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For you, my soul queen,
beauties, one for you
Times past stories,
In the leisure hours of gold,
Under the whisper of old chatty,
I wrote the hand of faithful;
Well you take my work playful!
Draws are not demanding praise,
I hope too happy sweet,
What virgin trembling love
look, may be, furtively
On my sinful songs.


There stands a green oak;
Gilded chain on the oak tree:
Day and night, male scientist
Everything goes through the chain around;
It goes to the right - the song starts,
Left - the tale says.

there are miracles: there goblin wanders,
Mermaid sitting on the branches;
There on unknown paths
Traces of unseen beasts;
Hut there on chicken legs
It should be no windows, without doors;
There is a forest full of visions and long;
At dawn of day the breakers stream
On the bare and barren,
And thirty excellent knights
Death of the clear water located,
And with them their uncle sea;
There the prince passing
Captivates the Terrible;
There in the clouds to the people
through the woods, across the seas
The wizard has a hero;
In prison there princess grieves,
A brown wolf it is true;
There stupa with Baba-Yahoy
is, walks by itself;
There the king Kashchei over with gold pines;
There the Russian spirit ... it smells!
And there I was, and honey, I drank;
We saw sea green oak;
Beneath it sat, and male scientist
I told my tale.
I remember one: this tale
Now I will tell the world ...

Cases of bygone days,
Tales of olden times.

In the crowd of mighty sons,
With friends, in high Gridnitsa
Vladimir-sun feasting;
Smaller daughter he gave
For the brave prince Ruslan
And honey from the grave glass
For their health drink.
Not soon our ancestors ate,
Not soon moved around
buckets, silver bowls
Boiling beer and wine.
They poured into the heart of the fun,
Hissing foam at the edges,
They were important Chashniki
And guests bowed low.

Leaked speech in noise is muffled;
Buzzing guests merry circle;
But suddenly there was a pleasant voice
And sonorous sound of harps fugitive;
All were silent, listen to Bayan:
And is famous for the sweet singer
Lyudmila and Ruslan-charm
Lel and stranded them a crown.

But, passion passionate weary,
does not eat, Ruslan does not drink love;
On the other cute looks,
sighs, angry, lit
AND, nipping mustache with impatience,
He considers every moment,
down in the mouth, with a cloudy brow,
for noisy, wedding table
Sit three knight mladye;
mutely, for empty bucket,
Forgot cups circular,
And their meal nepriyatnы;
Not hear prophetic Bayan;
Downcast embarrassed glance *
The three rival Ruslan;
In unfortunate pose heart
Love and hate poison.
One - Rogdai, brave warrior,
Sword moved apart beyond
Kiev rich fields;
Another - Farlaf, screamer nadmennыy,
The feasts nobody defeated,
But amid the humble warrior swords;
Last, full of passionate thoughts,
Mladoy hazarskyy Khan Ratmir:
All three were pale and sullen,
And fun they feast is not a feast.

Here he finished; stand in rows,
Mingled noisy crowds,
And look on the young:
The bride eyes lowered,
As if the heart depressed,
And bright joyful bride,
But the shadow embraces all of nature,
Too close to midnight deaf;
boyars, napping on honey,
With a nod home cleared.
The groom in delight, rapturously:
Caresses it in imagination
Bashful virgin beauty;
But with a secret, sad Affection
Grand Duke blahoslovenem
It gives the young couple.

And the young bride
Lead to the marriage bed;
The lights went out ... and night
Lamp lights Lel.
Fait cute hope,
Love preparing gifts;
Jealous fall clothes
Locust on the carpets ...
L love you hear a whisper,
And the sweet sound of kisses,
And interrupts the murmurings
last timidity?.. Spouse
Delight the senses in advance;
And here they come ... Suddenly
thunder, light flashed in the fog,
lamp goes out, smoke runs,
All around dusk, all shakes,
And froze the soul in Ruslan ..
there was silence. The terrible silence
There was a strange double-voice,
And someone in the smoky depths
Hoisted blacker darkness foggy ...
Again tower is empty and quiet;
Gets scared groom,
With sweat rolling face cool;
thrill, Frigid hand
He asks darkness dumb ...
O mountains: no girlfriend cute!
Enough air it is empty;
Lyudmila pet in darkness thick,
Kidnapped by an obscure force.

Brother, if the martyr of love
Suffers passion hopeless,
Though sad to live, my friends,
However, to live is still possible.
But after long, for long years
Hug love with girlfriend,
Wish, tears, the object of longing,
Suddenly minute wife
Ever lose a friend ...,
Of course, It would be better if I died!

However, Ruslan lives miserable.
But that said, the great prince?
suddenly struck down by a terrible rumor,
On-law inflame anger,
Its courtyard and it convenes:
"Where, where Lyudmila?"- Asks
With terrible, fiery brow.
Ruslan hears. "Children, other!
I remember past achievements:
ABOUT, you pity the old man!
tell, What man of you agree
I ride for my daughter?
Whose heroism is not in vain,
So - terzaysya, cry, the villain!
I could not save his wife! —
Moreover, I will give it to his wife
With half the kingdom of my ancestors.
Who will be called, children, other?..»
"I!"- said the woeful groom.
"I! I! - exclaimed with Rogdai
Farlaf and joyful Ratmir,—
Now his horses to saddle;
We are happy to travel all over the whole world.
our father, not extend the separation;
Do not be afraid: We go for the princess'.
And thankfully mute
In tears, he stretches out his hands to them
Old man, tormented anguish.

All four come together;
Ruslan disheartened as the killed;
The thought of the lost bride
His torments and dead.
Sit on spirited horses;
Along the banks of the Dnieper happy
Flying in the swirling dust;
Already tucked away;
I do not see the riders Bole ...
But for a long time still looks
The Grand Duke in the empty field
And a thought they followed suit flies.

Ruslan languished in silence,
And the meaning and memory lost.
Over his shoulder, looking haughtily
And it is important podbochas, Farlaf,
sulkily, I went to Ruslan.
He says: "I barely
On will burst, friends!
Well, l soon meet with the giant?
Oh-so the blood will flow,
Oh-so victims of love jealous!
Have fun, my trusty Sword,
Have fun, my horse zealous!»

Hazarskyy Khan, in his mind
Ludmila already embracing,
Almost dancing on the saddle;
It plays a young blood,
Fire eyes full of hope:
That he jumps at full speed,
That teases runner dashing,
circling, lifts for the buck,
Ile boldly rushes into the hills again.

Rogdai ugryum, silent - not a word ...
Fearing the unknown fate
And tormented by jealousy vain,
All the more worried he,
And often it look terrible
The prince gloomily directed.

Opponents same road
All together, go all day,
Dnieper became dark Breg sloping;
From east pouring overnight shadow;
Fog over the Dnieper deep;
It's time to rest their horses.
Here under the mountain by a wide
Wide crossed path.
"corroding, time to! - said,—
Obscurity to entrust the fate of ".
And every horse, not feeling the steel,
By the will chose a path.

What are you doing, Ruslan miserable,
Alone in the desert silence?
Lyudmila, wedding day terrible,
Everything, crease, I saw you in a dream.
On the brow brass helmet pulled down,
Of the powerful left hand bridle,
You're going a step between fields,
And slowly in your soul
hope dies, extinguished faith.

But suddenly, before the knight Cave;
In the cave of light. He went straight to her
It goes dormant under the arches,
Peers of the nature.
Entered discouragement: sees what?
In the cave, the old man; clear view,
calm eyes, beard sedan;
Lamp burning in front of him;
For the ancient book he sits,
Her reading carefully.
"Welcome, my son! —
He said with a smile Ruslan,—
Already twenty years I have been here one
In the darkness of the old life vyanu;
But finally he waited for the day,
I have long been foreseen.
We brought together by fate;
Sit down and listen to me.
Ruslan, you lost Ludmila;
Your firm spirit loses power;
But evil will rush a quick moment:
At the time, grasped the rock you.
With hope, faith fun
Go to all, cheer up;
Forward! sword and chest bold
Swap the way to midnight Punches.

find out, Ruslan: your offender
Wizard terrible Chernomor,
Beauties longtime thief,
Polnoschnyh holder mountains.
Yet nobody in his abode
Not until now penetrated the eye;
Notes, the evil machinations of a fighter,
In it you start, and villain
Perish from thy hand.
You should say, not more:
The fate of your future days,
My son, now in your will ".

Our elder knight fell at the feet
Therefore with joy him kiss his hand.
Brightens the world through his eyes than,
And my heart has forgotten flour.
The newly revived it; and suddenly again
Broken out in the face of sorrow ...
"Jasna anguish because of you;
But the sadness is not difficult to disperse,—
said the old man,- you terrible
Love the white-haired sorcerer;
Spock, know: it is in vain
And the young maiden is not terrible.
He brings the stars from the sky,
He whistles - tremble moon;
But against the law of time
His science but strong.
Jealous, timid keeper
Ruthless locks doors,
He's just weak tormentor
His charming captive.
Around her op silently wanders,
Curses his cruel fate ...
But, good Knight, day passes,
And the rest is necessary for you ".

Ruslan falls on soft moss
Before the dying fire;
He seeks to forget sleep,
sighs, slowly turns ...
vainly! Knight finally:
"I can not sleep something, my father!
What to do: I'm sick soul,
And soy is not a dream, how to live Toshko.
Let MPE heart refresh
Tvoey holy Beseda.
Forgive me stout! question.
Open to: Who are you, beneficial,
Fate unclear breastplate?
In the desert you who raised the?»

Sighing with sad smile,
The old man answered: "My dear son,
Oh, I forgot Distant Homeland
surly edge. natural Finn,
In the valleys, one known to us,
Chasing a herd of nearby villages,
The carefree youth, I knew
Odni dremučie Dubravy,
streams, our cave rocks
Yes poverty wild fun.
But to live in a disconcerting silence
It was given to me not long.

Then near our villages covering,
How cute color solitude,
I lived Naina. Limits friends
She rattled beauty.
One morning sometimes
Their flocks on a dark meadow
I drove, volыnku naduvaya;
In front of me roaring stream.
one, beauty mladaya
On the shore of weaving a wreath.
I drew, my fate ...
Brother, knight, it was Naina!
I to it - n flame fatal
For daring eyes I was a reward,
And I learned the love of the soul
With its heavenly joy,
With its excruciating anguish.

Dashed away, half;
I opened it with trepidation,
He said: love you, naina.
But the bitterness of my timid
Naina proudly listened,
Only the charm of his loving,
And calmly answered:
"Shepherd, I do not love you!»

And all my wild, It was gloomy:
Rodnaya bush, shadow Dubrov,
Fun game of shepherds -
Nothing anguish no comfort.
Depressed heart dried up, sluggishly.
Finally, I thought of
Leave a Finnish field;
Incorrect depths of the seas
With fraternal warriors swim
And the battle to earn glory
Attention proud Naina.
I called the brave fishermen
Search for hazards and Zlata.
For the first time the quiet edge of the fathers
Abusive heard the sound of Damascus steel
And the sound of non-peaceful shuttles.
I sailed away, full of hope,
With a crowd of brave countrymen;
We have ten years of snow and waves
Bagram blood enemies.
rumors swept: reigns chuzhbinы
Feared the insolence of my;
Their proud squads
They fled northern swords.
we have fun, we have fought fiercely,
Shared tributes and gifts,
And the vanquished sat
For friendly feasts.
but the heart, complete Naina,
Under the noise of battle and feasts,
Tomilosi tainoyu kruchinoi,
Search for Finnish shores.
Time to go home, I said, other!
Hang idle chain mail
Under the canopy of native huts.
Said - and paddle murmur:
AND, fear left for Sobota,
In the Gulf of Homeland dear
We are proud joy flew.

Fulfilled a longstanding dream,
Fervent desire come true!
Minute sweet goodbye,
And flashed to me you!
To the feet of the haughty beauty
I brought a bloody sword,
corals, gold and pearls;
Pre her, flushed with passion,
Silent swarm surrounded
Her jealous girlfriends,
I was a prisoner docile;
But the maiden hid from me,
Primolvya overlooking indifferent!’
"Hero, I do not love you!»

Why talk, my son,
What utter no power?
Brother, and now one, one,
soul asleep, in grave doors,
I remember the bitterness, and sometimes,
As a last thought will be born,
By my beard gray
Tear heavy rolls.

but listen: in my home country
Between desert fishermen
marvelous science lurks.
Under the shelter of the eternal silence,
among forests, far off the beaten path
Living gray wizards;
For subjects of wisdom high
All their thoughts are directed;
All hears the voice of their terrible,
What was and what will be again,
And the terrible will of their subject
And the coffin and the most love.

And I, love seeker greedy,
I ventured into the desolate sadness
Naina charms attract
And in the proud heart of the maiden hladnoy
Love enchantments ignite,
I hurry into the arms of freedom,
In a secluded forest gloom;
And there are wizards in training,
Invisible spent years.
Going long wished for moment,
And the mystery of a terrible nature
I grasped the bright idea:
I learned spell.
crown of love, wreath zhelanyyam!
Now, naina, you are mine!
pobeda our, I thought.
But in fact, the winner
It was a rock, thrust my persecutor.

In the dreams of promising young,
Excited fervent desire,
I make hasty incantations,
Spirits call - and in the dark forest
The arrow sped thunder,
Magic whirlwind raised a howl,
The earth trembled under foot ...
Suddenly, sitting in front of me
decrepit old woman, gray,
Sunken eyes flashing,
With the hump, with Tryasuchev head,
Sad disrepair picture.
Brother, knight, it was Naina!..
I was horrified and silent,
Eyes scary ghost pacing,
The doubts still did not believe
And suddenly cried, cried:
"Perhaps Mademoiselle! brother, naina, You're Lee!
naina, where your beauty?
Tell, Shall the heavens
You have changed so scary?
Tell, long-eh, holy leaves,
I parted ways with the soul and with cute?
Long ago you?.."-" Exactly forty years,—
I was a virgin fatal response,—
Today, seventy beat me.
What to do,- I squeak it,—
Crowd years passed.
spent my, Your spring -
We both had time to grow old.
But, friend, Listen: no problem
Incorrect mladosti loss.
Of course, I am now Soda,
a wee bit, may be, Brokeback;
Not that, that was in the old days,
Not living, not so cute;
But (added eggs)
I will reveal a secret: I'm a witch!»

And it was really so.
Dumb, motionless in front of her,
I was a perfect fool
With all the wisdom of mine.

But that's awful: witchcraft
It is happened, sufferers.
My god sedoe
Me blazed new passion.
Scriven smile scary mouth,
Sepulchral voice freak
Mutters my love confession.
Imagine my suffering!
I was in awe, with downcast eyes;
She went through a cough
Heavy, passionate conversation:
"So, heart I have now learned;
I see, true friend, it
For the tender passion is born;
woke up feeling, I shorayu,
Haunted by the desire to love ...
Come into my arms ...
About cute, sweet! die ... "

And yet she, Ruslan,
Blinking languid eyes;
And in the meantime for my coat
Kept skinny arms;
And in the meantime - I faint,
The horror zazhmurya eyes;
And suddenly not tolerate was the urine;
I cry escaped, He fled.
she followed: "ABOUT, unworthy!
You angered my age calm,
Innocent virgin clear days!
Made you love Naina,
And despised - that men!
Change all breathe!
Alas, blame herself;
He deceived me, unhappy!
I gave a passionate loves ...
Traitor, monster! of shame!
but tremble, maiden thief!»

So we parted. Since then
I live my solitude
With soul disappointed;
And the world's elder consolation
Nature, wisdom and peace.
He is calling me to the grave;
By feelings of his previous
I have not forgotten the old woman
And the flame of love of maid
With anger in anger turned.
The soul of the black evil love,
Witch old, of course,
Hate thee;
But woe to the earth is not eternal ".

Our knight eagerly listened
stories elder; Bone ochi
Mild drowsiness not closed
And quiet night flight
In deep thought not heard.
But the day shines radiant ...
With a sigh, grateful Knight
Embraces the old man-witch;
the hope of my soul is full;
goeth out. feet squeezed
Ruslan whinnied hoarding,
In the saddle recovered, prisvistnul.
"My father, do not leave me ".
And jumping on the empty meadow.
The gray-haired sage friend Mladen
shouts vosled: "Happy the way!
forgive, He loves his wife,
Councils of elders do not forget!»


Rivals in the art of warfare,
Do not know the world among themselves;
Carry notoriety tribute
And revel in hatred!
Let the world before you pineth,
Divyasya formidable celebrations:
None of you will not regret,
No one will disturb you.
Opponents of another kind,
You, knights Parnassian mountains,
Try not to laugh people
Immodest noise of your quarrels;
Bran - just gently.
but you, rivals in love,
Live contoured, if I may!
Believe me, my friends:
To fate indispensable
A girl's heart is destined to,
That is nice spite of the universe;
Silly angry and sin.

When Rogdai indomitable,
Deaf foreboding tormented,
Leaving his companions,
Let the edge of the lonely
And I rode between forest deserts,
In deep thought immersed,—
The evil spirit troubled and confused
His yearning soul,
And Knight whispered cloudy:
"I'll kill you!.. destroy all obstacles ...
Ruslan!., You know me ...
Now a girl cry ... "
And suddenly, turned his horse,
At full speed, he jumps back.

While valiant Farlaf,
Dozed all morning sweet,
Sheltered from the rays of the midday,
In rucheyka, alone,
For spiritual refreshment,
I dined in the peaceful silence.
Suddenly he sees: someone in the,
like a storm, racing on horseback;
AND, without wasting time Bole,
Farlaf, leaving his lunch,
A spear, armor, helmet, gloves,
Jumped into the saddle, and without looking back
Flies - and he followed suit him.
"Stop, Runaway beschestnыy! —
Shouts Farlaf neizvestnyy.-
Despicable, Let catch themselves!
Give your head a rip!»
Farlaf, uznavshi voice Rogdaya,
With fear Scorch, obmiral,
AND, certain death awaiting,
Horse drove even faster.
Just so hasty hare,
His ears nervously,
over bumps, field, through the woods
Jumps racing GTR dog.
At the site of the glorious escape
melted snow in spring
Streams flowing footy
And dug the moist earth chest.
I rushed to the den horse zealous,
He waved his tail and white mane,
Steel reins bit
And jumped over the ditch;
But a timid rider upside down
He fell hard to dirty moat,
Earth is not vzvidel with heaven
And death was too ready to accept.
Rogdai flies to gully;
Cruel sword already listed;
"perish, quake! die!"- broadcast ...
Suddenly he finds Farlaf;
looks, and hands down;
So far, amazement, anger
It features VIEW;
Skrypya teeth, speechless,
Hero, s head ponyksheyu
Soon after driving GTR ditch,
Furious ... but barely, barely
I do not laugh at him.

Then he met a mountain
Starushechku barely alive,
Horbatuyu, quite gray.
She Road crutch
He pointed to the north.
"You will find it there",'I said.
Rogdai fun boil
And certain death flew.

And our Farlaf? I stayed in the moat,
Dohnuty not laugh; About myself
is he, lying, thought: Is she alive?
Where evil has become of the opponent?
Suddenly he heard directly over a
The old woman's voice grave:
"Get up, well done: all is quiet in the field;
You will not meet anyone Bole;
I brought you a horse;
Get up, listen to me ".

Embarrassed Knight captive
Crawling left dirty ditch;
Neighborhood timidly eyeing,
He sighed and said reviving:
"Well, thank God, I care!»

"Believe! - the old woman continued,—
Lyudmila surprising find;
She ran away;
Do not you and I get it.
Opaspo travel around the world;
You, right, will he is not happy.
Take my advice,
Go back tihohonko.
near Kiev, in seclusion,
In its hereditary The village in
Stay better without worries:
Lyudmila us will not leave ".

said, disappeared. impatiently
Prudential our hero
Immediately I went home,
Cardio forgetting glory
And even of Princess Mlada;
And the sound of the slightest of oak,
flight tits, murmurings aq
He was thrown into a fever and sweat.

Meanwhile Ruslan rushes away;
In the wilderness of forests, Fields in the wilderness
Habitual dumoyu seeks
Lyudmyla, his joy,
And he saith: "Do other Naidu?
Where are you, my spouse the soul?
Eh I see your eyes light?
L hear the gentle conversation?
Ile destined, to the sorcerer
You are eternal prisoner was
AND, sorrowful virgin aging,
In prison, the grim bloomed?
Or daring rival
will come?.. Not, not, my friend priceless:
Even when I my trusty sword,
Even the head did not fall off the shoulders ".

once, dark season,
The rocks steep bank
Our knight rode over the river.
all subsided. Suddenly, behind him
Arrows instant buzz,
chainmail clinking, and cry, and neighing,
And on the field tramping deaf.
«Stay!"- came the voice of thunder.
he looked: in the pure,
Raising the spear, flying with a whistle
ferocious rider, and storm
Prince ran to meet him,.
"To her! caught you! billeting! —
Shouts brave rider,—
Get Fit, friend, on the death urine;
Now lie down among these places;
And then look for their brides'.
Ruslan vspylal, I shudder with rage;
He learns this exuberant voice ...

My friends! and our Maid?
Knights leave for an hour;
About them again, I'll remember soon.
And for a long time it is time to me
Think of Princess Mlada
And the terrible Black Sea Coast.

My bizarre dream
Breastplate sometimes indiscreet,
I told, as the dark night
Lyudmila delicate beauty
From sore Ruslan
Suddenly the fog hid among.
unhappy! when the villain,
The mighty hand of his
You tore off the marriage bed,
hoisted, as a whirlwind, to the clouds
Through the heavy smoke and air gloomy
And suddenly sped away to his mountains -
You lost the feelings and memories
And in a terrible castle wizard,
Bezmolvna, trembling, faintly,
In an instant, she found herself.

From my hut threshold
And thus I saw, among summer days,
When a hen cowardly
Sultan henhouse haughty,
My cock ran around the yard
And voluptuous wings
Already embraced girlfriend;
Above them tricky circles
Chickens settlement Old Thief,
Priya harmful measures,
I rushed, kite floated gray
And he fell like lightning on the yard.
hoisted, flies. The claws of the terrible
In the darkness clefts safe
It carries a poor villain.
vainly, their sorrow
And coldly fear of failure,
Calling lover cock ...
He sees only the flying feathers,
Flying Wind Named.

Until the morning the young Princess
lying, painful oblivion,
As if the terrible dreams,
Arms - she finally
I woke up, fiery waves see
And full of vague horror;
Soul flies for Enjoyment,
Someone looking ecstatically;
"Where are cute,- whispers,- where the husband?»
Calls and half dead suddenly.
He looks around with fear.
Lyudmila, Where is your front room?
Lies an unhappy girl
Among feather pillows,
Under the shade of the canopy proud;
the veil, fluffy feather
The hands, in the patterns of expensive;
Everywhere brocade fabric;
play sapphires, as fever;
Around the golden censers
Podemlyut fragrant steam;
Quite a blessing ..., I don `t need it
Describe the magic house:
It has long been Sheherazade
Warned me that.
But the light tower is not joy,
When we do not see each other in it.

three maidens, Beauty wonderful,
In the clothing of light and lovely
Princess were, reached
And bowed down to the ground.
Then noiselessly
One came closer;
Princess air fingers
Zlatuû tangled hair
With art, at. Nowadays, not new,
And he wrapped around the crown of pearl barley
A circle of pale brow.
Behind her, eyes modestly declining,
Then close to each;
Azure, lush sundress
Lyudmila slender figure dressed;
Covered with golden curls,
and chest, and shoulders young
veil, transparent, the mist.
Envious cover him kiss
beauty, worthy of heaven,
And the shoes easily compressible
two legs, miracle of miracles.
Princess last girl
Pearl belt feeds.
Meanwhile, the invisible singer
sings her lyrics are hilarious.
Alas, no stones necklaces,
neither the sundress, any number of gems,
No lyrics flattery and fun
Ee people not rejoice;
In vain the mirror draws
her beauty, her outfit:
Downcast eyes fixed,
she is silent, she misses.

they, who, loved the truth,
At the bottom of a dark heart read,
Of course, I know myself,
What if the woman in sorrow
through tears, furtively, somehow,
Spite habit and reason,
Forget to look in the mirror,—
Sadly it really is not a joke.

But here again one Lyudmila.
Without knowing, that begin, she is
By latticed window fits,
And her gaze wanders sadly
In overcast space given.
everything is dead. snowfield
Bright carpets laid;
Stand gloomy the summits
The uniform white
And slumber in eternal silence;
Around not seen the smoky roof,
Do not see the traveler in the snow,
And ringing horn fun fishing
In the desert is not a pipe mountains;
Only occasionally with a dull hiss
Bunte whirlwind in the pure
And on the edge of gray skies
Shakes a naked forest.

The tears of despair, Lyudmila
Horror face close up.
Alas, what will happen to it now!
Runs in a silver door;
She opened with music,
And our maiden found herself
In the garden. captivating limit:
Beautiful gardens of Armida [1]
And those, that owned
king Solomon [2] il Prince Tavrydы [3],
Pre her zыblyutsya, make noise
magnificent dubrovy;
Alley of palm and laurel forest,
And the fragrant myrtle number,
And the proud tops of cedars,
And the golden oranges
mirror of water reflects;
Hills, groves and valleys
Spring fire animated;
With winds cool breeze in May
Amid the enchanted fields,
And whistling nightingale Chinese
In the darkness quivering branches;
Flying Diamond fountains
With a cheerful noise to the clouds:
Beneath them shine idols
AND, crease, alive; Phidias himself,
Pet Phoebus and Pallas,
admiring them, finally,
His enchanted cutter
I have dropped out of the hands of annoyance.
Coalescing the marble barriers,
Pearl, fiery arc
fall down, splash waterfalls,
And streams in the shade of the forest
Slightly twisted sonnoyu wave.
Shelter of calm and coolness,
Through the ever-green here and there
Flash light pergola;
Everywhere rose green branches
Blossom and breathe on trails.
But Lyudmila inconsolable
is, are not looking;
Luxury magic her loathsome,
She is sad bliss bright appearance;
Where, without knowing, ferments,
Magic Garden Circle bypasses,
Giving freedom to the bitter tears,
And the eyes of gloomy erects
By the unforgiving skies.
Suddenly lit up eyes beautiful:
For lips she pressed her finger;
It seemed, intent terrible
Born ... terrible way Orifice:
High bridge over the flow
Before her, hanging on two rocks;,
The gloom and deep grave
It is suitable - willow crying
On the water looked noisy,
hit, Reed, in the chest,
The waves decided to drown -
However, the water did not jump
And dale went the way.

My Fair Lyudmila,
The sun in the morning running,
I became, tears wiped,
In his heart thought: time to!
I sat on the grass, looked -
Suddenly, over her canopy tent,
Şumja, with the coolness turned
A luxurious dinner in front of her;
Device of bright crystal;
And in the silence of the branches
Immature harp played.
Marvels captive princess,
But secretly she thinks:
"Away from dear, captive,
Why do I live in this world Bole?
O thou, whose fatal passion
I was tormented and cherishes,
I'm not afraid of the power of the villain:
Ludmila can die!
I do not need your tents,
No boring songs, not Pyrrhic -
I will not have, I will not listen,
Die among your gardens!»
I thought - and began to eat.

Princess gets, and suddenly the tent,
And lush luxury unit,
And sounds of the harp ... all is lost;
As before, all was quiet;
Lyudmila one again in the gardens
It wanders through the grove to grove;
Meanwhile, in the azure skies
moon floats, queen nights;
He finds the darkness on all sides
And quietly rested on the hills;
Princess involuntarily tends to soy.
And suddenly an unknown force
gently, than the vernal breeze,
Her pa air rises,
It carries through the air in the chamber
And gently drops
Through the evening incense of roses
On a bed of sorrow, a bed of tears.
Three maidens suddenly appeared again
And she bustled round the,
To remove the night magnificent hat
But their dull, vague glance
And forced silence
Compassion is a secret
And the fate of the weak reproach.
but hurry: hand their tender
Naked sleeping princess;
Lovely prelestyyu negligence,
In a snow-white shirt
She lies down to rest.
With a sigh, the Virgin bowed,
Rather like can be removed
I quietly detained Door.
Well, our prisoner is now!
Trembles as the sheet, dare not breathe;
Hladeyut Persians, gaze darkens;
Instant sleep from the eyes of runs;
not sleeping, doubled vnimanye,
Motionless staring into the darkness ...
all gloomy, dead silence!
Only hear the heart flutter ...
And crease ... whispering silence;
Go - go to her bed;
The pillow hides Princess -
And suddenly ... a fear!., really
There was a noise; lit
Instant shine dark night,
Instantly the door opened;
Bezmolvno, proudly speaking,
Naked swords flashing,
Arapov long series goes
in pairs, dutifully, as far as possible,
And the pillows carefully
Gray beard bears;
And part of the importance of her,
Bear the majestic neck,
Hunchbacked dwarf from the door:
It's head shaved,
High cap covered,
It belonged beard.
Oh, he will draw near: then
Princess jumped out of bed,
Gray-haired Charles for cap
Hand quickly seized,
Trembling made fist
And I screamed in fear as,
That all stunned Arapov.
thrill, I crouched poor,
Princess frightened paler;
Covered his ears as soon as possible,
I wanted to run, of beard
Confused, fell and beating;
Rises, down; in such trouble
Arapov black swarm sweeps;
noisy, pushed, fleeing,
Grab a sorcerer in his arms
And unravel bear,
Leaving Lyudmila cap.

But something good, our knight?
You remember eh Nezhdanov meeting?
Take a quick pencil,
Draw, Orlovsky, night and sechu!
By the light quivering magnifiers
Knights fought violently;
Their hearts are constrained anger,
Oh spear thrown away,
Already swords shattered,
Chainmail covered with blood,
shields pop, broken into pieces ...
They seized on horseback;
Exploding black dust to the sky,
Underneath greyhound horses fighting; .
wrestlers, motionless woven,
Squeezed each other, stay,
As if nailed to the saddle;
Their members malice reduced;
Intertwined and kosteneyut;
Rapid fire through his veins runs;
On the enemy's breast breast trembling -
So fluctuate, weaken -
Someone's mouth ... suddenly my knight,
boil, iron fist
With saddles rider breaks,
lifts, holds on a
And the waves from the shore throws.
"perish! - exclaims angrily; —
Die, envious evil my!»

did you know, my reader,
Who fought a valiant Ruslan:
It was the bloodiest battles of the seeker,
Rogdai, I hope the people of Kiev,
Lyudmila gloomy admirer.
He along the shores of the Dnieper
I search for the next opponent;
Found, caught, but still a force
Pet battle changed,
And Russia ancient heart of oak
In the desert, I found its end.
And you could hear, that Rogdaya
Those young mermaid waters
Percy took on Hladna
AND, greedy knight Lobzov,
At the bottom of laughing captivated,
And long after, dark night
Wandering near the quiet shores,
Ghost warrior huge
Frightened desert fishermen.

Canto Three

In vain you were lurking in the shadows
for peace, happy friends,
my poetry! You are not hid
From the angry eyes of envy.
Too pale critic, her service,
I made the fateful question:
Why Ruslanova girlfriend,
How would laugh at her husband,
I call and a virgin and Princess?
You see, my good reader,
Then anger black print!
Tell, Zoil, tell, traitor,
Well and what I will answer?
Krasny, unhappy, God bless you!
Krasny, I do not want to argue;
Content, that the rights of the soul,
The humble meekness silent
But you understand me, CLIMATE,
Languid eyes downcast,
You, victim boring hymen ...
I see: secret tear
I fall on my verse, audible heart;
you blushed, eyes extinguished;
Sigh ... sigh silently friendly!
jealous: fear, the hour;
Cupid with annoyance wayward
We entered into a bold plot,
And the head of your inglorious
Ready too vindictive piece.

Already Frigid morning shone
On the crown hot polnoschnyh;
But all was silent marvelous castle.
The annoyance of hidden Chernomor,
bare-headed, in a morning gown,
Yawning angrily on the bed.
Around Brady his gray
Slaves huddled silent,
And the gentle crest bone
I brushed it twists;
Meanwhile,, for the benefit and beauty,
The endless mustache
Flowed oriental fragrance,
And cunningly curled curls;
Suddenly, nowhere,
The box flies winged serpent:
Rattling iron scales,
He is quick ring bent
And suddenly turned Naina
Before the astonishment of the crowd.
"Greetings,- he said,—
Fellow, has long been revered by me!
These things I know Tchernomor
One hromkoyu molvoy;
But the secret rock connects
Now we obscheyu enmity;
You danger threatens,
Cloud hanging over you;
And the voice of honor
I was calling for revenge ".

with eyes, full cunning flattery,
Her hands to Karl,
prophetic: "Wondrous Naina!
Me your precious alliance.
Mы ashamed deceit Fine;
But the gloomy machinations of'm not afraid:
The enemy is weak I'm not afraid;
Explore the wonderful my lot:
This fertile beard
No wonder Chernomor decorated.
Vlasov until her gray
Hostile sword cut through,
None of swashbuckling heroes,
No mortal ruin
The least of my intentions;
Mine will be an age Ludmila,
Ruslan same coffin doomed!»
And grim witch repeated:
"He will perish! he will die!»
Then he spat three times,
Three times stamped her foot
And black snake flew.

Blistaya in Rize parchevoy,
Witch, witch encouraged,
cheer up, I decided again
Carry the feet of girls captive
Mustache, humility and love.
Discharged dwarf bearded,
Again, it goes to the House;
It takes a long number of rooms:
Princess they have no. he made, the garden
The laurel forest, a garden lattice,
along the lake, round the waterfall,
under bridges, in the gazebo ... no!
Princess went, gone and the trail!
Who expresses his embarrassment,
And the roar, and trembling frenzy!
With the annoyance of the day, he does not vzvidel.
There was a wild groan Carla:
"Here, slaves, run!
Here, I hope you!
Now Lyudmila me syschite!
rather, l hear? now!
Not that - you're joking with me -
Vseh udavlyu your beard!»

Reader, l tell you,
Where beauty had become of?
All night it their fate
In tears and marveled - laughing.
Her bogey beard,
But Chernomor was already known
And it was ridiculous, and never
Laughing horror incompatible.
Towards morning rays
Bed left Lyudmila
And the eyes could not help looking
To high, clear mirror;
Involuntarily curls gold
With lily shoulders lifted;
Unwittingly hair thick
Careless hand braided;
His yesterday's outfits
Accidentally found in a corner;
Sighing, dressed and annoyance
Gently start to cry;
However, with the correct glass,
sighing, She kept her gaze,
I device occurred while the mind,
In the excitement of wayward thoughts,
Try on a hat Tchernomor.
Everything is quiet, no one here;
No one at the girl will not look ...
A girl of seventeen years
Which hat will not stick!
Dress up ever sloth!
Lyudmila hat whirled;
For Eyebrow, straight, askew,
And I put on backwards.
And what? wonder the old days!
Lyudmila in the mirror lost;
Turned - in front of her
Lyudmila former appeared;
Back put - again no;
Removed - ive mirror! "Perfectly!
good, witch, good, my light!
Now, I really safe here;
Now I get rid of the hassle!»
And the old villain's hat
princess, blushing with joy,
I put on backwards.

But to return to the same hero.
L Do not be ashamed to engage us
So long cap, beard,
Charging the fate of Ruslan?
Accomplishing a fierce battle Rogdai,
He drove a dense forest;
Before him opened a wide dol
When the glare of the morning skies.
Trembles involuntarily Knight:
He sees an old battlefield.
Away all empty; here and there
yellow bone; the hills
scattered quivers, armor;
where harness, where zarzhavy shield;
The bones of the hands of the sword is here;
Grass had grown there a helmet hairy
And old skull smoldering in it;
There is a skeleton warrior
With his prostrate horse
lying motionless; spears, arrows
The damp ground dabbed,
And the peace of ivy wraps ...
Nothing silent silence
This does not disturb the desert,
And the sun with a clear height of
Death Valley shines.

With a sigh round the knight himself
He looks sad eyes of.
"On the field, field, who you
Is littered with the bones of the dead?
Whose gallant steed you have trodden
In the last hour of the bloody battle?
Who you with glory fell?
Whose heaven hear the prayers?
Why, field, was quiet you
And overgrown grass of oblivion?..

From time eternal darkness,
May be, no and my salvation;!
May be, the silent hill
Put the coffin quiet Ruslans,
And the strings loud Bayanov
They will not talk about it!»

But soon I remembered my knight,
What good sword hero needs
Even armor; and the hero
With the final battle unarmed.
Bypasses around the field he;
In the bushes, among the bones of oblivion,
In communities tleyuschyh chain mail,
Swords and helmet shattered
Currently he is looking armor.
Woke up buzz and silent steppe,
He took to the field and the sound of crackling;
He raised his shield, not choosing,
And I found the helmet and sonorous horn;
But only a sword could not find.
Valley circling battle,
He sees a lot of swords,
But still easy, but too small,
A handsome prince was not sluggish,
Not that, that Knight today.
To play anything from boredom,
Spear Steel took it in his hands,
Chain mail he wore on his chest
And then set off.

Too pale rosy sunset
Above ground lulling;
They smoke blue fog,
And gold is rising month;
faded steppe. Path of the dark
Thoughtful rides our Ruslan
And he sees: through the night mist
Away blackens the huge hill,
And something terrible snoring.
He is closer to the hill, closer - hears:
Wonderful hill like breathing.

Ruslan listens and looks
Bestrepetno, with the spirit of the deceased;
But, moving fearful ear,
horse rests, trembles,
Shakes stubborn head,
And erect mane rose.
suddenly the hill, cloudless moon
In the mist pale perfused,
Yasneet; It looks brave prince -
And he is waited for a miracle.
Is the paint and find words?
Before him live head.
Huge eyes sleep embraced;
Hrapit, shaking his feathered helmet,
And feathers in the dark height,
As the shadows, walking, fluttering.
In his terrible beauty
Above the dismal wilderness rising,
silence surrounded,
Desert watchman nameless,
Ruslan be it
Gromada formidable and obscure.
In surprise he wants
Mysterious disrupt sleep.
Near examining miracle,
I traveled around the head
And he stood before the nose tacitly;
Shchekotov spear nostrils,
AND, frowning, chairman zevnula,
Eyes opened and sneezed ...
rose whirlwind, steppe shook,
hoisted dust; to lash, with a mustache,
With eyebrows flew a flock of owls;
Woke silent grove,
Sneezed echo - horse zealous
Zarzhal, bounced, bounced,
Hardly he remained sitting Knight,
And after a voice noisy:
"Where are you going, Knight unreasonable?
Go back, I am not kidding!
Just bugger swallow!»

Ruslan looked with contempt,
He held the reins of the horse
And proudly grinned.
"What do you want from me? —
frowning, chairman vskrychala. —
Here fate had sent me a guest!
Listen, go away!
I want to sleep, now I night,
goodbye!"But the famous knight,
Hearing harsh words,
Exclaimed the importance of angry:
«Silent, empty head!
I've heard the truth, happened:
Though broad forehead, that little brain!
I'm going, food, not whistle,
How naedu, not launched!»

Then, by numbing fury,
Constrained anger flaming,
Nadulas head; as fever,
Bloody eyes sparkled;
Napenyas, lips quivered,
from the mouth, ears rose couples -
And suddenly she, there was urine,
Towards the prince began to blow;
In vain horse, zazhmurya eyes,
Skloniv head, natuzha chest,
through the whirlwind, rain and gloom of night
Invalid path continues;
aghast, blindfolded,
He rushes back, iznemozhennый,
Far away in the rest.
Knight wants to revisit -
again reflected, there is no hope!
And his head vosled,
like mad, laughs,
thunders: "Month, knight! month, hero!
Where are you going? hush, hush, stay!
Hey, knight, break the neck vain;
shake, rider, and me

Look forward to at least one blow,
Until starved horse ".
And yet she Hero
He teased terrible language.
Ruslan, vexation in the heart cut,
Threatens to silence her spear,
Shakes his hand free,
AND, zadrozhav, damask cold
Stuck in insolent language.
And the blood of rabid mouth
River suddenly ran.
by surprise, pain, wrath,
In a moment of audacity lishas,
The prince's head looked,
Iron grыzla and blednela
In a quiet spirit hot,
So sometimes amid our scene
Bad pet Melpomene,
Stunned by the sudden whistle,
I do not see anything he,
Bledneet, rolyu forgets,
trembles, hanging his head,
AND, stammeringly, silent
Before mocking crowd.
Happy using Instant,
To head enveloped in embarrassment,
How hawk, hero flies
With podayatoy, groznoyu desnitsey
And the cheek heavy gauntlet
With the scope of the head stink;
And the steppe blow resounded;
Around the dewy grass
Stained with bloody foam,
AND, staggered, head
overturned, rolled,
And iron helmet banged.
Then, on the site of the deserted
Giant sword flashed.
Our knight in awe merry
I grabbed him and to his head
According to the bloody grass

He runs with the intention cruel
Her nose and ears chop off;
Ruslan already ready to strike,
Already he waved his sword wide -
Suddenly, astonished, he listens
Heads of imploring pitiful moan ...
And quietly he lowers his sword,
It fierce anger dies,
And vengeance rapid fall
In the shower, molenyem usmirennoy:
So in the valley ice melts,
Ray struck noon.

"You give me understanding, hero, —
With a sigh, said head, —
Your right to demonstrate,
I'm guilty before you;
From now on, I'll obey;
But, knight, any velykodushen!
Worthy crying my lot.
And I was brave knight!
The bloody battles foe
I do not currently equal to mature;
Happy, ever had
Rival younger brother!
Insidious, evil Chernomor,
You, you're to blame for all the troubles of my!
Our family shame,
the birth of Carlo, s beard,
My wonderful growth of the young days
He could not see without annoyance
And there was for something in his soul
Me, cruel, hate.
I've always been a bit easy,
although high; but still unhappy,
With the growth of the most foolish,
Clever as the devil - and terribly angry.
besides,, know, my trouble,
In his wonderful beard
Lies the strength of rock,
AND, everything in the world despising,

As long beard still intact -
The traitor is not afraid of evil.
Here it is one with a view of friendship
"Listen, - slyly told me, —
Do not give up essential service:
I'm in the black books found,
What the eastern mountains,
On the quiet shores of the Sea,
A dead Podwale, under lock and key
Kept the sword - and what? fear!
I make out in the darkness Magic,
What was destined hostile
This sword is known to us;
With us, he will destroy both:
I cut off my beard,
you head; the very same courts,
How important for us Acquisitions
This creatures of evil spirits!»
"Well, What? where is the difficulty? —
I said to Carla, - I'm ready;
I go, even beyond the light ".
And pine slung over his shoulder,
And on the other for advice
brother villain planted;
Let on a long journey,
Chagall, He walked and, thank God,
As luck would have prophecy,
Everything went happily to first.
For distant mountains
We found a fatal basement;
I swept his hands
And secret sword drew.
But no! the fate of the wanted:
Between us quarrel boiled -
And it was, I confess, about what!
Question: who wield the sword?
I argued, Karl heatedly;
Branilisʹ long; finally
Invented cunning trick,
Yea, and though softened.

"Leave the useless debate, —
He told me it is important to Chernomor, —
We are the union of our profaned;
Reason in the world to live bids;
Decide the fate we,
To this sword belongs.
To the ground, both ear priniknem
(Why not invent anger!),
And who will hear the first chime,
He and Vlad the sword to the grave ".
He said, and he lay on the ground.
I foolishly and stretched;
lie, I not hear anything,
SMEC: fraud ego!
But he badly disappointed.
The villain in the deep silence,
Pryvstav, on tiptoe to me
up behind, swung;
As the whirlwind whistled a sharp sword,
And before, what I looked,
Already head flew from his shoulders -
And supernatural power
In it the spirit of life stopped.
My skeleton overgrown with thorns;
away, in the country, people of oblivion,
My ashes smoldered unburied;
But the evil Karl suffered
I was in this secluded edge,
Where he was to ever watch
You today to take the sword.
About Knight! You keep fate,
Take him, and God is with thee!
May be, on his way
You will meet Carl Witch -
Brother, if you notice it,
treacherously, malice otomsti!
And finally, I'll be happy,
Quietly leave this world -
And in my gratitude
Your slap forget ".


I every day, after awakening,
Thank god heart
for this, that our times
Wizards do not have much.
Besides - the honor and the glory of them! —
Marriage our secure ...
Their ideas are not so terrible
husbands, young virgins.
But there are other wizards,
Which I hate:
Smile, eyes blue
And the voice of my dear - of friends!
Do not believe them: they are evil!
Dread, imitating me,
Their intoxicating poison
And rest in silence.

Poetry wonderful genius,
Singer mysterious visions,
love, dreams and demons,
Graves and heaven loyal resident,
And my muse windy
Digitalis, Pestun and keeper!
forgive me, northern Orpheus,

What's the story of my fun
Now you fly vosled
And the lyre muse wayward
Of lying pretty convinceth.

My friends, you heard,
As the demon in the ancient days of the villain
First gave themselves to sorrow,
And there, and the daughters of the soul;
After the generous alms,
prayer, by faith, and fasting,
And unfeigned repentance
Deputy Snyskal a holiday;
How he died and fell asleep
His twelve daughters:
And we captured, terrified
Paintings secret now Nights,
These wonderful visions,
This grim demon, This wrath of God,
Live sinner torment
And the beauty of chaste virgins.
We cried with them, roamed
Around battlements castle,
And the heart of untouched loved
Their quiet sleep, their quiet prisoner;
Soul Vadim called,
And the awakening of their matured,
And often nuns Saints
On his father's coffin accompanied.
And what, maybe l?.. we solhaly!
But I will tell the truth?..1)

1) It is a place in the first edition read as:

Do I dare to broadcast the truth?
Do I dare to describe clearly
Not secluded monastery,
Not timid nuns Cathedral,
But I tremble ...! in the shower embarrassed,
Look - and potuplyayu VZOR.

Mlada Ratmir, Right to the south
Eager running horse,
Really I thought before the sunset date
Catch Ruslanova wife.
But the day grew dark purple;
A vain pre Knight
In the mists of distant viewed:
Everything was empty over the river.
Dawn last ray burning
Above the brightly gilded boron.
Our knight by black rocks
Quietly passed and eyes
Overnight between trees sought.
He leaves the valley
And he sees: Castle on the rocks
Battlements exalts;
Blackened towers on the corners;
And a virgin wall high,
As a lone swan in the sea,
is, dawn lit;
And the song of the Virgin barely audible
Valley deep in silence.

"Lie Down in the darkness of night;
From waves wind rose hladny.
too late, young traveler!
Take refuge in the tower our encouraging.

Here bliss and peace at night,
And in the afternoon, and the noise and revelry.
Come to the chorus of vocation,
come, of young traveler!

We find a swarm of beauties;
Their gentle voice and with a kiss.
Come on secret vocation,
come, of young traveler!

You we are a morning dawn
Fill the cup goodbye.

Come to the peaceful vocation,
come, of young traveler!

Falls in the darkness of night;
From waves wind rose hladny.
too late, young traveler!
Take refuge in the tower our encouraging ".

she beckons, she sings;
And so the young Khan under the wall;
He was greeted at the gate
The girls crowd red;
When the noise of gentle speech
It is surrounded by; since he did not reduce
They are captivating eyes;
Two girls horse gone;
In the palaces include Khan Mlada,
Followed by a swarm of cute hermit;
One removes his helmet winged,
Other forged armor,
Cap and sword, that dust shield;
Bliss Clothing replace
Iron armor battle.
But before the boy lead
By the magnificent Russian bath.
Too smoky wave flow
Its silver vats,
And the cool fountains gush;
Spread a luxury carpet;
It lays down a tired Khan;
Transparent steam over it swirls;
Downcast eyes full of bliss,
lovely, half-naked,
In caring gentle and dumb,
Around the Khan maidens young
High-spirited crowd crowded.
Above the knight different waves
Branches of the young birches,
And the heat from them fragrant plow;
Other juice vernal roses

Weary limbs cools
And in flavors potoplyaet
Temnokudryavye his hair.
Knight flushed with delight
Ludmila already forgotten captive
Recently cute beauty;
Languishing sweet Desire;
His wandering gaze shines,
AND, eager with expectation,
He melts hearts, he burns.

But here he comes out of the bath.
Dressed in a velvet fabric,
In the circle of charming maidens, Ratmir
He sits at the rich feast.
I do not Omer: in verse high
He can sing one
Dinners Greek warriors,
And ringing, foam bowls and deep,
dearer, on the next guy,
I praise liroyu careless
And the nudity in the Nightshade,
And loves gentle kiss!
Luna castle ozaren;
I see the distant tower,
Where languid Knight, inflamed
Eats a lonely dream;
his brow, his cheeks
Instant flame burning;
His mouth half open
Kiss of secret beckon;
he passionately, slowly sighs,
He sees them - and in ardent dream
Covers of the heart presses.
But in the deep silence
the door opened; floor jealous
Skrypit under foot hasty,
And the silver moon
He flashed Maid. winged dreams,
Sokroytes, departure away!

Wake up - your night came!
Wake up - roads instant loss!..
it is suitable, he lies
And voluptuous bliss of slumber;
Cover it with a bed of slides,
And hot fuzz forehead embraces.
In the silence of the virgin before him
standing immovable, breathless,
How hypocritical Diana
Previous sweet shepherd his;
And here it is, of bed inn
Leaning one knee,
Sighing, face to it declines
With languor, tremblingly alive,
And the dream of the lucky interrupts
The kisses of a passionate and silent ...

But, other, virgin lira
I stopped under my hand;
Timid weakens my voice -
Leave young Ratmir;
I do not dare to continue the song:
Ruslan we should take,
Ruslan, This unprecedented Knight,
Inwardly hero, loyal lover.
Stubborn battle weary,
Under the heroic head
He eats a sweet dream.
But that's really the dawn ranneyu
Shining silent sky;
All clear; am playful ray
The head of a hairy forehead Zlata.
Ruslan rises, and horse zealous
Oh knight with an arrow speeding.

And the days run; yellow fields;
With tree falls senile sheet;
In the forests of the autumn wind whistle
Singers birds drowns;
Heavy, cloudy mist

Naked hills encircles;
Winter is approaching - Ruslan
His way bravely continues
In the far north; every day
New encounters obstacles:
That beats it with a hero,
The witches, to the giant,
The moonlit night he sees,
As if through a magical dream,
Surrounded by gray fog,
Mermaid, quietly on the branches
rocking, knight the Young
With a sly smile on his lips
Manjat, without saying a word ...
But, secret fishing store,
Fearless Knight unharmed;
In his soul slumbers Desire,
He does not see them, they did not heed,
One Lyudmila everywhere with him.

But in the meantime, no one is visible,
From the attacks of sorcerer
Magic hat stored,
What makes my princess,
My Fair Lyudmila?
She is, silent and dull,
A walk through the gardens,
On the other thoughts and sighs,
Ile, will giving your dreams,
By birthmark Kiev fields
Heart oblivion flies;
Father and brothers hugging,
He sees young girlfriends
And his old mamushek -
Forgotten are captured and separated!
But soon the poor Princess
He loses his delusion
Again, sad and alone.
Slaves in love with the villain,
And day and night, not daring to sit,

Meanwhile, the castle, by Saddam
Lovely captive sought,
tossing, loudly calling,
However, all for nothing.
Lyudmila them amused:
The magical groves sometimes
Capless suddenly she was
and click: "Here, here!»
And all rushed to her crowd;
But aside - suddenly invisible -
She silently Stop
He ran away from the predatory hands.
Everywhere hourly notice
Its minute traces:
The gilded fruit
On noisy branches disappear,
That drop of spring water
On the meadow crumpled upadana:
Then probably knew at the castle,
What drinks eats il Princess.
On the branches of cedar il birch
Lurking in the night, she is
Minute looking for a dream -
But I shed tears,
He called husband and peace,
It languished sadly and yawning,
And rarely, rarely before dawn,
Leaning to tree head,
Dremala thin dremotoy;
Barely thinned night darkness,
Ludmila went to the waterfall
Umыtsya current chill:
Sam Charles morning sometimes
Once I saw of the chambers,
As for the invisible hand
Splashed and splashed Falls.
With his usual melancholy
Until new night, here and there,
She wandered through the gardens:
Often heard in the evening
Her pleasant voice;

Often in gardens, raised
Or it abandoned wreath,
Or pieces of Persian shawls,
Or tear-stained handkerchief.

Fierce passion stung,
shame, anger clouded,
Warlock finally decided
Ludmila sure to catch.
So Lemnos lame smith,
Priya matrimonial crown
From the hands of the charming Citer,
Spread network of its glory,
Opening mocking the gods
Kipridy delicate undertaking ...

missing, poor Princess
In the cool marble gazebo
He sat quietly near the window
And through the branches shaken by
I am looking at the blooming meadow.
Suddenly he heard - they call: "Dear friend!»
And he sees Faithful Ruslan.
his features, gait, apartment;
But he was pale, eyes mist,
And on his thigh a living wound -
Her heart trembled. "Ruslan!
Ruslan!.. he just!"And arrows
To his wife captive flies,
In tears, thrill, He speaks:
"You're here ... you're hurt ... that is with thee?»
It has already reached, I hugged:
Oh the horror ... the ghost disappears!
Princess networks; her brow
On the ground Hat upadana.
Hladeya, hear the terrible cry:
"She is mine!"- and at the same moment
Beholds the eyes of the sorcerer.
There was a maiden pitiful moan,
Fall unconscious - and a wonderful dream
Seized the unfortunate wings.

What will happen to the poor Princess!
On the worst kind: magician sickly 1)
Caresses the stout arm
Mladen charms Ludmila!
Shall he be happy?
Chu ... suddenly there was a horn ringing,
And somebody is Karl.
distractedly, pale magician
On the maiden wears a hat;
trumpeted again; zvučnej, zvučnej!
He flies to obscure meeting,
Abandoned beard shoulders.

1) It is a place in the first edition read as:

On the worst kind! Wizard sickly
Wrinkled hand caressing
Mladen charms Ludmila;
To her fascinating mouth
Clinging withered mouth,
is he, in spite of his age,
Already thinking coldly works
Disrupt this delicate, secret color,
Lel stored for another;
Already ... but the burden of recent years
Tyagchit shameless gray-haired -
moan, dryahlыy magician,
In impotent presumptuously,
Before sleeping virgin upadana;
In its heart aches, he cries,
But suddenly there was a horn ringing ...


Ax, how nice my princess!
I like her most precious:
it is sensitive, modest,
Conjugal love is true,
A bit windy ... so what?
Even dearer so it.
Hourly new charms
She knows how to captivate us;
tell: whether it is possible to compare
Her with severe Delfiroyu?
One - a gift fate had sent
Obvorozhat hearts and eyes;
her smile, conversations
Me love give rise to fever.
And - Under yubkoyu hussars,
Just give her a mustache but Spurs!
beatific, anyone under the evening
In a secluded corner
My Lyudmila waiting
And another heart call;
But, take it from me, and blessed the,
Who escapes from Delfiry
And even with her unfamiliar.
Yes, however, It is not about how!
But who blew? CCIs Sorcerer
On sechu Grozny caused?
Sorcerer who scared?

Ruslan. is he, flaming vengeance,
Reached the abode of the villain.
Oh knight stands under the mountain,
the call of the horn, like a storm, howls,
The impatient horse boils
And the snow hoof mochno digs.
Prince Charles is waiting. suddenly, he
Sturdy steel helmet
Invisible hand struck;
Blow fell like thunder;
Ruslan lifts vague glance
And see - right on the head -
With podayatoy, terrible mace
Charles flies Chernomor.
become covered with a shield, he bent down,
He shook and swung the sword;
But he leapt to the clouds;
For a moment disappeared - and down
Noisily flies to Prince again.
Nimble Knight bounced,
And the snow from the scope of the fatal
Warlock fell - yes there and sat;
Ruslan, without a word,
With the horse off, to him in a hurry,
caught, beard missing,
Wizard tries, kryahtit
And suddenly, with Ruslan flies ...
Proud steed looks vosled;
Already a sorcerer in the clouds;
Beard hanging hero;
Flying over the dark forest,
Flying over the wild mountains,
Fly over the face of the deep sea;
From voltage kosteneya,
Ruslan beard villain
Stubbornly hand.
Meanwhile,, air weakening
And the power of Russian Izumi,
Wizard proud Ruslan
treacherously molvit: "Hear, prince!
I stop you harm;

Mladen courage loving,
I forget everything, I forgive you,
I go down - but only persuasion ... "
«Silent, treacherous sorcerer! —
Interrupted our knight: - with Chernomor,
With his wife's tormentor,
Ruslan knows Treaty!
This formidable sword to punish the thief.
Fly at least until the night stars,
And you have no beard!»
Fear embraces Tchernomor;
The annoyance, in sorrow dumb,
Needlessly long beard
Tired of Charles shakes:
Ruslan it does not release
And sometimes burns the hair.
Two days wizard hero is,
On the third, he asks for mercy:
"About Knight, pity on me;
barely breathing; Bole no urine;
Leave my life, I'm in your will;
Tell - get down, where will you have ... "
"Now you are our: to her, shaking!
Surrender, pokorstvuy Russian power!
Bring me to my Lyudmila ".

Humbly heed Chernomor;
Home, he set off with the knight;
Flies - and instantly found himself
Among its terrible mountains.
Ruslan Then with one hand
He took the sword slain head
AND, beard snatched second,
cut it off, like a handful of grass.
"Know our! - he said the cruel, —
what, predator, where your beauty?
where force?"- and a high hat
Gray hair knits;
Whiz horse is called evil;
Cheerful horse flies and laughs;
Our Knight Carl just live

In the saddle puts the knapsack,
And I, fear of spending moments,
Hastens the top of a steep mountain,
Has reached, and with a joyful heart
It flies in the magic chamber.
Vdali envied helmet bradatыy,
Guarantee of victory fatal,
Before him Arapov wonderful swarm,
Crowds of slaves fearful,
as ghosts, from all sides
Run - and fled. he walks
Alone among the proud edifice,
Lovely wife calling -
Only echo the silent vaults
Ruslan votes are cast;
In the excitement of feeling impatient
He opens the door to the garden -
is, It is - and is not;
Around embarrassed glance looks around -
everything is dead: silent grove,
Pergolas are empty; on the rapids,
Along the shores of the creek, in the valleys,
Nowhere Lyudmila no trace,
And the ear does not hear anything.
Prince sudden coldness embraces,
At the sight of his dark light,
In the mind of any gloomy thoughts ...
"May be, bitterness ... sullen prisoner ...
Minute ... the waves ... "In so dreams
he immersed. With mute anguish
Knight drooping head;
His tormented involuntary fear;
he motionless, like a dead stone;
gloomy mind; wild flame
And the poison of a desperate love
Already flowing in his blood.
It seemed - the shadow of the beautiful princess
Quivering lips touched ...
And suddenly, furious, terrible,
Seeks knight in the gardens;
Lyudmila screaming calls,

From the hills cliffs tears,
everything breaks down, all crushes sword -
Pergolas, grove upadana,
Dreva, bridges in the waves of dive,
Steppe exposed Circle!
Far drones repeated
And the roar, and crackling, and noise, and thunder;
Throughout the sword rings and whistles,
Prelestnыy end devastated -
Mad Knight victim seeks,
With the right swing, he left
Desert air cuts through the ...
And suddenly - unintentional blow
With Princess invisible knocks
Chernomor farewell gift ...
Magic force suddenly disappeared:
On networks Open Lyudmila!
Not believing his own eyes than,
Unexpected happiness intoxicated,
Our knight falls at the feet of
girlfriend faithful, unforgettable,
kissing hands, network tears,
love, tears of joy pouring down,
Calls her - but nowhere is dormant,
Somknuty eyes and mouth,
And voluptuous dream
Mladen her breast lifts.
Ruslan since she did not take his eyes,
His tormented sorrow again ...
But suddenly heard a familiar voice,
Voice dobrodetelynogo Fine:

"Take courage, prince! On the way back
Go with a sleeping Lyudmila;
Fill the heart of the new force,
Love and honor true whether.
Heavenly thunder clap on the topic,
And there was silence -
And in light Kiev Princess
Before Vladimir rise
From enchanted sleep ".

Ruslan, sim voice lively,
It takes in the arms of his wife,
And quietly with precious burden
He leaves high above
And coming in secluded dale.

In silence, Carlotta for sedlom,
He went his own way;
In his hands is Lyudmila,
Crisp, as the vernal dawn,
And on his shoulder hero
She tilted her face calm.
Vlas, twisted in ring,
Desert wind plays;
How often sighs her bosom!
How often quiet person
Instant rozoyu burns!
Love and secret dream
Ruslans way it brings,
And with a languid whisper mouth
Spouse's name pronounced ...
The sweet oblivion catches it
Her magical breath,
smile, tears, gentle moan
And Perseus carotid freaking ...

Meanwhile,, by dolam, the mountains,
And White Day, and nocham,
Our knight travels incessantly.
Still far within the desired,
A maiden asleep. But the young prince,
Barren languishing flame,
Can it be true, constant sufferer,
Spouse only guarded
And chaste mechtane,
Smiriv immodest Elan,
I find their bliss?
Monk, which kept
Offspring true devotion
About my glorious Vityaz,
He assures us safely in the:

And I believe! without separation
Unılı, rough delight:
We are happy to chat together.
shepherdess, sleeping princess charming
I do not like your dreams,
Sometimes lingering spring,
on murave, in the shadow of the wood.
I remember a small meadow
Among the groves of birch,
I remember the dark evening,
I remember Lida wicked dream ...
Brother, the first kiss of love,
shuddering, light, hasty,
not disbanded, my friends,
Her slumber patient ...
but full, I blether!
What love recollection?
Her joy and suffering
I have forgotten for a long time;
Now attract my attention
princess, Ruslan and Chernomor.

Before them spreading plain,
Where to eat occasionally ascended;
And a formidable hill in the distance
Blackens round top
Heaven to a bright blue.
Ruslan looks - and guess,
That arrives at the head;
Faster gallant steed rushed;
Already seen the miracle of miracles;
She looks motionless eye;
Vlasov it as the black forest,
Overgrown on the brow of a high;
Cheeks life deprived,
Leaden pallor covered;
Huge mouth open,
Huge teeth constrained ...
Above his head polumertvoy
Last day too gravitated.

To her brave knight came
Lyudmila, s behind Carlow.
he shouted: "Hello, head!
I'm here! punished your traitor!
look: here he is, our villain prisoner!»
And the prince proud words
It suddenly revived,
For a moment it awakened a sense of,
I woke up from a dream like,
I looked, scary moan ...
Knight knew she
And brother learned with horror.
swelled his nostrils; on her cheeks
Crimson fire born yet,
And in the eyes of the dying
Last anger VIEW.
distractedly, furious mute
She gritted her teeth
And his brother coldly language
Reproach nevnyatnыy lepetala ...
Already it in the same hour
Ended long suffering:
Chela instant flame quenched,
Weakening heavy breathing,
Huge eyes rolled,
And soon the prince and Chernomor
Beheld the death shudder ...
She fell into 'eternal sleep.
Knight retired in silence;
Dwarf trembling behind the saddle
I did not dare to breathe, I did not move
And chernoknizhnym language
Earnestly praying to demons.

On a slope dark shores
Some nameless river,
In the cool gloom of forests,
Was bowed hut shelter,
Thick pines crowned.
During the slow river
Near the fence cane

Waves washed over the carotid
And around him barely murmured
When a light wind noise.
Valley in those places lurked,
Dark and secluded;
And there, it seemed, silence
Since the beginning of the world reign.
Ruslan reined.
Everything was quiet, bezmyatezhno;
From the dawn of the day
Valley with a grove of coastal
Shining through the morning smoke.
Ruslan on meadow wife resigns,
He sits near her, sighs
Discouragement sweet and dumb;
Suddenly he sees before him
Humble sail shuttle
And I hear the song of the fisherman
Over tyhostruynoyu Ryoko.
Rend dragnet in wool,
Fisherman, the oars inclined,
Floats to the wooded shores,
To the threshold of a humble hut.
And he sees the good prince Ruslan:
Čelnok when bank priplyvaet;
From the dark hut runs
Mlada Maid; slim figure,
Vlasta, careless debauchery,
Smile, silent gaze of the eyes,
and chest, and shoulders Nude,
everything cute, still captivates it.
And here they are, embraced each other,
Sit in the cool waters,
And an hour carefree leisure
For them, with love comes.
But in silent amazement
Who else in the happy fisherman
Our young knight learns?
Hazarskyy Khan, elected glory,
Ratmir, in love, the war bloody
His rival, young,

Ratmir in the desert serene
Lyudmila, forgotten glory
And it forever changed
In the arms of a gentle friend.

hero approaching, and suddenly
Hermit learns Ruslan,
Rises, flies. There was a scream ...
And he embraced the Young Prince Khan.
"What I see? - I asked the hero, —
Why are you here, why leave
Alarms life fighting
And the sword, which you glorified?»
"A friend of mine, - I responded the fisherman, —
Soul weary of warlike glory
Blank and the specter of the disastrous.
Trust: innocent fun,
Love and peace oaks
Dearer to the heart of a hundred-fold.
Now, losing the thirst of battle,
Ceases to pay tribute to Insanity,
AND, true happiness is rich,
I forgot everything, dear friend,
Everything, even charms Lyudmila ".
"Dear Khan, I am very happy! —
said Ruslan, - it to me ".
"Is it possible to, What fate?
I hear? Russian Princess ...
It with you, where is she?
Let me ... but there is no, afraid of betrayal;
My friend me sweet;
My happy change
She was the culprit;
She is my life, she is my joy!
She returned to me again
My lost Mladost,
And peace, and pure love.
In vain the happiness I promised
The lips of the young sorceresses;
Twelve virgins loved me:
I left them to it;

Left tower of fun,
In the shadow of hranitelnyh Dubrov;
Folded and heavy sword and helmet,
Forgotten glory and enemies.
Hermit, peace and obscurity,
I stayed in a happy wilderness,
With you, dear friend, one lovely,
With you, the light of my soul!»

Cowgirl cute listened
Friends open conversation
AND, fixing his gaze on Khan,
And he smiled and sighed.

Fisherman and Knight on the banks
Before dark night stayed
With heart and soul on the lips -
Hours flew invisibly.
blackens the forest, dark mountains;
The moon rises - all was quiet;
The hero of the road is long overdue.
Threw quiet pokrыvalo
On the maiden sleeping, Ruslan
He goes and sits on the horse;
Thoughtfully silent Khan
Soul vosled he seeks,
Ruslan happiness, wins,
And the glory, love and wishes ...
And thoughts of proud, a young age
Involuntary sadness revives ...

Why not destined by fate
My fickle lyre
Heroism sing one
And with him (Do not know in the world)
Love and friendship of old age?
The sad truth of the poet,
Why do I have for posterity
Vice and wickedness to bare
And the secrets of the machinations of treacherous
In truthful songs convict?

Princess seeker unworthy,
Hunting for lost glory,
Nobody know, Farlaf
In the desert, far and quiet
I am hiding and waiting for Naina.
And solemn hour has come.
To him was a witch,
prophetic: "Do you know me?
Come with me; saddle horse!»
And witch cat turned;
saddled horse, she started;
Paths dark oak
Behind it should Farlaf.

quiet valley slumbered,
In the night dressed fog,
Luna ran across in the darkness
Of clouds in the cloud, and the mound
Instant brilliance lit up.
Below him in the silence of Ruslan
He sat with his usual melancholy
Pre usыplennoyu Princess.
Hluboka thought he thought,
Dreams of flying dreams,
I silently veal son
Above him cold wings.
On the dim eyes of a maiden
The languorous slumber, he looked
AND, utomlennoyu head
Bending at her feet, asleep.

And the dream of a prophetic dream hero:
He sees, if Princess
Over the terrible depths of the abyss
Standing immobile and pale ...
And suddenly disappears Lyudmila,
It stands alone over the abyss, he ...
a familiar voice, rallying moan
From a quiet abyss flies ...
Ruslan strives for wife;
Flying headlong into the darkness of deep ...

And suddenly he sees before him:
Vladimir, in high Gridnitsa,
In a circle of white knights,
Among the twelve sons,
With a crowd of these reviews
He is sitting at tables Bran.
And just angry old prince,
How terrible day parting,
And all sit motionless,
Not daring to tear up silence.
Cheerful noise subsided guests,
It does not go cup pie ...
And he sees among visitors
In the battle slain Rogdaya:
Killed as a living sitting;
Openennogo of glass
is he, merry, drink and not look
On astonished Ruslan.
Prince sees and old Khan,
Friends and foes, and suddenly ...
There was a brief sound of harps
And the prophetic voice of the Bayan,
Singer characters and fun.
Enters into Gridnitsa Farlaf,
He leads by the hand Lyudmila;
but the old man, not getting up from the seat,
silent, bowed head of SAD,
princes, nobles - all are silent,
Spiritual movements cut.
And everything was gone - a mortal coldness
Embraces the sleeping hero.
In slumber heavily steeped,
He pours painful tears,
In the excitement of thinking: this is a dream!
languishes, but sinister dreams,
Alas, interrupt can not he.

Luna svetyt bit over the mountain;
groves embraced by the darkness,
Valley in the dead silence ...
Traitor rides on horseback.

Before him opened a glade;
He sees the shadowy mound;
Lyudmila Ruslan sleeping feet,
And the horse walks around the mound.
Farlaf looks with fear;
In the fog witch disappears,
It frozen heart, trembles,
Cold-hand bridle drops,
Gently drew the sword,
Preparing knight without a fight
With the scope to cut in half ...
I drove up to him. horse hero,
enemy Pochuev, zakipel,
Zarzhal and topnul. sign vain!
Ruslan does not heed; a horrible dream,
as cargo, above it otyahotel!..
Traitor, witch encouraged,
Hero in the chest hand despicable
Plunges three Frigid steel ...
And rushes anxiously into the distance
With its precious booty.

All night insensitive Ruslan
Lying in the darkness beneath the mount.
The hours flew. blood river
Flowed from inflamed wounds.
in the morning, misty eyes open,
let hard, faint moan,
With an effort he sat up,
I looked, ponyk head brannoy -
And he fell motionless, lifeless.


You wilt thou that I, O my gentle friend,
Lyre light and casual
CONVERTED were singing
And the Museum of faithful devote
Hours precious leisure ...
You know, dear friend:
Quarreled with windy rumor,
Your friend, bliss upoennыy,
Forgotten and lonely work,
And the lyre sounds expensive.
From the harmonic fun
I, intoxicated bliss, weaned ...
I breathe you - and proud of Fame
Nevnyaten me beckoning click!
I left the secret genius
and fiction, and sweet thoughts;
Love and hedonism
Some pursue my mind.
But you command, but you loved
My previous stories,
Tales of glory and love;
My hero, my Ludmila,
Vladimir, witch, ChernomoretsFamily
And Finn true sorrow
Your mechtane occupied;
You, easy listening to my nonsense,
With a smile sometimes napped;

But sometimes his gentle eyes
Gentle on the singer threw ...
I dare: love talker,
As for the newly lazy strings;
I sit down at your feet and back
Branch of Mlada warrior.

But what I said? where Ruslan?
It lies in the open field dead:
Already his blood does not flow Bole,
Above it flies greedy Vrana,
Bezglasen horn, motionless armor,
It does not move the helmet hairy!

Ruslan walks around the horse,
Ponyknuv hordoy head,
In his eyes disappeared fire!
Not mashet hryvoy gold,
not pampered, He does not jump
And waiting, when Ruslan will rise ...
But the Prince is strong hladny dream,
For a long time it will not burst shield.

A Chernomor? On the saddle,
The knapsack, witch forgotten,
He does not know anything;
Tired, sleepy and grumpy
Princess, my hero
Bran boredom tacitly;
Not hearing anything for a long time,
The Wizard looked - a miracle!
He sees, hero killed;
The blood is flushed;
Lyudmila no, all the empty field;
Villain is shaking with joy
And thinks: happened, I will!
But the old Karl was wrong.

Meanwhile,, Naina shaded,
Lyudmila, quietly lulling,

Seeks to Kiev Farlaf:
flies, hope, full of fear;
Before him already DNIPROVS'KYI wave
The familiar roar pastures;
Would see zlatoverhiy city;
Already Farlaf by hail races,
And the noise rises to Stogniy;
The excitement joyful people
Fells for rider, tesnitsya;
Run to please his father:
And traitor to the porch.

Dragging in mind the burden of sadness,
Vladimir-sun while
In his mansion high
sat, languishing familiar Duma.
boyars, Knights circle
We sat on the importance of sullen.
Suddenly he hears: front porch
excitement, shouting, noise wonderful;
the door opened; before him
It was the unknown soldier;
Everyone stood whispering deaf
And suddenly embarrassed, noisy:
"Lyudmila here! ... They Farlafa?»
The sad face of change,
She gets up from his chair old prince,
Hastening with heavy steps
By his unhappy daughter,
suitable; otchimi hands
He wants to touch it;
But the virgin honey does not heed,
And enchanted slumber
In the hands of the murderers - all look
The prince in this idle vague;
And the old man nervous glance
He stared at the knight in silence.
But, sly finger pressed to his lips,
"Lyudmila sleeps, - said Farlaf, —
I found it recently
In the desert Murom forests

In an evil devil in his hands;
There's nice to finish;
For three days we bilisya; moon
Above the battle was rising three times;
he fell, a young Princess
I got into the hands of sonnoyu;
And who will interrupt this wonderful dream?
When it's awakening?
I do not know - is hidden the fate of the law!
And we hope and patience
Some remained in the consolation '.

And soon, with fateful news
Rumors flew by hail;
Motley crowd of people
Gradskaya area boil;
Sad tower is open to all;
The crowd worries, fells
There, where high bed,
On odeyale parchevom
The princess is in deep sleep;
Princes and knights around
are dull; The voice of the trumpet,
horn, Timpany, ghusl, drums
Hremyat over it; old prince,
Tosca severe exhausting,
To the feet of Lyudmila haired
Pressed with silent tears;
And pale beside him Farlaf,
The silent remorse, in disgust
trembles, audacity lost.

night came. Nix in the city
Sleepless eyes never closed
Şumja, all huddled together:
About miracle everyone was talking;
Mlada husband his wife
In the modest parlor forget.
But only the light of the moon bicornuate
Disappeared before morning dawn,

All Kiev by a new alarm
confused! Hits, noise and howling
appeared everywhere. Kiyani
The crowd on the wall grad ...
And see: in the morning mist
Tents whiten the river;
shields, like the glow, shine,
In the fields of riders flashed,
Away lifted up black dust;
Go hiking carts,
Bonfires are burning on the hills.
trouble: Pechenegs rebelled!

But at this time prophetic Finn,
Spirits mighty lord,
In his serene desert,
With a calm mind waiting,
That day, the inevitable fate,
It has long been foreseen, rose.

The silent wilderness of the steppes combustible
For the far-chain wild mountains,
dwellings winds, storms rattlesnakes,
Where witches and bold look
Penetrate the lateness of the hour is afraid,
The valley lies the wonderful,
And to the two key valley:
One flowing wave of a living,
The rocks fun murmuring,
Toth letsya dead water;
Around all is quiet, winds sleep,
Coolness vernal not blowing,
Centenary pines no noise,
Do not hover birds, doe not dare
In the heat of a summer drink from the secret waters;
spirits of the couple since the beginning of the world,
Silent in the bosom of the world,
Dremuchyy coast sterezhet ...
With two empty pitchers
Hermit appeared before them;

Interrupted spirits longtime dream
And remove the fear full.
leaning, he immerses
Vessels virgin waves;
filled, the air was gone
And he found himself in two instants
In the valley, where Ruslan lay
In blood, mute, without motion;
And there was a knight of old,
And vsprыsnul dead water,
And suddenly shone wounds,
And the corpse of wondrous beauty
flourished; then by Living Water
Hero of the sprinkled Elder,
and hearty, full of new strength,
Trembles zhyznyu young,
Ruslan rises, on a clear day
He looks in the eyes of greedy,
How ugly dream, like a shadow,
Before him flashed past.
But where Lyudmila? he alone!
In its heart, flushing, freezes.
Suddenly Knight vspryanul; prophetic Finn
His calls and hugs:
"Fate accomplished, my son!
Bliss awaits you;
Calling you a bloody feast;
Your sword against bedoyu burst;
At Kiev snidet lowly world,
And there she'll appear.
Take cherished ring,
Touch them Chela Lyudmila,
And the secret charms disappear force,
Enemies will confuse your face,
will be peace, perish anger.
Both are worthy of happiness, be!
forgive me for a long time, My Knight!
Give me your hand ... there, for the tomb door -
Not before - we meet with you!»
He said, disappeared. intoxicated
Delight ardent and mute,

Ruslan, life awakened,
Lifts his hands behind him.
But nothing has been heard Bole!
Ruslan alone in a deserted field;
leaping, Carlotta for sedlom,
Ruslans horse impatient
Runs and laughs, waving mane;
Already prepared Prince, so he top,
Oh he flies alive and healthy
through the fields, through the oaks.

But in the meantime, what a shame
Kiev is deposited?
There, fixing his eyes on the fields;,
People, Discouragement affected,
It should be on the towers and walls
And in the fear of waiting for the heavenly punishment;
Wailing timid in homes,
On Stogniy silence of fear;
One, near his daughter,
Vladimir in sorrowful prayer;
And a host of brave warriors
With faithful retinue of princes
Is preparing for a bloody battle.

And the day has come. crowds of enemies
C with moved dawn hill;
indomitable squads,
Excited, poured from the plain
And run down the wall grad;
In the city pipe rattling,
The soldiers closed, fly
Towards the ratification swashbuckling,
Agreed - and brew battle.
Pochuev death, leaped horses,
Went knocking swords on armor;
Whistling a cloud of arrows soared,
Plain burst blood;
Rushed headlong riders,
Horse mixed squads;
serried, friendly stenoy
There is chopped with the system operation;

With rider there on foot beats;
There's a frightened horse rushes;
There the battle clicks, escape there;
There fell Russian, there Pechenegishes;
He tipped mace;
He struck a light arrow;
Other, pinned shield,
Trampled by frenzied horse ...
And the battle lasted until dark night;
neither enemy, nor our not defeated!
Over the piles of bloody bodies
The fighters closed their eyes languidly,
And the strong was their abusive dream;
Only occasionally on the battlefield
Fallen was heard a mournful groan
And Russian prayer warriors.

Paled morning shadow,
Wave in the flow Srebreno,
Doubtful born day
On the east of cloudy.
Yasneli hills and forests,
And woke up the skies.
Even in the inactive alone
Dormant field of battle;
Suddenly the dream interrupted: damn apartment
Anxiously noisy cheered,
A sudden cry of battle broke out;
Smoot heart of Kiev;
Run disorderly crowds
And see: field between enemies,
Resplendent in armor, on fire,
Wonderful warrior on horseback
storm sweeps, parcel, cuts,
The blaring horn, flying, pipes ...
It was Ruslan. As God's thunder,
Our knight fell to the infidels;
He picks Carla behind the saddle
Among frightened mill.
Wherever prosvischet the sword,
Where the horse angry nor will rush,

head flies everywhere with shoulders
And with a cry operation on operation falls;
In an instant, abusive meadow
Covered hills of bloody bodies,
live, crushed, headless,
Hromadoy cops, arrow, coats of mail.
At the sound of the trumpet, to the voice of battle
Equestrian squad Slavs
Raced in the footsteps of a hero,
At a Glance ... Gibney, basurman!
Obaemlet horror pechenegov;
Pets violent raids
Name scattered horses,
They do not dare to oppose Bole
And with a wild scream in a dusty field
Fleeing from Kiev swords,
Doomed to sacrifice Hell;
Their Russian hosts of the sword punishing;
Exults Kiev ... But hail
Mighty warrior flies;
The right hand holds a sword of victory;
Spear shines like a star;
Blood flows from the copper chainmail;
Helmet curled beard;
flies, hope okrilenny,
According Stogniy noisy in the princely house.
People, intoxicated with delight,
Crowds clicks circle,
And the joy of the prince revived.
The silent tower enters it,
Where dormant Lyudmila wonderful dream;
Vladimir, immersed in thought,
At her feet was a dull.
He was one. his friends
The war drew in the bloody field.
But with him Farlaf, stranger to fame,
Away from enemy swords,
In my heart disdained anxiety mill,
He stood guard at the door.
Hardly villain learned Ruslan,
It cooled the blood, eyes extinguished,

In an open voice stopped the mouths,
And he fell unconscious he was on his knees ...
Decent penalty awaits treason!
But, remembering a secret gift ring,
Ruslan flies to Ludmilla sleeping,
Her calm face
As for hand trembling ...
And the miracle: youngest princess,
Sighing, She opened her bright eyes!
It seemed, if she
Divilasya so long night;
It seemed, that some dream
Her tormented dream unclear,
And suddenly knew - he!
And the prince in the arms of the beautiful.
Resurrected fiery soul,
Ruslan does not see, not hearkened,
And the old man in the joy of the dumb,
Reed, cute hugs.

The long finish my story?
you guess, my dear friend!
Elder unjust anger extinguished;
Farlaf before him and before Ludmila
At the feet of Ruslan announced
His shame and grim evil;
Happy Prince forgave him;
Stripped of power of witchcraft,
Charles was admitted to the palace;
AND, celebrating the end of the disaster,
Vladimir in Gridnitsa high
Zapiroval his family.

Cases of bygone days,
Tales of olden times.

[1] Volshebnitsa poem of T. Tasso's "Jerusalem Delivered".
[2] biblical king, possessed of fabulous wealth.
[3] Prince. D. BUT. Potemkin - a favorite of Catherine II.
[4] AT. BUT. Zhukovsky. further describes, and then parodied the story of his poem ballad "Twelve sleeping virgins".
[5] Hephaestus - god of subterranean fire.

1817-1820 gg.

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