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Many, same as me,
We visited this fountain; but
there is no other, other
stranstvuюt far.


Giray sat with downcast eyes;
Amber was smoking in his mouth;
Silently fawning yard
Khan was pressing round the formidable.
All was quiet in the palace;
reverential, all read
Signs of anger and sadness
On his face gloomy.
But the master of the proud
He waved an impatient:
And all, leaning, go out.

Alone in his palace he;
Loose piles sigh,
Hurry stern brow
heart expresses excitement.
So Stormy clouds reflected
Gulf unsteady glass.

What drives a proud soul?
By what he thought busy?
On whether Russia is once again war,
Does Poland carries its own law,
Lights whether there bloody,
It opened there in the army conspiracy,
Fears whether the peoples of the mountains,
Or a sly machinations of Genoa?

Not, he misses warlike glory,
Tired formidable hand;
The war is far from the thoughts.

Can it be true in his harem treason
The paths of crime entered,
And his daughter captive, neg and prey
Gyaur heart gave?

Not, timid wife Giray,
or think, or do not want to dare,
Bloom in dull silence;
Custody vigilant and hladnoy
In the lap of boredom cheerless
Change not know ONET.
In the shadow of the prison hranitelnoy
Utaeny their beauty:
So Arabian Flowers
Living behind the glass greenhouses.
For them, the dull succession
days, of the month, summer pass
And imperceptibly for a
And Mladost and love gone.
The monotony of every day,
And slowly within hours.
In the harem life is ruled by lazy;
Rare flashes of pleasure.
Mladen wife, somehow
Wanting the heart to deceive,
Change curvy dresses,
FACTORY game, conversations,
Or the noise of the living waters,
Above them transparent jets
In the coolness of the dense Sycamores
Easy walk swarms.
Between them runs the evil evnuh,
And in vain to escape his:
His jealous eyes and ears
For all of the following hourly.

His efforts wound
The order of the eternal. will Khan
He is the only law;
Commandment holy Quran
Not stricter watch it.
His love does not ask the soul;
like a statue, he suffers
ironies, hatred, reproach,
Insults pranks immodest,
contempt, request, timid eyes,
And a quiet sigh, and murmuring tomnыy.
He is known for a female character;
he experienced, how he sly
And freedom and in captivity:
gentle eyes, Silent tears reproach
No control over his soul;
He does not believe it has already Bole.

Throwing light his hair,
How are captive mladye
Swim in the hottest hours,
And pour a wave key
On their magical beauty,
Fun their guard all the time,
He is here; He sees, indifferent,
Naked damsels swarm;
He's harem in the darkness of night
Noiselessly wanders;
Stepping softly on the carpet,
By obedient sneaks doors,
From the bed to the couch moves;
In caring eternal, Khan's wives
Luxury watches dream,
Night overhears babble;
breath, sigh, the slightest trepidation -
All eager to notice it;
And above it, whose sleepy whisper
Another name called
Or a supportive friend
Evil thoughts trust!

Well full of sadness mind Giray?
Çubuk in his hand went out;
immovable, and dohnuty not laugh,
At the door, waiting for a sign evnuh.
Thoughtful ruler rises;
Before him the door wide open. silently he
It goes into the cherished abode
More recently, lovely wives.

Blithely expecting Khan,
Around playful fountain
On silk carpets ONET
High-spirited crowd sat
And with children's joy looked,
Like a fish in the clear depth
I went on a marble floor.
On purpose to it at the bottom of the other
Dropped gold earrings.
Around slave meanwhile
Sherbet wore fragrant
And songs and pleasant sonorous
Suddenly announced the entire harem:

Tatar song

"Grants sky man
Replacement of tears and frequent troubles:
Blessed whiz, uzrevshih Mecca
In his old age sad.


beatific, who Breg glorious Danube
His death will consecrate:
To meet him, a virgin paradise
With a smile, a passionate fly.


But the Beatitude, of Zarema,
Who, loved the peace and bliss,
Like a rose, in the silence of the harem
nurtures, Pretty, you".

They sing. But where Zarema,
love star, Beauty harem? —
Alas! sad and pale,
Praise does not listen to it.
like a palm tree, smyataya storm,
Young head drooped;
Nothing, Nothing nice to her:
Zarema stopped loving Giray.

he changed!.. But who is with you,
Georgian, equal krasotoyu?
Around the lily brow
You double-wrapped plait;
Your eyes plenitelynыe
clearer day, black as night;
Whose voice expressed strong
Gusts ardent desires?
Whose passionate kiss Zhiwei
Your sarcastic kisses?
as the heart, full you,
Clogged stranger to beauty?
But, indifferent and cruel,
Giray despised thy beauty
And the cool night hours
holds grim, alone
Since, as the Polish princess
In his harem lies.

Recently, young Mary
I beheld the heavens strangers;
Recently cute krasoy
She blossomed in his native country.
The gray-haired father is proud of her
And he is calling his delight.

was the law for an old man
Her infant will.
One was in charge of the care he:
To share a favorite daughter
It was, as spring day, clear,
That minute and sadness
Ee people not darken,
So that even she is married
I remember with affection
maiden time, Days of fun,
Flashed a light of dreams.
Everything in it captivated: quiet nature,
Movements slim, live
And the eyes of languid blue.
Nature cute gifts
It is the art of decorating;
She homemade feasts
Magic harp enlivened;
Crowds of nobles and rich
Marino looking hands,
And a lot of young men on it
The suffering secret languish.
But in the silence of his soul,
She did not yet know of love
And independent leisure
In his father's castle between friends
One devoted amusements.

Long Since? And what! darkness Tatars
Poland flooded river:
Not so terrible swiftness
For the harvest is spread fire.
Obezobrazhennыy voynoyu,
Tsvetushtiy end orphan;
Gone peaceful fun;
Unyli sely and Dubravy,
And a magnificent castle was empty.
Quiet Mary skylights ...
The house church, where around
Pochiyut power Frigid sleep,

With the crown, with the princely coat of arms
Built a new tomb ...
Father in the grave, daughter in captivity,
Stingy heir to the castle reigns
And the reproach of oppressive yoke
devastated country.

Alas! Bakhchisarai Palace
It hides the young princess.
In captivity, a quiet fading,
Maria is crying and sad.
Giray unfortunate spares:
her gloom, tears, moans
Short sleep disturbed Khan,
And it softens to her
Harem strict laws.
Surly watchman Khan's wives
neither day, nor night comes to her;
Hand careful not he
Sleep on a bed it erects;
Do not dare to aspire to it
Humiliating gaze of his eyes;
She lurking in the pool
One with his slave-girl;
Khan himself is afraid of virgin captive
Sad to disturb the peace;
Harem in further separate
It allowed her to live alone:
AND, crease, in solitude
I will hide certain unearthly.
There are day and night lights lamp
In the face of the Virgin of the Blessed;
Soul yearning joy,
There's hope in silence
From humble faith lives,
And the heart reminds all
About close, best side;
There virgin tears shed
Away jealous girlfriends;
And in the meantime, how it all around
In the mad bliss rolls,

Shrine strict secret
Saved by a miracle Area.
so the heart, delusions victim,
Among the evil raptures
Stores one holy pledge,
One divine feeling ...

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

night came; covered with shadow
Tavridy sweet field;
away, under the quiet shadow of the laurels
I hear the song of the nightingale;
the moon rises for the chorus of stars;
She cloudless skies
on the valleys, the hills, forest
Radiance languid suggests.
Covered with a white veil,
Like shadows flickering light,
In the streets of Bakhchisarai,
From house to house, to one another,
Simple Tartars hurry wife
Share evening entertainment.
Palace subsided; asleep harem,
Enveloped in a serene bliss;
Not interrupted by anything
tranquility nights. Sentinel reliable,
Patrol walked evnuh.
Now he sleeps; but fear prilezhnыy
Disturbing in it and sleep spirit.
Edit this idle hourly
Rest does not mind.
That someone rustling, the whispering,
Then he shouts chudyatsya;
Deceived by false rumors,
he wakes up, trembles,
Funky priniknuv ear ...
But everything around it is silent;
Some fountains mellifluous
Marbled prison beating,
AND, with a sweet rose inseparable,

In the darkness of the nightingales sing;
Evnuh still listens to them for a long time,
And the dream again it embraces.

How sweet dark beauty
Nights luxury East!
How sweet are pouring their watches
For admirers of the Prophet!
What bliss in their homes,
The lovely gardens,
In the quiet of harems safe,
Where under the influence of the moon
All is full of secrets and silence
And inspiration voluptuous!

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

All sleeping wife. Do not sleep alone.
barely breathing, she gets up;
is; hand hasty
I opened the door; in the darkness of night
Steps foot easily ...
In nap sensitive and timid
Before it is evnuh gray.
Brother, heart in it inexorably:
Deceptive sleep his rest!..
as a spirit, she passes.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Before the door of her; with perplexity
Her trembling hand
I touched the correct lock ...
entered, I look with amazement ...
And the secret fear it penetrated.
Lamps light lonely,
ark, sadly illumined,
Pure Virgin meek face
And cross, sacred symbol of love,
Georgian! all your soul
Native something awakened,
All the sounds of the forgotten days
Vaguely suddenly spoke.

Before it rested Princess,
And the heat of virgin sleep
Her cheeks were enlivened
AND, tears revealing fresh tracks,
Languid smile lit up.
So shines moonlight
Rain burdened color.
Sporhnuvshy with sky son edema,
It seemed, angel resting
And sleepy tears shed
About the poor captive harem ...
Alas, Zarema, what's wrong?
Inconveniencing her chest anguish,
Unwittingly slope knees,
I pray: "Have pity on me,
Do not reject my prayer!..»
her words, a movement, moan
Broke maiden quiet sleep.
Princess co fear a pre
Mladen stranger sees;
distractedly, trembling hand
She lifted up, He speaks:
"Who are you?.. one, times a night, —
Why are you here?"-" I came to you,
Save me; in my life
One hope remains for me ...
I have long enjoyed happiness,
Carelessness was from day to day ...
And the shadow of bliss is past;
I perish. Listen to me.

I was born not here, long away,
Far away ... but of days gone by
Items in my memory
Hitherto deeply incised.
I remember a mountain in the sky,
Hot streams in the mountains,
impassable oaks,
another law, other customs;
But why, What fate
I left home edge,

I do not know; I remember only the sea
And the man in the sky
Over the sails ...
Fear and above
Hitherto been alien to me;
I'm serene silence
In the shadow of the harem blossomed
And the first experience of love
Obedient heart awaited.
Secret desires of my
have come true. Weights for peaceful bliss
Bloody war despised,
Put a stop to the terrible raids
And again saw his harem.
Previous Khan in dim this idle
we brought. It is bright eyes
He stopped me in silence,
She called me ... and from then on
We are in constant ecstasy
breathed happiness; i did not edited
our libel, any suspicions,
No evil jealousy torment,
Neither boredom did not bother us.
Maria! you before it was ...
Alas, since his soul
Criminal Duma jolt!
Girej, betrayal breathing,
Not listening to my pangs,
He bothering heart moan;
Neither the old feelings, or conversations
He does not find it with me.
You're not involved in crime;
I know: not your fault ...
so, Listen: I'm fine;
In the harem are you alone
Could I also used to be dangerous;
But I was born for passion,
But you love, like me, can not;
Why did hladnoy beauty
You're weak heart disquieted?
Leave me Giray: he's mine;

On I burn his kisses,
He vows terrible gave me,
Long ago, all thoughts, all desires
Giray with my combined;
I will kill him cheating ...
I cry; see, I knee
Now, I bow before thee,
pray, not daring to blame you,
Give me the joy and peace,
Give me the old Giray ...
Do not mind me anything;
He's mine! he blinded thee.
contempt, the request that, Tosca,
what you want, Turn from him;
Swear ... (though I for Alkorana,
Between the slave-girls Khan,
I forgot the faith of the old days;
But the faith of my mother
was your) I swear by it
Zarema recover Giray ...
but listen: if I should
You know ... I'm a dagger,
I was born near the Caucasus ".

said, disappeared suddenly. Behind her
Do not dare to follow the Princess.
Innocent maiden is not clear
Language painful passions,
But their voice is vaguely hear her;
on odd, it's awful to her.
What tears and supplications
It will save from the shame?
What awaits her? Shall it
Balance bitter young days
Concubine despicable conduct?
Oh my God! if Giray
Its remote prison
I forgot miserable forever
Or the death of an accelerated
Dull days of her thwarted, —

With what joy b Mary
It left a sad light!
Moments of life dear
Long gone, for a long time they do not!
What to do to her in the desert of the world?
Oh, it's time to, Mary waiting
And the heavens, World's bosom,
Mother smile name.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Promchalisy days; Mary no.
Instantly orphan rested.
She had long coveted light,
As a new angel, beamed.
But what in the coffin of her cramped?
Tosca eh hopeless bondage,
Disease, or other evil?..
Who knows? No Mary tender!..
Palace sullen empty;
His Giray again left;
With the crowd limit a foreign Tatar
He sent a wicked raided again;
He was again in the storms of combat
sweeps the gloomy, bloodthirsty:
But in the heart of Khan's other senses
Hidden flame cheerless.
He often fatal sechah
lifts his sword, and waved
It remains motionless suddenly,
He looks around with madness,
Bledneet, though full of fear,
And something whispers, and sometimes
Bitter tears pouring down the river.

Forgotten, devotee contempt,
Harem sees not his face;
There, doomed to torment,
Custody khladnogo eunuch
aging wife. between them
Long time no Georgians; she

Harem guards dumb
In the depths of the waters lowered.
That night, she died Princess,
It is finished and its suffering.
What would neither was the wine,
It was horrible punishment! —

War devastated by fire
Caucasus countries closer
And Sela peaceful Russia,
Khan returned in Tauris
And in memory of the sorrowful Mary
Erected a marble fountain,
In a secluded corner of the palace.
Autumn cross over it
Mohammedan moon
(Symbol, of course, daring,
Ignorance pathetic wine).
there is an inscription: caustic years
It has not been obliterated.
For its strange features
Gurgling water in marble
And dripping Northern Tears,
Incessantly ever.
So crying mother in the days of sorrow
About son, fallen in war.
Mladen maidens in the country
Legends of old learned,
And grim monument ONET
A fountain of tears called.

Finally forsaken North,
Peers long forgetting,
I visited Bakhchisarai
In oblivion dormant Palace.
Among the silent transitions
I wandered there, where peoples scourge,
Tartar buйnый nails
And after the horrors of the raid
The luxurious laziness drowning.
Yet still breathes bliss

The empty chambers and gardens;
water Game, rdeyut roses,
And twisted vines,
And gold shine on the walls.
I saw crumbling lattice,
for wherewith, in its spring,
Amber examining rosary,
Sighed his wife in silence.
I saw the khan's cemetery,
Lords last home.
These grave posts,
Wedding marble turban,
It seemed to me, the fate of the covenant
They read as a coherent rumor.
Where they disappeared Khans? where harem?
Around all is quiet, everything dull,
Everything has changed ... but not the
While the heart was full:
rose breath, fountains noise
Attracted to involuntary oblivion,
Unwittingly indulged in mind
inexplicably excitement,
And the palace volatile shadow
Maid flashed before me!..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

whose shadow, the other, I saw?
Tell me: whose way of tender
Then followed me,
Irresistible, inevitable?
Mary eh pure soul
was me, or Zarema
rushed, jealousy breathing,
Amid emptied harem?

I remember as a cute look
And yet the beauty of the earth,
All the thoughts of the heart it fly,
On her exile miss ...
madman! full! stop doing that,
Not Quicken longing in vain,

Rebellious dreams of love unhappy
Paid tribute to you -
Come to your senses; long l, prisoner languishing,
You shackles kiss
And in the light of liroyu immodest
His frenzy disclose?

muses a fan, world fan,
Forgetting and glory and love,
ABOUT, I see you again soon,
Brega funny Salgir!
Attending on the coastal mountain slope,
Secret memories full, —
Again Taurida wave
Gladden my greedy eyes.
magic Valley! eye Joy!
All alive there: hills, the woods,
Amber and ruby ​​grapes,
Low pryyutnaya Beauty,
And jets and poplars cool ...
All sense of traveler beckons,
When, per hour in the morning serene,
In the forest, road prybrezhnoy,
Familiar his horse runs,
And a green moisture
Before him, and shines and makes noise
Around the cliffs Ayu-Dag ...

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