Mary Schöning

Anna Garlin Marya Schöning.
25 Apr. W.
Sweet Mary.
What to do with thee,? Already more than four months, I did not receive from you a single line. Are you healthy? If not for the everlasting troubles, I would certainly have visited you at a party; but you know: 12 miles is not a joke. Without my farm will; Fritz it knew nothing about - a real child. I do not whether you are married? No, surely you'd remember me and please his friend tidings of his happiness. In the last letter you wrote, that your poor father is still unwell; I hope, that the spring helped him and that now it is easier. Statement say, what am I, thank God, healthy and happy. Work is proceeding gradually, but I still do not know of any request, no bargain. And must he learn. Fritz also quite healthy, but for some time a wooden leg starts to bother him. He does not walk, and in the rainy time of groans but moaning. However, it is still fun, still he likes to drink a glass of wine and still did not finish me the story of his campaigns. Children grow and prettier. Frank gets done. Imagine, Pretty Mary, so that it runs for girls, – каков? – а ему нет еще и трех лет. And what a bully! Fritz could not stop looking at him and his horrible spoils; instead of, to child unimat, he had it incites and enjoys all his mischief. Mina much degree; the truth - she a year older. I started to really teach her the alphabet. She is a very intelligent and, it seems, will be pretty. But that beauty? It would be a good and reasonable, – тогда верно будет и счастлива.
P. S. I am sending you to the fairing scarf; update it, Pretty Mary, next Sunday, When you go to church. This gift Fritz; but red is more to your black hair, than my light Light Brown. Men do not understand. They do not care that the blue, that red. forgive, Pretty Mary, I am with you to swing. Answer me quickly. My father is my sincere respects to bear witness. Write me, what is his health. Age will not forget, I spent three years under his roof and he was treating me, bednoy syrotkoyu, not as a hired maid, and like a daughter. Mother of our pastor advised him to drink instead of tea, red bedrenets, flower is very common, – я отыскала и латинское его название, – всякий аптекарь тебе укажет его.

Марья Шонинг к Анне Гарлин.
28 April
Я получила письмо твое в прошлую пятницу (I read only today). My poor father died the same day, at six o'clock in the morning; Yesterday was the funeral.
Я никак не воображала, that death was so close. In all recently it was much easier, and g. Kielce had hoped to perfect his recovery. On Monday, he even walked through our garden and came to the well of not gasping. Returning to the room, He felt a slight chill, I put him and ran to Mr.. Sucha. He was not home. Returning to his father, I found it in a drowsing. I thought, that sleep will calm him completely. Mr. Kielce came in the evening. He examined the patient and his condition was not pleased. He prescribed a new medicine. At night my father woke up and asked to have, I gave him some soup; he drank one spoon and no longer wanted. He again fell into a doze. The next day it became spasms. Mr. Kielce from him did not depart. By evening, the pain subsided, but he was seized with such anxiety, he five minutes on end he could not lie in one position. I had to turn it from side to side ... before the morning he died down and two hours lying in a drowsing. Mr. Kielce came, saying to me, the gates in two hours. Suddenly my father stood up and called me. I approached him and asked,, that he must. He told me: "Marya, so dark? Open the shutters ". I was scared and told him: "Father! do not you see ... the shutters are open ". He began to look around him, He grabbed my arm and said,: "Marya! Marya, I really badly - I'm dying ... give, I bless you - as soon as possible ". I threw myself on my knees and put his hand on his head. He said: "The Lord, awards ee; Lord, you instruct her ". he stopped, hand suddenly became heavy. I thought, he fell asleep again, and a few minutes did not dare move. Suddenly entered g. Sucha, I took off my head his hand and said to me,: "Now leave him, , Go to your room ". I looked: father lay pale and motionless. It was over.
Добрый г. Kielce whole two days did not go out of our house and ordered all, because I was not able to. I'm alone In recent days, I went for a sick, there was nobody to replace me. I often thought of you, and bitterly regretted, that you was not with us ...
Вчера я встала с постели и пошла было за гробом; but I suddenly became ill. I started on the knee, to publish with him to say goodbye. Frau Rotberh skazala: "What a comedian!"Imagine, dear Anna, that these words returned to me the power. I walked behind the coffin surprisingly easy. In the church, it seemed to me, It was extremely light, and all around it move me. I did not cry. It was stuffy, and I do like to laugh.
Его снесли на кладбище, that of Church St.. James, and when I lowered into the grave. I suddenly wanted her then dig, because I was with him quite simply. But many still walked through the cemetery, and I was afraid, to Frau Rotberg not say again: "What a comedian '.
Какая жестокость не позволять дочери проститься с мертвым отцом, as she pleases ...
returning home, I found strangers, who told me, that ought to seal all the possessions and papers late father. They left me my little room, only learned from it all, except for the bed and one chair.
Завтра воскресение. I do not update the your headscarf, but you very much thank for her. I bow to your husband, Frank and the entire Mini. goodbye.
Пишу стоя у окошка, and the neighbors took the inkwell.

Марья Шонинг к Анне Гарлин.
Милая Анна.
Вчера пришел ко мне чиновник и объявил, that all the estate of my late father should be sold at public auction in favor of the policeman treasury, for it, that it was not imposed by the state and that it turned out to be much richer in the inventory of the estate, than thought. I here do not understand anything. In recent years, we are very much spend on medicine. I only left flow 23 thaler, – я показала их чиновникам, Well said but that, so I took the money himself, because the law does not require them.
Дом наш будет продаваться на будущей неделе; I do not know, where I escape. I went to Mr.. burgmeysteru. He received me well, but my request posted, that he can do nothing for me to do. I do not know, where I decide. If you need a maid, then write me; you know, I can help you on the farm and in needlework, and moreover I will look after your children and Fritz, if he zanemozhet. The sick to walk, I learned. You are welcome, write, Do you need me. And no conscience. I'm sure, that our relations on a variable not in the least and that you will be for me still the same kind and indulgent friend.
* * *
Домик старого Шонинга полон был народу. The crowd thronged around the table, who presided over the evaluator. He shouted: "Flannelette coat with brass buttons ... ** thaler. Time, – два… – Никто более – Байковый камзол ** thaler - three ". The camisole is passed into the hands of her new owner.
Покупщики осматривали с хулой и любопытством вещи, put up for auction. Frau Rotberg considered black lingerie, not washed after death Schöning; She fiddled with his, shake off, repeating: trash, rag, tatters, – и надбавляла по грошам. Innkeeper Geertz bought two silver spoons, half a dozen napkins and two porcelain cups. Bed, which he died Schöning, It was bought by Carolina Schmidt, Woman heavily rouged, a modest and humble view.
Marya, pale as a shadow, I was immediately, silently looking at the spoiling of the poor of his property. She held in her hand ** thaler, Ready to buy something, and I did not have the spirit to interrupt production from bidders. people went, carrying acquired. Two remained unsold portretiki framed, mess flies and once gilded. On the one depicted Schöning was a young man in a red coat. On the second Hristina, his wife, with a dog in her arms. Both portraits were drawn sharply and vividly. Geertz wanted to buy and, to hang in the coal room of his trahtira, because the walls were too Goals. Portraits were evaluated in ** thaler. Geertz took a purse. At that time, Mary overcame his shyness and trembling voice nadbavila price. Geertz gave her a look of contempt and began to bargain. Little by little, the price had risen to **. Mary finally gave **. Geertz retreated, and portraits of her were. She gave the money, others hid in a pocket, He took portraits and left home, without waiting for the end of the auction.
Когда Марья вышла на улицу с портретом в каждой руке, She stopped at a loss: where she had to go?..
Молодой человек в золотых очках подошел к ней и очень вежливо вызвался отнести портреты, where she pleases ...
– Я очень вам благодарна… я, right, I do not know. – И Марья думала, wherever she attributed portraits, meanwhile she herself without a job.
Молодой человек подождал несколько секунд и пошел своею дорогою, and Maria decided to include the portraits to the doctor Kielce.

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