Reading "Roslavlev", I was amazed to see, that his tie is based on a true incident, too much for me famous. Once I was a friend of the unfortunate woman, selected Mr.. Zagoskin in his story of the heroine. He again drew the attention of the public on the incident forgotten, awakened feelings of resentment, lulled to sleep by the time, and angered the grave serenity. I am a defender of the shadows, - and the reader will excuse the weakness of my pen, Respecting heart my motives. I'll be forced to talk a lot about itself, because my fate has long been linked with the fate of my poor friend.
I have taken in the light of winter 1811 of the year. I will not describe my first impressions. One can easily imagine, I should have felt a sixteen year old girl, exchanging the mezzanine and teachers incessant balls. I indulged in a whirlwind joy with all the liveliness of my age and not yet thinking ... Sorry: the then time cost monitoring.
among the daughters, who have left together with me, differed Princess ** (g. Zagoskin called her Polina, I leave her name). We soon made friends here on what occasion.
My brother, twenty-two small, He belonged to the estate of the then swells; it was considered in the Foreign Board and lived in Moscow, dancing and povesnichaya. He fell in love with Pauline, and begged me to bring together our houses. Brother was the idol of our family, but because I did, What did you want.
Rapproched Pauline of pleasing to him, soon I sincerely attached to her. There were a lot of strange and even more attractive. I do not even understand it, but already liked. Insensitive, I began to look through her eyes, and think of her thoughts.
Pauline's father was a man zasluzhonny, t. it is. I traveled by a train and had a key and star *, but it was windy and simple. Her mother was, in front of, a woman and a power different importance and common sense.
Pauline is everywhere; she was surrounded by fans; He flirted with her - but she missed, boredom and gave her a kind of pride and coldness. It went very Greek to her face and black eyebrows. I triumphed, when my satirical observations have imposed a smile on a correct and bored face.
Polina very much reading, and indiscriminately. Key to the library of her father was with her. for the most part of the library consisted of the works of the writers of the XVIII century. French literature, from Montesquieu to Crebillon's novels, she was familiar. Rousseau knew it by heart. The library was not a single Russian book, besides works of Sumarokov, that Pauline never revealed. She spoke to me, that hardly looked into the Russian press, and, probably, nothing in Russian did not read, not excluding rhymes, her presentation to the Moscow poet.
Here, let me digress. Already, thank God, thirty years, how to scold us for being poor, that we in Russian do not read and do not know how (allegedly) speak in his own language. (NB: Author "Yuri Miloslavsky" sin repeat trite accusations. We all read it, and, it seems, one of us is responsible for it and the translation of the novel into French.) The fact, that we would be happy to read in Russian; but our literature, it seems, not older than Lomonosov and extremely still limited. She, of course, It presents us with some great poets, but it is impossible to demand from all readers exclusive hunting for poetry. In prose, we have only the "history of Karamzin"; the first two or three novels appeared two or three years ago,, whereas in France, England and Germany, one other wonderful books follow one another. We do not see even translations; and if they see, the, your will, I still prefer the original. Our magazines are entertaining for our writers. We forced all, known and understood, draw from foreign books; and so we think in a foreign language (at least, all those, who think and follow the thoughts of the human race). This recognized me, our most famous writers. Timeless appeal of our writers to neglect, Do we leave Russian books, similar to the complaint Russian torgovok, nehoduyuschyh on it, we cap our buy from Sihlera not satisfied with the works of Kostroma milliners. I appeal to my subject.
Memories of social life generally weak and insignificant, even in the era of historical. However, the appearance in Moscow Well one traveler has left a deep impression on me. This traveler - m-me de Staël #. She arrived in the summer, when the majority of Moscow residents left for villages. Russian hospitality fussed; did not know, how to treat the glorious foreigner. of course, gave her lunch. Men and women gathered to stare at her, and were mostly dissatisfied with it,. They saw it as a fat fifty-year old woman, dressed beyond his years. Her tone did not like, speech seemed too long, and the sleeves are too short. father of Pauline, who knew m-me de Staël still in Paris, I gave her lunch, which I call together all our Moscow clever. Then I saw the writer of "Corina". She sat in the first place, with his elbows on the table, Rolling and deploying beautiful finger tube of paper. She seemed in a bad mood, several times taken to speak and could not loosen up. Our wise men ate and drank in the measure and, it seemed, They were much more satisfied uhoyu Prince, talking than m-me de Staël. ladies were repaired. Both are only occasionally interrupted the silence, Convinced of the nothingness of their thoughts and timid at the European celebrities. All the while dinner Polina was sitting on pins and needles. The attention of visitors was divided between the sturgeon and m-me de Staël. We waited on her every minute bon-mot;# finally blurted out her ambiguous, and even a pretty bold. All caught him, zahohotali, rose whispers of surprise; Duke was overjoyed. I vzhlyanula on Sagebrush. Her face was flushed, and tears in her eyes. The guests rose from the table, completely reconciled with m-me de Staël: she said pun, they rode through the city impassable.
"What's the matter with you, my dear?# - I sprosyla Sagebrush, - really a joke, a little loose, I could to a degree you embarrass?- 'Brothers', sweet, - replied Polina, - I'm desperate! How insignificant it was to show our great society of this extraordinary woman! It used to be surrounded by people, who understand it, for that brilliant remark, a strong movement of the heart, the inspired word is never lost; she was accustomed to the exciting talk of higher education. And here ... Oh, my God! No thought, no remarkable speech for three hours! stupid face, dull importance - and only! How she was bored! As she sounded weary! She saw, what they ought to have been, that can understand these monkeys education, China and im kalambur. And they have rushed! I burned with shame and was ready to cry ... But let, - eagerly continued Pauline, - let it take out of our secular mobile view, they deserve. At least, she saw our good people, and understands it. Did you hear, she said that old, nesnosnomu rubble, which one pleasing to a foreigner even think it was laughing at Russian beards: "People, which the, hundred years ago, He defended his beard, separated in our time, and his head ". How sweet it is! How I love her! How I hate her persecutor!»
I'm not alone noticed the embarrassment of Pauline. Other piercing eyes fixed on her in the same moment: black eyes most m-me de Staël. I do not know, she thought, but she went after dinner to my friend and got to talking with her. Through a few days m-me de Staël wrote her the following note:
My child chére, I'm all sick. It would be very kind of you to come and revive me. Try to get your m-my mother and please submit the respect of your friend S. #
The note is stored y me. Pauline had not explained to me their relations with m-me de Staël, despite all my curiosity. She has no memory of the glorious woman, as a good-natured, as ingenious.
Until then brings hunting to slander! Recently, I told all this in a very decent society. "May be, - I noticed, - m-me de Stael, It was nothing but, as a spy Napoleon, and Princess ** I give her the necessary information ". - "Have mercy, - I said, - m-me de Stael, Ten years persecuted by Napoleon, noble, good m-me de Staël, hardly escape under the patronage of Russian Emperor, m-me de Stael, Shatobryana friend and Byron, m-me de Staël will spy Napoleon!.." - "Highly, it may very well be, - retorted sharp-nosed Countess B. - Napoleon was such a beast, a m-me de Staël piece pretonkaya!»
Everyone was talking about imminent war and, remember how, fairly lightly. Imitation of the French tone of Louis XV was in vogue. Love of country seemed pedantry. The then pundits praised Napoleon with fanatical servility and joked over our failures. Unluckily, defenders of the fatherland were a little rustic; they were ridiculed pretty funny and had no influence. Their patriotism was limited to severe censure the use of the French language in societies, the introduction of foreign words, Opposite menacing antics of Kuznetsky Most and the like. The young people talked about everything Russian with contempt or indifference and, in jest, Russia predicted the fate of the Confederation of the Rhine. in short, Society was pretty disgusting.
Suddenly the news of the invasion and the proclamation of the sovereign struck us. Moscow was roiled. There were vulgar leaflets Count Rostopchin; hardened people. Secular Jokers subdued; ladies vstruhnuli. Persecutors of the French language and Kuznetsky Most societies have a strong top, and living rooms filled with patriots: who poured out of the woodwork French tobacco and began to smell Russian; who burned a dozen French brochures, Lafita who refused and began to sour soup. Forswear all speak French; all shouted about Pozharsky and Minin and began to preach to the people's war, going on a long to go to the village of Saratov.
Pauline could not conceal his contempt, as the first did not hide his indignation. This prompt a change and its cowardice were taken out of patience. on the Boulevard, in the Presnensky ponds she purposely spoke in French; a table in the presence of servants on purpose to dispute patriotic boasting, purposely spoke of the many Napoleon's troops, his military genius. present paled, fear of denunciation, and hastened to reproach her in the commitment to the enemy of the fatherland. Pauline smiled contemptuously. "Give God, - she said, - that all Russian loved his fatherland, I love him ". It surprised me. I always knew Pauline humble and silent, and did not understand, where did it have such courage. "Have mercy, - I said one day, - hunting you do not interfere in our business. Let the men themselves are fighting and screaming about politics; Women do not go to war, and they do not care about Bonaparte ". - Her eyes sparkled. - "Shame, - she said, - unless women have no country? unless they do not have fathers, brothers, muzhev? Is the blood of Russian foreign to us? Or do you think, that we are born to only, to us at the ball twirled in Ecossaise, and home made embroidery on an outline dogs? No, I know, the impact women can have on public opinion, or even at the heart of at least one person. I do not accept humiliation, to which we award. Look at m-me de Staël: Napoleon fought with her, both the enemy force ... and my uncle still dares to taunt her timidity at the approach of the French army! "Do not worry, sudarynya: Napoleon was fighting against Russia, not against you ... "Yes,! if my uncle fell into the hands of the French, he would be allowed to walk around the Palais Royal *; but m-me de Staël in such a case would have died in the state prison. A Charlotte Korda? and our Martha Governor's Wife? and Princess Dashkova? than I below their? Oh, is not true soul boldness and decisiveness ". I listened with amazement Pauline. I never suspected it of the heat, this ambition. Alas! What led to its extraordinary qualities of the soul and courageous mind Upland? To tell the truth, my favorite writer: It is not happiness that way in public.[5]#
The arrival of the Emperor aggravated the general excitement. patriotic elation and finally mastered the high society. Living evolved into the House debate. Everywhere we talked about patriotic donations. We repeated the immortal words of the young Count Mamonov, donated all his possessions. Some mama after notice, that the graph is not as enviable groom, but we were all in awe of him. Polina Breda im. "You sacrifice than?"- she asked again my brother. "I do not know yet my estate, - answered my playboy. - I only-at-all 30 000 debt: I bring them to sacrifice on the altar of the fatherland ". Pauline angry. "For some people, - she said, - and the honor and the fatherland, all trifle. Their brothers die on the battlefield, and they fool around in the living room. I do not know, Is there a woman, quite low, to enable such a buffoon in front of her to pretend to love ". My brother broke. "You are too exacting, princess, - he said. - You need, for all to see in your m-me de Staël and would speak to you tirades of "Corina *". Know, that someone was joking with the woman, one can not joke in the face of the fatherland and its enemies ". With these words he turned. I thought, they quarreled forever, but wrong: Pauline liked daring my brother, she forgave him for inappropriate jokes and noble impulse of indignation, learned in a week, he joined the regiment Mamonovsky, she asked, me to reconcile them. Brother was thrilled. He immediately offered her his hand. She agreed, but postponed the wedding until the end of the war. The next day my brother went into the army.
Napoleon went to Moscow; our retreat: Moscow worried. Its inhabitants were chosen one by one. Prince and Princess persuaded my mother to go together in their village *** ical.
We came to **, great village in the 20 miles from the provincial town. Around us there were many neighbors, for the most part of visitors from Moscow. Every day, all were together; our rural life was like in the city. Letters from the army came almost every day, old woman looking at a map of the town bivouac and angry, not finding him. Pauline zanymalas another policy, I do not read, except newspapers, rastopchinskih afishek *, and I did not open a single book. surrounded by people, of which concepts were limited, constantly hearing statements absurd and groundless news, she fell into a deep depression; languor took possession of her soul. She despaired at the NSA, it seemed, that Russia is rapidly approaching its downfall, any correlation is accentuated by its hopelessness, police announcement Count Rostopchin based it on patience. Humorous style them seemed to her indecent, and measures, it takes, barbarism nesterpymыm. She did not comprehend the thought of that time, so great in his terror, thoughts, which saved Russia daring execution and freed Europe. She spent many hours, leaning on the map of Russia, hoping mile, following the rapid movements of troops. Strange thoughts came into her head. One day she announced to me his intention to leave the village, to come to the French camp, access to Napoleon and there to kill him out of their hands. It was not difficult to convince her in a frenzy of such enterprise,. But the thought of Charlotte Corday did not leave her for a long time.
her father, as already you know, He was a man rather frivolous; he only thought, to live in the country as possible in Moscow. dine, завел Theater Company #, where played the French proverbes * #, and I tried every possible way to diversify our pleasures. The city has come a few captured officers. Prince happy new faces and begged permission of the governor to put them at ...
There were four - three pretty insignificant people, fanatically devoted to Napoleon, intolerable shouters, truth, redeemers of their boastfulness venerable their wounds. But the fourth was a man extremely remarkable.
He was then 26 years old. It belonged to a good home. His face was pleasant. The tone is very good. We immediately distinguish it. Laski took it with a noble modesty. He spoke little, but his speech was well-founded. Pauline liked the, that the first she could clearly interpret the fighting and troop movements. He reassured her, proving it, that the retreat of the Russian troops were not mindless escape and as much concerned about the French, both hardens Russian. "But you, - I asked him Polina, - do not you believe in the invincibility of your Emperor?"Chenicourt (I call the same and his name, According to him the ith Zagoskin) - Chenicourt, some pause, posted, that his position would be inconvenient candor. Pauline urgently required response. Senicourt admitted, that the heart of Russia striving French troops could become dangerous for them, that the campaign of 1812, it seems, come, but it is nothing drastic. "Concha! - retorted Polina, - Napoleon and still goes ahead, but we are still retreating!"-" So much the worse for us ", - posted Senicourt, and spoke about other subjects.
Polina, a tired and cowardly predictions, and silly boasting of our neighbors, I listened eagerly judgment, based on knowledge of the case and impartiality. From my brother, I received a letter, in which sense it was impossible to achieve. They were filled with jokes, smart and bad, questions about Pauline, vulgar protestations of love, etc.. Polina, reading them, annoyed and shrugged. "Confess, - she said, - that your people Alexey prepustoy. Even in the current circumstances,, from the battlefields he finds a way to not write anything meaningful letters, what will happen to me during a conversation in a quiet family life?"She was wrong. Void bratninyh letters, not of its own nothingness, but the prejudice, but very offensive to us: he thought, that women should use language, adapted to a weakness of their concepts, and that the important things to do not concern us. Such is the opinion of all it would be rude, but we have it and stupid. No doubt, that Russian women are better educated, read more, more thought, than men, engaged god knows what.
Spread news of the battle of Borodino. All talked about it; at all was his truest news, Just I had a list of killed and wounded. Brother, we did not write. We are extremely were alarmed. Finally, one of razvoziteley stuff came we notify its capture of, meanwhile announced posheptu Pauline of his death. Pauline deeply upset. She was not in love with my brother and often it annoyed, but at that moment she saw in him a martyr, hero, and mourned in secret from me. Several times I found her in tears. It does not surprise me, I knew, a painful part she took in the fate of the suffering of our country. I had no idea, What was even the cause of her grief.
One morning I was walking in the garden; beside me was Senicourt; we were talking about Polina. I noticed, he deeply felt its extraordinary quality and beauty that it made a strong impression on him. I laughingly gave him notice, that his position with a romantic thing. Captured by the enemy wounded the knight falls in love with a noble proprietress of the castle, She touches her heart and finally gets her hands. "No, - he told me Senicourt, - Princess sees me as an enemy of Russia, and will never agree to leave their homeland ". At this moment, Pauline appeared in the end of the alley, we went to meet her. She walked with rapid steps. Her pallor struck me.
"Moscow is taken", - she told me, not responding to bow Senicourt; My heart sank, tears flowed creek. Senicourt silent, cast down one's eyes. "Noble, enlightened French, - she continued voice, trembling with indignation, - marked his triumph in a dignified manner. They lit Moscow. Moscow is burning for two days ". - "What are you saying, - shouted Senicourt, - can not be". - "Wait for the night, - she replied dryly, - may be, You see the glow ". - "Oh my God! He died, - said Senicourt; - as, can not you see, that is, the burning of Moscow deaths around the French troops, Napoleon nowhere, nothing will keep, that he will be forced to retreat through the most devastated, emptied toward the approaching winter with an army of frustrated and dissatisfied! And you might think, that the French themselves dug up himself hell! not, not, Russian, Russian lit Moscow. horrible, varvarskoe generosity! Now everything is decided: your country came out of danger; but what will happen to us, what will happen to our emperor ... "
He left us. Pauline and I could not recover. "Is, - she said, - Senicourt rights and the burning of Moscow our handiwork? If so ... Oh, I can be proud of the name of Russians! Universe astonished great sacrifice! Now our fall I'm not afraid, Our honor is saved; Europe never would dare to have to deal with people, who cuts his own hands, and burn their capital ".
Her eyes shone and, voice and ringing. I hugged her, we mixed noble tears of joy and prayers hot for the fatherland. "You do not know? - Pauline told me with inspiration views; - Your brother ... he is happy, he was not a prisoner, Hail: He killed for the salvation of Russia ".
I screamed and fainted in her arms ...

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