The gloomy grove, shady,
Where, murmuring in the fragrant grass,
Light wandering stream,
At night, a simple flute
Sang love shepherd;
Languorous hum dull trilling
He repeated in the wilderness of the valleys ...

Suddenly from deep cave
Chtitel Bacchus and Venus,
Frisky Varka Mr.,
Son ran Ermiev.
Horns roses entwined,
Ivy on her black hair,
Goat fur, wine poured,
The Satire on shoulders.
forest God, bent in an arc
Over a curved walking stick,
Hiding behind the bushes,
I listened to songs of night,
The way shaking his head. —

“days, leaking joyfully!
(He sang in melancholy shepherd Mlada)
From what, yavyas dream,
You, like a shadow, disappeared from view
And covered with eternal darkness?

Brother! when in the darkness noschi,
When the mysterious moon,
The dark shadow of a cool grove,
Sweetly sleeping in silence,
Slow, hand in hand with,
With gentle Chloe came,
Who could compete with me?
Chloe was then I mil!

And now my life - the tomb,
White light is the soul of fasting.
sad forest, Feed sad ...”
Chloe - others changed!..
I have to pretty much ... is not nice!..”

The sound of the flute was gone quiet;
Stopped the singer - and silence
There was a grove of wild;
heard, a wave splashing,
And Shakes dodder
Quiet-veyuschy marshmallows ...
Trees Leaving a thick canopy
Suddenly a Satyr.
Friendship circular bowl
Frothy wine Srebreno,
Rivers osklablennym face:
“you're sad, You heart is gloomy;
Look Well, how transparent juice
shine, illuminate the moon!
Drink a cup - and soul
Will also clean and clear.
Believe me: - groan in trouble in vain.
Better, better to rejoice,
The mountain was friends with Bacchus!”
And shepherd, took the cup in his hands,
Soon all drank to the bottom.
About the power of wine!
Suddenly hid sorrow, flour,
Spiritual darkness suddenly disappeared!
Only fiyal to face lifted,
All the variable is immediately,
All nature is revived,
Happy young man in my dreams!
After drinking a cup of gold,
He pours another;
Drinks too third ... but in the eyes
View of the surrounding darker -
And the unfortunate tired ....
Languid heads bowed,
“learn, satyr, me, —
Shepherd says with a sigh, —
How I can fight with fate?
How I can be happy?
I can not ever drink”.
– “Listen, dear boy,
Here's a useful tip:
Mig bliss century hunts;
Remember the admonition of friendship:
Without wine there is no fun,
No happiness without love;
So podi now with a hangover
With Cupid reconciled;
Forget his resentment
And in the arms of Doris
Enjoy the happiness again!”

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Alexander Pushkin
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