Tales of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin

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Grasp fuss about publishing novels and. P. Belkina, now offered to the public, we wanted to add-on even though we add a brief biography of the late author, and partly to satisfy the curiosity of just fans of Russian literature. For this we were asked to Marya Alekseevna Trafilinoy, next of kin and heir of Ivan Petrovich Belkin; but, Unfortunately, it was impossible to bring us any news about him, For a dead man was not familiar to her. She advised us to take on this subject to the same venerable husband, a former friend of Ivan Petrovich. We followed the advice of these things and to our letter received following the desired response. We put it without any changes and notes, as a precious monument to the noble image of the views and touching fellowship, and at the same time as quite sufficient biographical news.

My dear sir ** **!
Revered your letter of the 15th of this month I had the honor to receive 23 this same month,, Do you indicate to me his desire to have detailed news about the birth and death, about the service, about home circumstances, also on employment and disposition of the Late Ivan Petrovich Belkin, my former sincere friend and neighbor in the estates. With great my pleasure to execute these things and your desire to transmit to you, my dear sir, everything, that from his conversations, as well as from its own mine observations I can remember.
Ivan Petrovich Belkin was born of honest and noble parents in 1798 in the village Gorukhino. His late father, Seconds Major Pyotr Ivanovich Belkin, He was married to a girl Pelageya Gavrilovna from home Trafilinyh. He was not a rich man, but moderate, and part of the farm is very clever. Their son received his early education from the village sexton. This we esteemed husband was, it seems, I obliged to discourage the reading and study on the part of Russian literature. AT 1815 he joined the service in the infantry regiment of Chasseurs (I do not remember the number), in any way and was up to the 1823 of the year. The death of his parents, almost simultaneously happened, It has forced him to resign and come to the village Goriukhino, their paternal.
Joining the estates management, Ivan Petrovich, because of their inexperience and gentleness, I will soon launch a weakened economy and a strict order, wound his deceased parent. Replacing serviceable and efficient headman, whom his peasants (their habit) They were unhappy with, He instructed the management of the village of his old housekeeper, it has acquired the art of storytelling power of attorney. And this stupid old woman did not know how to distinguish never dvadtsatipyatirublevoy banknotes from pyatidesyatirublevoy; peasants, whom she was godmother to all, it is not feared; they have chosen mayor before they pandered, plutuya together, Ivan Petrovich was forced to abolish serfdom and establish a very modest rents; but here the peasants, taking advantage of his weakness, for the first year begged deliberate privilege, and following more than two-thirds of the dues paid nuts, cranberries and the like; and there was a shortage.
Former friend of the deceased parent Ivan Petrovich, I read and committed to offer their advice and son repeatedly summoned to restore the, they missed, order. for this, once coming to him, I demanded economic books, urged the cork Age, and in the presence Herodov engaged consideration the add. Young master was the first to follow me with the utmost care and diligence; but the accounts proved, that the number of farmers has multiplied in the last two years, while the number of yard birds and livestock deliberately decreased, then Ivan Petrovich contented SIM first information and then not listen to me, and the minute, I own Researches and rigorous interrogations rogue elder and led to the perfect silence led to utter confusion, mine with great annoyance I heard Ivan Petrovich snoring soundly in his chair. Since I had done to interfere with its economic order and gave his case (like himself) the order of the Almighty.
These things our friendly relations at all, however, not upset; for I, condoling his weakness and malign negligence, common to our young noblemen, sincerely loved Ivan Petrovich; but it was impossible not to love a young man so gentle and honest. On his part, Ivan showed respect to my summers and heart was committed to me. Until the death of her he almost every day with me saw, cherish simple moeyu Beseda, although neither habits, or way of thinking, no temper for the most part we have with each other is not skhodstvovali.
Ivan Petrovich led a life most moderate, avoiding any kind of frills; It never happened to me to see him drunk (that the edge of our unheard of miracle Honors can); to the female sex as he had a great tendency, but modesty was it true maiden.
In addition to novels, of which mention in your letter if you please, Ivan left many manuscripts, that often I have found, often eating his housekeeper at home will require different. Thus past winter, all the windows were sealed with its wing the first part of the novel, which he did not finish. The above story was, it seems, its first experiment. They, What impact Ivan, for the most part true and hear them from different persons. However, the names of the railway in which almost all of his own fictitious, and the names of villages were taken from our okolodka, and why my village somewhere mentioned. This was done not by the evil any intention, but only from a lack of imagination.
Ivan autumn 1828 year was sick catarrhal fever, obratyvsheyusya a fever, and died, despite the tireless efforts of our county doctor, man very skilful, especially in the treatment of inveterate diseases, once calluses and the like. He died in my arms in the 30th year of birth, and is buried in the church Gorukhino village near his parents deceased.
Ivan Petrovich was of medium height, He had gray eyes, brown hair, straight nose; face was white and lean.
here, my dear sir, everything, that I could remember about lifestyle, training, character and appearance of the late neighbor and my friend. But in the case of, if, to do this from my letter any use, humbly I ask my name does not mention; For though I respect and love very Writers, but these things start guess the title of unnecessary and improper in my summer. With my true respect and etc..
1830 year in November 16.
village Nenaradovo

Honoring duty to honor the will of the author of our honorable friend, We bring him my deepest gratitude for the news delivered to us, and we hope, that the public appreciate their sincerity and kindness.

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