Roman letters

1. Лиза – Саше.
Ты конечно, dear Sasha, surprised inadvertent my departure to the village. I hasten to explain all over frankly. Dependence my position was always painful to me. Sure, Avdotya Andreevna raised me on a level with his niece. But in her house, I was still a student of, and you can not imagine, how many petty sorrows inseparable from this title. Many things I had to endure, largely concede, not see much, whereas my feelings diligently overlooked the slightest tinge of neglect. Most equality with my Princess was a burden to me. When we were at the ball, dressed alike, I was vexed, not seeing the pearls on her neck. I felt, that she did not wear them for only, not to be different from me, and that care really offended me. Really suggest me, I thought, envy, or anything similar to this child cowardice? The behavior of the men I, as if it might be polite, constantly hurt my feelings. Coldness or their friendliness, everything seemed disrespectful. in short, I had been creating very unfortunate, and my heart, the nature of the tender, from hour to hour more hardens. Have you noticed, all the girls, being on the Rights of the pupils, distant relatives, demoiselles de compagnie #, etc., usually there are low or maids, or obnoxious prichudnitsy? I respect the past and the excuse from the heart.
Тому ровно три недели получила я письмо от бедной моей бабушки. She complained of her loneliness and invited me to his village. I decided to take this opportunity. Violence could beg permission to go Avdotya Andreevna, and I had to promise to return to St. Petersburg in winter, but I do not intend to keep his word. Grandmother to me extremely happy; she did not expect me. Her tears moved me inexpressibly. I fell in love with her heart. It was once in a great light, and preserved many of the then courtesy.
Теперь я живу дома, I hostess, and you will not believe, What is my true pleasure. I immediately got used to village life, and I did not strange lack of luxury. Our village is very charming. Old house on the hill, garden, lake, round pine forests, all this in the fall and winter a little sad, but in spring and summer must seem an earthly paradise. We have few neighbors, and I have no one type of. Solitude I like really like in your elegies Lamartine *.
Пиши ко мне, my angel, Your letter will be a great comfort to me. What are your balls, our mutual friends? Even though I became a recluse, However, I have not at all given up the bustle of the world - the news of him for me entertaining.
Село Павловское.

2. Ответ Саши.
Милая Лиза.
Вообрази мое изумление, when I found out about your departure to the village. Seeing Princess Olga one, I thought, you ill, and I did not want to believe her. The next day I receive your letter. Congratulations, my angel, a new way of life. I rejoice, that you liked. Your complaints about your previous position touched me to tears, but it seemed to me very bitter. How can you compare yourself with pupils of and demoiselles de compagnie?# Everybody knows, Holguin that his father was obliged to all of you think and what their friendship was as sacred, as the closest relationship. You, it seemed, He was happy with his fate. I never thought about you so much irritability. Admit: there are no other, secret causes your hasty departure. I suspect ... but you're being modest with me, and I'm afraid to annoy you in absentia their guesses.
Что сказать тебе про Петербург? We are still in the country, but almost all already left. Balls will start in two weeks. The weather is beautiful. I walk a lot. The other day we had dinner in the guests, – один из них спрашивал, Do you have news about. He said, that your absence at balls markedly, like broken strings in the piano - and I totally agree with him. I hope everything, that this attack of misanthropy is not prolonged. Return, my angel; and the current winter I have no one to share my observations of innocent and none shall pass epigrams of my heart. forgive, my darling, – подумай и одумайся.
Крестовский остров.

3. Лиза – Саше.
Письмо твое меня чрезвычайно утешило. It reminded me so vividly Petersburg, it seemed to me, I hear you. How ridiculous your eternal speculation! You suspect me some deep, secret feelings, some unhappy love - is not it?? take it easy, Pretty; you're wrong: I like the heroine only the, I live in a remote village and pouring tea, like Clarissa Harlem *.
You say, that you no one will be present in the winter transfer his satirical observations, – а на что же переписка наша? Write to me all, you notice; I repeat to you, I did not give up the world, what all, relating to him, for me entertaining. As proof I ask you to write, whom my absence seems so conspicuous? Do our Govorun Alexey P is not the kind? – Я уверена, I guessed that ... my ears were always at his service, and he alone ought.
Я познакомилась с семейством ***. Father joker and hospitable; mother thick, cheerful woman, a great hunter before vista; daughter slender melancholy girl of seventeen, reared for novels and the fresh air. It is the whole day in the garden or in a field with a book in hand, surrounded by servants dogs, talks about the weather in a singsong voice and a sense treats jam. She found me a cupboard, filled with ancient novels. I'm going to read it all and start Richardson. One must live in the country, To be able to read the vaunted Clarissa. I am blessed with the beginning of the foreword and translator, seeing in it the assurance, that although the first six parts skuchnenki, but the last six fully reward the reader's patience, bravely set to work. I read that, other, third, – наконец добралась до шестого, – скучно, no urine. Well, I thought, Now I will be awarded for work. What? I read the death of Clarissa, Lovelace's death, and thread. Each volume implied the two parts, and I did not notice the transition from six to six entertaining boring.
Чтение Ричардсона дало мне повод к размышлениям. What a terrible difference between the ideals of grandmothers and granddaughters! What is common between Lovelace and Adolphe *? Meanwhile, the role of women has not changed. Clarissa, except for ceremonious squats, Yet like the heroine of the latest novels. because if, that methods like in a man dependent on fashion, from the minute opinion ... and in women - they are based on the sense and nature, are eternal.
You see: I'm with you on the ordinary talkative. Do not be the same and you are stingy with correspondence talk. Write to me as often as possible, and the more you can: you can not imagine, what it means to wait in the village the day the mail. Ball expectation can not be with him.

4. Ответ Саши.
Ты ошиблась, Pretty Lisa. To humble your pride, I declare, that P - did not notice your absence. He became attached to Lady Pelham, the visiting Englishwoman, and it does not depart from. In his speech, she says kind of innocent wonder and a small exclamation oho!.. and he delighted. Know: He asked me about you, with all your heart you regret your permanent Vladimir **. Are you happy? I think, very pleased, and as was his wont dare to believe, that without me you guessed. Seriously, ** very busy thee. In your place I would lead him away. Well, it is a beautiful bride ... Why not marry him, – ты жила бы на Английской набережной*, on Saturday evening would have, and every morning I would have to call in for. Fully fooled you, my angel, Come to us and marry **.
Третьего дня был бал у К**. People were abyss. They danced to five hours. TO. AT. She was dressed very simply; white crepe dress, even without garlands, and the head and neck for half a million diamonds: only! Z as his manner was wearing hilarious. Where she takes her clothes? On her dress were sewn not flowers, and some dried mushrooms. Do you have it, my angel, I sent them out of the village? Vladimir ** I danced. He goes on vacation. WITH. arrived (probably, first), We stayed up all night dancing and went past. Senior, it seems, была нарумянена – пора… Бал очень удался. Мужчины были недовольны ужином, But they always have to be anything but unhappy. It was very fun, even though I danced the cotillion with insufferable diplomat Cm, which is the natural foolishly joined distraction, taken out of them Madrita.
Thank you, my soul, for a report on Richardson. Now I have it on the concept of. I do not read it I hope with my look; I and Sir Walter Scott find extra pages.
by the way: it seems, H novel Helena. and column L. comes to an end - at least he lost heart, as she puts on airs, what, probably, wedding solved. forgive, my darling, Are you happy with mine today Chatter?

5. Лиза – Саше.
No, my dear matchmaker, I do not think to leave the village and come to you on your wedding. frankly speaking, Vladimir ** I liked, but I never supposed to marry him. on aristocrat, and I humble Democrat. I hasten to explain and noted proudly, as the true heroine of the novel, that I originally belong to the most ancient Russian nobility, and that my grandson bearded knight milonschika. But you know, that means our aristocracy. Howbeit, ** man of the world; I could please him, but for me he will not sacrifice a good match and beneficial kinship. If someday marry, I select here some forty landlord. He will do his sugar factory, I farm - and I will be happy, not dancing at a ball at the gr. K ** and without Saturdays at on the Promenade des Anglais.
У нас зима: в деревне it is an event #. This is changing his lifestyle. Solitary festivities terminated, heard bells, hunters go to the dogs, – всё делается светлее, fun from the first snow. I did not expect. Winter in the village scared me. But everything in the world has its good side.
Я короче познакомилась с Машенькой *** and fell in love with her; in her a lot of good, many of the original. I accidentally learned, what ** their close relatives. Masha had not seen him for seven years, but from him in admiration. He stayed with them one summer, Masha and constantly tells all the details of what was then his life. Reading her novels, I find his comments fields, pale write with a pencil, – видно, he was then a child. It struck thoughts and feelings, over which course would he now laugh; at least the fresh soul visible, sensitive. I read a lot. You can not imagine, how to read in a strange 1829 the novel, pysannыy in the 775-m. it seems, if suddenly out of his living room we enter to the old hall, upholstered in damask, We sit down in the satin chair, We see around him strange dress, Well but familiar faces, and we find in them our uncles, grandmothers, but rejuvenated. Most of these stories have no other merits. amusing incident, good position confusing, – но Белькур* говорит косо, but Charlotte responds wryly *. A smart man could take a ready plan, ready characters, correct syllable and nonsense, supplement omissions - and would have made a fine, the original novel. Say it with me to my ungrateful P ***. Fully him to spend the mind in conversations with Englishwomen! Let it on the old canvas embroider new designs and will present us in a small picture frame light and people, which he knows so well.
Маша хорошо знает русскую литературу – вообще здесь более занимаются словесностию, than in St. Petersburg. There are magazines, take an active part in their quarrel, alternately believe both sides, angry for your favorite writer, if it is criticized. Now I got it, for that Vyazemsky and Pushkin are so fond of the county ladies. They have their true audience. I had looked into the logs and set to criticize the "Messenger of Europe" *, but their plane and servility seemed to disgust me - funny to see, as a seminarian important reproaches of immorality and indecent writings, that we read, we - sanktpeterburgskie Impatiens!..

6. Лиза – Саше.
Pretty! I can not be any longer pretend, I need the help and advice of friendship. the, which ran from, whom I fear as a misfortune, ** here. What should I do? my head is spinning, I am lost, love god save, what should I do. I'll tell you everything ...
Ты заметила прошедшею зимою, he did not depart from me. He did not go to us, But we have seen everywhere. In vain, I was armed with coldness, even overlooking neglect, – ничем не могла я от его избавиться. At balls he was always able to find a place near me, for a walk, he met with us forever, theater eyeglass it was directed to our lodge.
Сначала это льстило моему самолюбию. I, may be, too it gave him notice. At least he, prisvoivaya their new rights, He told me every hour about their feelings and the jealous, then complained ... I thought with horror: what all this leads! and desperately he acknowledged his power over my soul. I left Petersburg, I thought the stop evil in its beginning. my determination, confidence that, that I have performed my duty, my heart was reassured, I started thinking about it casually, With less bitterness:. Suddenly, I see it.
Я его вижу: yesterday was birthday party ***. I came to dinner, I go into the living room, I find a crowd of visitors, Lancers uniforms, ladies surround me, I was with all of them to kiss. Not noticing anyone, I sit down next to the hostess, I look: ** in front of me. I was stunned ... He told me a few words with a kind of tender, heartfelt joy, that I did not have the strength to conceal any confusion of their, no pleasure.
Come to table. He sat down opposite me; I did not dare look at him, but he noted, that all eyes were fixed on him. He was silent and absent-minded. At other times, I would very much took a common desire to attract the attention of a visiting officer of the Guards, anxiety ladies, awkward men, laughing at their own jokes, and between the polite coldness and perfect inattention guest ... In the afternoon, he came up to me. feeling, I was no need to say anything, I asked quite inappropriately, on whether the cases he drove toward us. "I came in one case, on which depends the happiness of my life ", – отвечал он вполголоса и тотчас отошел; he sat down to play boston with three old ladies (including the grandmother), I went upstairs to Masha, where she lay until the evening on the pretext of a headache. Indeed, I was worse than ill. Masha did not depart from me. She is delighted with **. He'll have a month or more. It will be a whole day with him. Right, she in love with him - God forbid, that he will fall in love. She is slim and the country - men just what ought.
What should I do, Pretty, here I will not be possible to avoid his persecution. He certainly could enchant grandmother. He will go to us - again will recognize, complaints, oath - and what? He will get my love, my confession, – потом размыслит о невыгодах женитьбы, leave under some pretext, leave me, – а я… Какая ужасная будущность! We love God, give me your hand: I'm drowning.

7. Ответ Саши.
То ли дело облегчить сердце полной исповедию! Would have long since, my angel! Hunting as you were with me not to admit that, I had known: ** and you - you are in love with each other - what a disaster? on health. You have the gift to see things God knows what side. You're asking for misfortune - beware courting his. Why do not you go **. Where is neoderzhimye obstacles? It is rich in, and you are poor - empty. It is rich for two - why are you more. on aristocrat; and you name, education does not aristocrat?
Недавно спор зашел о дамах высшего круга. I found out, P announced that the day itself on the side of aristocracy, because it is better shoes. Итак, not explicitly eh, you from head to toe aristocrat?
Извини меня, my angel, but your pathetic letter made me laugh. ** I came to the village in order, to see you. Horrible! you gibnesh, you ask my advice. I do not do if you are the heroine of the county! My advice: to get married as soon as possible in your wooden church and come to us, Fornarina to appear in pictures, are afoot at the C **. Act your knight touched me, joking aside. Sure, in the old lover for a benevolent glance away for three years to fight in Palestine; but to go in for our times 500 miles from Petersburg, To see with the mistress of his heart, – право много значит. ** worthy.

8. Vladimir ** - to my friend.
Сделай одолжение, Vacations hearing, I'm sick to death, I intend overdue and I want to keep all sorts of decency. For the past two weeks as I live in the village and do not see, how time flies. A break from life in Petersburg, which I'm terribly tired. Do not love the village forgivable Monastyrka *, just released from cells, but 18-year-old gentleman of the bedchamber - Petersburg entrance *, Moscow maiden, Village is our office. Decent person necessarily passes through the front and rarely looks at the maiden, and sitting in his in his office. Meanwhile I finish. Upon his retirement, I marry and leave for their village Saratov. Rank landlord has the same service. To engage in the management of three thousand souls, whom all well-being depends entirely on us, more important, than to command a platoon or rewrite diplomatic dispatches ...
Небрежение, where we leave our farmers, inexcusably. The more we have rights over them, the more we have and responsibilities in their regard. We leave them to their rogue salesman, which oppresses them, and we obkradыvaet. We live our future revenues in debt, ruin, old age finds us in poverty and in efforts.
Вот причина быстрого упадка нашего дворянства: grandfather was rich, son needs, grandson goes around the world. Ancient names come into insignificance; New are rising and a third-generation vanish again. states merge, and no one knows the name of their ancestors. What is a political materialism? I do not know. But it is time to put an obstacle.
Я без прискорбия никогда не мог видеть уничижения наших исторических родов; none of us are not valued, starting with those, which belong to them. But what to expect from the proud memories of the people, who has written on the monument: Citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky *. What Prince Pozharsky? What is a citizen Minin? It was a courtier, Prince Dmitry Pozharsky and Kuzma Minich tradesman Sukhorukov, elected people from all states. But the country has forgotten even the real names of their deliverers. The past does not exist for us. miserable people!
Аристокрация чиновная не заменит аристокрации родовой. Nepotism memories of the nobility should be historical memories of the people. But what are the memories of nepotism in children collegiate assessor?
Говоря в пользу аристокрации, I do not cramp the English lord, How diplomat Severin, grandson of a tailor and cook; my background, although I am not ashamed of them, and, It does not give me any rights. But I agree with Labryuerom *: Assign contempt of birth is a ridiculous upstart and cowardice in the gentleman. #
Всё это надумал я, living in a strange wood, looking at the management of landed gentry. These gentlemen are not themselves engaged in the management of their villages, but I confess, God give them promotatysya, like our brother. what savagery! for they have not been more times Fonvizina. Between them thrive even Prost and Skotinin!
it, however, It does not refer to a relative, which I at a party. He is a very kind person, his wife was a very kind woman, daughter is very kind girl. You see, I became very good. Indeed, since I was in the village, I became wonderfully supportive and forgiving - the action of my patriarchal life and the presence of Lisa ***. I was bored without her is not a joke. I came to persuade her to return to St. Petersburg. Our first date was wonderful. My aunt had the birthday girl. All the neighborhood gathered. And Lisa was - and could hardly believe myself, saw me ... She could not not admit, I came here just for her. At least I tried to give it to her to feel. Here is my success exceeded my expectations (that means a lot). Old lady from me in awe, lady to me and cling, "Wherefore, that the patriot * ". Men are dissatisfied with mine perfectly fatuité indolente #, that there is still news. They rage all the more, I am extremely polite and blagopristoen, and they do not understand, what exactly is my cheekiness, although feel, I'm a smart aleck. goodbye. What our? Servitor di tutti quanti. # Write to co me to the village **.

9. Ответ друга.
Поручение твое мною исполнено. Yesterday I announced at the theater, you fell ill of nervous fever and that, probably, you are no longer in the world, – итак, for life, meanwhile you are still not risen.
Твои нравственные размышления насчет управления имений радуют меня за тебя. That you work
Un homme sans peur et sans reproche*,
Qui n’est ni roi, we go, nor count too. * #
Состояние русского помещика, to my mind, most admirable.
Чины в России необходимость хотя бы для одних станций, where without them you can not get horses.
. . . . . . . . . . . .[1]
Пустившись в важные рассуждения, I completely forgot, now you do not before - you're busy with his Lizoyu. Hunting you pose g. Foblasa and forever messing around with women. It's not worthy of you. In this regard, you are behind the times his age and knocks on the ci-devant # Khripun Guard *
1807 g. Meanwhile is the lack of, soon you'll be funnier General G **. Is not it better to get used to the pre-rigor adulthood and voluntarily give up the fading of youth? I know, that preaching vain, but that is my purpose.
Все твои друзья тебе кланяются и очень жалеют о преждевременной твоей кончине – между прочим и прежняя твоя приятельница, who had returned from Rome, in love with the Pope *. How is it looks like and how it should be your delight! You do not come to compete cum servo servorum dei?# It was used like you. I am every day, you will be expected.

10. Vladimir ** - to my friend.
Выговоры твои совершенно несправедливы. Not me, but you're behind the times his age - and a whole decade. Your speculative and important considerations belong to 1818 year *. While the severity of law and political economy were in vogue. We were on the balls, without removing the swords, we were indecent dance and have time for the ladies. I have the honor to convey to you, Now it's all changed. French quadrille has replaced Adam Smith, just dragging and having fun as he can. I follow the spirit of the times; but you do not move, ты heretofore, un homme # stereotype. Hunting sydney you sit alone on the bench of the opposition parties. I hope, that the Z - turn you on the right path: I charge you to her coquetry Vatican. As for me, I completely surrendered life patriarsheskoy: I go to bed at 10 pm, I go to the newly-fallen snow with some local landlords, I play with tranny in Boston by pennies and angry, when you lose. With Lizoyu vizhus every day - and every hour more fall in love with her. It is full of fascinating. This quiet noble harmony in circulation, the charm of the highest Petersburg society, and yet something alive, condescending, dobrorodnoe (says her grandmother), nothing dramatic, cruel in its judgments, she did not wince before making impressions, like a child in front of rhubarb. She listens and understands - a rare virtue in our women. I often marveled at the stupidity of the concept or unclean imagination ladies, but very kindly. Often the finest joke, most poetic greeting they receive or impudent epigram, or indecorous plane. In this case, the cold type, they received, Tac ubiystvenno disgusting, that the most passionate love against him will not stand.
Это испытал я с Еленой ***, in which I was in love without memory. I told her some tenderness; she took her for being rude and complained to me her friend. This disappointed me at all. Besides Lisa, I've got to entertain Masha ***. she's sweet. these girls, who grew up under the apple trees and between the stacks, vospytannыe nyanyushkamy and nature, much nicer than our monotonous beauties, that before the wedding the opinion of their mothers, and there - the views of their muzhev.
goodbye, my dear; what's new in the world? Speak to all, that finally I launched into poetry. The other day I wrote an inscription to the portrait of Princess Olga (for this very lovely Lisa scolded me):

Stupid as true, boring as perfection.

Не лучше ли:

How boring truth, stupid as perfection.

То и другое похоже на мысль. ask in. priiskat the first verse, and now considered me a poet.

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