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Iron will of Peter
Преображенная Россия.*
n. languages.

Chapter I
Я в Париже;
Я начал жить, and not breathing. *
Dmitriev. traveler magazine.

В числе молодых людей, Peter the Great sent to foreign lands to acquire information, required state transformed, It was his godson, Arab Ibragim. He studied at the Paris Military School *, released was captain of artillery, He distinguished himself in the Spanish war, and *, seriously wounded, He returned to Paris. Emperor in the midst of their labors extensive prestaval not inquire after his favorite, and always received rave reviews about his success and behavior. Peter was very pleased with him and repeatedly invited him to Russia, but Ibrahim was not in a hurry. He pleaded various excuses, sooner, the desire to improve their knowledge, the lack of money, Peter sniskhoditelstvoval his requests, I asked him to take care of your health, thanked him for his zeal for learning and, extremely frugal in their own expenses, He did not mince his treasury to him, adding some flavor of tchervonetses fatherly advice and guidance predosteregatelnye.
По свидетельству всех исторических записок, nothing could compare with the free frivolity, madness and luxury of the French at the time. The last years of the reign of Louis XIV, was marked by strict piety yard, and the importance of decorum, We have left no trace. The Duke of Orleans *, combining many brilliant qualities with disabilities of all kinds, unluckily, I did not have a shadow of hypocrisy. Orgies Palais Royal * were not a mystery for Paris; Example bыl contagious. At that time appeared to Law * #; greed for money was united with the thirst for pleasure and distraction; estates disappeared; morality perished; French laughing and counting, and the state disintegrated under the playful chorus satirical vaudeville.
Между тем общества представляли картину самую занимательную. Education and the need to have fun all the states brought together. Wealth, kindness, glory, talents, most strangeness, everything, Serve food that curiosity or promised pleasure, It was made with the same benevolence. literature, Scientists and philosophers are left quiet his office and were among the great world pleasing fashion, running her opinions. women reigned, but did not require adoration. Surface politeness replaced deep reverence. Leprosy Duke of Richelieu *, Alcibiades, * the latest Athens, They belong to history and give an idea about the customs of this time.

wealthy time, marked by license,*
Where madness, waving his bell,
With a light foot travels throughout France,
Where no mortal deigns to be devout,
Where we do everything except penance. #

Появление Ибрагима, his appearance, education and natural intelligence aroused general attention in Paris. All the ladies want to see in their le Nègre du czar * # and caught him intercept; Regent invited him several times on his merry pm; He was present at dinners, animate the young and old age Arueta * * Chaulieu, conversations of Montesquieu and Fontenelle; I do not miss a single ball, any holiday, no first submission, and it brings the total vortex with all the ardor of his age and his race. But the thought of exchanging this dissipation, these brilliant fun the harsh simplicity of the Petersburg court is not one terrified Ibrahim. Other strong bonds tying it to Paris. Young African liked.
Графиня D., It is no longer in the first years of color, He was still renowned for her beauty. 17-these years, at its exit from convent, We give her man, which she did not love and who subsequently never cared about. Rumor attributed to her lovers, but condescending ulozheniju light she enjoyed a good name, because it was impossible to reproach her in any ridiculous or scandalous Adventures. Her house was the most fashionable. She has mated the best Parisian society. Ibrahim was introduced to her young Merville, revered by all her latest lover, as he tried to give the feel in every way.
Графиня приняла Ибрагима учтиво, but without any special attention: it flattered him. Usually looked upon the young negro as a marvel, surrounded him, showered with greetings and questions, and curiosity, although covered with views of favor, offended by his pride. Sweet women's attention, almost the only purpose of our efforts, not only did not please his heart, but even it has executed bitterness and resentment. He felt, that he was born to them some rare animal, special creations, strange, accidentally transferred into the world, not having anything to do with it. He even envied people, no one noticed, and honored their insignificance welfare.
Think, that nature created it for mutual passion, freed from its presumption and claims vanity, which gave a rare charm to his Women. His conversation was easy and important; He liked the Countess D., tired of eternal jokes and subtle hints of French wit. Ibrahim was often at her. Little by little she got used to the appearance of a young black man, and even began to find something enjoyable in this curly head, blackened in the midst of the powdered wigs in her living room. (Ibrahim was wounded in the head and wore a bandage instead of a wig.) He was 27 years of age; He was tall and slim, and not one beauty gazed at him with a sense of a more flattering, than mere curiosity, but prejudiced Ibrahim or did not notice, or seen one coquetry. When his eyes met the gaze of the Countess, his distrust vanished. Her eyes were a pretty good-natured, her treatment with him was so easy, so at ease, that it was impossible to suspect her and the shadow of coquetry or mockery.
Любовь не приходила ему на ум, – а уже видеть графиню каждый день было для него необходимо. He's been looking everywhere for her meeting, and a meeting with her struck him every time an unexpected grace of heaven. countess, before he, divined his feelings. Whatever you say, and love without expectations and requirements of touching a woman's heart rather calculations of seduction. In the presence of the Countess Ibrahim followed his every movement, I listened to all of his speech; without it, she thought, and fell into a common distraction ... Merville first noticed this mutual inclination and congratulated Ibrahim. Nothing so inflames love, as an encouraging remark outsider. Love is blind and, not trusting herself, hastily grabs all support. Merville's words aroused Ibrahim. The opportunity to enjoy the beloved hitherto appeared to his imagination; I hope suddenly lit up his soul; he had a crush. In vain the Countess, frightened frenzy of his passion, protivustavit wanted her exhortations friendship and advice of prudence, it weakens itself. Careless rewards quickly followed one another. finally, carried away by the power of passion, it is ingrained, succumbing under its influence, she gave herself admiring Ibrahim ...
Ничто не скрывается от взоров наблюдательного света. New bond countess soon became known to all. Some ladies were astonished her choice, Many thought he was very natural. some laughed, others saw her hand inexcusable negligence. In the first intoxication of passion Ibrahim and the Countess noticed nothing, but soon ambiguous jokes men and women biting remarks began to reach them. Important and cold treatment Ibrahim hitherto protected him from such attacks; he endured their impatient and did not know, than reflect the. countess, accustomed to respect the world, I could not see himself calmly subject of gossip and ridicule. She then tearfully complained Ibrahim, bitterly reproached him, then she begged for it not to enter, so noise is not in vain to destroy it completely.
Новое обстоятельство еще более запутало ее положение. Discovered a consequence of careless love. consolation, tips, offers - everything was drained and all rejected. Countess saw inevitable destruction and despair expect it.
Как скоро положение графини стало известно, Plainly nachalys with a bang. Sensitive ladies gasped in horror; men fought for a mortgage, who will give birth to the Countess: Whether white or black baby. Epigrams showered about her husband, which is one in all Paris knew nothing and suspected nothing.
Роковая минута приближалась. Status of the Countess was awful. Ibrahim every day was her. he saw, both mental and physical strength gradually it disappeared. her tears, her terror renewed every minute. Finally, she felt the first flour. Measures have been taken hastily. Count found a way to remove. The doctor came. Two days before the sim persuaded a poor woman to give up in the wrong hands newborn baby her; We sent him an attorney. Ibrahim was in his office near the most bedrooms, where I lay the unhappy Countess. Not daring to breathe, He heard her muffled groans, maids whisper and doctor's orders. She suffered a long time. Every moan it tore his soul; each interval of silence poured his horror ... all of a sudden he heard a faint cry of a child and, unable to contain his delight, I rushed into the Countess's room. Black baby lying on the bed at her feet. Ibrahim him approaching. His heart was beating strongly. He blessed his son trembling hand. The Countess smiled faintly and held out the weak hands ... but the doctor, fearing for the patient is too strong shocks, Ibrahim dragged from her bed. Newborn placed in a covered basket and carried out of the house by a secret staircase. They brought another child and put him in the bedroom mothers cradle. Ibrahim left a little comforted. We are waiting for the Count. He returned late, I learned about the happy resolution of his wife and was very pleased. Thus the public, expecting seductive noise, He deceived in his hope, and was forced to take comfort in one backbiting.
Всё вошло в обыкновенный порядок, but Ibrahim felt, that his fate was variable and that the relationship sooner or later it would come to the attention of the graph D. In this case, whatever happens, Countess's death was inevitable. He loved passionately and just as he was loved; but the Countess was capricious and frivolous. She loved not the first time. Disgust, hatred might replace her heart most tender feelings. Ibrahim already foresaw minute cool it; until now he did not know of jealousy, but the horror of her premonition; he imagined, that the suffering of separation should be less painful, and I have already set out to break the unfortunate link, leave Paris and go to Russia, where long called him Peter and dark sense of own debt.
Chapter II
Не сильно нежит красота,
Не столько восхищает радость,
Не столько легкомыслен ум,
Не столько я благополучен…
Желанием честей размучен.
Зовет, I hear, fame noise!*

days, months passed, and love Ibrahim could not decide to leave the woman he had seduced. Contessa the hour more attached to him. Their son was raised in a remote province. Gossip began to subside, and lovers began to enjoy more tranquility, Last silently remembering the storm and trying not to think about the future.
Однажды Ибрагим был у выхода герцога Орлеанского. duke, passing his, I stopped and handed him a letter, telling him to read at your leisure. It was a letter of Peter I-st. prince, guessing the real reason for his absence, I wrote to the duke, he nothing nevolit Ibrahim does not intend to, that gives it willingly return to Russia or not, but that in any case he will never leave your pet in the former. This letter moved Ibrahim to the heart. From that moment his fate was sealed. The next day he announced his intention to the regent immediately to Russia. "Think about, what you are doing, – сказал ему герцог, – Россия не есть ваше отечество; I do not think, so that you ever could again see your homeland sultry; but your long stay in France has made you equally alien to the climate and way of life half-savage Russia. You were not born a subject of Peter. Believe me: use his generous permission. Stay in France, for which you have already shed their blood, and be sure, that here your services and talents will not go without a decent remuneration ". Ibrahim sincerely thanked the Duke, but remained firm in its intention to. "I am sorry, – сказал ему регент, – но, however, you're right". He promised he retired and wrote about all the Russian Tsar.
Ибрагим скоро собрался в дорогу. On the eve of his departure, he spent, as per usual, evening at the Countess D. She did not know anything; Ibrahim had not the courage to open it. The Countess was calm and cheerful. Several times she would call to him and joked about his thoughtfulness. After dinner, everyone left. Countess remained in the living room, her husband and Ibrahim. The unfortunate would have given everything in the world, just to stay alone with her; but Earl D., it seemed, located near the fireplace so calm, that there was no hope to survive him from the room. All three were silent. «Bonne nuit» #, - said at last Countess. Heart Ibrahim hesitating, and suddenly felt all the horrors of separation. He stood motionless. "Good night, gentlemen "#, - he repeated the Countess. He still had not moved ... Finally, his eyes darkened, chairman zakruzhylas, he could hardly get out of the room. Once home, He almost unconscious wrote the following letter:
«Я еду, dear Leonora, I leave you forever. blast you, because they do not have the force be with you otherwise explain.
Счастие мое не могло продолжиться. I enjoyed it in spite of fate and nature. You had me fall out of love; the charm was to disappear. This thought haunted me ever, even in those moments, when, it seemed, I forget everything, when at your feet, I reveled in your passionate self-denial, thy unbounded tenderness ... Giddy light mercilessly drives actually is, which allows in theory: his cold sarcasm, Sooner or later, you have won, I would have humbled your ardent soul, and you will finally be ashamed of his passion ... that was used was with me? Not! better to die, better leave you before that terrible moment ...
Твое спокойствие мне всего дороже: you could not enjoy it, while the eyes of the world were fixed on us. Total Recall, you suffered, all wounded pride, all the tortures of fear; Remember the terrible birth of our son. think: Do I have to put you any longer the same excitement and dangers? Why strive to unite the fate of such a tender, such a beautiful creature with a disastrous fate Negro, miserable creatures, barely award human names?
forgive, leonora, simple, sweet, the only friend. leaving you, I am leaving the first and last joy of my life. I have no fatherland, or neighbors. Food in sad Russia, where a comfort to me to be my perfect privacy. rigorous studies, which now surrender, if you do not drown out, then at least will entertain the painful memories of the days of rapture and bliss ... Forgive, leonora, – отрываюсь от этого письма, as if out of your embrace; simple, be happy - and think sometimes of poor negro, of your faithful Ibrahim ".
В ту же ночь он отправился в Россию.
Путешествие не показалось ему столь ужасно, as he had expected. His imagination triumphed over reality. The farther it is from Paris, TEN lives, the closer it is currently represented objects, them to leave forever.
Нечувствительным образом очутился он на русской границе. Autumn is already advancing, but the drivers, in spite of the bad road, They carried it with the speed of the wind, and in the 17th day of his journey, he arrived in the morning in the Red Village, through which the then came a great way.
Оставалось 28 miles to St. Petersburg. While the horses, Ibrahim went into the house Yamskaya. In the corner of a tall man, in a green coat, clay pipe with t RTU, with his elbows on the table, I am reading the Hamburg newspapers. Hearing, someone came, he looked up. 'Ba! Ibrahim? - he cried, вставая с лавки. - Health, godson!Ibrahim ", Peter learned, joy to him was rushed, but stopped respectfully. Sovereign approaching, I embraced him and kissed him on the head. "I was forewarned about your arrival, - Peter said,, – и поехал тебе навстречу. Waiting for you here since yesterday ". Ibrahim could not find words to express his gratitude. "Veli already, – продолжал государь, – твою повозку везти за нами; and he sit down with me and go to me ". Filed sovereign stroller; on messenger with Ibragimova and they jumped. Through a half hour, they arrived in St. Petersburg. Ibrahim curiously looked at the newborn capital, which was rising from the swamp of autocracy mania. naked dam, channels without waterfront, wooden bridges everywhere is the recent victory of human will over the elements suprotivleniem. The houses seemed hastily built. In the city there was nothing great, except Neva, not decorated yet Granite Ramah, but already covered by military and merchant ships. Sovereign's carriage stopped at the palace of the so-called Garden of Tsaritsyno. On the porch of Peter met a woman years 35, a prekrasnaya, dressed in the latest Paris fashion. Peter kissed her on the lips and, Ibrahim took the hand, He said: "Do you recognize, Katya, my godson: I beg to love and favor it is still ". Catherine looked at him black, piercing eyes and graciously handed him a pen. Two young beauties, high, shapely, fresh as roses, stood behind her and approached Peter respectfully. "Liza, – сказал он одной из них, – помнишь ли ты маленького арапа, who steal for you my apples in Oranienbaum? there he is: I imagine it to you ". Grand Duchess laughed and blushed. Let's go to the dining room. In anticipation of the emperor table was set. Peter with the whole family sat down to dinner, inviting and Ibrahim. During dinner, the Emperor spoke to him about various subjects, I asked him about the Spanish War, on Internal Affairs of France, Regent, he loved, although he condemned it much. Ibrahim different mind precise and observant; Peter was very pleased with his answers; he remembered some of the features of Ibrahim's childhood and told them with such good humor and fun, that no one in kind and hospitable host could not suspect the hero of Poltava, mighty and terrible reformer of Russia.
После обеда государь, by Russian custom, I went to rest. Ibrahim remained with the Empress and the Grand Duchesses. He tried to satisfy their curiosity, He described the image of Parisian life, The local holidays and capricious fashion. Meanwhile, some of the ladies, close to Sovereign, gathered at the palace. Ibrahim recognized the magnificent Prince Menshikov, which the, uvidya Arafah, talking with Catherine, He looked proudly on; Prince Jacob Dolgoruky, steep Councilor Peter; scientist Bruce, pass for the people Russian Faust; young Raguzinsky, his former comrade, and the other came to the sovereign papers and for orders.
Государь вышел часа через два. "We'll see, - he said to Ibrahim, – не позабыл ли ты своей старой должности. Take a minute slate so follow me ". Peter locked in turning and engaged in public affairs. He in turn worked with Bruce, with Prince Dolgoruky, with the General Chief of Police Ibrahim Deviera and dictated several decrees and decisions. Ibrahim could not Hanadiv quickly and firmly to his mind, strength and flexibility, attention and a variety of activities. At the end of the works of Peter took out a pocket-sized book, in order to cope, Do they still expected on this day fulfilled. Then, leaving turnery, said Ibrahim: "It's late; you, I tea, weary: lodge here, as it did in the old days. Tomorrow I'll wake you up ".
Ibrahim, left alone, barely able to recover. He was in St. Petersburg, He saw again the great man, near which, not knowing his price, He spent his childhood. Almost remorsefully confessed it in his soul, that the Countess D., for the first time after a separation, I have not been in all day only his thoughts. He saw, that the new way of life, waiting for him, activities and regular activities can revive his soul, weary passions, idleness and despondency secret. Thought to be an associate of a great man, and collectively with them to act on the fate of a great nation opened it for the first time a sense of noble ambition. In the family spirits, he lay down on the camp bed prepared for him, and then the familiar dream took it in the future in Paris, to embrace dear Countess.
Chapter III
Как облака на небе,
Так мысли в нас меняют легкий образ,
Что любим днесь, tomorrow hated. *
AT. Kiichelbecker

На другой день Петр по своему обещанию разбудил Ибрагима и поздравил его капитан-лейтенантом бомбардирской роты Преображенского полка, in the way he himself was captain. Courtiers surrounded Ibrahim, everyone in his own way tried to be kind to the new favorite. Haughty Prince Menshikov friendly shook his hand. Sheremetev inquired about his Parisian friends, Golovin and * summoned to dinner. To this last example was followed by other, so that Ibrahim received invitations at least a month.
Ибрагим проводил дни однообразные, But the activity - investigation, I did not know boredom. He is day by day more tied to sovereign, better comprehend its high per capita. Follow the great man's thoughts is the science of the most entertaining. Ibrahim saw Peter in the Senate, osporivaemogo Buturlinыm and Dolgoruky, parses the important questions of legislation, Admiralty Board in approving maritime greatness of Russia, I saw him with Theophanes, Gabriel Buzhinsky Kopievichem * and *, in the hours of rest considering translations of foreign publicists, or visiting the factory of a merchant, artisan work and study scientist. Russia was represented by Ibrahim huge artisan, where some cars move, where each worker, slave routine, busy with his business. He honored and obligated to work at their own machine and tried the least regret amusements of Parisian life. It was more difficult to remove him from himself another, sweet remembrance: he often thought of the Countess D., I imagined her righteous indignation, tears and despair ... but sometimes terrible idea I feel free to his chest: large light scattering, new connection, another lucky - he shuddered; Jealousy began to seethe in his African blood, and hot tears were ready to flow over his black face.
Однажды утром сидел он в своем кабинете, surrounded by business papers, when he heard a loud greeting in French; Ibrahim eagerly turned around, Korsakov and the young *, which he left in Paris, in a vortex large light, I embraced him with joyful exclamations. "I have just arrived, - Korsakov said, – и прямо прибежал к тебе. All our Parisian friends you bow, I regret your absence; Contessa D. I told to call you without fail, and here's a letter from her ". Ibrahim grabbed it with trepidation and looked at the familiar handwriting inscription, not daring to believe their eyes. "How glad I am, – продолжал Корсаков, – что ты еще не умер со скуки в этом варварском Петербурге! doing here, what they do? Who's your tailor? Do you have a wound though Opera?"Ibrahim replied scattering, what, probably, Sovereign is now working at shipyard. Korsakov laughed. "I see, - he said, – что тебе теперь не до меня; at other times Hex fill; food presented to the emperor ". With these words he turned on one leg and ran out of the room.
Ibrahim, left alone, hastily opened the letter. Countess tenderly he complained, reproaching him for hypocrisy and mistrust. "You say, - she wrote, – что мое спокойствие дороже тебе всего на свете: Ibrahim! if it was true, It could be you subject me to state, which led me to an unexpected news of your departure? you were afraid, that I did not keep you; be sure, what, despite my love, I would be able to sacrifice your well-being and the, to read you his duty ". Countess entered into an impassioned protestations of love and implored him to write to her at least occasionally, if you do not already have to hope again svidetsya ever.
Ибрагим двадцать раз перечел это письмо, enthusiastically kissing invaluable line. He was burning with impatience to hear anything about the countess and was going to go to the Admiralty, hoping to catch another Korsakov, but the door opened, Korsakov himself appeared again; he already represents the sovereign - and his manner seemed very pleased with himself. «Entre nous #, - he said to Ibrahim, – государь престранный человек; imagine, I found him in some holstyanoy jersey, on the new ship mast, where I was forced to climb with my dispatches. I stood on the ladder and did not have enough room, To make a decent nod, and completely mixed up, that after birth with me did not happen. However, the emperor Well, reading the paper, He looked at me from head to toe and, probably, I was pleasantly impressed by the taste and panache my clothes; at least he smiled and called me on today's Assembly. But I'm in St. Petersburg perfect stranger, during a six-year absence, I completely forgot the local habit, please be my mentor, call in for me and introduce me ". Ibrahim agreed, and in a hurry to draw the conversation to the subject of, more entertaining for him. "Well, that the Countess D.?"-" The Countess? she, of course, first I was very upset by your departure; then, of course, little by little comforted and took a new lover; you know someone? long Marquis R.; what you widened your arapskie proteins? or all this seems strange to you; Do not you know, that the long sorrow not in the nature of human, especially female; Think about it carefully, and I will go, rest of the way; do not forget to also follow me call ".
Какие чувства наполнили душу Ибрагима? jealousy? rabies? despair? not; but profound, cramped gloom. He repeated himself: I foresaw, it had to happen. Then he opened the letter of the Countess, I read over again, He hung his head and wept bitterly. He wept for a long time. Tears eased his heart. Looking at his watch, he saw, it's time to go. Ibrahim would be very happy to get rid, but the Assembly was the case officer, and the emperor strictly demanded his presence close. He dressed and went for Korsakov.
Корсаков сидел в шлафорке, reading a French book. "So early", - he said to Ibrahim, seeing him. "Have mercy, – отвечал тот, – уже половина шестого; We will be late; quickly get dressed and go ". Korsakov bustled, I began to ring with all his might; people ran; he began hurriedly to dress. French valet brought him shoes with red heels, blue velvet pants, pink coat, embroidered with sequins; in front hastily powdered wig, it brought, Korsakov shaven head stuck in it, He demanded his sword and gloves, ten times turned to the mirror and told Ibrahim, that he is ready. Haiduks filed them bear fur, and they went to the Winter Palace.
Корсаков осыпал Ибрагима вопросами, who is the first beauty in St. Petersburg? who is famous for the first dancer? a dance now in vogue? Ibrahim is very reluctant to satisfy his curiosity. Meanwhile they arrived at the palace. A plurality of long sled, old rattletrap and gilded carriages was standing in a meadow. At the porch crowded coachman in livery, and a mustache, runners, glittering tinsel, feathers and with clubs, hussars, the pages, clumsy footmen, laden with coats and sleeves of their masters: Formation necessary, according to the ideas of that time boyars. At the sight of Ibrahim stood between them overall whisper: 'Arab, Arabists, royal arap!"He quickly held Korsakov through this motley servants. Court lackey opened the doors for them to overtake, and they came into the hall. Korsakov was dumbfounded ... In the big room, lighted tallow candles, which burned dimly in the clouds of tobacco smoke, nobles with blue ribbons over his shoulder, messengers, foreign merchants, Guard officers in green uniforms, shipwrights in jackets and striped trousers, the crowd moved back and forth with ceaseless sound of brass music. The ladies sat around the walls; Young shone with all the luxury fashion. Gold and silver glittered on their robes; of lush rose farthingales, as the stem, their narrow waist; Diamonds sparkled in her ears, in long curls around the neck and. They are fun is inverted right and left, waiting for the gentlemen and start dancing. Elderly lady tried to cleverly combine a new way of clothing with the persecuted CONVERTED: bonnets brought down to a sable hat Queen Natalia Kirilovna, and robrondy and mantillas somehow reminded sundress and dushegreyku. It seemed, they are surprised to, than happy to, We attended the now newly introduced merrymaking and vexation askance at the wives and daughters of Dutch skippers, which kanifasnyh skirts and blouses in red knitted stocking their, among themselves, laughing and talking as if the house. Korsakov could not recover. Noticing new guests, servant approached them with beer and glasses on a tray. "What the hell is this all?"# - Korsakov asked softly y Ibrahim. Ibrahim could not help but smile. The Empress and the Grand Duchesses, resplendent beauty and outfits, Guests strolled between rows, friendly with them talking. The Emperor was in a different room. Korsakov, wishing him seem, hardly able to wade through the constantly moving crowd. There were for the most part foreigners, it is important to smoking their clay pipes and oporozhnivaya steins. On the tables were placed a bottle of beer and wine, Leather bags of tobacco, glasses of punch and chess boards. For now, one of the tables, Peter played checkers with one broad-English skipper. They saluted each other hard volleys of tobacco smoke, and the emperor was so taken aback by an unexpected stroke of his opponent, I did not notice Korsakov, he spun around them nor. At this time the fat man, with a thick bouquet on his chest, hurriedly entered, publicly announced, that the dancing began - and immediately left; It was followed by many guests, including Korsakov.

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