Boris Godunov

this work, his genius inspired, reverently and gratefully devotes
Alexander Pushkin

(1598 of the year, 20 February)
Prince Shuisky and Vorotynsky.

Dressed up, we manage the city together,
But, it seems, We do not look for someone:
Moscow is empty; vosled for patriarch
To go to the monastery and all the people.
What do you think, than the end alarm?

The end? Learn not wise:
People still povoet yes cry,
Boris still wince slightly,
The drunkard before Charco wine,
Finally, by the grace of his
Take the crown humbly accept;
And then - and then he will rule us

But a month already elapsed,
how, gate in a monastery with his sister,
is he, it seems, I left all worldly.
our patriarch, or duma nobles
Persuade him hitherto could not;
He does not hear any tearful exhortations,
Neither their prayers, nor cry all over Moscow,
Neither the voice of the Great Council.
His sister begged in vain
Boris bless the state;
The sad nun queen
How hard it, he is relentless.
Know, Boris himself this spirit she instilled;
What if the ruler is indeed
Reigning concerns bored
And the throne powerless not rise?
What do you say?

I tell, that waste
Lilasya blood prince-baby;
That if this, Demetrius could live.

awful wickedness! fully, just eh
Ruined prince Boris?

Then who?
Who bribed vain Chepchugova?
Who had sent both Bitiagovsky
With Kachalov? I was sent to Uglich
Investigate the matter on the spot:
I ran on the fresh tracks;
The entire city has been witness to atrocities;
All citizens have shown according to;
AND, returning, I could have a word
To expose the hidden villain.

Why did you not destroy it?

is he, I confess, Then I was confused
calmness, shameless unexpected,
He looked me in the eye, It seemed right:
questioned, the details included -
And in front of him, I repeated the absurd,
Which he whispered to me.

not clean, prince.

And what was I to do?
All declare Theodore? but the king
All looking in the eyes of Godunov,
Around the ears listened Godunov:
Let him b I assured throughout,
Boris once it would have disabused,
And there Well I was sent to prison b,
Yes, good luck, like my uncle,
In a remote prison, gently used crushed.
I do not brag, and in the case, of course,
Nikaya penalty I will not fear.
I myself am not a coward, but also not a fool
And in the loop climb disagreeing gift.

awful wickedness! Listen, right
Slayer remorse worried:
Of course, the blood of an innocent child
He set foot prevents the throne.

step over; Boris is not so Robock!
What an honor for us, for the whole of Russia!
yesterday's slave, Tartar, in-law Malyuta,
In-law of the executioner and the executioner himself in the shower,
Take the crown of Monomakh and the bartender ...

So, born on little; we nobler.

Yes, it seems.

After Shumsky, Vorotynsky ...
easy to say, natural princes.

natural, Rurik and blood.

And listen, prince, because we'd had a right
inherit Theodore.

Yes, Bole,
The Godunov.

After all, in fact,!

When Boris cheat stops,
Let people artfully excite,
Let them leave Godunov,
Their princes have rather, let be
Himself in any elected kings.

Not a few of us, heirs Varyag,
So difficult for us to compete with Godunov:
People unaccustomed to us to be the most ancient branches
Their militant rulers.
Ear for a long time lost, we paid,
Long ago tsaryam podruchnikami serve,
And he knew how to fear, and love,
And the glory of the people of charm.

(looking out the window)
he dared, that's all - and we ..... but full. see,
The people are, spread abroad, ago -
go quickly, learn, I decided.


relentless! He drove away from you
Saints, boyars and the patriarch.
They are vain before him prostrated;
It frightens the radiance of the throne.

Oh my God, who will rule us?
O woe to us!

Yes, that's the supreme clerk
Leave us said the decision of the Duma.

to be silent! to be silent! clerk says dumnyi;
Shh - listen!

(with Red Porch)
cathedral put
The last time to try force the requests
Ruler over the mournful soul.
Zautra again His Holiness Patriarch,
The Kremlin otpev solemn prayer,
Preceding the holy banners,
With icons Vladimir, Don,
Vozdvizhetsya; and the synod with him, boyars,
Yes SONM gentry, yes elected people
And all the people of Moscow Orthodox,
We all go to pray to the Queen again,
Yes szhalytsya of crude Moscow
And bless the crown of Boris.
Go you good luck in their homes,
Pray - yes shall ascend to the heavens
Fervent prayer of Orthodox.

people diverges.

Virgin's Field
Novodevichy Convent

Now they went to the queen's cell,
They included Boris and patriarch
With the crowd boyars.


opinionated; but there is hope.

(with baby)
LPG! do not Cry, do not Cry; Now beech, beech
you take! LPG, LPG!.. do not Cry!

Can not we get over the fence?

must not. where! and in the field even close,
Not only are there. Is it easy to? All Moscow
Sperl here; look: fence, roof,
All tiers of the cathedral bell tower,
Church leaders and most crosses
studded with people.

The first
Right, Lubo!

What's the buzz?

Listen! what's that noise?
people howled, there fall, that the waves,
Over the next number ... more ... more ... Well,, brother,
Come to us; rather! on knees!

(on your knees. Howling and crying)
Brother, have mercy, our father! Reigning loca!
Be our father, our king!

What there crying?

And how do we know? the ignorant boyars,
Do not read us.

(with baby)
Well, well? how to cry,
And trailed! Now I will! Now beech!
cry, baloveny!
(He throws it on zem. The child squirms.)
Well, to-already.

all cry,
pay, brother, And we.

I silyus, brother,
Do not be.

The first
I also. Is there not bow?
Rub your eyes.

No, I anoint slyunoy.
What else is there?

The first
Well, who plead their?

Crown him! he is the king! he agreed!
Boris is our king! that zdravstvuet Boris!

Boris, patriarch, boyars.

You, Father Patriarch, all of you, boyars,
I bare my soul before you:
Have you seen, I accept power
Great fear and humility.
How hard is my duty!
Which is likely inherit John -
Heritage and the angel king!..
O righteous! O my father, sovereign!
Look down from heaven to the faithful servants of tears
I nispošli fact, he loved you,
Who are you here so marvelously magnified,
Sacred to the power of blessing:
Yes I correct me in the glory of his people,
To be meek and righteous, like you.
I'm waiting for you to assist, boyars,
serve me, as you served him,
When the works I share your,
Not even elected people's will.

Do not change the oath, us this.

Now let's go, worship tombs
Pochiyuschih rulers of Russia,
And there - szyvat all our people to the feast,
all, from nobles to nyscheho sleptsa;
All free entrance, all dear guests.
(leaves, him and the boyars.)

(stopping Shumsky.)
You guessed it.


Yes here, namedni,
Do you remember?

No, not remember anything.

When the people went to the Virgin's Field,
You said…

Now is not the time to remember,
I advise you sometimes forget.
And yet, I feigned slander
Then you only wish to experience,
Verneuil know your secret mindset;
But here - the people welcomed the king -
The absence of my notice may -
I go for it.

sly courtier!

NIGHT. Cell in the Miracle Monastery
(1603 of the year)
father Pimen, Gregory sleep.

(He wrote before the icon lamp)
One more, Recently tale -
And over my chronicle,
executed debt, willed by God
To me, greshnomu. No wonder years
Witnesses of the Lord delivered me
And book art to reason;
Ever industrious monk
Find my hard work, nameless,
it shine, like me, his lamp -
AND, dust shaking off centuries of charters,
True legends has overwrite,
Yes ignorant descendants of the Orthodox
Native land last destiny,
His great kings commemorated
For their efforts, for glory, for good -
And for the sins, for dark Acts
Savior humbly beg.
At the age I live over again,
Past passes in front of me -
Long Since it swept, full of events,
worried, how sea-okiyan?
Now it silently and quietly,
Not many people my memory retained,
Not a lot of words to reach me,
And the other was lost irretrievably ...
But the day of the, lamp burns -
One more, recently tale.
(He writes.)

All the same dream! maybe l? the third time!
Cursed sleep!.. And all before the icon lamp
The old man sits and writes - and nap,
Know, during the night, he did not close his eyes,.
How I love his calm appearance,
When, soul steeped in the past,
He leads his chronicle; and often
I guess like, what he wrote?
About whether the dark dominion of the Tartars?
About whether John ferocious executions?
O stormy night you novogorodskom?
About whether the glory of the fatherland? vainly.
Any high brow, or in the sight of
It is impossible to read his hidden thoughts;
The same kind of humble, stately.
So just dyak, in orders grayer,
Calmly he sees on the right and the guilty,
Listening to good and evil indifferently,
Not knowing neither pity, our anger.

Awoke, brother.

bless me,
honest father.

bless the Lord
You and this day, and ever, and forever.

You're writing and not forgotten dream,
And my peace demonic mechtane
trouble, and an enemy of me stirred up.
me dream, that the steep stairs
I was led to the tower; from high
I saw Moscow, that anthill;
At the bottom of the people in the boiling area
And I pointed out with a laugh,
And I am ashamed and scary -
AND, falling headlong, I woke up ...
And three times I dreamed the same dream.
No wonder you?

Mlada blood is;
Humble themselves in prayer and fasting,
And your dreams are visions of light
filled. Until now - if I,
Involuntarily exhausted slumber,
Not create a long prayer to the night -
My old dream is not silent, and sinless,
I chudyatsya the noisy feasts,
The inverse Mill, the scrum battle,
Crazy fun young age!

What fun you spent your Mladost!
You fought at Kazan towers,
You host Lithuania reflected at Shuya,
Did you see the yard and the luxury of John!
Happy! and I from the adolescent years
According keliyam wander, poor monk!
Why do not I amuse oneself in battle,
Not feast at the king's meal?
Before I could, like you, old age
from the bustle, secede from the world,
Speak monastic vow
And in the quiet abode to shut.

No sets, brother, that sooner sinful light
I left you, that few temptations
I sent you a supreme. Believe you me:
We were captivated by the glory from afar, luxury
And women love crafty.
I have long lived and enjoyed many;
But since then only Veda bliss,
As the monastery Lord brought me.
think, son, you about the great kings.
Those above them? One god. who dares
against them? No one. And what? Often
Zlatý crown them became heavy:
They changed it on the hood.
Tsar Ivan was looking for complacency
The similarity of religious works.
his palace, pets full of proud,
Monastery view a new take:
Kromeshniki tafyah in sackcloth and
They were obedient monk,
A formidable king abbot humble.
I have seen here - in this very cell
(It was then living Kirill suffering,
just man. Then, too, and I
God vouchsafed to comprehend nothingness
madding crowd), here I saw the king,
Tired of angry thoughts and executions.
thoughtful, quietly sitting between us Terrible,
We stood motionless in front of him,
And silently he led the conversation with us.
He spoke to the abbot and the brothers:
"My fathers, longed-for day come,
I will stand here Alcala salvation.
You, Nicodemus, you, Sergius, you, Kirill,
All of you - take a vow of my spiritual:
I come to you accursed criminal
And here the schema honest apprehend,
For your feet, holy father, pripadši ".
Thus spoke sovereign emperor,
And sweet it out of his mouth lilasya.
And he cried. And we prayed in tears,
May God grant peace and love
His soul is suffering and stormy.
And his son Theodore? on the throne
He cry for peaceful life
the Silent. He is the king's palaces
Preobratil in prayer cell;
there's serious, Grief derzhavnыe
Holy souls it is not perturbed.
God loves humility king,
And Russia with him in glory serene
Comforted - and in the hour of his death
Fait unheard of miracle:
By his bedside, One, a visible king,
Husband appeared unusually bright,
And he began to talk with him, Theodore
And call the great patriarch.
And all around were seized with fear,
Perceived heavenly vision,
Zane His Holiness before the king
In the edifice had not been.
When he passed away, Chamber
Filled with holy fragrance,
And his face shone like the sun -
I do not see such us a king.
About the terrible, unprecedented woe!
We have angered God, We have sinned:
Ruler himself regicide
we named.

Long, honest father,
I wanted to ask about death
Demetrius Tsarevich; while
You, they say, I was in Uglich.

Oh, I remember!
God led me to see the evil deed,
bloody sin. Then I'm in the far Uglich
On some was sent Obedience;
I came into the night. Nautro an hour lunch
Suddenly I hear ringing, ring the alarm,
cry, noise. Yard run to the queen. I
I hasten to train - and then the whole town.
I look: Prince is slaughtered;
The queen mother unconscious on him,
Nurse desperate cries,
And then people, ostervenyas, drag
Bezbozhnuyu predatelynitsu-mamku ...
Suddenly between them, ferocious, pale with anger,
Judas is Bitiagovsky.
"Here, Now the villain!"- there was a general cry,
And suddenly he was gone. Here people
After three murderers ran away;
Sheltering the villains captured
And they brought before the warm corpse of the baby,
And the miracle - suddenly dead tremble -
"Repent!"- people zavopil:
And in terror under the ax villains
Repented - and named Boris.

What was the year the prince murdered?

Yes, seven years; he would now have been
(Tom took ten years too ... no, more:
Twelve years old) - he would have been your age
And reigned; But God judged otherwise.
This story will make a deplorable
I chronicle my; since then I have little
I delve into worldly affairs. brother Gregory,
You diploma enlighten your mind,
You hand over his labor. The clock,
Free from spiritual feats,
describes the, without further ado,
everything, which will witness in my life:
War and Peace, council of princes,
Saints holy miracles,
Prophecies and signs of the heavens -
And I have to go, time to really relax
And to repay the lamp ... but call
K autre ... bless, Lord,
his servants!.. Bring crutch, Gregory.

Boris, Boris! all in front of you trembles,
No one will dare to remind
About lots unhappy baby, —
Meanwhile, in the dark cell recluse
Here he writes a terrible accusation at you:
And you can not escape from the mundane court,
How not to get away from God's judgment.

patriarch, abbot of the monastery Chudov.

And he ran, abbot father?

Father Superior
Ran away, His Holiness. That's really what the third day.

Urchin, cursed! Yes it is a race?

Father Superior
From old Otrepiev, Galician boyars' children. God knows where from an early age haircut, I lived in Suzdal, in Efimevskom monastery, I left there, I staggered on different abodes, finally I came to my brethren Chudovo, and I, see, that he is still young alike and unreasonable, I gave it a beginning Tzu Pimen, startsu krotkomu and smirennomu; and he was very literate; I read our chronicle, composing sacred canons; but, know, Diploma was given no emus from the Lord God ...

Oh, these literate! that has invented! I will be king to Moscow! ah, he, vessel of the devil! However, there is nothing to the king and to report thereon; that disturb the sovereign-father? Pretty will announce the escape deacon deacon Smirnov Ali Efimevu; hateful heresy! I will be king to Moscow!.. To catch, catch vragougodnika, yes and sent to Solovki for eternal repentance. It's heresy, abbot father.

Father Superior
Heresy, His Holiness, sheer heresy.

two steward.

The first
where the emperor?

In his bedchamber
He shut himself up with some sort of sorcerer.

The first
So, But his favorite conversation:
magicians, soothsayers, kolduni.-
Mark tells fortunes, the red bride.
I wanted to know, wondering what he?

Here it goes. Do you want to ask?

The first
He morose!

I have attained the highest power;
Sixth year so quietly Kings.
But no happiness in my soul. Is not it
We fall in love in his youth and alchem
pleasures of love, but only quench
Cardiac smooth instantaneous possession of,
really, ohladev, We are restless and bored?..
In vain I promise magicians
many days, serene days of power -
nor power, I have no life is not fun;
Presentiment of heaven and thunder mountain.
I have no happiness. I thought your people
The allowance, in glory to soothe,
Bounties of the love of his win -
But put aside the empty care:
Live power for mobile hated,
They only know how to love the dead.
we are mad, when the People's splash
Ile ardent cry disturbs our heart!
God sends to our land, smooth,
people howled, and austere dying;
Opened their zhitnitsы, I have the gold
scattered them, I find it works -
They train me, besnuyas, cursed!
Firefighter fire destroyed their houses,
I built them new homes.
They'll fire me reproached!
Here mobile court: Well look her love.
In my family, I fancied find joy,
I fancied my daughter to bring happiness in marriage -
like a storm, death takes the groom ...
And then the rumor slyly be named
The culprit child widowhood
Me, me, unhappy father!..
Who neither dies, I have all the secret killer:
I hastened the demise of Theodore,
I poisoned his sister the queen,
Humble nun ... all I!
Brother! I feel: nothing could have
Among the worldly sorrows reassure;
Nothing, Nothing ... except united conscience.
So, zdravaya, it will prevail
Over anger, over the dark slander. —
But if it has a single spot,
single, accidentally wound up,
Then - disaster! as a pestilential plague
soul burn, pour poison heart,
Like a hammer pounding in my ears reproach,
And all the sick, and dizzy,
And the boys blood in his eyes ...
And glad to escape, yes ever ... terrible!
Yes, the miserable, in whom a guilty conscience.

Inn on the Lithuanian border
Mishael and Varlaam, hobo-Monk; Gregory Otrepyev, layman; hostess.

Something I regale you, elders are honest?

What God sends, hostess. Whether there is fault?

How not to be, my fathers! Now I bear.

What are you zakruchinilsya, friend? That's the Lithuanian border, to which way you would like to get.

Until I am in Lithuania, until then I will not calm.

What are you so slyubitsya Lithuania? Here we, Mishael, yes I am a father, sinful, both flowed from the monastery, so anything I really do not think. Lithuania li, RUS li, that horn, that harp: all of us equal, it would be the wine ... yes that's it!..

difficult to say, father Varlaam.

There you are, my fathers. Drink to health.

thank, native, god bless you.
(monks drink; Varlaam breaks into song:
"How in the city of Kazan ...")

Why do not you pull-up, and not sip?

I do not want.

Of free will ...

A drunken paradise, Mishael father!
Let us drink a glass of vodka for shinkarochku ...
However, Mishael father, when I drink,
so sober I do not like;
ino deal drunkenness,
and otherwise swagger;
want to live, like us, welcome
- not, so get out,
failed: buffoon ass is not a friend.

Drink so myself understand,, father Varlaam! see: and sometimes I can speak fluently.

And I myself understand?

leave him, father Varlaam.

Yes it for fasting? Himself to impose on us to comrades, not know who, from nowhere, - and even arrogant; may be, mare smelled ...
(Drinking and singing: "A young monk haircut").

Where does this road go?

In Lithuania, My benefactor, Luovym to the mountains.

A far you to Luёvыh Gore?

Not far, in the evening it can be to keep up, if it was not so outpost royal guard officers.

how, outpost! what does it mean?

Someone ran from Moscow, and ordered to detain all but inspect.

(About myself)
It is for you, grandmother, St. George's day.

Hey, friend! yes you to mistress prisusedilsya. Know, you do not need vodka, and the need pullets; a business, brother, a business! everyone has his own custom; and we have one with her father Misail zabotushka: drink up donushka, drink, cornering and beat donushko.

difficult to say, Father Varlaam ...

Yes Whom they ought to? Who fled from Moscow?

And Lord knows it, vor li, thief - only here and good people pass there now - and out of that will? nothing; or bald demon is not caught: if in Lithuania there is no other way, as the high road! That's the life of here way to turn to the left, to go after pine footpath to time, that Chekanskom creek, and then straight across the marsh on Khlopina, and from there to Zahareva, and there's every kid will bring to Luovyh mountains. From these bailiffs just confused, that oppress the passers, yes we rob the poor.
noise is.
What else is there? brother, here they are, damned! patrol go.

hostess! whether in the house of another angle?

Neto, dear. I am pleased to hide itself. glory only, that patrol go, Give them as and wine, and bread, and God knows what - to them izdohnut, Damned! to them ...
includes officers.

police officer
awesome, hostess!

Welcome, dear guests, welcome.

one police officer
And! so here goes buster: is as old.
You what kind of people?

We are God's elders, humble monks, We go from village to village but collect alms on Christian monastery.

police officer
And you?

Our friend ...

A layman from the suburbs; held before the turn of the elders, henceforth I go back home.

So you changed his mind ...


police officer
hostess, to expose a minute more wine - and we're here with the elders popem let's talk.

another police officer
A guy, it seems, The main, him take nothing; But the elders ...

The first
silent, Now to get them. - What, my fathers? what trades?

poorly, son, badly! Christians today have become stingy; money likes, hiding money. Not only God gives. Come sin vely on the earth's yazytsy. Let all the auction, in tribulations; think about worldly wealth, not for the salvation of souls. walking, walking; beg, beg; sometimes three days three polushkas not beg. such a sin! It will be a week, other, you will glance into the scrotum, en there is so little, ashamed that the monastery seem; what to do? with burning and the rest propesh; trouble and only. - Oh, bad, come to know our past times ...

Lord, have mercy and save!

In continuation of the first speech Varlaamovoy bailiff significantly scrutinizes Mishael.

The first police officer
Alejo! when you whether the royal decree?

when I.

The first
Give me a minute here.

What you looking at me so intently watching?

The first police officer
But that: from Moscow ran some evil heretic, Grisha Otrepev, Have you heard of it?

not heard.

police officer
not heard? okay. A fugitive of the heretic king ordered to catch and hang. Did you know that?

I do not know.

police officer
Can you read?

from an early age knew, yes unlearned.

police officer
And you?

Not managed to Lord.

police officer
So here's a royal decree.

What do I need it?

police officer
It seems to me, that the fugitive heretic, thief, cheater - you.

I! have mercy! What are you?

police officer
billeting! keep doors. Here we are now, and will cope.

Brother, they damned torturers! and the elder some alone will not leave!

police officer
Who is competent?

(comes forward)
I am competent.

police officer
Here on! And who did you learn?

Our sacristan.

police officer
(It gives him a decree)
Read aloud the.

(is reading)
"Chudov Monastery unworthy monk Grigory, of old Otrepiev, fallen into heresy and dared, taught by the devil, perturb the holy brotherhood with all sorts of temptations and transgressions. And according to information turned out to be, he ran, Grisha okayannыy, to the border of Lithuania ... "

police officer
How can you not?

"Then the king commanded to catch him ..."

police officer
And hang.

There is said to hang.

police officer
Liar: Not every word in the string is written. read: catch and hang.

"And hang. And the years of his thief Grishka old ... (Despite the Varlaam) for 50. A height was average, his forehead is bald, gray beard, belly fat ... "
All look at Varlaam.

The first police officer
Guys! Grisha here! keep, knit it! I never thought, not wondering.

(tearing paper)
Refrain, SOBs! I for Grisha? - as! 50 years old, gray beard, belly fat! not, brother! young still have a joke I joke. I have not used to read and make out evil, but there could make out, how it comes to loop. (Reads syllable by syllable.) "A Chron is-his-ro-du ... 20». - What, brother? where is 50? see? 20.

A second police officer
Yes, I remember, twenty. And we were told.

The first police officer
Yes, you, brother, it is seen, magazine.
During the reading of Gregory stands with her head bent, with his hand in his bosom.

"But the growth is small, broad chest, one arm shorter than the other, blue eyes, red hair, wart on his cheek, the other on his forehead ". Yes this, friend, certainly not you?

Gregory suddenly pulls out a dagger; all made way for him, He rushes out the window.

Держи! keep!
They fled in disarray.

Shumsky, many guests. Dinner.

wine has.

Rises, him and all.

Well, dear guests,
Last bucket! bead, мальчик.

the king of heaven, everywhere and ever, who is,
His servants supplication: give ear:
Let us pray for our sovereign,
About favorites you, pious
All Christians autocratic king.
Keep it in Chambers, in the field of war,
And on the roads, and determining an overnight stay.
Give him the victory on the enemies,
Yes, he is famous from sea to sea.
Yes Common flowers his family,
Yes it is upon its branches Drago
The whole world of the Earth - and us, his servants,
He shall be, like before, gracious,
And gracious and dolgoterpeliv,
Yes his inexhaustible wisdom
Proistekut sources on us;
And the king's cup on the erecting,
We pray thee, the king of heaven.

Long live the great ruler!
Forgive you, dear guests;
thank, you are my bread and salt
Do not despise. Sorry, good sleep.
guests leave, He escorted them to the door.

Hardly ubralys; Well, Prince Vasily Ivanovich, I thought I, that we will not be able to speak and.

Are you mouth gaped? All you gentlemen would eavesdrop. Sbiralsya the table yes Go out. What, Athanasius Mikhailovich?

Miracles and only.
my nephew, Gavrila Pushkin, to me
From Krakow messenger sent today.


Strange nephew writes news.
Son of Ivan the Terrible wait ....
(She goes to the door and looks.)
Derzhavnыy child,
At the bidding of Boris murdered ...

Yes, that's not new.

Demetrius alive.

That's on! what message!
The prince is alive! Well truly wonderful.
It was just that?

Listen to the end.
Who would neither was he, whether the prince rescued,
Or a certain spirit in the image of his,
Or a bold rascal, besstыdnый impostor,
But there appeared Dimitri.

Can not be.

Pushkin saw it myself,
As he came the first time to the palace
And through the ranks of the Lithuanian gentry directly
It was in the secret chamber of the King.

Who he is? where is he from?

Do not know.
it is known that, that he was a servant
In Vyshnevetskoho, that on his sickbed
He opened the spiritual father,
What a proud pan, see him secret,
I went after him, I raised it with the Odra
And with him then I went to Sigismund.

Well talk about it Udal'tsov?

Yes audible, he is smart, affable, dexterous,
Liking all. Moscow fugitives
fascinated. Latin priests
With him at the same time. King his caresses
AND, they say, I promised to help.

All this, brother, such a mess,
That will not help your head spin.
there's no doubt, it is an impostor,
But, I confess, no small danger.
important news! and if to the people
it comes, then be a great storm

such a storm, it is unlikely to Tsar Boris
Keep the crown on my head intelligent.
I division emu! He governs us,
How Tsar Ivan (not the night be remembered).
What is the use in the, that there is no apparent executions,
What bloody Coke, popularly,
We do not sing canons Jesus,
What we do not burn on the square, and the king
His staff is not coal scoops?
L sure we are in the life of our poor?
We expect every day opal,
Jail, Siberia, Hood il shackles,
And there - in the middle of nowhere starvation il loop.
birth nobles among us - where?
Where Sitskie princes, where Shestunovy,
The Romanovs, fatherland hope?
sharpened, tortured into exile.
Give time: Well you will be the fate of such.
Easy eh, tell! we're home, Lithuania,
Besieged unfaithful slaves;
all languages, ready to sell,
Government bribed thieves.
We depend on the first slave,
Who want to punish.
That's - St. George's Day planned to destroy.
We have no control on their estates.
Do not you dare drive away sloth! The work does not work,
feed him; Do not you dare to lure
employee! - Not that, in order bondsmen.
Well, l ever heard even under Tsar Ivan
such evil? Do people easier?
ask him. try impostor
They promise the ancient St. George's Day,
And go fun.

you're right, Pushkin.
But you know?? This all
We will keep silent until the time.

Know about yourself. You're a reasonable man;
Always with you, I am pleased to talk,
And if I sometimes worried,
I can not bear, not to say you.
To that your honey is so velvety beer
Today, because the language I unleashed ...
Farewell, prince.

goodbye, brother, Goodbye.
(Accompanies Pushkin.)

tsarevitch, draws a map. tsarevna, mother of the princess.

(kisses portrait)
My dear fiance, beautiful prince, not me you got, not his fiancee - a dark grave of the opponent's sidelines. I never consoled, forever for you will weep.

AND, tsarevna! girl crying, that the dew falls; the sun rises, dew dry. you will have another bride and beautiful and friendly. love it, child of our beloved, forget their prince.

No, Mamuska, I will leave him dead.
Included Boris.

what, Kseniya? what, my dearest?
The bride's too sad widow!
All you crying about dead bridegroom.
my child! fate I did not judge
The culprit be your bliss.
I, may be, He angered the heavens,
I am your happiness could not arrange.
innocent, why should you suffer? —
And you, my son, What are you doing? What's this?

Drawing land in Moscow; our empire
Through the length and breadth. You see: then Moscow,
here Novgorod, here Astrakhan. Here the sea,
Here Permian deep forests,
But Siberia.

What is it
Pattern here Vieta?

This Volga.

How well! here are the sweet fruit of learning!
How can you overlook from the clouds
All of a sudden the kingdom: boundaries, ridge, river.
Learn, my son: science cuts
We fleeting life experiences -
Someday, and soon, may be,
All areas, are you now
So cleverly portrayed on paper,
All will go to your arm.
Learn, my son, and easier and clearer
Sovereign labor thou shalt conceive.

Included Semyon Godunov.

Here Godunov comes to me with a report.
my soul, I suppose in my parlor;
forgive, my friend. Lord comfort you.
Xenia with mother leaves.
What do you say to me, Semen Nikitich?

Semyon Godunov
To me, than light, Butler-Prince Vasili
And Pushkin's servant came with a report.


Semyon Godunov
Pushkin's servant informed first,
That yesterday morning to their house came
From Krakow messenger - and within an hour
Without ratification was sent back.

messenger grab.

Semyon Godunov
Already sent to catch up.

About that Shuya?

Semyon Godunov
But last night he entertained
His friends, both Miloslavskys,
Buturlins, Mikhail Saltykov,
Yes Pushkin - and a few others;
A split too late. only Pushkin
Alone with the owner was
And for a long conversation with him yet.

Now send for Shuiski.

Semyon Godunov
He's been here.

Call him here.
Godunov leaves.

Relations with Lithuania! what's this?..
Disgusted me kind of Pushkin rebellious,
A Shumsky does not trust:
Evasive, but bold and crafty ...
Included Shumsky.
I need, prince, talk with you.
But it seems - you yourself come for business:
And I want you to listen first.

So, prince: it is my duty to tell you
an important message.

I am listening to you.

(quiet, pointing to Theodore)
But, Sovereign ...

The prince can know,
Knows that Prince Shuisky. speak.

King, from Lithuania came to us the news ...

Not so you,
What Pushkin brought vechor messenger.

All he knows! - I thought, prince,
What else did not know this mystery.

No need, prince: I want to figure out
Notifications; otherwise learn
we have the truth.

I only know,
What's in Krakow was an impostor
And the king and his lords for.

Well say? Who is this impostor?

I do not know.

But ... what is dangerous, he?

Of course, king: Your strong state,
you mercy, zeal and compassion
He adopted the hearts of his servants.
But you know yourself: senseless mob
changeability, rebellious, superstitious,
Easy to empty hopes betrayed,
Instant inspiration obedient,
For the truth is deaf and indifferent,
And it feeds on fables.
She likes shameless audacity.
So if this unknown tramp
Lithuanian border pass,
To him insane crowd draw
Dimitri voskresnuvshee name.

Dimitry!.. as? this baby!
Dimitry!.. tsarevitch, failed.

He blushed: be a storm!..

Let you ...

must not, my son, podi.
Theodore leaves.

He did not know anything.

Listen, prince: to take measures to this very hour;
From Lithuania to Russia Fences
outposts; so that not a single soul
Not passed over the brink; to hare
I do not come running to us from Poland; to crow
I did not come from Krakow. Go.

I go.

billeting. Is it not true, this message
Zateylyva? Have you heard when,
To the dead from the coffin out
interrogate kings, legitimate kings,
appointed, popularly elected,
Crowned with great patriarch?
funny? but? what? Why do not you laugh?

I, prince?..

Listen, Prince Vasily:
As I learned, that the child came ...
What this young man lost his life somehow,
You were sent to the investigation; Now
You cross and beseech God,
In good conscience I Speak truth:
Do you know the murdered baby
And there was a substitution of l? answer.

I swear to you…

No, Shumsky, not swear,
but the answer: the Prince was?

is he.

think, prince. I promise mercy,
Last lie Opal vain
not visit. But if you are now
With me cunningly, the head son
I swear - you suffer evil punishment:
This penalty, that Tsar Ivan Vasilyevich
Horror in the tomb shudder.

Not terrible penalty; terrible your favor;
Before you I dare to dissemble?
And if I could so blindly deceived,
What is not recognized Dimitri? Three days
I have his body in the cathedral attended,
All accompanied by a back Uglich.
Around his thirteen bodies lay,
torn nation, and on them
Already noticeably stood out corruption,
But children face prince was clear
And fresh and quiet, as though lulled;
Deep ulcers are not baked,
Features Well faces have not changed.
No, prince, there's no doubt: Dimitry
Asleep in the grave.

pretty; failed.
Shuisky leaves.
ooh, heavy!.. let the spirit translate ...
I felt: all my blood in the face
I ran - and fell hard ...
So that's why thirteen years in succession I
All child dreamed ubytoe!
Yes, Yes - that's what! now I got it.
But who is he, my formidable adversary?
Who me? empty name, shadow -
Shall the shadow frustrate me with purple,
Or the sound will deprive children of my inheritance?
madman January! What am I afraid?
This Blow a ghost - and is not.
so decided: do not fear, I will shew, —
But should not despise anything ...
Oh, hard you, cap of Monomakh!

KRAKOW. HOUSE Vishnetskaya
Impostor and pater Chernikov.

No, my father, It will not be hindered;
I know the spirit of my people,;
It piety knows frenzy:
He sacred example of his king.
Is always, for the same, terpimost aloof.
I bet I, that the first two years
All my people, the entire northern church
Recognize the authority of the governor Peter.

Vspomoschestvuy you St. Ignatius,
When they come to a different time.
Meanwhile celestial grace
Tai in the shower, tsarevitch, seed.
Pritvorstvovat before catechumens light
We sometimes spiritual duty calls;
Your words, Acts judge people,
Deliberately single God knows.

Amen. Who's there?
Included servant.
To tell: we accept.
open the door; part of the crowd of Russian and Polish.
comrades! we stand tomorrow
from Krakow. I, Mnishek, by you
Sambor stop for three days.
I know: your hospitable castle
And the noble splendor shines
And the glory of the young mistress. —
I hope the lovely Marina
see there. And you, my friends,
Lithuania and Russia, you, fraternal banners
Climb the common enemy,
On my treacherous villain,
Sons of the Slavs, I soon will lead
The coveted combat brigades your formidable. —
But between you, I see a new face.

Gavrila Pushkin
They come in thy mercy
Ask sword and services.

I want you, children.
To me, friends. - But who, tell me, Pushkin,
this handsome?

Prince Kurbsky.

name loudly!
You are a relative of the hero of Kazan?

I'm his son.

He is still alive?

No, died.

great mind! husband of the battle and of the Council!
But since that time, when he was,
His resentment fierce avenger,
With the Lithuanians under the old city of Holguin,
The rumor about him silent.

My father
In Volhynia he spent the rest of life,
In Place, granted him
Bathory. Secluded and quiet,
In the sciences, he was looking for a refreshing;
But peaceful labor was not comforted:
He remembered his youth homeland,
And until the end of it he missed.

The unfortunate chieftain! How brightly shone
Sunrise it noisy, turbulent life.
I rejoice, aristocratic knight,
That his blood fatherland reconciled.
Fathers of guilt should not remember;
World coffin of their! pryblyzhsya, Kurbski. hand!
- Do not weird? son Kurbsky leads
Enthroned, whom? Yes - the son of John ...
All about me: and the people and the fate of. —
Who are you?

Sobanskaya, gentleman free.

Praise and honor to you, freedom child!
Next to him a third of the salary issue. —
But those who? I know them
Native Land clothes. it is our.

(beats brow)
So, prince, our father. we are your
zealous, driven bondsmen.
We are from Moscow, disgraced, fleeing
To you, our king - and ready for you
the heads go, May our dead bodies
On the royal throne steps you.

quit you like men, innocent sufferers -
Just let me get to Moscow,
And then Boris will pay around.
Who are you?

Kazakh. To you I sent Don
From freestyle troops, from the mighty chieftains,
Cossacks from the upstream and downstream,
Behold thy tsar's clear eyes
And you bow their heads.

I knew Dontsov. No doubt see
In their ranks Cossack horsetail.
Don thank our troops.
we know, that now the Cossacks
wrongfully pritesnenы, persecuted;
But if God will help us to start
To the throne of the fathers, we are in the old days
Complain our true free Don.

(approaching, bowing low and gasping for floor Grishka)
Grand Prince, Serene prince!

What do you want?

(She hands him a paper)
take kindly
This poor fruit of hard work.

What I see? Latin verses!
Hundredfold sacred alliance of the sword and the lyre,
Single laurel wraps them together.
I was born under the midnight sky,
But I know the Latin muse voice,
And I love flowers Parnassian.
January creed in prophecies piitov.
No, not in vain in their fiery breast
boils delight: blessed feat,
Well, they glorified him in advance!
Pryblyzhsya, friend. In remembrance of Me
Accept this gift.
(It gives him a ring.)
When it come true with me
destiny covenant, when the crown ancestors
I'll put, I hope to hear again
Your sweet voice, your inspirational anthem.
Banana crowns glory, Muse fame.
so, friends, see you tomorrow, Goodbye.

The hike, camping! Long live Dimitri,
Long live the Grand Prince of Moscow!

CASTLE voevodu Mniszek Sambor
A number of lit rooms. Music.
Vyshnevetskyy, Mnishek.

He says one of my Marina,
Marina on one lessons ...
But the point is similar to a wedding fear;
Well - I thought you, confess, Vyshnevetskyy,
That my daughter would be queen? but?

Yes, wonders ... and do you think, Mnishek,
That my servant ascend to the throne of Moscow?

And what, tell, my Marina?
I just remarked to her: Well, look!
Do not miss Dimitri!.. and so
Its end. Already it in its networks.
Music plays Polish. impostor
Marina goes with the first pair.

(quiet Dimitriyu)
Yes, evening, at eleven o'clock,
In the alley of lindens, I have tomorrow at the fountain.
differ. another couple.

What it found Dimitry?

how! she

Yes, marble nymph:
Eyes, mouth without life, without a smile ...

The new couple.
He is not handsome, but the sight of his pleasant
And the royal breed in it is visible.

The new couple.

When will the campaign?

When the prince tells,
we are ready; but, it is seen, Miss Mnyshek
With Dimitri delay us in captivity.

pleasant prisoner.

Of course, If you…
differ. Rooms are empty.

we, old men, so now do not dance,
Thunder music does not call us,
Lovely hands do not click and do not kiss -
Oh, I did not forget old mischief!
Now is not, not that, that was before:
And the young, she-she - not so brave,
And beauty is not so much fun -
Admit, friend: somehow depressed.
leave them; let's go to, my friend,
Hungarian, overgrown with grass,
Velim unearth a bottle of a century
Yes, in a corner pull-ka together
fragrant current, stream, the fat, thick,
Meanwhile, the dishes Coy what.
Let's go, brother.

And it, friend, let's go to.

That fountain; here it comes.
I, it seems, Born not boyazlivыm;
Before I saw a near death,
Before his death soul shuddered.
I threatened to eternal bondage,
Chasing me - I was not confused spirit
And daring escape captivity.
But what now constricts my breathing?
What do you mean this irresistible thrill?
Or is it a shiver of desire intense?
No - it is the fear. A day expected
I am a secret meeting with Marina,
I am thinking about all the things, I tell her that,
As seducing her haughty mind,
How to call the Moscow queen, —
But the hour has come - and I do not remember anything.
Not nahozhu things zatverzhennыh;
Love stirs my imagination ...
But something suddenly flashed ... rustling ... quiet ...
No, this deceptive light of the moon,
And here the breeze rustled.


She!.. All the blood stopped me.

Dimitry! You?

Magic, sweet voice!
(She goes to her.)
You finally l? Did I see you,
One with me, under the shade of a quiet night?
Slowly rolled dull day!
As dawn slowly died out Vespers!
How long I waited in the darkness of night I!

Hours run, and cost me time -
I am here for you to make an appointment
Not in order, to listen to the gentle voice
lover. Words are not needed. trust,
What do you like; but listen: I decided to
With your destiny and vibrant and unfaithful
Connect my fate; is entitled to
I demand, Dimitry, one:
I demand, to you his soul
I now open the secret hope,
Intentions, and even fears;
To hand you could I safely
Embark on a life - not from childhood blindness,
Not as a slave light husband desires,
Bezmolvnaya your concubine,
But how do you worthy wife,
Assistant Moscow tsar.

ABOUT, Give to forget even for a single hour
My destiny cares and worries!
forget itself, What you see before him
Tsarevich. Marina! Behold me
lover, chosen thee,
Happy with your single glance.
ABOUT, Hear the prayers of love,
Dan make everything, what the heart is full.

No time, prince. Are you waiting for - and, meanwhile,
Commitment to your minions freezes,
From hour to hour and a danger works
Become more dangerous and more difficult,
Already worn dubious rumors,
Oh novelty replaces novelty;
A Godunov accept their actions ...

What Godunov? Whether in power Boris
Your love, one of my bliss?
No, not. Now I look indifferently
On his throne, on the royal power.
Your love ... that without it my life,
And glory shine, and Russian power?
In a remote steppe, in the dugout poor - you,
You replace my royal crown,
Your love…

be ashamed of; do not forget
of high, St. destination:
You your dignity to be more expensive
all the pleasures, all temptations of life,
It with anything you can not equate.
Not boiling youth, madly
Captivated by my beauty,
Know: I solemnly give a hand
The heir to the throne of Moscow,
Tsarevichu, the fate of the rescued.

Do not torment me, charming Marina,
Do not speak, that the san, not me
elected you. Marina! you do not know,
It hurts my heart so you yazvish -
how! if ... a terrible doubt! —
Tell: when it had no royal birth of
He appointed me blind fate;
If I were not the son of John's,
This is not a long-forgotten world of boy, —
Then ... then b b l love you me?..

Demetrius, and you can not be different;
I can not love another.

No! full:
I do not want to share with the dead
mistress, he owned.
No, I fully pritvorstvovat! I tell
the whole truth; Know well: your Dimitri
long ago died, buried - and not rise again;
Do you want to know, who I was?
if you please, I tell: I am a poor Chernorizets;
Monastic unwillingly missing,
under the cap, his plan courageous
I thought about, He is preparing the world wonder -
And finally escaped from his cell
For Ukrainians, in their wild smoking,
Owning a horse and a sword learned;
I come to you; Dimitri himself as
And brainless Poles deceived.
What do you say, nadmennaya Marina?
You happy eh recognition of my?
Why are you silent?

About shame! for woe is me!

Where lured me a rush of disappointment!
With such work arranged happiness
I, may be, destroyed forever.
What have I done, madman? —
I see, I see:
You are not ashamed of the prince's love.
So am I uttered the fatal word;
In your hands is now my destiny,
decided: I'm waiting
(He throws himself on his knees)

Arise, poor impostor.
Do not you kneeling mnish,
How gullible and weak girl
Vanity pricked my heart?
Wrong, friend: He is seen at her feet
I noble knights and graphs;
But their pleas I coldly rejected
Not in order, to runaway monk ...

Do not despise young samozvanca;
It valor lurk, may be,
Worthy of the throne of Moscow,
Worthy of your precious hands ...

Worthy shameful loop, audacious!

I'm guilty; seized with pride,
I lied to God and kings,
I lied to the world; but not for you, Marina,
execute me; I'm right in front of you.
No, I could not lie to you.
You told me the only relic,
In front of her, I did not dare pritvorstvovat.
Love, love jealous, blind,
One love led me to
All express.

The boast, madman!
Who demanded the recognition of your?
Well, if you, nameless drifter,
He could dazzle wonderful two people,
So too should at least you
Worthy to be the success of its
And his deception brave ensure
stopping, deep, eternal mystery.
How can I, tell, I surrender to you,
How can I, forgetting their family and shame girlish,
Connect my fate with thy,
When you did with such ease,
So windy my shame rebuke?
He spilled the beans out of love with me!
Watching: both in front of my father
Of friendship you have not opened until now,
Joy before our king
Or even before the Pan Vyshnevetsky
Faithful servant of diligence.

I swear to you, that my heart
You could grind out a confession.
I swear to you, What never, nowhere,
Our feast for chasheyu insanities,
Our druzheskom, cherished conversation,
Neither under the knife, or in the throes of torture
So serious secrets will not give out my tongue.

you swear! so, should I believe -
ABOUT, I believe! - but the, l can not find,
you swear? Does not the names of God,
As a devout priimysh Jesuits?
Or honor, as a noble knight,
Ile, may be, single word royal,
As the king's son? is not it? speaks.

Shadow Terrible adopted me,
Dimitriem around the tomb called,
Around me people are shaken
And for a sacrifice of Boris condemned me -
The prince I. pretty, I am ashamed
Before a proud Polish girl humiliated. —
goodbye forever. The game is a bloody war,
The fate of my extensive care
Tosca love, I hope, zaglushat.
Oh, how I'll hate you,
When will the shameful passion fever!
Now I go - death il crown
My chapter in Russia expects,
Naidu's Death, as a soldier in the battle of fair,
Or as the villain on the block areal,
You will not be by my girlfriend,
My fate will not share with me;
But maybe, you will regret
the fate of, rejected thee.

And if I am your insolent deception
Advance before all discovered?

Do you mnish, I'm afraid of you?
Believe that more Polish Maiden,
The Russian prince? - But know,
Whatever King, no dad, nobles us
Do not think about the truth of my words.
Demetrius I Or Not - for the cause that they?
But I excuse strife and war.
They are just and necessary, and you,
rebel! trust, silent force.

billeting, tsarevitch. Finally
I hear it's not a boy, but her husband.
With you, prince, It reconciles me.
Mad rush I forget thy
And I see again Dimitri. But - listen:
It's time, time to! wake up, do not delay Bole;
Lead shelves soon to Moscow -
Cleanse Kremlin, sit on the throne of Moscow,
Then I went for a marriage Ambassador;
But - God hears - as long as your leg
I do not put her on the throne stage,
As long as you do not put down Godunov,
Love will not listen to the speeches I.

No - it is easier to fight with me Godunov
Or cunning to court Jesuits,
What a woman - to hell with them; no urine.
And confuses, and weaves, and crawls,
Slips from the hands, Shippey, face and stings.
Snake! snake! - No wonder I was shaking.
She gave me a little bit is not destroyed.
but decided: Men will move Zautra.

(1604 of the year, 16 October)
Prince Kurbsky and Pretender, Both tops.
Shelves are close to the border.

(rode the first)
here, here she is! Now Russian border!
Holy Russia, fatherland! I am yours!
Chuzhbinы powder prezrenyem otryahayu
With my clothes - I drink greedily new air:
He told me the native!.. Now your soul,
O my father, comforted, and in the grave
Disgraced rejoice bones!
I flashed back our ancestral sword,
This glorious sword, dark storm Kazan,
This good sword, servant kings Moscow!
In his feast now he spree
For its reliable-sovereign!..

(goes quietly with bowed head)
How happy he! as the pure soul
It was played with joy and glory!
About my knight! I envy you.
son Kurbsky, brought up in exile,
Forgetting father demolished resentment,
Ego wine for grave iskupivi,
You pour out the blood of the son of John
ready; rightful king
You return to the fatherland ... you're right,
Thy soul shall burn fun.

Can it be true, and you do not have fun spirit?
Here is our Russia: She's yours, tsarevitch.
There you are waiting for your hearts:
your Moscow, your Kremlin, your state.

blood Russian, about Kurbski, potechet!
You bear the sword for the king, you are clean.
Well I'm taking you to the brothers; I Lithuania
He called on Russia, I'm in the red Moscow
Kazhu enemies cherished way!..
But let my sin fall not on me -
And you, Boris-careubijca! —

Forward! and woe Godunov!
skip. Shelves are moving across the border.

tsarist Duma
King, the patriarch and the boyars.

Is it possible to? defrocked, fugitive monk
We were leading the vicious guards,
Dares us to write threat! fully,
It's time to subdue the madman! - Go
You, Troubetzkoy, and you, Basmanov: help
I need my zealous magistrates.
Chernigov besieged rebel.
Save the city and citizens.

Three months from now will not pass,
And stop talking and hearing about the impostor;
Him to Moscow we will bring, as a beast
outlandish, in an iron cage. God
I swear.
(It leaves the Trubetskoy.)

I sveysky Sovereign
Through its alliance ambassadors offered;
But we do not need alien succor;
His people have quite a martial,
To reflect the traitors and Lyaha.
I refused.
Shchelkalov! dispatch
All the ends of orders to the magistrates,
To sit on a horse and people
In the old days in the service of exiled;
In the monasteries, like away
Servers prichetnyh. In previous years,,
When trouble threatened fatherland,
Hermits went into battle themselves.
But now we do not want to disturb them;
Let us pray for them - this is the
The decree of the king and the sentence Boyarsky.
Now the question is important we resolve:
You know, that impudent imposter
Insidious rumors raced everywhere;
Everywhere they sent letters
Sow anxiety and doubts;
On the areas of rebel haunting whisper,
Minds seethe ... they need to be cool;
Warn I would wish penalty,
But what and how? Now decide. You're the first,
The Holy father, narrate their thoughts.

Blessed be the Most High, settle
The spirit of grace and gentle patience
In your heart, great ruler;
You do not want the death of the sinner,
You quietly wait - yes pass astray:
it will pass, and the sun of eternal truth

all light up.
Your faithful worshiper,
In worldly matters not a wise judge,
Dares to this day you submit your vote.
devilish son, defrocked accursed,
Dimitri was able to pass by the people;
He named prince, <br> pleasure
stolen, besstydno oblačilsâ:
But it is worth only its torn - and himself
He is ashamed by his nakedness.
God Himself to us the means of sending:
Know, prince, that was six years ago -
In the same year, when your Lord
Blessing on the king's power, —
In the hour of the evening came to me one day
simple shepherd, already a venerable old man,
And he told me a wonderful secret.
"In youthful years, - he said, - I was blind
And from that time I did not know the day, nor night
to old age: I was treated in vain
And zeliem and secret nasheptanem;
In vain I went up to worship
In the cloister to the great miracle workers;
I should not have out of the pit of the saints
Sprinkled water healing dark eyes;
Lord has not sent me healing.
I finally lost hope
And in the darkness of his accustomed, and even dreams
I'm not the things unseen are,
And I have dreamed only sounds. Time,
In deep sleep, I hear, a child's voice
I said: - Arise, grandfather, podi
You're in Uglich-grad, the Cathedral of the Transfiguration;
There you pray over my's grave,
God is gracious - and I will forgive.
- But who are you?? - I asked a child's voice.
- Prince Demetrius I. king of heaven
Hast taken me in the face of his angels,
And I am now a great miracle worker!
Go, the old man woke up and I thought:
Well? may be, indeed God
I later bestows healing.
I will go - and go far off.
Here I reached Uglich, coming
In the Holy Cathedral, and I listen to the Mass
AND, flaring heart hard, cry
so sweet, like blindness
From my eyes tears flowed.
When people began to leave, I am the grandson
He said: - Ivan, lead me to the tomb
Tsarevich Dimitri. - And the boy
Led me - and just in front of the coffin
I made a silent prayer,
My eyes saw the light; I saw
And the light of day, and grandson, and grave ".
here, prince, I told the old man.
Total confusion. In the course of this speech
Boris repeatedly wipes his face with a handkerchief.
I then sent on purpose to Uglich,
I Svedana, many sufferers
Rescue acquire a similar
At the grave of Prince boards.
Here's my advice: in the Kremlin relics
migrate, put them in the cathedral
Archangel; people will see clearly
Then deception godless villain,
And the power of demons disappear Thou dust.

Prince Shuisky
The Holy father, who knows the way
Most High? Not for me to judge him.
Imperishable dream and power Divine Powers
It can give infant remains,
However, should the national rumor
Investigate diligently and dispassionately;
And in the turbulent times of confusion eh
We think of such a great cause?
They not say, we boldly shrine
In worldly matters are creating an instrument?
People and so fluctuates madly,
And so there are quite noisy rumors:
Minds of the people is not the time to worry
Nezhdannoyu, Tables vazhnoy novelty.
I see myself: It must be a rumor,
scattered defrocked, destroy;
But there is some other means - easier.
So, Sovereign - when wilt thou,
I will manifest itself in the People's Square,
agreement, usoveschu madness
And the evil deception to detect tramp.

Let it be so! Eminence Patriarch,
I beg you to the Chamber:
Today, I need your conversation.
leaves. Him and all the nobles.

One lord
(quiet second)
you noticed, the emperor turned pale
And a big sweat dripped from his face?

I - I confess - did not dare to raise eyes,
I did not dare to breathe, not only move.

The first lord
A rescued Prince Shuisky. Well done!

Plain near Novgorod-Seversky
(1604 of the year, 21 December)

(fleeing in disarray)
trouble, trouble! tsarevitch! Poles! Here they are! here they are!
Includes captains Margeret and Walter Rosen.

Where to, where? Come on ... [1] poshol ago!

One of fugitives
Sam poshol, if there hunting, damned infidels.

What? what? [2]

KBA! airing! you pleasure, frog overseas, croak on the Russian prince; and we're Orthodox.

What to say pravoslavni?.. sacred beggars, accursed scoundrels! Mordieu, Sir, I am furious: it looks like it does not have the arm to strike, it has only legs to fuck off. [3]

AT. Rosen
It's a shame. [4]

Ventre saint gris! I will not move a step - since the wine is drawn, it must be drunk. What do you think, Sir? [5]

AT. Rosen
you're right. [6]

Zounds, it's warm! If diable de Samozvanetz, as they call, is a guy who has hair ass. What do you think, Sir? [7]

AT. Rosen
Oh, and! [8]

revealed! therefore see, therefore see! The action begins in the rear of the enemy. This must be the brave Basmanov, that would have an output. [9]

AT. Rosen
I believe that. [10]
enter Germans.

On, he has! here are our Germans. - gentlemen!.. Sir, So tell them to rally and, damn it, take care! [11]

AT. Rosen
Very well. Halt! [12]
The Germans built.
Marsch! [13]

Hilfgott! [14]
Battle. Russian again flee.

victory! victory! Glory king Demetrius.

(on horseback)
hit the lights out! we won. pretty: Russian blood have mercy. retreat!
trub, beat drums.

Square in front of Cathedral in Moscow

How soon will the king out of the cathedral?

Mass ended; Now comes a litany of.

The first
what? so cursed that?

I stood on the porch and heard, the deacon cried: Grisha Otrepev - anathema!

The first
Let them curse; Prince do not care about Otrepiev.

A prince is now singing the eternal memory.

The first
Everlasting memory alive! Here they will uzho, scoffer.

Chu! noise. Does the king?

No; this whacky.
Included in whacky hat rail, obveshannыy verigami, surrounded by boys.

none, Nikolka - iron cap! r r r r ...

Old woman
fuck off, imps, blessed by. - Pray, none, me guilty.

Give, give, give a lot of money.

Old woman
Here's a penny; Remember also me.

(He sits on the ground and sings)
month shines,
kitten crying,
whacky, Get up,
pray to God!
The boys surrounded him again.

One of them
Hello, none; what you do not remove the caps? (Snaps his iron cap.) Eck she calls!

And I have a penny.

Not true! well, show.
(He pulls out a lot of money and runs.)

I took my kopeck; offend Nikolka!

King, the king is.
The king out of the cathedral. Boyar ahead of distributing alms to the poor. boyars.

Boris, Boris! Nikolka children hurt.

Give him alms. Why is he weeping?

Nikolka small children being bullied ... led them to slaughter, how you killed the little prince.

scat, fool! understand duraka!

leave it. Pray for me, poor Nikolka.

(after him)
No, not! you can not pray for King Herod - Virgin will not allow.

impostor, surrounded by his.

where a prisoner?


Call him to me.
Beginning Russian prisoner.
Who are you?

Roznov, Moscow nobleman.

How long have you serving?

About a month will.

not ashamed to, Roznov, that I was
You raised the sword?

How to be, not our will.

You fought under the Seversky?

I arrived
Two weeks of battle - Moscow.

What Godunov?

He was very worried
The loss of the battle and the wound
MSTISLAVSKI, Shuisky and sent
Captain of the army.

What for
He withdrew Basmanova in Moscow?

The king awarded him the Merit honor
And gold. Basmanov in Tsarist Duma
now sits.

He was in the army is more necessary.
Well in Moscow?

All, thank God, quiet.

what? waiting for me?

God knows; thee
I say now is not too dare.
To cut off the tongue, and who
And the head - this, right, parable!
that day, the penalty. Prisons jam-packed.
On the square, where three men
come together, - lo and behold - a spy too winds,
A sovereign dosuzhnoyu sometimes
Scammers interrogates himself.
Just trouble; so it is better to remain silent.

Borisov enviable life of people!
Well, army that?

What about him? Go, sated,
quite all.

To many you ego?

God knows.

And thirty thousand will?

Yes rack and fifty thousand.
Pretender thinks.
Around looking at each other.

Well! me as a judge in your camp?

And say to thy mercy,
What are you, they say (be not in anger), i vor,
A fellow.

So I actually
im prove: friends, we will not wait
we Shumsky; I congratulate you:
The next day the battle.

Long live Dimitri!

The next day the battle! their fifty thousand,
And we all just eh fifteen thousand.

empty, friend: Pole
One hundred Muscovites can cause.

Yes, call up. What comes to blows,
So run away from one, hvastun.

When you were a saber at, defiant prisoner,
I thee
(pointing to his sword)
Now this would be humbled.

Our brother hare without swords cost:
Would you like it here,
(showing his fist)
Lyakh proudly looks at him and silently departs.
everyone laughs.

False Dimitry, Pushkin.
In the distance lies horse expiring.

False Dimitry
My poor horse! how cheerfully rode
Today he is in the last battle
AND, wounded, how quickly carried me.
My poor horse!

(About myself)
Well, what regrets!
about horses! when all our troops
Beaten to dust!

Listen, may be,
From wounds he only just Zamora
And the rest.

Where to! he gave up the ghost.

(He goes to his horse)
My poor horse!.. what to do? remove the bridle
Yes otstegnutʹ podprugu. Let the wild
he will die.
(Razuzdyvaet and unsaddle horse.)
Includes several Poles.
awesome, gentlemen!
Well Kurbskii not see among you?
I have seen, as it is today in the midst of battle
he crashed; Darkness sabers fellow,
That flimsy ears, stuck;
But his sword was rising above all,
A formidable click all clicks drowned.
Where is my knight?

He lay on the field of death.

Honor of the brave and the world of his soul!
How few of us survived the battle.
traitors! villains Cossacks,
damned! you, You have ruined us -
Not sustain three minutes of resistance!
I have them uzho! tenth poveshu,

Who is there any blame,
Still, we completely defeated,

And it was our;
I was crushed progressive army -
Yes, the Germans have about repulsed;
A well done! by golly, Well done,
Love for - of them would be sure to
Sostavlyu I pochetnuyu wife.

Somewhere today, we spend the night?

Yes, here in the forest. What it's not overnight?
than light, we are in the way; for dinner we Rylsk.
calm night.
(falls, He puts the saddle under his head and falls asleep.)

pleasant sleep, tsarevitch!
Broken to pieces, Rescued escape,
careless he, How foolish child;
keeps it, of course, Provida;
And we, friends, Let us not lose heart.

Boris, Basmanov.

he defeated, what profit is?
We are vain victory crowned.
He re-gathered the scattered army
And we are on the walls of Putivl threatened.
What are our heroes, meanwhile,?
Stand in Chrome, where a handful of Cossacks
Laugh them out of the rotten fence.
That is the glory! not, I them dissatisfied,
I send thee chief over them;
not kind, and the mind put in the magistrates;
Let their arrogance about regionalism tuzhit;
It's time to despise me the murmurings of the noble mob
And to destroy the fatal habit.

Brother, prince, stokrat blessed
That will be the day, when the discharge books
With razdorami, with pride ancestry
fire may devour.

This day is not far off;
Only the first let the confusion of the people
I tame.

What to look at it;
Always to the dismay of the people secretly inclined:
So swift horse chews his reins;
On the authority of the father as the boy resents;
But what? horse rider calm reigns,
And the boy's father commanded.

The horse sometimes knocks rider,
Son of the father is not always in full will.
Only the rigor we vigilant
keep people. So thought John,
Smiritel storms, reasonable autocrat,
So I thought and his ferocious grandson.
No, mercy does not feel the people:
Do good - he will not say thank you;
Plunder and execution - you will not be worse.
Included lord.

Led visitors strange.

I am going to take; Basmanov, weather.
stay here: you still need me

High spirit sovereign.
May God give him a damn Otrepyev
Upravitysya, and very, much he
Another good he do in Russia.
Important thought in his mind was born.
It ought not to be allowed to cool. what
I open field, when
He will break the horn of the boyars generic!
Rivals in the battle, I do not know;
In the throne become the first ...
And maybe ... But what a wonderful noise?
Anxiety. boyars, court attendants
fleeing in disarray, meet and whisper.

for physician!

Rather, the patriarch.

Tsarevich, prince calls!


What has happened is?

the king fell ill.

The king dies.


He sat there and suddenly fell to the throne -
Blood gushed from the mouth and from the ears.
Bring to the king chair; all the royal family,
all the nobles.

Go and all - leave one
Prince with me.
All removed.
embrace, goodbye, my son: now
You will begin to reign ... oh, Christ!
Who will manifest in front of you - and soul
I have no time to clean Repentance.
But I feel - my son, you are dearer to me
Spiritual salvation ... so be it!
I am a citizen born and die
I subjects in the dark b ought;
But I have reached the supreme power than ...?
Do not ask. pretty: you are innocent,
You reign is now rightly become.
I, I for one will answer all of God ...
About cute son, no mistake false,
Do not blind yourself you voluntarily -
During the tumultuous power you priemlesh:
he is dangerous, this wonderful impostor,
He took up arms in the name of a terrible ...
I, these many years in the reign of sophisticated,
I could keep confusion and rebellion;
In front of me, they trembled in fear;
Vozvysitʹ voice changes not derzai.
Notes, Mlada, inexperienced ruler,
How will you manage a thunderstorm,
to extinguish the rebellion, enmesh treason?
But God is great! He manages youth,
He gives strength weakness ... Listen:
Adviser, First of all, select
reliable, cold, manhood,
Loved by the people - and boyars
Venerable breed or glory -
though Shumsky. now needed for the troops
A skillful leader: Basmanova went
And with a hardness demolished Boyarsky murmurings.
You're at an early age was sitting with me in the Duma,
You know the course of the Sovereign of the Management Board;
Do not change the course of affairs. habit -
Soul states. I now had to
restore opals, penalty - you can
cancel them; you bless,
How bless your uncle,
When the throne of Ivan the Terrible, he hast taken.
With time and a little again
The sovereign tightens reins.
Now loosen, of not letting go of hands ...
be merciful, available to foreigners,
Trusting their service takes.
The rigor of the church guards his mouth;
Be silent; should not the king's voice
The air lost in vain;
How holy jingle, it should only broadcast
Great tribulation or great feast.
About cute son, you walk in those summer,
When our blood excites the female face.
food, keep holy purity
Innocence and proud modesty:
Who senses into a vicious enjoyments
Mladá days privyknul sink,
the, vozmuzhav, sullen and bloodthirsty,
And his mind prematurely darkens.
In my family whether zavsegda head;
mother Honor, but vlastvuy itself.
You're husband and king; love your sister,
You're her guardian staying one.

(on the knees)
No, No - live and reign durable:
People and we are lost without you.

It's all over - my eyes darken,
I feel the coldness of the grave ...
includes patriarch, Sts,
them all the boyars. Queen of lead by the hand,
princess crying.
Who's there?
BUT! schema so ...! Holy postryzhene ...
hit hour, a monk is king -
And dark coffin mine will keley ...
occasional, lord patriarch,
I'm still the king: you heed, boyars:
Of Toth, who command the kingdom;
Kiss the cross ... Theodore Basmanov,
My friends ... you pray at the grave
Serve him diligently and faithfully!
He was so still and the young and pure ...
Do swear?


I am pleased.
Well forgive me temptations and sins
And voluntary and secret resentment ...
The Holy father, pryblyzhsya, I'm ready.
It begins the ritual tonsure.
Women fainted endure.

Basmanov introduces Pushkin.

Come here and talk freely.
so, you to me it sends?

You my friendship he offers
And the first of its dignity in the Moscow kingdom.

But I so highly Theodore
already lifted. The chief of the army,
He despised the rank bit for me,
And the anger of the boyars - I swore to him.

You swore an oath to the heir to the throne
the rightful; but if the other is alive,

Listen, Pushkin, full,
I do not say empty; I know,
Who is he.

Russia and Lithuania
Dimitri has long recognized its,
But, however, I do not stand for it.
May be, He currently Dimitri,
May be, and one impostor. Only
I know, that sooner or later
Moscow cede him the son of Borisov.

While standing behind the young king,
Until then, he will not leave the throne;
Regiments we have quite, thank God!
I won their animating,
And you, whom I will send against?
Not Cossack eh Karel? or landlord?
To many of you l, only some eight thousand.

wrong you: and those who do not rack up -
I'll tell, that our army stuff,
That the Cossacks only Selonians rob,
Poles only boast yes drink,
A Russian ... Yes, that goes without saying ...
Before you not I clever;
But you know?, more we, Basmanov?
not army, not, Polish is not helping,
A view; Yes! According to the Public.
Dimitri you remember the triumph
And the peace of his conquests,
When it all without a shot
Obedient surrender of the city,
A governor stubborn black knit?
You saw himself, l willingly your rati
Fought with him; when? under Boris!
And now eh?.. No, Basmanov, later argue
And inflate the cold ashes of battle:
With all your mind and strong will
will not stand; Are you not better
Give the first example of the prudent,
Demetrius king declare
And yet he ever do a service?
What do you think?

You will know tomorrow.

make up your mind.


think also, Basmanov.

Он прав, He's right; everywhere treason is brewing -
What should I do? Shall I will wait,
To me rebels tied
And given Otrepiev? No better eh
Warn turbulent flow gap
And to change ... But the oath!
But to earn dishonor to all generations!
Online Postings young vencenosca
Terrible betrayal to pay ...
Disgraced exile easy
Contemplate mutiny and conspiracy,
But if I, I l, the favorite of the emperor ...
But death ... but the power ... but disaster craft and f ...
(I think.)
Here! who's there?
Konya! Blow collection.

Pushkin is, surrounded by people.

The prince sent us Boyar.
Let us hear, that will tell us Boyar.
Here! here!

(the ambo)
Moscow citizens,
You bow to the prince ordered.
You know, like fishing heaven
Prince of the assassin saved;
He went to execute his villain,
But God's judgment too impressed Boris.
Demetrius Russian subdued;
Basmanov himself with remorse zealous
Their regiments led him to the oath.
Demetrius comes to you with love, with the world.
For the sake of whether the Godunov family
You will raise his hand against the king
lawful, to grandson Monomakh?

Faithful net.

Moscow citizens!
The world knows, how much you have suffered
Under the rule of cruel stranger:
opal, execution, dishonor, taxes,
and effort, and smooth - all you have experienced.
Demetrius is going to grant you,
boyar, gentry, people clerks, martial,
guests, merchants - and the honest people.
L You will become insanely stubborn
And mercy puffy flee?
But he goes on the royal throne
Their fathers - accompanied by terrible.
Well do not be angry, and afraid of the king god.
Kiss the cross rightful ruler;
Resigned, immediately send
By Dimitri in metropolitan mill,
boyar, clerks and elected people,
Yes brow beat the father and the Emperor.
noise People.

that interpret? Boyar truth molvyl.
Long live Dimitri, our father!

A guy at the pulpit
People, people! the Kremlin! in the royal palace!
Go! Borisov knit puppy!

(rushing crowd)
To knit! drown! Long live Dimitri!
Yes, dying race of Boris Godunov!

KREMLIN. HOME BORISSOV. Guardians of the porch
Theodore under the window.

give alms, for Christ's sake!

scat, manuf not speak with prisoners.

Go, old man, I am a poor you, you are at liberty.
Xenia veiled fits well to the window.

One of the people
Brother sister! poor kids, that the birds in the cage.

There are about someone feeling sorry? accursed tribe!

The first
My father was the villain, and the kids are innocent.

The apple never falls far from the tree.

my boy, my boy, it seems, We go to the boyars.

it Golitsyn, Mosalьskij. Other unknown to me.

Brother, my boy, heart skips a beat.

Golitsyn, Mosalьskij, Molchanov and Sherefedinov. They were the three musketeers.

parted, parted. nobles are.
They enter the house.
One of the people
Why they were?

A true, attest Theodora Godunova.

Indeed? - hear, some noise in the house! Anxiety, fighting ...

hear? squeal! - a woman's voice - let us go up! - The doors are locked - silent screams.
open the door. Masalski is on the porch.

People! Maria Godunov and her son Theodore poisoned themselves with poison. We saw them dead corpses.

People in horror silent.
Why are you silent? shout: Long live the king of Dmitry Ivanovich!
The people are silent.
the end

[1] Well… (France.)..
[2] what? what? (France.).
[3] What do you mean orthodox?.. ragged accursed, damn bastard! Hell, mein Herr (sir), I'm just pissed off: you might think, they have no arms, to fight, only feet, to flee (France.).
[4] A shame (it.).
[5] Thousand devils! I will not move from here on a step-time it started, it is necessary to finish. What do you say to that, mein Herr? (France.).
[6] You're right (it.).
[7] Heck, case becomes hot! This devil - Pretender, as they call it, desperadoes. What do you think, mein Herr? (France.).
[8] ABOUT, Yes! (it.).
[9] Look Here, Look! A fight broke out in the rear of the enemy. it, probably, I hit fellow Basmanov (France.).
[10] I think so (it.).
[11] But our German! - Lord!.. mein Herr, Make the same they built and, hell, go on the attack! (France.).
[12] Very good. Become! (it.).
[13] March! (it.).
[14] God with us! (it.).

1825 g.

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