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Take care of the honor of his youth. *

Chapter I Guard Sergeant
- Would it tomorrow Guard Captain Well.
- Him no need; let him serve in the army.
- Fairly said! let him tighter ...
. . . . . . . . . .
But who his father?

My father Andrew P. Green in his youth served under Munnich column and retired Major-prime at 17 ... year *. Since then he has lived in his village Simbirsk, where he married a girl Avdotya Vasilyevna Yu, daughter of a poor nobleman of Gdańsk. We had nine children. All my brothers and sisters died in infancy.
My mother was still paunchy me, as I have already been recorded in the Semenov regiment sergeant, by the grace of Major Prince Guard B., our close relative. If more than any aspirations mother gave birth to daughter, the priest would announce which followed the death of no-show Sergeant, and the case would be over and done with. I believe in a release before the end of Sciences. While we have not brought up in noneshnie. From the age of five I was given at the hands of aspiring Savelichu, for sober behavior complained my uncle. Under his supervision in the twelfth year I learned to read and write Russian, and could very sensibly be judged on the properties of greyhound dog. At that time my father hired for me a Frenchman, Monsieur Beaupre, is discharged from
Moscow, along with a year's supply of wine and olive oil. His arrival did not like much Savelichu. "Thank God, - he grumbled to himself, - it seems, child umыt, brushed, fed. Where as you need to spend extra money and hire mus'e, as if his people did not!»
Beaupre in his own country was a barber, then a soldier in Prussia, then came to Russia pour être outchitel #, not understanding the meaning of the word. He was a good fellow, but wind and besputen to extremes. Its main weakness was a passion for the fair sex; often for their tenderness, he received shocks, from which groaned for days together. Moreover, he was not (in his words) and the enemy of the bottle, t. it is. (speaking in Russian) loved sip too much. But the wine was served in our country only at dinner, and then a drink, and teachers and generally run-out, then my Beaupre soon accustomed to the Russian tincture and even began to prefer its wines of his country, how unlike the more useful for the stomach. We immediately hit it off, and although it was contractually obligated to teach me French, German and all the sciences, but he preferred hastily to learn from me how to Koyo-in Russian chat, - and then all of us have engaged in the business. We lived in perfect harmony. Another mentor, and I did not want. But fate soon parted us, and that's what the occasion:
rod Palashka, fat and pockmarked wench, and curve korovnitsa Akulka once agreed at the same time to rush my mother's feet, vinyas in criminal weakness and tearfully complaining of Monsieur, deceitfulness of their inexperience. My mother did not like to joke that my father and complained. His violence was short. He immediately demanded rascal Frenchman. reported, that Monsieur gave me my lesson. The father went to my room. At that time Beaupre was sleeping on the bed sleeping innocence. I was engaged in business. You must know, that was drawn up for me from Moscow geographical map. It hung on the wall without any use and has long lured me wide and kindness paper. I decided to make a kite of it, and, using sleep Beaupre, I set to work. My father came at the same time, I fit Mochalny tail to the Cape of Good Hope. Seeing my exercises in geography, father pulled my ear, then he ran up to Beaupre, I woke him up very carelessly and began to heap reproaches. Beaupre in turmoil wanted to get up and could not: the unfortunate Frenchman was dead drunk. seven woes, one answer. The father of the gate lifted him from the bed, I pushed out of the door and on the same day drove him from the yard, to the indescribable joy Savelich. Themes and ended my education.
I lived ignoramus, chasing pigeons and playing leapfrog with the farm boys. Meanwhile, I have passed the age of sixteen. Here is my destiny changed.
One autumn day my mother was making honey jam in the living room, and I, licking, I looked at the ebullient foam. The priest at the window reading the Court Calendar *, each year they received. This book always had a strong influence on him: he never reread it without much participation, and reading it made there is always an amazing thrill bile. Mother, who knew by heart all his svychai and customs, always I tried to bury the unfortunate book as possible podalee, and thus the Court Calendar did not come across his eyes sometimes for months at a. But, when he accidentally found his, the, happened, but whole hours did not let much out of his hands. so, Father read the Court Calendar, occasionally shrugging and repeating in a low voice: "General-Lieutenant!.. I have it in the company was a sergeant!.. Both Russian Cavalier Orders!. And we long ago ... "At last my father threw the calendar on the sofa and fell into a reverie, I do not bode good.
Suddenly he turned to my mother: "Avdotya Vasilievna, how old Petrusha?»
- Yes, that's gone seventeenth godok, - responsible mother. - Petrushka was born in the same year, how okrivela aunt Nastasya Gerasimovna, and when ... more
«Good, - interrupted the priest, - it's time to service. Fully him to run in the maiden so climb on the pigeon ".
The thought of the imminent separation from my mother so impressed, that she dropped the spoon into the pot, and tears ran down her face. On the contrary, hard to describe my delight. The idea of ​​service mingled in me with thoughts of freedom, the pleasures of life in Petersburg. I imagined myself Guard officer, what, according to my, It was the height of human well-being.
The father did not like to change his plans, either to postpone their execution. Day of my departure was appointed. On the eve of Father announced, that he intends to write to me to my future boss, and he demanded a pen and paper.
- Do not forget, Andrei Petrovich, - said my mother, - bow to me, and Prince B.; I say, I hope, that he will not leave his mercies Petrusha.
- What nonsense! - replied the priest with a frown. - For what reason, I will write to Prince B.?
- Why did you say, what thou wilt write to the chief Petrusha.
- Well, and then what?
- Why the head of Petrushin - Prince B. After Petrushka recorded in the Semenov regiment.
- Recorded! Who cares, he recorded? Petrushka in St. Petersburg will not go. What he learns, serving in St. Petersburg? Unwrap it povesničatʹ? No, let it serve in the army, yes pull strap, Yes sniff gunpowder, let it be a soldier, not shamaton. Recorded in the Guard! Where his pashport? Bring it here.
My mother had found my passport, kept in its box, along with shirts, in which I was baptized, and handed it to the priest trembling hand. My father read it with attention, I put in front of him on the table and began his letter.
Curiosity tormented me: where do I send, if not to Petersburg? I stared at the pen for father, which moved rather slowly. Finally he finished, I sealed the letter in one package with a passport, He took off his glasses and, called me, He said: "Here's a letter to Andrey Karlovich P., my old friend and comrade. You're going to Orenburg to serve under his command ".
so, all my brilliant hopes were crumbling! Instead gay Petersburg life waiting for me the boredom away dull and distant. Service, about that for a moment I thought with such enthusiasm, It struck me as a serious misfortune. But there was nothing to argue! On the next morning drove up to the porch was a road kibitka; laid in her suitcase, cellaret with tea-and units with rolls and pies, the latest signs of home pampering. My parents blessed me. Father told me: "Goodbye, Peter. serve faithfully, who prisyagnesh; obey your superiors; for their kindness not to drive; the service did not ask; from the service does not discourage; i remember saying: Take care to pay again, and the honor of his youth ". Mother in tears punished me take care of my health, Savelichu and look after a child of. I put on my coat rabbit, and on top fox fur coat. I sat in the tent with Savéliitch and went on the road, oblyvayas tears.
The same night I arrived at Simbirsk, where he was to spend a day for the purchase of necessary things, which it was entrusted Savelichu. I stayed at the inn. Savelich in the morning went to the shops. Did you miss looking out the window at the dirty alley, I wandered from room to room. Voshed in billiard, I saw a tall gentleman, thirty-five, with long black mustache, in a bathrobe, with cue in hand and a pipe in his mouth. He was playing with a marker, which when winning drank a glass of vodka, and when he lost, he was to crawl under the billiard on all fours. I began to look at their game. The longer it lasted, the walks on all fours getting increasingly, until at last the marker remained under the billiard. Barin said over him several strong expressions in the form of a funeral sermon and invited me to play a game. I refused for inability to. It seemed to him, apparently, strange. He looked at me as if with regret; but we are talking. I found out, that his name was Ivan Ivanovich Zurin, he was captain ** Hussars and is in Simbirsk at reception recruit, and stands at the inn. Zurin invited me to dine with him what God has sent, soldierlike. I willingly agreed. We sat at the table. Zurin drank a lot, and regaled me, speaking, I must get accustomed to the service; he told me military anecdotes, from which I almost rolled with laughter, and we got up from the table, perfect friends. Then he offered to teach me to play billiards. "It, - he said,, - it is necessary for our brother serviceman. In campaign, eg, you come to a place - what do you command? It is not yet beat the Jews. One is forced to go into the restaurant and you will be playing billiards; and so ought to be able to play!"I was absolutely convinced and with great diligence took up the teaching. Zurin loudly encouraged me, I marveled at my rapid progress and, after a few lessons, He offered me money to play, one money, not for gain, as well, to not play for nothing, what, According to him, very bad habit. I agreed and the, Zurin and ordered his punch and persuaded me to try, repeating, that I must get used to the service; and without a punch that service! I listened to him. Meanwhile our game went. The more often I sipped from my glass, so getting bolder. The balls constantly flying at me across the board; I'm hot, defended markers, who believed God knows how, multiplied by the hour game, word - behaved like a boy, to break free. Meanwhile, time passed imperceptibly. Zurin glanced at his watch, He puts down his cue, and told me, I lost a hundred rubles. It makes me a little confused. my money was in Savelich. I apologized. Zurin interrupted: "Have mercy! Do not worry if you please, and. I can wait, and meanwhile go to Arinushke ".
What would you? I finished the day as the dissolute, as he had begun. We had supper at Arinushki. Zurin pominutno MNE subline, repeating, I must get accustomed to the service. Getting up from the table, I just stand up; at midnight Zurin took me to the inn.
Savelich met us on the porch. he gasped, I am seeing the unmistakable signs of my zeal for the service. "What is it, sir, matter with you? - he said in a pitiful voice, - Where did you load the? ahti Mrs.! such sin-old had happened!»-« Silent, khrych! – отвечал я ему, haltingly; - Thou hast drunk, I went to bed and lay me down ... ".
The next day I woke up with a headache, vaguely remembering the incident itself yesterday. My thoughts were interrupted by Savéliitch, which came to me with a cup of tea. "Sooner, Petr ANDREIĆ, - he said to me,, shake their heads, - early start to walk. And who do you go? it seems, neither father, nor your grandfather were drunkards; a mother and say nothing: after birth, except kvass, in your mouth not deigned to take anything. And who is to blame for everything? damn mus'e. Every now and then, happened, to Antipevne zabezhit: "Madame, ing at the same, vodka ". So much for the same vu when! Nothing to say: good set, son of a bitch. And it was necessary to hire guys in basurmany, as if the master was gone and his men!»
I was ashamed. I turned and said to him,: "Go out, Savelich; I do not want tea ". But it was surprising to appease Savelich, when happened it will be accepted for preaching. "Here you see, Petr ANDREIĆ, what podgulivat. And the head of a hard, and eat something you do not want. Man drinking on what does not fit ... Drink-ka cucumber pickle with honey, and would just rather sober polstakanchikom tinctures. Not show you?»
At this time, the boy came in and handed me a note from AND. AND. urine. I unfolded it and read the following lines:
"Dear Peter A., you are welcome, I came with my boy a hundred rubles, that you lost to me yesterday. I have an extreme need for money.
Ready to service
Ivan Zurin ».
There was nothing. I took the kind of indifferent and, turning to Savelichu, who was and money, and linen, and my affairs rachitel *, He ordered to give the boy a hundred rubles. "How! what for?"- asked the astonished Savelich. "I owe them to him", - I replied with the utmost coldness. "Should! - said Savelich, the hour given in greater surprise;- but when the same, sir, could you tell him to owe? The thing that is not okay. done, sir, and I will not give money ".
I thought, that if in this decisive moment is not obstinate old man, then certainly in the latter days it will be difficult for me to free myself from his tutelage, and, looking at him proudly, He said: "I am your master, and you are my servant. my money. I lost them, because it occurred to me. I advise you not to try to be clever and do, what you ordered ".
Savelich was so impressed by my words, that splesnul hands and froze. "What are you standing!"- I shouted angrily. Savelich wept. "Father Pyotr Andreyevich, - he said in a trembling voice, - not to kill me with grief. You are my light! listen to me, the old man: write to this robber, you're joking, we have money and some of these are not usual. One hundred rubles! For God's gracious! Tell, that your parents very firmly ordered not to play, Besides from both nuts ... "-" Enough to lie, - I interrupted strictly, - Bring the money here or I'll drive out vzashey ".
Savelich looked at me with deep sorrow and followed my duty. I felt sorry for the poor old man; but I wanted to break free and prove, that I was no longer a child. The money was delivered Zurin. Savelich he hastened to take me out of the accursed inn. He appeared with the news, that the horses were ready. With an uneasy conscience and silent remorse, I left Simbirsk, not simply with my teacher and not thinking with him for ever see.
Chapter IIVozhaty
Eh my side, storonushka.
by strangers!
What if I came to you myself,
What is not so good if my horse has delivered:
brought me, good fellow,
Prytost, valiant courage
And hmelinushka Taverns. *
old song.

Traveler my thoughts were not very pleasant. losing my, by then prices, It was not without significance. I could not admit to liking, that my conduct in the Simbirsk inn was stupid, and I felt sorry for Savéliitch. All this tormented me. The old man sat glumly on the box, turned from me, and silent, Only occasionally clearing his throat. I really wanted to make peace with him and did not know where to start. Finally I said to him,: "Well, Well, Savelich! full, make it up, is to blame; I see myself, that is to blame. Yesterday I mischief, and you needlessly offended. I promise to behave smarter ahead and listen to you. Well, do not be angry; reconcile ".
– Эх, Father Pyotr Andreyevich! - he answered with a deep sigh. - Getting angry, I at myself; I myself am guilty Circle. As I was to leave you alone in a restaurant! What to do? sin beguiled: even think to wander Raissa, to see kumoyu. So: I went to Qom, but stayed in jail. The trouble and only! As I will show in the Lord's eyes? say that they, how to learn, that the child is drinking and playing.
To comfort the poor Savelich, I gave him my word henceforth have neither odnoyu penny without his consent. He gradually calmed down, although still occasionally muttering to himself, shake their heads: "One hundred rubles! easy is it to deal!»
I approached my destination. Around me stretched the sad desert, intersected by hills and ravines. Everything was covered with snow. The sun was setting. The tent was driving along a narrow road, or more precisely on the trail, laid peasant sledge. Suddenly the driver began to look to the side and finally, removing the cap, He turned to me and said,: 'Holding, Do not order come back?»
- What is this for?
- unreliable Time: the wind rises slightly; - vish, he sweeps newly-fallen snow.
- Why does it matter!
- And you can see that there? (The driver pointed his whip to the east.)
- I do not see anything, but the white steppe yes Clear sky.
- And there - there: this cloud.
I saw really on the edge of the sky a white cloud, which was adopted first for a distant mound. Coachman explain it to me, that presaged the storm cloud.
I have heard of there the snowstorms and knew, that whole transports them been entered. Savelich, according to the opinion coachman, He advised to turn back. But the wind seemed not strong; I had hoped to get advance to the next station and told him to drive more.
Âmŝik jumped; but it looked to the east. Horses running together. Wind between the hour grew stronger. Cloud turned into a white cloud, that was rising heavily, gradually grew and clung to the sky. I went fine snow - and suddenly threw flakes. wind howled; He became a blizzard. In an instant the dark sky mixed with snow sea. everything disappeared. "Well, his, - shouted the driver, - trouble: blizzard!»…
I looked out of the tent: all was gloom and whirlwind. The wind howled with such ferocious expressiveness, that seemed to animate; Snow fell asleep and I Savelich; horses proceeded at a walk - and soon became. "Why do not you go?"- I asked the coachman would. "Yes, that go? - he answered, climbing down from his seat;- knows and so far stopped: there is no way, and darkness all around ". I did it was to scold. Savelich stood up for him: "And hunting was not to obey, - he said angrily, - would be returned to the inn, I would nakushalsya tea, I am rested himself until the morning, b storm subsided, went forth to. And somewhere in a hurry? Welcome to the wedding!"Savelich was right. There was nothing. Snow was falling and. Near the tents was rising snow. Horses stood, hung his head and wincing occasionally. The driver went around, nothing to do settling harness. Savelich grumbling; I looked in all directions, I am hoping to see at least a sign of vein or road, but I could not discern, except cloudy whirling snowstorm ... Suddenly I saw something black. "Hey, coachman! - I cried, - see: what blackens there?"The driver peered. "And God knows, his, - he said, sitting on his seat; - Train no train, the tree is not a tree, but it seems, that moves. must be, or a wolf or a man ".
I ordered to go to the unknown object, who immediately began to move around and meet us. Two minutes later we caught up with the man. «Gay, kind person! - the driver shouted to him. - Say, Do not know, where the road?»
- The road out here; I stand on a solid band, - posted road, - so what's the point?
- Listen, little man, - I said to him,, - Do you know this side? Will you take me to finish the night?
- Face Me friend, - posted road, - thank God, It assumes and izezzhena length and breadth. Yes vish what the weather: just off the road sobesh. It is better to stay here but wait, maybe the storm subsides and the sky cleared up: then find the way by the stars.
His coolness encouraged me. I've already decided, He gave himself to God's will, spend the night in the middle of the steppe, suddenly sat up quickly on the ground and said to the driver obluchok: "Well, thank God, lived near; Turn right yes Go ".
- Why do I go to the right? - I asked the driver with displeasure. - Where do you see the road? Небось: the wrong horse, clip is not your, errands do not stand. - The driver seemed to me right. "Indeed, - I said, - Why do you think, that lived not far?"-" And because, the wind pulled out from this place, - posted road, - and I hear, smelled smoke; know, village close ". Sharpness and fineness of his intuition amazed me. I told to the driver to go. Horses clump in deep snow. The tent quietly progressed, Driving on the snow, then bring down into the ravine and swaying the one, then on the other side. It was like a sailing ship in a stormy sea. Savelich groaning, constantly pushing on my side. I lowered the mat, I wrapped in a fur coat and dozed off, lulled by the singing of the storm and pitching a quiet ride.
I had a dream, which I could never forget and which still see something prophetic, when I am pondering him strange circumstances of my life. The reader will excuse me: For probably knows from experience, how is akin to man to indulge in superstition, Despite all possible contempt for prejudices.
I was in that state of feeling and soul, when a substantial, giving way to dreams, merges them into vague visions pervosoniya. It seemed to me, blizzard still raging and we have wandered through the snowy desert ... Suddenly I saw the gate and entered the yard of our manor estates. By my first thought was fear, Father to be angry with me for the involuntary return under the roof of the parent and would not have counted his willful disobedience. With anxiety I jumped out of the tent and see: Mother greets me on the porch overlooking the deep sorrow. "Hush, - she said to me, - a father is sick to death and wants to be with you to say goodbye ". fear of failure, I follow her into the bedroom. I see, dimly lit room; at the bedside of people standing around with sad faces. I quietly went up to bed; Mother lifts the curtain and says,: "Andrei Petrovich, Petrushka came; he returned, learning about your illness; Bless him ". I knelt down and fixed my eyes on the patient. Что ж?.. Instead, my father, I see a man lying in bed with a black beard, fun looking at me. I'm at a loss turned to my mother, telling her: "What does it mean? This is not the father. And how do I become a blessing to ask the guy?" - "Does not matter, Petrushka, - answered me mother, - This is your father planted; Kiss him handle, and that he may bless you ... "I do not agree. Then a man jumped out of bed, He snatched the ax from behind his back and began to swing in all directions. I wanted to run away ... and could not; the room was filled with dead bodies; I stumbled on the body and slid into bloody puddles ... Scary man affectionately I clicked, speaking: "Do not be afraid, Come under my blessing ... "The horror and bewilderment possessed me ... And at that moment I woke up; horses were; Savelich pulled me by the hand, speaking: "Come out, sir: We come ".
- Where have arrived? - I asked, rubbing his eyes.

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