Stances – poem by Pushkin

Did you see the soft pink,
The lovely daughter of a beautiful day,

When spring blooming àpeine,
It is the image of love?

Such años eyes, more beautiful.

Eudoxie appeared today;
More than a spring saw hatch,
Charming and young like him.
More, Alas! the winds, the storms,
These spirited children Winter.
Soon will scold our heads,
Enchainer water, land and air.
And more flowers, and pink!
The friendly girl loves
tomb faded, àpeine hatched;
The I was, time of sunny days!
Eudoxie! airn, hurry up;
Enjoy your happy days!
Is it cold in old age
Only love can feel the lights?


L seen you delicate rose,
Amiable daughter on a clear day,
when in the spring, barely budded,
It is the image of love?

That our eyes, even more beautiful,
Today was Evdokia:
Not once saw spring, it flourished,
Pretty and young, like herself.

but alas! winds and storms,
These savage children Winter,
Soon glow over our heads,
Okuyut water, ground and air.

And there's more colors, and there is a rose!
Dear daughter love,
Zavyanuv, falls, barely blossomed:
It was past time to clear days!

Евдокия! love! Time is short:
Enjoy your happy days?
Whether old hladnoy
Given us manage fervor of love?

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