To her (The sad idleness lira I forgot)

The sad idleness lira I forgot,
Imagination in dreams is not flared,
With the gifts of youth, my genius forth to,
And my heart slowly hladelo, was closed
I called you again, of the days of my spring,
You, flown by the shadow of silence,
days firms, love, hope and sadness gentle,
When, poetry fan serene,
Lyre I quietly sang happy
The excitement of love, separation gloom -
And buzz oak mountain passed
My thoughtful sounds ...
vainly! I dragged shameful laziness cargo,
In nap Frigid unwittingly plunged,
He fled from the joys, He fled from the sweet music
And - in tears - to the glory of saying goodbye!
But suddenly, like lightning arrow,
Lit in the withered heart of Mladost,
soul awake, alive,
I learned again the hope of love, sorrow and joy.
All flourished again! I was in awe of life;
Nature again ecstatic witness,
I felt more alive, breathe freely,
Stronger captivated virtue ...
In praise of love, thanks bogam!
Again the lyre sweet a voice young,
And voiced trepidation voskresnuvshie strings
I am at your feet!..

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Alexander Pushkin
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