The stones stony, in the mists of midnight,
Treading a weary foot tenderly,
After Lore traveler went, eyes languidly vain
peaceful overnight searched in the darkness thick.
Caves there before him, on the banks of ugrûmom
He sees no huts, heritage fishermen;
In the distance a dense forest shake with the noise winds,
Moon behind clouds, and in the sea sleeps Dawn.

Goes, and on the rock, overgrown with damp moss,
Sees the bard of old - the fun of previous years:
Bending over the brow gray flow howling,
In the silence of the times he contemplated flight.
Toothed sword hung on vetvi gloomy willow.
Thoughtful look quiet singer drew
Son of alien countries, and timid traveler
Shuddering in horror and hurried past.

“Stay, traveler! wait! – вещал певец веков минувших: —
Here fell the brave, almost their abusive ashes!
Almost heroism children, grave sleep asleep!”
Sojourner head hung - and, it seemed, on the hills
Risen series shadows bloodied head
With a smile of pride at the stranger bowed.
"Whose coffin I see there?» – вещал иноплеменный
And bards have staff on shore.

Quiver and helmet Steel, nailed to a cliff,
Throwing a dim ray, echo ozlatyas.
“Alas! here fell Osgar! – рек старец вдохновенный, —
ABOUT! early youth last hour!
But he was looking for his: I mature, both in military Stroe
He pervyya boom expected with joy
And he rushed from the ranks, and fell into the good fight:
Rest, youth! you're in the battlefield of the glorious fallen.

In the prime of tender years Osgar loved Malvina,
More than once he met with his girlfriend joy
Evening light of the moon, sliding over the valley,
And the shadow, seed which fell with terrible seaside cliffs.
Seemed, their hearts to each other blazed;
one, one Osgar Malvina breathing;
But quickly the days of love and happiness flew,
And evening grief for the young men came.

once, In the dark night of winter sometimes dull,
Osgar knocking on the door of a beauty Mlada
And whispers: "Young friend! not medley, here's your cute!»
But quiet in the cabin. Newly timid hand
Knocks and listens: only the winds from blowing the whistle.
“Shall sleep Now, Malvina? – мгла вокруг,
snow falls, Vlas fog ledeneyut.
hear, hear me, Malvina, Dear friend!”

The third time he knocks, skrypom door with staggered.
He enters with trepidation. Unhappy! well saw?
Darkens his eyes, Malvina shook,
He sees - in the arms of traitor Zvignel!
And a wild rage in his eyes boil:
Numb and trembling young lover.
He drew the sword, and there is already Zvignela,
And pale, his spirit was hidden in the darkness of night!

Malvina embraced the unfortunate knee,
But the gaze is turned away: “live! – вещал Осгар, —
live, so I'm not your, contemptible betrayal of me,
I forget, extinguished by the heat of passion invalid”.
And quietly out the door, he goes in silence,
bound mrachnoyu, безмолвною тоской —
Disappeared forever sweet charm!
He was alone in the world, so no soul mother.

I saw a young man: ponyknuv head,
Malvina name he whispered in despair;
How dusk, dormant over the abyss morskoju,
At the heart of darkness sorrowful despondency lay.
On the other, he looked hastily childhood;
Already motionless eyes friends did not recognize;
On feast succeeded, Desert silent
He harbored loneliness her sadness.

And long years spent among Osgar torment.
Suddenly came the trumpet! Oden son, Fingal,
Led menacing swords, in bloody battles fervor.
Osgar heard the news, and was kindled abuse.
Here his sword flashed, and death was before him;
covered with wounds, here I fell on the pile of bodies.
He fell - even the sword arm around looking for,
And a deep sleep fell off centuries on strong.

Pobegli reversed enemies - and quiet world hero!
And quietly all around the burial mound!
Only in the autumn Chladni, bezmesyachnoy sometimes,
When the mountain tops tyagchit crude dark,
The Crimson Cloud, odeyanna fog,
Above the stone stony sad shadow sitting,
And arrows rattle, knocking armor and quiver,
And maple, began to stir, mysterious noise”.

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Alexander Pushkin
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