Count Nulin

It's time, time to! horn trumpet;
Psari in the hunting-dresses
The light is really sitting on horses,
Greyhounds jump on the pack.
It turns out the gentleman on the porch;
Everything, podbochas, surveys,
His happy face
Pleasant importance shines.
Chekmen tightened it,
Turkish knife for sash,
In the bosom of the rum flask,
And the horn on a bronze chain.
In the nightcap, in one scarf,
Eyes sleepy wife
Glares from windows
scores, the kennels alarm ...
Here's husband brought a horse;
He grabbed the withers and the stirrup leg,
shouts wife: do not wait for me!
And the leaves on the road.

In late September
(Despicable prose speaking)
The village is boring: mud, bad weather,
Autumn wind, shallow snow,
Yes, the howling of wolves; but what a happiness
hunter! Not knowing neg,
As he departed the field he prances,
Everywhere is your night,
abuse, gets wet and feasting
devastating raid.

And what does the wife
One in the absence of a spouse?
Busy little l have it:
mushrooms salt, feed the geese,
To order lunch and dinner,
In Anbar and into the cellar to look,
Mistress everywhere need eye;
He suddenly noticed something.

Unfortunately, our heroine ...
(Brother! I forgot to give it a name.
Her husband just called her: Nataša,
But we - we shall call:
Natalia P.) Unfortunately,
Natalia Pavlovna quite
Part of their business
is not engaged; then,
What is not in the law of our fathers
She was brought up,
And in boarding school
In emigrant Falbala.

She sits in front of a window.
Before it opened the fourth volume
sentimental novel:
Love Eliza and Arman,
Ile correspondence of two families.
Roman classical, old,
wonderfully long, a long, a long,
Preachy and sedate,
Without romantic ploys.

Natalia Pavlovna first
I read it carefully,
But soon once entertained
The window emerged brawl
Goat with a watchdog
And she quietly took.
Around boys laughing.
Meanwhile sad, under window,
Turkeys were shouting
Followed suit for a wet rooster.
Three ducks in a pool of spilling,
Baba went through a messy yard
Underwear hang on a fence,
The weather is getting worse -
It seemed, Snow wanted to go ...
Suddenly the bell rang.

Who lived a long time in the wilderness sad,
Friends, he knows the true self,
How much bell tour across
Sometimes we care about the heart.
Do rides each overdue,
Comrade brave youth?…
I do not whether it?… Oh my God!
Here's a closer, closer ... my heart beats ...
but by, by the sound of rushing,
Less ..... and smolknul behind the mountain.

Natalia Pavlovna to the balcony
Flee pleased by the bell,
He looks and sees: over the river,
At the mill, carriage rides.
Here on the bridge - to us exactly! not;
Rotate left. following
She looks and almost crying.

But suddenly - oh joy! slope -
Stroller on its side. - "Shary, Vaska!
Who's there? probably! yonder stroller.
This hour to take her to the yard
And the gentleman to ask to dinner!
Would you alive on? run to visit,
hurry, probably!…»

The servant ran.
Natalia Pavlovna hurries
Beat the lush curl, shawl draped over,
draw loops, push chair,
And waiting. "Yes, soon eh, my creator?»
Here go, finally going.
Splashed in the way for further,
Coy as the crew drags.
After the young master lame.
Servant, the Frenchman was not discouraged
And he saith: will, courage![1]
Here on the porch, But in the passage includes.
Meanwhile the master is now
Rest special withdrawn
And to open the door wide open -
While Picard noise, fussing,
And the gentleman wants to dress,
I tell you, who he was?
Count Nulin from foreign parts,
Where he squandered it in the fashion whirlwind
Its future revenue.
prove himself, how wonderful beast,
In Petropolis he now rides
With the stock coats and jackets,
Hat, fans, raincoats, corsets,
Bulavok, cufflinks, lorgnettes,
bandanas, stockings and jour,[2]
With a terrible book Gizota,
With notebook evil caricatures,
With the new novel of Walter Scott,
С good words[3] Paris court,
With the last song Beranzhera,
On the motives of Rossini, Pera,
Et cetera, et cetera.[4]

Oh, the table is set. It is high time;
The hostess is waiting impatiently.
the door opened. Beginning Count;
Natalia P., pryvstav,
Osvedomlyaetsya politely,
What he? that his foot?
Count answers: nothing.
Go to the table. Here he sits,
To it moves your device
And he starts talking,
Holy Russia scolds, marvels,
How can we live in it snows,
Sorry about Paris fear ...
"What theater?" - ABOUT! siroteet,
That's bad, it's pity.[5]
Talma completely deaf, weakens,
And Mademoiselle Mars - alas!! ages ...
For the Potier, the great Potter![6]
It is famous for the old people in
Until now supported one. —
What the writer is now in vogue?
- Everything d'Arlincourt and Lamartine. —
"We also imitate them".
- Not? right? so we have minds
Already beginning to develop?
Give god, to enlighten us! —
"How are tali?" - Very low,
Almost before ... here, at that time.
Let me see your hat ...
So: ryushi, bows .... pattern here ....
All this is very close to the fashion. —
"We get Telegraph".
- To her!... Do you want to hear
Prelestnыy vodevily? - And Count
Poet. "Yes, graph, Well good enough to eat ".
- I'm sick and so .....
every table
Stand Up. young hostess
extremely hilarious.
Graph, forgetting about Paris,
marvels: she sweet!
Evening pass unnoticed;
Count not himself. mistress eyes
That is expressed Privetnoye,
Suddenly potuplen unrequited ....
You'll see - midnight and suddenly the courtyard.
It has long been snoring servant in front,
It has long been the rooster crows nearby,
An iron plate watchman beats;
In the living room a candle burned down.
Natalia P. rises:
"It is time, Farewell: waiting for a bed.
Pleasant dream ".... With vexation arose,
Poluvlyublenny, gentle Count
He kisses her hand - and what?
Where flirting does not lead?
Prokaznitsa - just like, Christ! —
Count silently shakes his hand.

Natalia P. stripped;
Paracha standing in front of her.
My friends, Paracha this
But uh Napersnytsa;
sews, wash, conduct transfers,
Worn hoods asks,
Sometimes with the master naughty,
Sometimes yells at his master,
And lying before her mistress boldly.
Now it is important to interpret
About box, of its affairs,
Do not miss anything,
God knows, explore how managed.
But she finally Mrs.
He said: "fully, fed up!»
Said jacket and cap,
He lays out and told vydti.

His Frenchman Meanwhile
And the count was quite naked.
he falls, cigar asks,
Monsieur Picard brings him
carafe, silver cup,
sIGAR, bronze lamp,
Tongs with spring, alarm clock
And uncut novel.

Lying in bed, Walter Scott
He runs through the eyes.
But the count mentally entertained ...
restless care
his worries; thinks he:
"Really, I really love?
what, if I may?... that's funny!
But has it been used nicely.
I, it seems, nice hostess "-
And Nulin candle extinguished.

Unbearable heat of his embraces,
I can not sleep Count. The devil never sleeps
And teases sinful dream
It senses. Passionate, our hero
He imagines vividly
Hostess eloquent glance,
quite round, full figure,
A pleasant voice, straight female,
Face blush village -
Health beautiful all rouge.
He remembers the tip of the delicate legs,
he remembers: just, Just so!
She handed him a careless
He shook hands; he is a fool,
He should have stayed with her -
Catch minute venture.
But as time has gone. Now
Of course opened the door ...
And straightway, imposed on shoulder
His colorful silk robe
And overturned chair in the dark,
In the hope of sweet rewards,
By Lucretia Tarquin new
I went on everything ready.

So sometimes sly cat,
Cutesy darling of the maids,
A mouse sneaking with couches:
furtively, walking slowly,
Poluzazhmuryas looms,
Minimizes to whom, tail plays,
Razinet claws cunning paws -
And then the poor thing Catscratch.

Enamored Count wanders in the dark,
The road is groping.
Zhelanyem plamennыm tomim,
Barely breathing translates -
trembles, if the floor underneath
Suddenly zaskrypit ... here he comes
By the cherished doors and slightly
Shaking handle copper castle;
The door quietly, low yields ....
He looks: lamp just lit
And the pale bedroom lights ...
The mistress is resting peacefully,
Or pretending, I am asleep.

he enters, slow, retreats -
And suddenly I fell at her feet ...
It ... Now, with their permission,
I ask the ladies of St. Petersburg
Imagine the horror of awakening
Natalia Pavlova my
And to solve, to do it?

She, opened his eyes large,
Looking at the graph - our hero
She pours feelings Discharge
And boldly hand
He wants to touch the blankets ...
Quite embarrassed her first ...
But then she came to her senses,
I Gordog full wrath,
And yet, may be, and fear,
She Tarquinia with swing
It gives - slap. Yes, Yes,
slap, Why, what!

Count Nulin burned with shame,
Swallow such offense.
I do not know, what would he finished,
Dosadoy terrible pыlaya -
But Spitz kosmatыy, suddenly barked,
Paracha interrupted deep sleep.
Hearing her gait Count
And cursing your accommodation
And wayward beauty,
The shameful addressed jogging.

How is he, hostess and Paracha
Spend the rest of the night,
imagine. Will your,
I'm not going to help you.

Having risen in the morning silence,
Count dressed lazily,
Trim pink nails
Yawning carelessly engaged,
And tie knits neprilezhno,
And wet his brush
Do not iron clipped curls.
What does he think - I do not know;
But here he was called to tea.
What to do? Graph, breaking
Awkward secret shame and anger,

Prokaznitsa mladaya,
Mocking downcast eyes
And scarlet lips biting,
It turns modestly conversation
About tom, o I. At first confused,
But gradually emboldened,
With a smile he says.
Half an hour did not pass,
Oh, he is very cute and jokes,
And almost in love again.
Suddenly the noise at the front. includes. who?
"Natasa, Hello."

- Brother, my god ....
Graph, here is my husband. my soul,
Count Nulin. —

"I'm glad I heart ....
What nasty weather ....
At the forge, I saw your
Quite ready crew . . .
Nataša! there in the garden
We hunted hare ...
Hey! vodka! Graph, I beg to taste.
Sent us from afar ...
You'll dine with us?»
- I do not know, right; I hasten to. —
"AND, full, graph, I beg you.
Wife and I, guests, we are pleased to.
No, graph, ostanʹtesʹ!»
But with anger
And all hope is lost,
Stubborn sad Count.
Already backed himself a glass,
Picard krehtit for suitcase.
By the wheelchair two servants
Carry screwing chest.
By the porch drove stroller,
Picard everything soon laid,
And Earl left. Themes and fairy tale
Could result in, friends;
But I will add a word or two.

When the carriage galloped,
The wife told her husband everything
And my feat Earl
Around the neighborhood described.
But who is more likely
With Natalia Pavlovna laughing?
Do not guess you. why did?
Husband? - It is not so! not husband.
He is very this reviled,
He said, that Count fool,
Greenhorn; that if this,
The Count will make it scream,
That he baited his dogs.
laughed Lidin, their neighbor,
The landlord of twenty-three years.

Now we can rightly
To tell, that our times
Spouse faithful wife,
My friends, not a miracle.

[1] Well, boldly!
[2] transparent (tracery)
[3] jokes
[4] And so on, and so on.
[5] Very bad, a pity.
[6] great Pottier

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