The power and glory of the war,
Faithless as their vain votaries, men,
Had pass’d to the triumphant Czar.
B y r о n


You - but the voice of the muse of the dark
L touch your ear?
Do you understand the soul of the humble
The desire of my heart?
Or the poet's dedication,
As did his love,
Before you no answer
Will pass, unrecognized again?

find out, at least, sounds,
Used to, dear to you -
And think, that in the days of separation,
In my changeable fate,
Your sad desert,
The last sound you have to say
one treasure, shrine,
One love of my soul.


Rich and glorious Kochubey.
His boundless meadows;
There are herds of his horses
graze free, nehranimы.
Around Poltava Farm
Surrounded by its gardens,
And very good at it,
Mehov, atlas, silver
And at the sight and under lock and key.
But Kochubey rich and proud
Not dolgogrivymi horses,
No gold, a tribute to the Crimean hordes,
Not tribal hamlets,
The beautiful daughter of his
Proud old Kochubei.

And then say: Poltava no
beauties, Mary equal.
It fresh, as spring color,
Cherished in the shade Dubravnaya.
Poplar Kiev heights,
she is slim. her movements
That swan desert water
Resemble a smooth ride,
That doe fast strivings.
as foam, her broad chest.
Around the high chela,
As the clouds, hair blacken.
Star shining in her eyes;
her mouth, like a rose, rdeyut.
But not a single beauty
(instant color!) rumor noisy
Mary honored in Mlada:
Everywhere she became famous
Girl modest and reasonable.
For the enviable grooms
She sends POA and Russia;
But from the crown, both from the shackles,
Maria runs shy.
All suitors failure - and that
Her hetman himself sends matchmakers.

on star. He was depressed for years,
war, worries, labors;
But feeling it boil, and again
Mazeppa knows love.

Instantly heart young
Lights on and off. It love
Passes and comes again,
In it the feeling of every other day:
Not so obediently, not lightly,
Not as instant passions
Old man's heart is burning,
petrified years.
stubbornly, it slowly
The red-hot flames of passion;
But too late the heat cools down
It was only his life leaves.

Not a rock chamois leaves,
Hear a heavy flight of the eagle;
One in the passage bride wanders,
Trembles and waits for a decision.

And all full of indignation
To her mother goes and, shudder
Grabbing her hand, He speaks:
"Shameless! elder wicked!
perhaps l?… not, while we are alive,
Not! he does not commit a sin.
is he, must be a father and a friend
His goddaughter innocent ...
madman! the twilight
He decided to be her spouse ".
Maria shuddered. Face
Deathly pallor covered,
And how ohladev nezhivaya
Maid fell on the porch.

she came to her senses, but again
eyes closed - and not a word
Does not speak. Father and mother
Seeking to reassure her heart,
Fear and anguish to disperse,
Anxiety troubled thoughts to arrange ...
In vain. Two whole days,
Then silently crying, the Walls,
Maria did not drink, do not come,
staggering, pale as a shadow,
Not knowing sleep. On the third day
Ee Svetlič deserted.

No one knew, when and how
she abbr. a fisherman
That night, I hear horses' hooves,,
Cossack speech and women's whisper,
And utrom after osymi horseshoe
It was visible on the dew meadows.

Not only the first fuzz cheeks
Yes Russes curls young,
Sometimes elder strict views,
scars chela, his hair gray
In the imagination of beauty
Puts passionate dreams.

Soon hearing Kotchubey
Touched rock news:
She forgot the shame and honor,
She is in the arms of the villain!
What a disgrace! Father and mother
Rumor dare not understand.
Only then was the truth
With its terrible nudity.
Only then only be explained
Soul criminals Mlada.
Then, as soon it became apparent,
Why running capriciously
She nepotism shackles,
Tomilasy secret, groan
And greetings suitors
The Silence of the proud answer;
Why so quiet at the table
She just listened to Hetman,
When word gloated
And a bowl of foaming wine;
Why does she always Phewa
these songs, which put on,
When he was poor and small,
When the rumor did not know him;
Why nezhenskoyu with soul
She loved horse system,
Bran ringing timpani and clicks
Before bunčukom and bulavoj
Malorossiiskii vladыky ....

Rich and noble Kochubey.
Pretty his friends.
Wash his glory he may.
It can disturb Poltava;
Suddenly, amid his palace
He can father's revenge
Comprehend proud villain;
He can sure hand
Sink ... but the idea of ​​a
Care heart Kochubei.

It was the time to dim,
When the Young Russia,
In agony straining force,
Husband with the genius of Peter.
Stern was in the science of Fame
She was given a teacher; not alone
Lesson Nezhdanov and bloody
I asked her Swedish paladin.
But the temptation to a long punishment
Endured the blows of fate,
strengthened Russia. So heavy mlat,
shattering the glass, forges damask.

The crowning glory of useless,
Brave Carl slid over the abyss.
He walked to the ancient Moscow,
Vzmetaya Russian squad,
As the whirlwind blows the dust of the valley
And tend the dusty grass.
He walked through, which should be left
In the days of our new, a powerful enemy,
When fall Oslavy
Rock your husband back down a step.

POA muffled worried,
It has long been in it a spark flared.
Friends bloody antiquity
People chayali War,
Roptai, requiring puffy,
To Hetman their bands terminated,
And Charles waited impatiently
They were giddy delight.
Around Mazeppa heard
rebellious cry: time to, time to!
But the old hetman remained
Obedient subjects of Peter.
Keeping the severity obychaynu,
Calmly, he was in charge of the Ukraine,
Molve, it seemed, not heeded
And indifferently feasted.

"Well Hetman? - boys repeated,
he exhausted; he is too old;
Proceedings and years quenched
In it the former, active heat.
Why trembling hand
He also wears a mace?
Now to break out war on us
On hated Moscow!
Whenever old Doroshenko,
Ile Samoylovich young,
Or our Paley, il Gordeenko
Owned military force;
Then used in the snows of a distant foreign land
Cossacks did not die,
And Little sad
Freed too shelf ".

So, svoevoliem pыlaya,
Murmur daring youth,
Cherry plum dangerous changes,
Forgetting homeland longtime prisoner,
Bogdan happy disputes,
saints battle, treaties
And the glory of ancestral times.
But old age walks cautiously
And looking suspiciously.
That can not be, and that it is possible,
Even if she does not decide.
Who snidet in the deep sea,
The coated ice motionless?
Someone searching mind
Penetrate the abyss of a fatal
people perfidy? Duma in it,
The fruits of suppressed passions,
Lie submerged deep,
And the idea of ​​longstanding days,
May be, maturing lonely.
who knows? But the fiercely Mazeppa,
The heart of it is false and cunning,
Those with mean he inadvertently
In obhozhdenii moan.
How he can arbitrarily
Heart draw and solve,
Allow other people's secrets!
What credulity false,
How good-natured pirates
The old man with the old men talkative
He regrets about the past days,
Glorifies freedom from self-willed,
Defy the authorities unhappy,
With bitter tears pouring,
S glupcom reasonable Speech leads!
not many, may be, known,
That his spirit was indomitable,
He was glad and honest and dishonest
He hurt his foes;
That it is not a single insult
Since lives are not forgotten,
That far are criminal types
Arrogant old man stretched out;
What he does not know shrines,
What he does not remember of charity,
What he does not like anything,
That the blood he prepared as an injection water,
He that despises freedom,
That there is no homeland for him.

It has long been intent terrible
Cherished secretly angry old man
In his soul. But look dangerous,
Hostile gaze of his infiltrated.

"Not, cheeky predator, not, the destroyer! —
Grinding thinks Kotchoubey, —
I will spare your abode,
Prison of my daughter;
You do not istleesh amid fire,
You're not on strike izdohnesh
Cossack saber. Not, the villain,
In the hands of the Moscow executioners,
In blood, when vain DENIAL,
on Dybe, writhing in torture,
And you curse the day and hour,
When you have a daughter baptized,
I pir, on any cup honor
I poured you a full,
And night, when our dove
You, old kite, invocation!…»

So! there was a time: Kochubei
He was a friend of Mazepa; ones in days
As salt, bread and oil,
They shared their feelings.
Their horses through the fields of victory
Galloping through the next lights;
Often long conversations
Naedine says they do -
Previous Kochubey Hetman secretive
Soul rebel insatiable
Part of the abyss opened
And on the coming changes,
negotiations, indignantly
In speeches vague hint.
So, It was the heart of Kochubey
While betrayed him.
But in a bitter rage svirepeya,
Now the urge to one
it obediently; it is blue
A single thought, and day and night:
Or he will die, il ruin -
Avenge insulted daughter.

But adventurous anger
He firmly held his heart.
"The impotent sorrow, when the grave
Now he turned his thoughts.
He does not want evil Mazeppa;
Guilty of all the daughter of one.
But he forgives and daughter:
Let God will answer it,
Covering his family shame,
Forgetting and the sky and the law .... "

Meanwhile eagle eye
In the circle, he is looking for a home
Statement brave comrades,
unwaveringly, unbribable.
In the opened to his wife:
It has long been in the deep silence
Already denounced it saves formidable,
And the anger of women's full
impatient wife
The wife of the evil urges.
In the quiet nights, Sleep on a bed,
As a kind of spirit, it she
Whispers of revenge, reproaches,
And the tears pouring down, and encourages,
And oath requires - and it
Klyanetsya mrachnыy Kochubey.

blow thought out. With the Kochubei
Fearless spark at the same time.
And both think: «resist;
The fall of the enemy decided.
But who, userdyem flames,
Jealous of the common good,
Denunciation of the powerful villain
prejudice Peter
To put the feet do not shy?»

In the Poltava Cossacks,
Wretched virgin unhappy,
One with the infant's
I loved her passionate love.
evening, morning times,
On the bank of the river home,
In the shadow of Ukrainian cherries,
Used to, He was waiting for Mary,
And the expectation of suffering,
And a brief meeting was comforted.
He loved her without hope,
He did not bother her imploringly:
Failure he had not experienced.
When we traversed the crowd
To her suitors, from their ranks
Dull and sire he retired.
When suddenly between Cossacks
Maria's a shame resounded,
And ruthless rumor
She was struck with a laugh,
And then Mary kept
Above him the customary rights.
But if anyone even casually
Pre him Mazepa nazыval,
This on błędna, secretly tormented,
And eyes lowered to the ground.

Someone at the stars and the moon
So late rides on horseback?
Whose horse tireless
Runs in the desert vastness?

Cossack on his way north,
Cossacks did not want to relax
Neither in the open field, not dubrave,
In no dangerous crossing.

As his glass damask glitters,
bosom bag rings,
Without stumbling horse zealous
Is running, waving mane.

Gold coins are needed for the messenger,
Bulat fun fellow,
Proud steed fun too -
But the hat for him more.

He left his hat glad
Konya, gold pieces and damask,
But you'll get the hat only to combat,
And it is only with violent head.

Why did he heaped treasures?
Beyond that, that her denunciation sewn,
Denunciation of the Hetman villain
Tsar Peter the Great on Kochubey.

Thunderstorms are not feeling between,
Neuzhasaemy nothing,
Mazeppa intrigues keeps.
With him polnomoschny Jesuits
People establish Mutiny
And it promises a shaky throne.
In the darkness of the night they are like thieves
Conduct their negotiations,
Infidelity value between a,
Compose Digits wagons,
Sell ​​the royal head,
Traded vows vassals.
A beggar to the palace
Unknown spalling walks,
I Orlik, hetmans businessman,
His results and outputs.
Everywhere secretly sow poison
It had sent a servant:
There, in the Don Cossack circles
They Bulavin muddy;
There waking wild hordes courage;
There, behind the rapids of the Dnieper
Scare a large crowd of
the autocracy of Peter.
Maeepa everywhere the eye rolls
And sending emails from end to end:
Threat raises tricky
He Moscow Bakhchisaray.
The king listens to him in Warsaw,
Within the walls of Ochakov Pasha,
During the camp, and Karl King. never sleeps
His artful soul;
is he, Duma Duma developing,
Verneuil prepares its impact;
It does not weaken the will of evil,
Tireless criminal fever.

But he was startled, both cheered,
When before it struck nezapno
seed which fell thunder! when he,
Enemy to Russia,
Russian nobles have sent
In Poltava write denunciations
And instead of the righteous threats,
as a victim, affection lavished;
And concerns of war,
Disdaining alleged slander,
Donoso left without vnimanyya,
King of Judah consoled himself
And anger noise a punishment
Afflict long promised!

Blockhead, in mock sorrow,
By the voice of the king elevates humble.
"And God knows, and sees the light:
is he, hetman poor, twenties
I served the king faithful soul;
His immense bounty
Osıpan, surprisingly lifted ...
ABOUT, as blind, reckless malice!…
He is my only weapon now the door,
Start doctrine changes,
And potemnyat good glory?
Did not he care Stanislav
Indignantly rejected,
ashamed, He rejected the crown of the Ukraine
And the agreement and writing secrets
to the king, on debt, sent?
Did not he instigation Khan
And Constantinople Saltan
I was deaf? burning zeal,
With enemies of the white king
The mind and the sword was glad to argue,
Works and lives spared,
And now, an evil foe dare
His gray hair disgrace!
And who? spark, Crested lark!
So long his former friends!…»
And with bloody tears,
In cold presumptuously,
Their execution requires a villain ...

whose penalty?... an old man nepreklonnыy!
Whose daughter in his arms?
But coldly his heart
He drowns sleepy murmur.
He says: "In an unequal dispute
Why did this madman enters?
He himself, arrogant maverick,
Himself sharpens the ax.
where run, Clutching eyelids?
What he founded hope?
Or daughter ... but love
The heads of the paternal redeem.
Lover Hetman yield,
Not that my blood is spilled. "

Maria, poor Mary,
Beauty of Cherkasy daughters!
You do not know, of a serpent
Caress on his chest.
What strange power
By soul ferocious and depraved
So much you involved?
Who are you as a sacrifice given?
His curly gray hair,
Its deep wrinkles,
its brilliant, sunken eyes,
His sly conversation
you all, dearest:
You are a mother could forget them,
Temptation she had made with the bed
Do you prefer the shadow of the Father.
His marvelous sight of
You old man bewitched,
Its quiet speeches
In you he has lulled conscience;
You look at him with awe
Erect blinded eyes,
Cherish it with emotion -
You pleasing your shame,
you tell them, in an insane rapture,
How proud chastity -
You're lovely delicate shame
In his lost fall ...

What a shame Mary? that rumor?
That for her worldly penalties,
When he is leaning on his knees
To her old man proud head,
When it forgets Hetman
And the fate of his work and the noise,
Ile secrets bold, menacing doom
Her, Maiden timid, opens?
And the days of innocent she was not sorry,
And her soul a sadness
occasionally, like a cloud, overshadows:
It is a sad sight
Father and mother imagines;
She, through tears, He sees them
The childless old age, one,
AND, crease, their fines listens ....
ABOUT, if she was in charge of,
What can we all learned POA!
But she kept on
Another deadly mystery.


Mazepa gloomy. his mind
Confused cruel dreams.
Maria gentle eyes of
He looks at his elder.
She, hugging his knees,
love words he repeats.
In vain: black thoughts
Her love will not remove.
Prev poor with virgin inattention
He lowered his gaze coldly,
And on her tender reproach
Sponds one of silence.
surprised, offended,
barely breathing, she gets up
And he says indignantly:

"Listen, hetman; for you
I forgot everything in the world.
Forever one day fall in love,
One was I in the subject:
your love. I'm for it
I ruined my happiness,
But nothing I do not regret ...
Do you remember: in a terrible silence,
That night, how I became thy,
I love you swore to me.
Why do not you love me?

M and h is n and.
a friend of mine, you unjust.
Leave crazy dreams;
You are destroying the heart of suspicions:
Not, your fervent soul
excite, blind passion.
Maria, trust: love you
I have more honor, more power.

M and P and I.
Not true: You Sly me.
Long Since we were inseparable?
Now you're petting my running away;
Now you are tiresome;
You spent the whole day in the circle of elders,
The feasts, traveling - I have forgotten;
You're a long night il,
Or to the poor, il at the Jesuits;
I love my humble
Meets the cool severity.
You saw recently, I know,
Dulskoy Health. This news;
Who is this Dulskaya?

M and h is n and.
And you
jealous? Me, Whether in my years
Search haughty greetings
proud beauty?
And I'm eh, stern old man,
As idle youth, sigh,
Eke out a shameful shackles
I try wives hypocrisy?

M and P and I.
Not, explained without excuses
And just, right answer.

M and h is n and.
Rest your soul dear to me,
Maria; so be it: find out.

It has long been the case, we have planned;
Now it boils we.
A good time for us to ripe;
The hour of the great struggle.
Without cute liberty and glory
We head bowed for a long time
Under the patronage of Warsaw,
Under the despotism of Moscow.
But independent power
Borderland already be time to:
And the bloody banner of liberty
I rises to Peter.
Finish all: in negotiations
With me both kings;
And soon in Smoot, in abusive disputes,
May be, I will raise up the throne.
I have trusted friends:
The princess and her Dulskaya
My Jesuits, but this beggar
By the end of my idea leads.
Through their hands to reach me
mandate, letters of kings.
That's important to you confessions.
You happy eh? your of dream
dispersed eh?

M and P and I.
Oh my dear,
You will be the king of his native land!
Your gray hair as a stick
crown royal!

M and h is n and.
Hold on.
Not everything has come true. storm breaks out;
Who knows, that awaits me?

M and P and I.
I am near you do not know fear -
You are so not being able to! ABOUT, I know:
Throne is waiting for you.

M and h is n and.
And if the scaffold?…

M and P and I.
With you on the block, if so.
Brother, Whether you can survive?
But no: you wear a sign of power.

M and h is n and.
I love you?

M and P and I.
I! love Is?

M and h is n and.
Tell: father or husband
you more?

M and P and I.
Dear friend,
What question is? worries
I was vain, he. family
I try to forget my.
I became her shame; may be
(What a terrible dream!)
I cursed my father,
And who?

M and h is n and.
So I more
you father? Silent ...

M and P and I.
Oh my God!

M and h is n and.
Well? answer.

M and P and I.
Decide you yourself.

M and h is n and.
Listen: if we had used,
He il me, have to die,
Would you have us judge was,
Who used you as a sacrifice brought,
Who would you was a fence?

M and P and I.
Brother, full! the heart does not embarrass!
you tempter.

M and h is n and.

M and P and I.
you're pale; thy speech is harsh ...
ABOUT, do not be angry! To all, all ready
Thee I sacrifice, believe me;
But I am afraid these words.

M and h is n and.
Remember the, Maria,
What did you say to me now.

Ukrainian quiet night.
transparent sky. stars shine.
His slumber to overcome
He does not want to air. A little tremble
Srebristyh sheets poplars.
Luna calmly from a height
Over-White Church shines
And lush gardens hetmans
And the old castle shines.
quietly, quiet all around;
But the castle whispering and confusion.
In one of the towers, under window,
In the deep, hard razmыshleny,
chained, Kochubey sitting
And the sky looks gloomy.

Zautra penalty. But without fear
He thinks about the terrible punishment;
About life does not regret it.
Death he? coveted dream.
He is ready to go into the tomb bloody.
drema Dolit. But, good god!
To the feet of the villain, silently, mouth
How dumb creature,
Be saluting the king in power
Vragu king of poruganye,
Loss of life - and her honor,
Friends with a message on the block,
Over the grave to hear them curse,
Going to the innocent under the ax,
Enemy to meet cheerful eyes
And death to rush into the arms,
Not willing to anybody
Hostility to his villain!…

And he remembered his Poltava
The usual family circle, friends,
Days gone by wealth, glory,
And the songs of his daughter,
And the old house, where he was born,
Where he knew and labor and peaceful sleep,
And that's it, than life enjoyed,
What he voluntarily gave up,
And for what? —
But the key to zarzhavom
Castle booming - and awake
Unhappy thinks: here it is!
That's the way of my bloody
My leader under the banner of the cross,
Capable of sin resolver,
Spiritual affliction doctor, servant
Christ crucified for us,
His holy blood and body
brought me, yes strengthened,
Yes pristuplyu to death bravely
And eternal life to join!

And with a hearty contrition
Ready unfortunate Kotchoubey
before the all-powerful, endless
Pour out their longing pleas.
But the hermit saint,
He finds another guest:
Svyrepыy Orlik before him.
And disgust tormented,
The sufferer asks bitterly:
"Are you here, brute?
Why my last night
Mazepa still angers?»

O r l and k.
Interrogation is not finished: answer.

For a b e h in th.
I already posted: go,
leave me.

O r l and k.
another confession
Pan Hetman requires.

For a b e h in th.
But what?
It has long confessed all my,
What did you want. testimony
My all false. I Crafty,
I intrigue. Getman rights.
What do you want more?

O r l and k.
We know,
What do you uncountable was rich;
We know: not a single treasure
You Dikanka sheltering.
Your punishment must happen;
Your estate full
The treasury received a military -
This is the law. I indicates
You last respects: open,
where treasures, hidden you?

For a b e h in th.
So, you are not wrong: three stocks
In this life I have been a joy.
And the first treasure was my honor,
Treasure that torture has taken away;
Another treasure was irrecoverable
Honor of the daughter of my beloved.
I day and night shivering over him:
Mazeppa has stolen the treasure.
But I kept the last treasure,
My third treasure: holy places.
I prepare her God shall devour.

O r l and k.
Old man, Leave empty nonsense:
Today, leaving the light,
Subsist on ideas severe.
No joke. Give an answer,
When you do not want to torture the new:
Where to put the money?

For a b e h in th.
the evil slave!
Do interrogation was over ridiculous?
occasional; let me lie in a coffin,
Then go himself with Mazepa
My heritage considered
bloody fingers,
My basements tear,
Slashing and burning houses with gardens.
With a take my daughter;
She will tell you everything,
She treasures all will show you;
But for God's sake I beg,
Now leave me alone.

O r l and k.
Where to put the money? bestow.
Do not want? - Money where? tell me,
Or will a consequence of poor.
Think; for us to appoint.
silently? - Well, in torture. gay, executioner!

The executioner walked ....
ABOUT, night of torment!
But where is the hetman? where is the villain?
Where he fled from pangs
Snake their conscience?
In the parlor maids lulling,
Another blissful ignorance,
Near the bed goddaughter Mlada
He is sitting with bowed head
Mazeppa quiet and moody.
In his mind are thoughts,
One other dark, mračnej.
"Die mad Kotchoubey;
It can not be saved. The closer
The purpose of hetman, the harder it
It shall be clothed with power,
Especially in front of him to lean below
It must feud. no escape:
An informer and his minion
die ". But look dashing on a bed,
Mazeppa thinks: "Oh my God!
What will happen to her, When she
Hear the word fatal?
Hitherto she had alone -
But the secret to be kept
It can not any longer. cleaver,
falling morning, zagremit
Across Borderland. world voice
Around her speak!…
Brother, I see: whom fate
Excitement lives predestined,
Toth Stoy one before the storm,
Does not call for a wife.
In one cart harness nemozhno
Horse and quivering doe.
I inadvertently forgotten:
Now pay tribute to the madness ...
All, that the price does not know himself,
All, all, what life is sweet,
Poor thing brought me a gift,
To me, elder gloomy, - and what?
What a cook she hit! -»
And he looks: on a quiet bed
How sweet youth peace!
Like a dream it cherishes dearly!
mouth opened; serenely
Breath chest young;
And tomorrow, tomorrow ... shuddering
Mazeppa averts gaze,
gets up and, quietly making his way,
The secluded garden is coming off.

Ukrainian quiet night.
transparent sky. stars shine.
His slumber to overcome
He does not want to air. A little tremble
Srebristyh sheets poplars.
But gloomy strange dreams
Inwardly Mazepy: night stars,
As accusatory eyes,
Behind him a mocking look.
And poplars, constrained in a number of,
Shakes his head softly,
How to judge, shepchut limits a.
And summer, warm night darkness
Stuffy like a black prison.

Suddenly a faint cry ... ... muffled groan
How would he hears from the castle.
It was a dream of imagination Do,
Ile owl cry, il beast howling,
Or torture moan, il sound different -
But his excitement
Could not overcome the old man
And a prolonged weak cry
Another responded - the cry,
He joyfully wild
Battlefields was read,
When to whiten, c Gamaleem,
And - with it ... and this Kochubey
He rode in battle flames.

Dawn crimson stripe
Embraces bright skies.
flashed valleys, hills, fields,
The tops of trees and the waves of rivers.
There was noise in the morning playful,
And awaken people.

Even Mary sweet breath,
Sandman enveloped, and hears
Through an easy sleep, someone to it
I came in and touched her feet.
She woke up - but rather
With a smile, her eyes closed up
From morning rays shine.
Maria held out his hands
And with languid bliss whispered:
"Blockhead, you?... "But her voice
Sponds to another ... oh!
Startled, she looks ... and what?
Before her mother ...

M and m s.
Shut up, silent;
Do not destroy us: I was in the night
It crept cautiously
With a single, tearful pleas.
Today penalty. you one
Soften their ferocity possible.
father save.

A d h s, horrified
What kind of father?
what is the penalty?

M and m s.
Or you this day
Do not you know?… not! you're not in the desert,
You're in the palace; you should know,
How ugly force getmana,
He punishes his enemies.
As he listens to the emperor ...
but I see: sad family
You refuse to Mazepa;
I caught you sonnu,
When accomplishes court ferocious,
When reading the verdict,
When the father is ready to ax ...
Each other, I see, we are strangers ...
Come to your senses, my daughter! Maria,
run, Paddy at his feet,
father save, Be an angel to us:
Your eyes will tie the hands of evildoers,
You can take their ax.
Rvis, Vacancies - Hetman not refuse:
You forgot to honor him,
Loved God.

A d h s.
What's wrong with me?
Father ... ... Mazepa penalty - imploringly
Here, in this castle my mother -
Not, il mind I lost,
Or is it dreams.

M and m s.
God bless you,
Not, No - not dreams, not dream.
Can it be true yet you do not know,
What is your father fierce
Dishonor daughter not demolished
AND, vengeance keen,
King for Hetman informed ...
What in the bloody tortures
He confessed to intent crafty,
The shame insane slander,
what, victim bold innocence,
Enemy he issued his head,
That before the community by Branch,
When it does not overshadow
Right hand of the Lord Vishny,
He is scheduled to be executed today,
What's the time being he sits
In the prison tower.

A d h s.
God, Christ!…
Today! - my poor father!

And the maiden falls on a bed,
As hladny falls dead.

Pestreyut hats. spears shine.
Beating tambourines. jump Serdyukov.
In the ranks are smoothed shelves.
The crowds seethe. heart flutter.
Road, like a serpent's tail,
full of people, stirs.
Among the fields fatal namost.
He walks, veselytsya
The executioner and the victim is waiting greedily:
In the hands of white beret,
Yhrayuchy, heavy ax,
That was joking with black gay.
The detonating say everything merged:
female Creek, abuse, and laughter, and murmuring.
Suddenly, exclamations resounded
And everything was quiet. Only the horses' hooves,
It was heard in the terrible silence.
There, surrounded by Serdyukov,
Velmozhny Hetman with elders
Stuck on voronom horses.
And there on the road Kiev
The wagon was driving. The alarm
All eyes turned to her.
it, with the world, reconciled with the sky,
Being able to faith fortified
I sat innocent Kotchoubey,
With him quiet Spark, indifferent,
like a lamb, lot obedient.
The cart has become. There was a
Molen faces vociferous.
With the censers of smoking has risen.
For the repose of the soul of accidents
Silently praying people,
Sufferers of enemies. And so
they go, ascended. on plahu,
cross, falls Kotchoubey.
As if in a coffin, people of darkness
silent. Ax flashed with a flourish,
And I jumped head.
All field gasped. other
Rolling behind her, unblinking.
Blushed blood grass -
And the heart of rejoicing in anger
Hangman for Chub caught them both
And tension arm
Shook them both above the crowd.

accomplished penalty. people secure
Goes, spread abroad, home
And about your worries are eternal
Already interprets among themselves.
Gradually empties field.
Then through colorful road
Defected two wives.
weary, dust-filled,
They, it seemed, to the place of execution
We hurry full of fear.
"It's late", - someone told them
And in the finger pointed.
There fatal namost broke,
I prayed in black robes pop,
And the cart lifted
Two Cossack oak coffin.

One before the crowd konnoyu
Blockhead, ugly, removed
From the place of execution. he tormented
Some terrible emptiness.
No one approached him,
He did not say;
All the foam raced his horse.
home coming, "Mary?»
I asked Mazepa. he hears
answers timid, deaf ...
Involuntary terror struck,
He goes to her; in the parlor includes:
Front room quiet empty -
He's in the garden, and there wanders distraught;
But round the wide pond,
In the bushes, along the serene passage
all empty, no trace anywhere -
gone! - He calls servants reliable,
His nimble Serdyukov.
They run. Snore their horses -
There was a wild chase click,
Horse riding - and jump well done
At full gallop to the ends.

Run moments expensive.
Maria does not return.
No one knew, not heard,
Why and how she ran ...
Mazeppa silently gnashed.
Zatyhnuv, servants trembled.
The ebullient breasts wearing poison,
In skylights getman zapersya.
Near the lodge there in the darkness
he sat, without closing the eyes,
Nezdeshney flour tomym.
in the morning, sent his servant
One after another came.
Little horses move. Podprugi,
Podkovы, Kazan, chepraki,
Everything was covered penoyu,
In blood, squandered, beaten -
But no him to bring
Can a poor Maiden news.
And a trace of its existence
Vanished like an empty sound,And his mother alone in the darkness of exile
Mount sped away poverty.

Canto Three

Soul deep sadness
Strive boldly into the distance
Leader of the Ukraine does not prevent.
Hardening in his intent,
He is a proud Swedish king
Their relations continues.
Meanwhile,, or rather to deceive
Eyes hostile doubt,
is he, surrounded by a crowd of doctors,
On a bed of imaginary torment
Stoney implores healing.
passion Fruit, wars, labor
disease, frailty and sorrow,
Baptist's death, nailed
Its the bier. I'm ready now
He will soon leave the mortal world;
Holy rite he wants to rule,
He Archbishop calls
The bier dubious demise;
And treacherous gray
mysterious firs flowing.

But as time passed. Moscow vain
By yourself waiting for guests Hourly,
Among the old, enemy graves
Preparing Swedes funeral feast secret.
Nezapno Karl twists
And he carried the war in the Ukraine.

And the day has come. Rises from bedside
Blockhead, This feeble sufferer,
This living corpse, just yesterday
Moaning weakly on the grave.
Now he is a powerful enemy of Peter.
Now he, vigorous, before the shelves
Sparkles in the eyes of the proud
And waving his sword - and Desna
Quickly rushes on horseback.
life bent hard old,
So shalt cunning Cardinal,
Crowned by the Roman tiara,
and direct, and healthy, and the young man became.

And the news on the wings flew.
Ukraine troubled noisy:
"He moved, he changed,
To the feet, he put Charles
Bunchuk submissive ". flames bursting,
Gets bloody dawn
People's war.

who will describe
Indignation, the king's wrath?
Thundering anathema in cathedrals;
Mazepы face terzaet cat.
On noisy Rada, in floor debate
Other doing Hetman.
With bregov desert Yenisei
family Sparks, Kochubey
Hurriedly called Peter.
He shed tears with them.
About them, please, showers
And the new honor and reputation.
Mazepa enemy, passionate rider,
Old Man Paley from the darkness links
In the Ukraine goes to the king's camp.
Trepeshtet rebellion osirotelыy.
Dies on the scaffold Chechel bold
And Zaporozhye ataman.
And you, warlike glory lover,
For the helmet throwing Venec,
Your day is near, You shaft Poltava
Finally caught sight away.

And the king rushed to Well squad.
They flowed like a storm -
Both mill in broad plains
Each other slyly enfolded.
Not just beaten in the battle bold,
Advance the blood drunk,
With fighter finally welcome
So formidable fighter converges.
And anger sees Carl mighty
I do not upset the clouds
Accident Narva fugitives,
A string of brilliant regiments, shapely
obediently, quickly and quietly,
And a number of immutable bayonets.

But he decided to: Zautra fight.
Deep sleep in the camp Swede.
Only under one tent
It conducted a whisper conversation.

"Not, I see, not, My Orlik,
We rushed out of place:
Calculation and bold and bad,
And there will be no grace.
disappeared, it is seen, my goal.
What to do? I gave a miss important:
Carla made a mistake in that I.
He's a boy lively and courageous;
Two or three battles play out,
Sure, can he successfully,
For the enemy to dinner galloping,
Responded to a bomb laugh;
No worse than Russian arrow
Sneak into the night to the enemy camp;
Dump as now Cossack
And trade to the wound a wound;
But do not fight it
With autocratic giant:
As regiment, swirl it fate
He wants to force the drum;
on blind, upryam, impatient,
And heedless, and kichliv,
God knows what happiness believes;
He forces a new enemy
Successfully held only Merit -
Crush him with their horns.
ashamed of: warlike tramp
I became interested in his old age;
He was blinded by his courage
And fugitive happiness wins,
As a shy virgin. "

O r l and k.
wait for. Time is gone
With Peter again enter into relations:
Another possible fix alo.
Frustrated us, there is no doubt,
The king did not reject reconciliation.

M and h is n and.
Not, late. Russian tsar
It is impossible to put up with me.
It has long been decided irrevocably
My destiny. grief for a long time
constrained fury. near Azov
One day I was with the king severe
During the night the rate was feasting:
Boiled bowl full of wine,
We boiled our speech with them.
I said the word bold.
Embarrassed young guests ...
King, flashing, cup dropped
And for my mustache gray
I grabbed the threat.
Then, Resigned in impotent rage,
Avenge myself, I made a vow;
I wore it - as a mother in the womb
baby bears. The term has come.
So, me recollection
Keep it going to end.
Peter, I have been sent as punishment;
I turn to the pages of his crown:
He would have given birth grads
And the life of the best watches,
So again as in the days byly
Keep Mazepa mustache.
But there is still hope for us:
To run, dawn decides.

Silent and closes the eyelids
Russian traitor king.

Lit the dawn of a new east
Already on the plain, the hills
cannons roar. smoke purple
Circles ascends to heaven
Towards morning rays.
Shelves have closed their ranks.
In the bushes scattered arrows.
roll core, they hiss bullet;
Bayonets hung hladnye.
Sons favorite wins,
Through the fire trenches torn Swedes;
Excited, horse flies;
The infantry is moving behind her
And his heavy hardness
Her desire fixes.
And the battlefield fatal
thunders, burning here and there,
But clearly happiness combat
Serve really starts us.
Repulsed firing squad,
mingling, fall in the dust.
Rosen goes through the gorge;
Rent passionate Shlipenbah.
Closely we Swedes host for Ratiu;
Darkens the glory of their banners,
And the wars of the grace of God
Our every move was captured.
Then something more than an inspired
There was a resounding voice of Peter:
"For case, with God!"From Tent,
Surrounded by a crowd favorites,
leaves Peter. His eyes
shine. Lick it is terrible.
motion fast. He is beautiful,
It's all, like God's thunder.
Goes. He fed the horse.
Zealous and humble faithful horse.
Pochuev fatal fire,
trembles. Eyes askance leads
And racing in the dust of battle,
Proud of being capable rider.

Too close to noon. The heat burns.
As a farmer, battle rest.
Here and there prancing Cossacks.
Shelves are built exactly.
Silent music battle.
On Holman guns prismirev
Interrupted its hungry roar.
I - plane creatives
Far away did not come for cheers:
Shelves saw Peter.

And he raced before the shelves,
Mughals and how joyous battle.
He devoured the sight field.
Behind him followed suit rushed crowd
These chicks Peter's nest -
In Dressed draw zemnogo
The writings derzhavstva and war
his friends, sons;
And the noble Sheremetev,
And Bruce, and Bour, and Repnin,
AND, happiness darling of rootless
Poluderzhavny lord.

And in front of rows of blue
His militant squads,
Carried by faithful servants,
In a shaker, mealy, immovable,
suffering injury, Karl was.
The leaders of the hero followed him.
He fell silent for a thought
Embarrassed gaze portrayed
unusual excitement.
Seemed, Charles led
Coveted battle at a loss ...
Suddenly weak hands Manius
At the Russian shelf, he moved.

And with them the royal guards
Agreed in smoke amid the plains:
A Sound of battle, Poltava battle!
In the fire, a hail of red-hot,
A living wall reflected,
Fallen over recent operation systems
bayonets closes. heavy cloud
Detachments cavalry fly,
furrows, sablyami sound,
knocking, are cut from the shoulder.
Throwing a pile of bodies on a pile,
iron balls everywhere
Between them jump, undertake and,
Ashes digging and hiss in the blood.
Sweden, Russian - tunic, chops, cuts.
fight drum, clicks, rasp,
The thunder of guns, poplar, neighing, moan,
And death and hell from all sides.

Among the anxiety and agitation
On the battle eye inspiration
The leaders of the calm look,
Movements martial watch,
Foresee death and victory
And in the silence conduct a conversation.
But near the Moscow tsar
Who is this warrior under haired?
Supported by two Cossacks,
Heart burning with jealousy,
He has the eye of an experienced hero
He looks at the excitement of battle.
I do not jump on a horse he,
Odryah in exile siroteya,
And the Cossacks to cry Paley
Not will fly from all sides!
But what his eyes twinkled,
And anger, if the night mist,
Covered with old brow?
That his anger could?
Or he, through abusive smoke, had seen
enemy Mazepa, and at this moment
Their summer hated
unarmed old man?

Blockhead, immersed in thought,
I looked at the battle, surrounded
A crowd of rebellious Cossacks,
relatives, elders and Serdyukov.
suddenly a shot. The elder turned
In Voinarovsky hands
Musket barrel still smoking.
Struck down a few steps,
Mlada Cossack blood lying,
A horse, covered in foam and dust,
Hear freedom, I raced wildly,
Hiding in the fire gave.
Cossack Hetman sought to
Through the battle with swords in their hands,
With a mad rage in the eyes.
Old man, Approaching, addressed
Him with questions. but the Cossack
already dying. extinct air
Another enemy threatened Russia;
It was gloomy countenance half dead,
And the name of the gentle Mary
A little more tongue babbled.

but close, close to the moment of victory.
Hooray! we have which is broken; bend Swedes.
About glorious hour! a nice view!
Another head - and the enemy runs.
And follow the cavalry set off,
Murder tupyatsya swords,
And the whole steppe was covered with fallen
Like a swarm of black locust.

Peter feasting. And proud and clear
And full of the glory of his eyes.
And the royal feast it is beautiful.
When you click his army,
In his tent he treats
their leaders, foreign leaders,
And the glorious captives caressing,
And for their teachers
Grace-cup raises.

But where is first, invited guest?
where the first, menacing our teacher,
Whose long-term angry
Humbled Poltava winner?
And where Mazeppa? where is the villain?
Where Judas fled in fear?
Why is not the king among the guests?
Why not a traitor on the block?

On horseback, naked in the wilderness of the steppes,
King and Hetman race two.
fleeing. The fate bound them.
Dangerously close and anger
Daruyut force King.
He wound his grave
Forgot. Ponyknuv head,
he jumps, Russian persecuted,
And the servants loyal crowd
Hardly can follow him.

Reviewing the watchful eye
Steppes broad semicircle,
With him the old hetman of gallops near.
Before them the farm ... What suddenly
Mazepa like frightened?
That ran by the farm
He's party at full speed?
Or the desolate courtyard,
And the house, and secluded garden,
And the door is unlocked box
Some story of Oblivion
He was reminded Now?
Holy Innocence destroyer!
Do you know this very abode,
this house, cheerful before the house,
Where are you, flushed with wine,
Surrounded by happy family,
Joked happened at the table?
Do you know a secluded haven,
Where the peace angel dwelt,
And now, where dark night
You brought to the steppe ... More, I learned!

Nightshade steppe embrace.
On the banks of the Dnieper blue
Between rocks sensitively asleep
The enemies of Russia and Peter.
Spare dream hero rest,
Done Poltava he forgot.
But the dream was Mazepa Smoot.
It evil spirit did not know the rest.
And suddenly, in the silence of the night
His name is. And he awoke.
Looks: over him, threatening finger,
Quietly someone leaned.
He winced as the ax under.
Before him with developed Vlas,
Gleaming sunken eyes,
All in rubysche, severe, faintly,
costs, moon lit ...
"Or is it a dream?... Mary ... Do you?»

M and P and I.
Brother, quieter, quieter, friend!Now ...
Father and mother's eyes closed ...
Wait ... can hear us.

M and h is n and.
Maria, poor Mary!
Come to your senses! God!… What's the matter?

M and P and I.
Listen: what tricks!
What a story they have funny?
She told me the secret of,
He died poor, my father,
And I quietly revealed
White head - the creator!
Where we run from slander?
Think: this head
It was not s human,
A wolf - see: What is the!
The trick me like!
It is not a shame eh scare me?
And for what? that I did not dare
With you today to escape!
perhaps l?

With deep sorrow
Lover she listened brutal.
But, whirlwind of thoughts betrayed,
"But w, She says, —
I remember the feast of the field ... noisy ...
And black ... and dead bodies ...
On the feast of the mother led me ...
But where have you been?... C connector you
Why in the night I wandered?
Go home. Probably too late ....
Brother, I see, my head
Full of excitement empty:
I took another man
You, old man. leave me.
Your eyes mocking and terrible.
you ugly. He is beautiful:
In his eyes shines the love,
In his speeches, such bliss!
His mustache whiter than snow,
And your blood dried up!…»

And with wild laughter shrieked,
And easier chamois young
she leaped, ran
And disappeared into the dark night.

thinning shadow. Vostok allele
Cossack fire blazed.
Cossacks boiled wheat;
Drabant at Bregu Dnieper
Unsaddled horses fed.
Karl woke up. "Wow! time to!
Get up, Blockhead. Dawns. "
But Hetman I do not sleep for a long time.
Yearning, his anguish eaten;
In breast breath constrained.
And silently he saddles his horse,
And jumping from the fugitive king,
And it scared eyes sparkle,
With native goodbye abroad.

A hundred years later - and, well left
from strong, proud of the men,
So full of the will of passions?
Their generation had passed -
And the blood trail disappeared with him
efforts, disasters and victories.
The nationality of the northern powers,
In its militant fate,
Only you raised, Poltava hero,
A huge monument to himself.
In the country - where the number of mills winged
Fence surrounded the peaceful
Bender desert thunder,
Where the buffalo roam horned
Around militant graves, —
The remains of the ruined porch,
Three in-depth in the ground
And moss-covered steps
Talk about the Swedish King.
Since they reflect the mad hero
One in the crowd of domestic servants,
Turkish rati attack noisy,
And he threw the sword at horsetail;
And there in vain stranger dull
I sought to Hetman's grave:
Mazepa is forgotten for a long time!
Only in triumphant shrine
Once a year, an anathema to this day,
thunderstorm, thunders about him Cathedral.
But keep the grave,
Where two sufferers ashes rested;
Between the ancient tombs of the righteous
Their peaceful church sheltered.
Blossoms in Dikanka old number
Dubov, friends plantations;
They executed the patriarch
Hitherto grandchildren say.
But the daughter of a criminal legends ...
On her silent. her suffering,
its fate, its end
Nepronytsaemoyu darkness
Our closed. only sometimes
Blind Ukrainian singer,
When the people in the village
He was strumming songs Hetman,
About sinful maiden passing
Young Cossack woman says

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