Licinius, Do you seest: on the fast chariot,
crowned with laurels, in a brilliant scarlet,
haughtily lounging, Vetuly young
In the popular crowd is flying on the pavement?
Look, all before him humbly back grabber.
Look, lictors as the unfortunate people chase!
smoothie, senators, damsels long series
Fondly after him strives hard look;
Are waiting, caught in awe smile, eye movements,
As if the gods marvelous blessing:
And small children and old men in gray hair,
All prostrate before the idol silence fell in dust:
For them, and the trace of wheels, mud napechatlenny,
There is a monument honorable and sacred.

On Romulo people, tell, Long Since you have fallen?
Who have enslaved and power Bound?
Quirites proud bowed under the yoke.
Who does, of heaven, who have enslaved?
(l tell?) Vetuliyu! Fatherland my shame,
Dissolute young man is seated in husbands advice;
A favorite of weak despot Senate rules,
In Rome proster Jarema, fatherland blasphemed;
Vetuly Roman king!.. About shame, about time!
Or on the death of the universe betrayed?

But who under the portico, s head ponyksheyu,
The tattered cloak, with road crutch,
Through the noisy crowd of frowning going?
"Where are you going, our sage, one truth, damet!»
– “Where: I do not know myself; silent for a long time and see;
Forever leave Rome: I hate slavery”.

Licinius, good friend! Is it not better and we,
Humbly bowing Fortune and dreams,
Grizzled cynic example to learn?
With lecherous city is not better my only weapon we say goodbye,
Where everything is corrupt: laws, rightness,
And consul, and stands, and honor, and beauty?
let glyceryl, beauty mladaya,
Equal to all general, as a circular bowl,
Inexperience in other salaried catches Network!
We are ashamed of weakness with wrinkles have;
Conceited youth leave shine merrymaking:
Let the shameless Klit, servant nobles, by Cornelius
Trade vile and arrogant brow
From the noble to the rich creeping from house to house!
I Heart Roman: boils in the chest freedom;
In me does not sleep the spirit of a great nation.
Licinius, hurry away from worries,
Mad sages, deceptive beauty!
Jealous fate in heart beats defying,
The village prenesem paternal Lares!
In the cool of the ancient groves, on the seashore,
Not hard to find us a secluded, light house,
Where, no longer fearing popular unrest.
Old age rest in the wilderness of solitude,
And there, Located in a cozy corner,
When Dube plamennom, Lit in fireside,
Vospomniv old days of antiquated fiyalom,
His spirit was kindled fierce Juvenal,
In satire vice righteous portray
And manners now and ever will draw posterity.

About Rome, on the edge of a proud debauchery, atrocity!
There will come a terrible day, day of vengeance, nakazanyya
I foresee the terrible grandeur end:
fall, fall in the dust of the universe crown.
young peoples, sons fierce battle,
With swords at you podymut powerful hand of,
And the mountains and the sea will leave for a
And will rush at you boiling river.
disappear Rome: it will cover the deep darkness;
and the traveler, staring at a pile of stones eye,
exclaim, in gloomy meditation deepened:
«Freedom Rome rose, and slavery ruined ".

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Alexander Pushkin
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