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In one of the first days of April 181 ... at the home of Catherine Petrovna Tomsk there is a big commotion. All the doors were open to overtake; the hall and the front cluttered with trunks and suitcases; boxes of drawers pushed; servants constantly ran up the stairs, maids fussed and argued; the mistress, lady 45 years old, I am sitting in the bedroom, reviewing account books, she brought a thick ruler, who was standing in front of her with his hands behind his back and pulling the right foot forward. Katerina Petrovna shows a, if economic secrets were familiar to her briefly, but her questions and comments showed her master's ignorance and occasionally aroused faint smile on his face majestic ruler, Well but that with great condescension detail is included in all the required explanations. At this time the servant reported, that Paraskovja Ivanovna came Povodova. Katerina Petrovna rejoiced the occasion to interrupt their meeting, I told to ask for the manager and let.
– Помилуй, my mother, – сказала вошедшая старая дама, – да ты собираешься в дорогу! where you shall be a god?
– На Кавказ, cute Paraskovja I..
– На Кавказ! that is, Moscow First-old told the truth, I could not believe. the Caucasus! but this is how far Shocking. Hunting you trudge God knows where, God knows why.
– Как быть? Doctors announced, that my Masha needed iron water, and for my health hot tubs needed. For the past year and a half, I still suffer, maybe the Caucasus will help.
– Дай-то бог. Do you go soon?
– Дня через четыре, many, many promeshkayu week; all too ready. Yesterday brought me a new road carriage; what a coach! a toy, feast for the eyes - all in boxes, and that there is no: bedding, restroom, Pogrebok, medicine chest, kitchen, service; Do you want to see?
- Very well, my mother.
И обе дамы вышли на крыльцо. Kucera pushed out of the barn the road carriage. Katerina Petrovna told me to open the door, voshla a coach, I rummaged in it all the pillows, He pushed all the boxes, revealed all its secrets, all comfort, I lifted all the shutters, all mirrors, eversion all bags, in short, for the sick woman was very active and agile. After admiring crew, the two ladies went back to the living room, where we are talking again about the road ahead, about returning, about plans for next winter:
– В октябре месяце, – сказала Катерина Петровна, – надеюсь непременно воротиться. I will pm, two times a week, and hope, Pretty, you me perenesesh your boston.
В эту минуту девушка лет 18-ти, shapely, high, with a pale face and beautiful black fiery eyes, quietly entered the room, He came to hand and Katerina Petrovna sat Povodovoy.
– Хорошо ли ты спала, Masha? – спросила Катерина Петровна.
- Good, mamenka, only now I got. You wonder my laziness, Paraskovja I.? What to do - the patient is forgivable.
– Спи, my mother, Sleep on your health, – отвечала Поводова, – да смотри: I turn again to the Caucasus rosy, healthy, and God willing, and - married.
– Как замужняя? – возразила Катерина Петровна смеясь, – да за кого выйти ей на Кавказе? except for the Circassian prince?..
– За черкеса! God save her! Why they let the Turks Bukhara - heathen. They'll lock her zabreyut yes.
– Пошли нам бог только здоровья, – сказала со вздохом Катерина Петровна, – а женихи не уйдут. Thank God,
Маша еще молода, dowry has. A good man will love, and without a dowry will.
– А с приданым все-таки лучше, my mother, – сказала Парасковья Ивановна вставая. - Well, just there, Katerina Petrovna, so I will not see until September; I dragged away before you, with Basman on Arbat - and you do not ask, I know, Now that you once; goodbye and you, beauty, do not forget to also take my advice.
Дамы распростились, and Paraskovja Ivanovna left.

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