Dubravy, where in the silence of freedom…

"Dubravy, where in the silence of freedom ... "
Magic of first love!..

Dubravy, where in the silence of freedom
I met with happiness every day,
Stepping back to your vaults,
Под вашу дружескую тень. —
And for[me] resurrected joy,
And the soul excited again
My lost Mladost,
Tosca painful sweetness
[And the hearts of the first] love.

Muses secluded Lover,
In a<ени пленительных> dubrav,
I was a witness of emotion
Her [mladenčeskih] fun.
She blossomed in front of me,
AND <я> marvelous beauty
Already guessed dream
Another obscure features,
And the thought of her animated
[my] the first sound of harp
[And the mystery of the heart learned].

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Alexander Pushkin
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