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At sea, the prince bathes the horse;
hears: "The prince! Look at me!»

Horse snorts and ears spins,
Splatters and splashes and dale floats.

Prince hears: "I am a king's daughter!
You want to spend the night with the princess?»

Here out a hand out of the water,
Catches of brush silk reins.

Then head left mladaya;
The plait woven sea grass.

Blue eyes burning with love;
Spray on neck, like pearls, shaking.

thinks Prince: "It'll! Постой
Braid deftly grabbed the hand he.

keeps, hand combat is strong:
Crying and praying and beating it.

By the shore of Knight bravely swims;
spew; comrades loudly calling.

"Hey you! descend, dashing friends!
Look, beating my production ...

Well you stand embarrassed crowd?
Ali beauty not seen such?»

Here the prince looked back:
gasped! Triumphant look faded.

sees: lying on the sand with gold
Miracle sea with a green tail;

Tail covered with scales serpentina,
all breathless, coiling trembles;

Foam jets escapes on the face,
Eyes dressed in mortal darkness.

Pale hands grab the sand;
Whispering lips incomprehensible reproach ...

Prince goes away thoughtfully.
Will he remember about princess!

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