brothers robbers

Not a flock of ravens fly
On the smoldering pile of bones,
the Volga, at night, round the lights
Successful gang going.
What a mixture of clothes and faces,
tribes, adverbs, states!
from hat, of cells, of prisons
They are glass for the acquisition of!
Here the goal is the same for all hearts -
Living without power, without law.
Between them and sees a fugitive
With bregov militant Don,
And black curls Jew,
And the wild sons of the steppes,
Kalmyk, Bashkir ugly,
And the red-haired Finn, and idle laziness
Everywhere nomadic Gypsies!
danger, blood, debauchery, deception -
The essence of the terrible family ties;
That they, anyone with a heart of stone
I went through all the degrees of villainy;
Who cuts the cool hand
Widows with poor orphan,
To funny groaning children,
Who does not forgive, spares,
Who Veselin murder,
As a young man love tryst.

all was quiet, Now the moon
Its pale light on them leads,
And the foam cup of wine
From the hands to other switches.
Stretched out on the ground crude,
Other sensitive to sleep, —
And ominous dreams fly
Above the head of their criminal.
Other stories cut
Gloomy night an idle hour;
Silent all - they take
Alien new story,
And all around it listens:

"We had two: brother and I.
We grew up together; our youth
Suckled alien family:
Us, children, Life has no joy;
We already know the needs of the voice,
Demolition bitter contempt,
And the sooner we care
Cruel jealousy torment.
There was no orphans
Neither poor hizhinki, any field;
We lived in the mountain, amid worries,
Bored us this share,
And they have agreed among themselves
We experience a lot:
The comrades themselves, we took
Damask knife yes Dark Night;
Forgot your shyness and sadness,
A conscience drove away.

Brother, youth, daring youth!
Habitation at the time it was us,
When, despising death,
We're divided in half.
Sometimes, Only a month clear
Rise and become among the heavens,
From the cave we're in the woods
Go to fish dangerous.

Behind a tree we sit and wait:
Whether late dear
Rich Jew il pop wretched, —
all our! All currently take.
in winter, happened, in the dead of night
Three lay the bold,
Sing and fistula and arrow
We fly over the snow depth.
Who is not afraid of our meeting?
Caught sight of the candles in the tavern -
There! to gate, and stuc,
Mistress loudly call,
Included - all for nothing: drink, eat
And red girls caress!

And what? caught fellows;
Not long brothers feasted;
They caught us - and blacksmiths
We are chained to one another,
And the guards took the prison.

I was five years older
And to make more brothers could.
The circuits, for stifling walls
I survived - he fainted.
With difficulty breathing, tomym Tosca,
In oblivion, Zharkoy head
I am leaning on my shoulder,
he was dying, solid vsechasno:
"I'm stifling here ... I want the forest ...
Water, water!.."But I should not have
Water were fed to the sufferer:
Again he languished with thirst,
And hail of sweat rolled it.
In his blood and thoughts troubled
Fever poisonous disease;
Oh, he did not recognize me
And constantly urged
To yourself comrade and friend.
He said: "Where you disappeared?
Where his secret way to the right?

Why my brother left me
Amid this stinking darkness?
Did not he himself by peaceful plowed fields
I was in the thick forest seduced,
And at night there, Mughals and scary,
Murder in the First taught?
Now he is without me in the wild
One walks in a field,
Heavy waves bludgeon
And forgotten in an enviable share
He does a comrade!..»
Then again flared in him
Tiresome conscience torment:
Before him were crowding ghosts,
Threatening finger from afar.
All often way old,
It has long been slaughtered us,
He came on the idea;
Sick, holding the eyes with his hands,
For elders so I prayed:
"Brother! pity on his tears!
Do not cut it in my old age ...
I decrepit his cry is terrible ...
Let him - it is not dangerous;
It is not a drop of blood of warm ...
Do not laugh, brother, against Sedin,
Do not torture him ... maybe pleas
Soften for us it is the wrath of God!..»
I listened, horror beating;
I wanted to relieve the patient's tears
And remove empty dreams.
He saw the dances of the dead,
The prison came out of the woods,
I heard their terrible whisper,
Suddenly chase near the tramp,
And his eyes sparkled wildly,
Hair standing mountain,
And all he trembled like a leaf.
That really fancied seeing before him
On the areas of crowds,

And a terrible move to the place of execution,
I whip, and terrible torturers ...
Without feelings, full of fear,
Upadana brother to me on the chest.
So I spent days and nights,
I could not rest a minute,
And sleep did not know our eyes.

But his youth took:
Brother returned again force,
terrible disease took,
And her dreams retired.
we resurrected. Then stronger
I took a longing for the old share;
Soul was torn to forests and to the will,
Alcala air fields.
We toshen was darkness and prison,
And through the lattice light morning:,
And guard click, and the clanking of chains,
And a slight noise accidental birds.

In the streets one day we,
The circuits, to the city jail
Officers instead podayanye,
And they agreed in silence
Fulfill a longstanding wish;
River side make a noise in,
We are to it - and with high coasts
All! We sailed in the waters of the deep.
Chains rattling common,
Beat the waves with friendly feet,
We see Sandy island
AND, cleaving fast current,
to strive. Follow us
shout: "fished! caught! leave!»
Two guards from a distance swimming,
But since the island we tread,
We break the shackles of stone,
Tear each other's clothes scraps,
Weighed down with water ...
We see chase after him;

but boldly, hopeful,
We sit and wait. One really sinks,
the choke, then moan
And as the lead went to the bottom.
Another sailed too deep,
With a gun in his hand, he stubbornly wade,
Do not cry vnemlya Maugham,
is, but in his head
Two stone flew straight -
And the blood gushed out on the waves;
He drowned - we are in the water again,
Us did not dare chase,
We managed to reach the shores of
And the woods are gone. But poor brother ...
And labor and waves autumn coldness
Recently stripped of his powers:
Again his illness broke,
And the evil dreams visited.
For three days the patient did not say
And he did not close his eyes, drowsiness;
In the fourth mournful care,
It seemed, he was executed;
call me, He shook my hand,
Extinct eyes painted
overcomes flour;
hand zadrogla, he sighed
And I fell asleep on my chest.

Frigid body over I stayed,
Three nights with him did not leave,
all waiting, Does a dead man wakes up?
And wept bitterly. Finally
took a spade; sinful prayer
Above the pit made of inverse
And the body buried in the ground ...
Then on the previous lovitvu
Went one ... But in previous years
Already I can not wait: they are not, there is no!
feasts, cheerful accommodations
And our violent raids -
Tomb brother all took.

eked out a gloomy, alone,
I froze my spirit fierce,
And in the heart of pity is dead.
But sometimes sparing wrinkles:
I'm afraid the old man cut;
On bezzashtitnыe sedinы
Not lift a hand.
I remember, in a brutal prison
Sick, in chains, devoid of forces,
Without memory, in anguish deep
For the elder brother begged me ".

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