Mistress into Maid

All you, Darling, nice clothes.

In one of our remotest provinces of the estate of Ivan Petrovich Berestova. In his youth he served in the Guard, He retired in the early 1797 of the year, He went to his village and since then there has not left. He was married to a poor noblewoman, who died in childbirth, while he was in the outlying field. Household exercise soon to comfort him. He built a house on his own plan, He started at a cloth factory, He trebled revenues and became consider himself the smartest man in the whole okolodke, what not to contradict his neighbors, Come to visit it with their families and dogs. On weekdays, he walked into the velveteen jacket, on holidays wore sertuk of cloth homework; he wrote down the flow and not read anything, but "Senate Gazette". In general, his loved, Although proud and honored. I did not get along with him one Grigory Murom, its nearest neighbor. This was a true Russian gentleman. Moscow squandered most of his possessions and that time a widow, He left his village last, where he continued to play pranks, but in a new way. He threw an English garden *, which spent almost all other income. His grooms were dressed British jockeys. At his daughter was Madame Englishwoman. Their field is processed it is the English method,
But in a strange manner of Russian bread is born *, and despite significant cost reduction, Grigory income is not added; he and the village found a way to enter the new debts; with all the venerated man is not stupid, For the first of its landlords province guessed lay the estate in the Board of Trustees: turnover, seemed at the time an extremely complicated and daring. of the people, condemned him, Berastau spoke stricter all. Hatred of innovation has been a hallmark of his character. He could not speak calmly of his neighbor's Anglomania and constantly found occasion to criticize him. Whether the visitor showed their possessions, in response to the praise of his economic orders: "Yeah, with! - he said with a sly grin, - I do not, that neighbor Grigory. Where do we go broke in English! We would have been in Russian though satiated ". These and similar jokes, freewill neighbors, were brought to the attention of Grigory with additions and explanations. Anglomaniac endured criticism as eagerly, as our reporters *. He was furious and called his zoila bear and provincial.
Such were the relations among these two owners, Berestova as the son came to his village. He was raised in *** University and she intended to enter into military service, but his father did not agree on the. For civil service the young man felt completely incapable. They did not yield to each other, and the young Alex began to live for the time being a gentleman, releasing his mustache just in case *.
Alex was, Indeed, well done. Right would be a pity, if his slim waist never pulling off his uniform, and if he, Instead of drawing on the horse, He spent his youth, hunched over plain paper. Watching, he is always on the hunt rode first, up hill and down dale, neighbors said according to, that he would never come out sensible head clerk. The young ladies looked at him, and others and admired; but Alexei little they engaged, and they believed the cause of his dead love affair. Indeed, He walked on his hands a list of addresses of one of his letters: Akulina Petrovna Kurochkina, in Moscow, in front of Aleksei Monastery, house coppersmith Savelyev, and humbly beg you to deliver a letter to these things A.N.R.
Those of my readers, are not alive in the villages, can not imagine, that the beauty of the county for the ladies! Brought up the Clean Air, in the shade of its apple trees garden, they have the knowledge of light and life to draw from the books. privacy, freedom and reading early develop in them feelings and passions, unknown scattered our beauties. For ladies bell have an adventure, a trip to the nearest town relies epoch in the life, and a visit to a guest leaves a long, sometimes everlasting remembrance. Of course, everyone willingly laugh at some of their eccentricities, but superficial observer jokes can not destroy their essential virtues, the chief of which: personality, originality (individuality), without which, According to Jean-Paul *, and there is no human greatness. In the capitals of women receive, may be, the best education; but the skill of the world will soon smoothes character and makes the soul as monotonous, as well as hats. This shall be written not in court, and condemnation, however is nota nostra manet #, According to one ancient commentator.
easy to imagine, impression Alex had to make in our circle of young ladies. He first appeared in front of them grim and disappointed, first I spoke to them of lost joys and faded about his youth; moreover, he wore a black ring with the image of a dead head. It was all very new in that province. The young ladies went crazy over him.
But all of them had a busy daughter of my Anglomaniac, Liza (or Betsy, her name is usually Grigory). Fathers for one another did not go, she has not yet seen Alexei, whereas all young neighbor just about him, and said,. She was seventeen years old. Black eyes enlivened her tanned and very pleasant face. She was the only and, consequently, Spoiled child. Its agility and per-minute leprosy admired his father and the despair of her madam Miss Jackson, sorokaletnyuyu chopornuyu devytsu, which belilas and antimony her eyebrows, twice a year reread "Pamela *", I received for two thousand rubles and was dying of boredom in this barbarous Russia.
For Nastya went Lyzoyu; she was older, but so windy, as her lady. Lisa loved her, She opened her all my secrets, with her to think about their venture; in short, Nastia was in the village Priluchine face a much more significant, than any confidante in a French tragedy.
- Let me now go to visit, - once said Nastya, clothing lady.
- Very well; And where to?
- In Tugilovo, to Berestov. Povarova wife have the birthday girl, and yesterday came to call us to dinner.
- Here! - Lisa said, - Gentlemen in quarrel, and treat one another servant.
- And we cares masters! - retorted Nastya; - Besides, I your, not papa. You do not even quarreled with a young Berestov; and the old men let themselves fighting, if it is fun.
- Try, Nastya, see Alexei Berestova, yes tell me good, what he is himself and what kind of person he.
Nastya was promised, and Lisa waited impatiently all day for her return. Nastya was evening.
- Well, Lizaveta Grigorievna, - she said, entering the room, - I saw the young Berestova; seen enough pretty; a day to be together.
- Like this? Tell, Tell the order.
- Very well, with: we went, I, Anisa Egorovna, Nenfla, Dunka ...
- Good, I know. Well then?
- Allow-with, I tell everything in order. Here we come to the very dinner. The room was full of people. were kolbinskie, Zakhar'evskii, prikazchitsa with daughters, Khlupinskaya ...
- Well! and Berastau?
- Weather-c. So we sat at the table, prikazchitsa in the first place, I was beside her ... and her daughter and puffed, but I do not care about them ...
- Brother, Nastya, you bored with your eternal details!
- Yes, how are you impatient! Well, we got up from the table ... and we sat for three hours, and dinner was nice; cake-blanc blue cuff, and red striped ... Here we got up from the table and went into the garden to play in the burner, and the young gentleman came here and.
- Well? Pravda li, he is so handsome?
- Surprisingly good, Apollo, you can say. Slim, tall, blush in his cheek ...
- right? I thought so, he had a pale face. What? What he showed you? Sad, brooding?
- What do you? Yes, sort of mad and I had never seen before. Even I think he is with us in the torch run.
- Are you in the burner run! impossible!
- Very likely! What has invented! catch, and well kiss!
- done, Nastya, you're lying.
- Will your, do not lie. I could hardly get rid of him. The whole day with us and fussed.
- But how do they say, he is in love, and no one else is looking?
- I do not know-a, and so too was looking at me, and to Tanio, Prikazchikova daughter, also; and on Pasha kolbinskuyu, sin to say yes, no one hurt, a mischievous child!
- It's amazing! And in the house heard about it?
- his, shew, beautiful: so kind, so gay. One is not good: the girls loves chasing too. Yes, As for me, this is not a problem: eventually settle down.
- I wish I could see him! - Lisa said with a sigh.
- What is there to tricky? Tugilovo us close, just three miles: , Go for a walk in the wrong direction or ride on horseback; you will find it right. He's just in a day, early in the morning, He walks with a gun to hunt.
- Well no, not good. He might think, I chased him. In addition, our fathers in quarrel, and I still will not be able to meet him ... Oh, Nastya! Did you know? I dressed peasant women!
- Indeed; wear thick shirt, sarafan, to boldly and stupas in Tugilovo; I assure you, that the birch bark so you do not miss.
- And in these parts, I know how to speak well. Brother, Nastya, dear Nastya! What a glorious fiction! - And Lisa went to bed with the intention will certainly fulfill its cheerful assumption.
The next day she proceeded to the execution of his plan, sent to the market to buy a thick cloth, blue nankeen and copper pugovok, With the present tailor his shirt and sundress, I planted for sewing all the maiden, and by evening everything was ready. Lisa has tried to update and confessed before the mirror, that never before had so sweet itself did not seem. She repeated the role, to go low and bowed several times and then shakes his head, like clay cats, He spoke peasant dialect, laughing, closing sleeve, and earned the full approval of Nastya. One makes it difficult to: she tried was to go around the yard barefoot, but the turf pricked her tender feet, and the sand and pebbles seemed to her intolerable. Nastya and then she helped: she took the measure of Lisa's legs, I ran into the field to the shepherd Trofim and ordered him a pair of bast shoes for the measure. Next day, daybreak, Lisa was awake. The whole house was still asleep. Nastya was waiting outside the gate a shepherd. I started playing the horn, and rustic herd reached past the manor court. Trofim, passing in front of Nastia, I gave her little colorful sandals and received from her half a ruble in awarding. Lisa quietly dressed peasant women, Nastya whispered gave his instructions concerning Miss Jackson, He came out on the back porch and ran through the garden in the.
The dawn shone in the east, and the golden ranks of clouds, it seemed, We expect the sun, like courtiers await the Emperor; clear sky, morning freshness, Dew, the breeze and the singing of birds filled Lisa's heart infant gaiety; fearing some familiar meetings, she is, it seemed, It was not, and flew. Approaching the grove, standing at the turn of his father's possessions, Lisa went quieter. There she had to expect Alexei. Her heart was pounding, itself without knowing why; but fear, accompanying our young leprosy, and is home of charm. Lisa entered the twilight groves. Deaf, erratic noise greeted her Woman. Her gaiety quieted. Little by little, she surrendered to the sweet dreaminess. She thought ... but is it possible to determine with accuracy, He is thinking about a seventeen year old girl, one, in a grove, at six o'clock in the morning of the spring? so, she walked, thinking, on the way to, overshadowing both sides by tall trees, when suddenly a great setter dog barked at her. Lisa was frightened and cried. At the same time a voice: all beautiful, Sbogar, ici ... # and the young hunter appeared from behind a bush. "Probably, Pretty, - he said to Lisa, - My dog ​​will not bite '. Lisa has already managed to recover from her fright and was able to immediately take advantage of the circumstances. "Well no, barin, - she said, pretending poluispugannoy, poluzastenchivoy, - I'm afraid: she is, vish, so angry; He will throw again ". Alexey (the reader has already learned his) meanwhile he gazed at the young peasant girl. "I'll see you, if you're afraid, - he said to her,; - you let me go near him?"-" And who prevents those? - replied Lisa, - of free will, and the road worldly ". - "Where are you from?"-" From Priluchina; I am the daughter of Vassily the blacksmith, I go for mushrooms " (Lisa kuzovok carried on a string). "And you, barin? Tugilovsky, whether?" - "Sure, - posted Alexey, - I valet young master ". Alex wanted to equalize their relationship. But Lisa looked at him and laughed,. "A lie, - she said, - not to fool attacked. I see, that you yourself are a gentleman ". - "Why do you think so?"-" Yes, around ". - "But w?"-" But how can master a servant I do not recognize? And wearing something wrong, and otherwise baish, and the dog-klichesh not our way ". Lisa grew more and more liked Alexei. Accustomed not to stand on ceremony with pretty poselyankami, He had wanted to hug her; but Liza jumped away from him and suddenly took on such a strict and cold view, that although it amused Alexei, but kept him from further attacks. "If you want to, that we were ahead buddies, - she said, the importance of, - it is not all right to be forgotten ". - "Who taught you this wisdom? - said Alexey, burst out laughing. - with no nastenka li, my friend, if your young lady girl? Here are ways in which education is distributed!"Lisa felt, that was left of his role, and immediately corrected. "And what do you think? - she said, - Am I on the manor yard never happen? I suppose: all had heard and seen enough. However, - she continued, - talking with you, mushrooms do not rack up. Go-ka you, barin, to the side, and I'm in another. Ask for forgiveness ... "Lisa wanted to retire, Alex held her hand. "What's your name, my soul?"-" Akulina, - replied Lisa, trying to free my fingers from hands Alexeeva; - to let the f, barin; me time to go home ". - "Well,, my friend Akulina, will certainly to visit your priest, Vasily-smith ". - "What are you? - she replied eagerly Lisa, - like Christ, not revenue. If the house will learn, I'm a gentleman in a grove chatted alone, then I will trouble; my father, Basil-smith, will beat me to death ". - "Yes, I definitely want to see you again". - "Well I'll ever come back here for mushrooms". - "When?"-" Yes, tomorrow ". - "Dear Akulina, to kiss you, but I do not dare. So tomorrow, at that time, Is not justice?" - "Yes, Yes". - "And you can not fool me?"-" not cheating ". - "swear". - "Well, these are the Holy Friday, Attending ".
Young people have left. Lisa came out of the woods, He moved through the field, He crept into the garden and ran headlong into the farm, where Nastya was expecting her. There she changed, distractedly answering questions impatient confidante, and it was in the living room. The table was set, breakfast is ready, and Miss Jackson, already nabelennaya and laced into a glass, narezyvala thin tarts. Father praised her for a walk early. "There is nothing healthier, - he said, - how to wake up at dawn ". Then he gave several examples of human longevity, drawn from the English magazine, oblivious, that all people, who lived over a hundred years, We did not use the vodka and rose at the beginning of winter and summer. Lisa was not listening. She repeated in thoughts all the circumstances of the morning goodbye, Akulina entire conversation with a young hunter, and conscience began to torment her. In vain she protested herself, that their conversation did not leave the boundaries of decency, that the prank would not have any implications, her conscience murmur louder her mind. Promise, given it for tomorrow, just more worried about her: she was quite decided not to keep his solemn oath. but Alex, after waiting for it in vain, I could go to find in the village of Vasili's daughter-smith, nastoyaschuyu Akulynu, thick, pockmarked girl, and thus to guess about her thoughtless prank. The thought horrified Lisa, and she decided to come back the next morning in a grove Akulina.

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