Don Guan

Here! Christ!
Dona Anna

Unless you are guilty
In front of me? tell, what is the.
Don Guan

No, never.
Dona Anna

Diego, what?
You before me wrong? what, tell.
Don Guan

No! never!
Dona Anna

Diego, this is strange:
I beg you, I demand.
Don Guan

No, not.
Dona Anna

BUT! So you will obey my!
And now you're telling me?
What did you used to be a slave to my wish.
I get angry, Diego: answer,
What you are guilty before me?
Don Guan

I do not dare.
You hate me become.
Dona Anna

No, not. I forgive you in advance,
But I wish to know ...
Don Guan

Do not want to know
terrible, killer mystery.
Dona Anna

terrible! you torment me.
I fear as curious - what?
And how can you insult me?
I do not know - I have enemies
And there was never. husband's killer
One is.
Don Guan
(About myself)

It comes to a head case!
Tell me, wretched Don Juan
you are unfamiliar?
Dona Anna

No, after birth it
I did not give.
Don Guan

You are in my heart to him
nourish enmity?
Dona Anna

For a debt of honor.
But you are trying to distract me
My question. Don Diego -
I demand…
Don Guan

what, if Don Juan
you met?
Dona Anna

Then I would villain
Dagger stabbed in the heart.
Don Guan

Dona Anna,
Where is your dagger? Now my breasts.
Dona Anna

What do you?
Don Guan

I am not Diego, I Guang.
Dona Anna

Oh my God! not, can not be, I do not believe.
Don Guan

I Dong Guan.
Dona Anna

Not true.
Don Guan

I killed
your spouse; and I do not regret
The fact - and no remorse in me.
Dona Anna

What do I hear? No, not, can not be.
Don Guan

I Dong Guan, and I love you.
Dona Anna

Where I am?.. Where I am? my bad, bad.
Don Guan

That her? that is with thee, Dona Anna?
Arise, Arise, wake up, Come to your senses: your Diego,
Your servant at your feet.
Dona Anna

leave me!

ABOUT, you are my enemy - you have robbed me
Everything, I am in my life ...
Don Guan

cute creature!
I'm all ready to blow my atone,
Do your legs forward orders only,
Veli - die; were - I will breathe
Just for you ...
Dona Anna

So is Don Juan ...
Don Guan

Is not it, it has been described to you
villain, izvergom. - About Dona Anna, —
Rumor, may be, not entirely wrong,
On the conscience of a tired much evil,
May be, gravitates. So, debauchery
I have long been an obedient student,
But since that time, like you I saw,
It seems to me, I always pererodylsya.
you like, I love the virtue
And for the first time before her humbly
Trembling knee bow.
Dona Anna

ABOUT, Dong Guan eloquent - I know,
I heard; He is a cunning adversary.
You, they say, godless corrupter,
You who is the demon. How many poor women
you have ruined?
Don Guan

None of this day
Of these, I did not like.
Dona Anna

And I believe,
To Don Juan fell in love for the first time,
So he was not looking for a new victim in me!
Don Guan

When I had to deceive you like,
Eh I confessed, I said the name,
Which you can not hear you?
Where there is clear deliberation, perfidy?
Dona Anna

Who knows you? - But how could come
here you; here you can learn to,
And your death would be inevitable.
Don Guan

What does it mean death? for sweet moment Goodbye
I meekly give life.
Dona Anna

But how
From here leave you, careless!
Don Guan
(kissing her hands)

And you're the life of the poor Juan
take care! So there is no hatred
Inwardly thy celestial, Dona Anna?
Dona Anna

Oh, if you could, I hate!
However, one must train to leave us.
Don Guan

When will see you again?
Dona Anna

I do not know.
Don Guan

And tomorrow?
Dona Anna

Don Guan

Dona Anna

About Don Guan, I like the heart is weak.
Don Guan

The pledge of forgiveness peace kiss ...
Dona Anna

It's time, podi.
Don Guan

One, cold, peaceful…
Dona Anna

What neotvyazchivy! on, there he is.
That there is a knock?.. to hide thyself, Don Guan.
Don Guan

Farewell, Goodbye, my dear friend.
(Leaves and runs again.)

Dona Anna

What's the matter? A!..
It includes a statue of Commander .
Dona Anna falls.

The statue

I was on call.
Don Guan

Oh my God! Dona Anna!
The statue

throw it,
Its end. you tremble, Don Guan.
Don Guan

I? not. I called you and I'm glad, what do I see.
The statue

Give me a hand.
Don Guan

Here it is ... on, heavy
Shake his right hand stone!
leave me, let - let me hand ...
I'm dying - over - about Dona Anna!
get out.

1830 g.
[1] Leporello. Oh dearest statue of the great commander!.. Brother, master! Don Juan (it.). - Replica of Mozart's opera "Don Giovanni".

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