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Truly Jewish young
I dearly spiritual salvation.
Come to me, my lovely angel,
And peacefully accept blessing.
I want to save the earth's beauty!
Amiable mouth pretty smile,
The king of heaven and the Lord-Christ
I sing poems on the lyre devout.
humble strings, быть может, наконец
It fascinates church tunes,
And the Holy Spirit has come upon the heart of a virgin;
Ruler he thoughts and hearts.

Sixteen years, innocent humility,
dark brow, two virgin hills
Under the cloth elastic movement,
leg love, pearly row of teeth ...
Why did you, Jewess, He smiled,
And in the face blush ran?
Not, Pretty, you are right, deceived:
I do not love you, - Mary described.

Off the Beaten Path fields, vdali Erusalima,
Away fun and young portage
(Which keeps the devil to death),
Beauty, anyone else not is visible,
Without whims kept quiet century.
her husband, man of worth,
hoarhead, a poor carpenter and the carpenter,
In the hamlet was the only employee.
And day and night, having other affairs
That the level of, with the faithful piloyu,
The ax, not much he looked
on charms, that owned,
And the secret color, whom fate
Assigned to was a different honor,
On the stem did not dare even to bloom.
Lazy husband his old watering can
In the hour of the morning is not watered it;
He's like a father with an innocent Jew lived,
Its food - and nothing else.

But, bratie, from heaven while it
Almighty God bowed Privetnoye glance
At a slender figure, in the bosom of the virgin
Slaves his - and, feeling enthusiasm,
He put in a deep wisdom
Bless dostoynыy Vertograd,
this vineyard, forgotten, lonely,
Mysterious bounty awards.

Already field embraces silent night;
In a corner of Mary sweet slumber.
Almighty rivers, - and the Maiden dreaming;
In front of her suddenly opened sky
In the depths of his boundless;
The radiance and glory intolerable
Angels of darkness worried, seethe,
Innumerable fly seraphim,
Stringed harps rattling cherubim,
Archangels sit in silence,
Chapters covering turquoise wings, —
AND, blanket bright clouds,
Eternal stands before them a throne.
And the bright eyes of a sudden he appeared ...
All prostrated themselves ... Umolknul harp jingle.
Skloniv head, Maria barely breathing,
Trembling like a leaf, and hears the voice of God:
"The beauty of terrestrial amiable daughters,
Israel hoped the young!
I call you, blazing with love,
Communicant you be my glory:
Prepare yourself for an unknown fate,
bridegroom cometh, coming to his slave ".

Again dressed cloud throne of God;
Spirits rose winged Legion,
And there was a celestial harp ...
opening mouth, sweetly clasped hands,
Heaven will face Maria.
But what is so thrilling and lures
Her to his attentive gaze?
Who is this young crowd of courtiers
With her eyes, it does not reduce the blue?
Feathered hat, luxury dresses,
Siyanye krill and lokonov zlatыh,
high mill, eyes languid and shy -
All Artist Mary silent.
Seen it, one heart he mil!
be proud, be proud, archangel Gabriel!
lost everything. - Not heeding the children's interest,
On the canvas so the shadows disappear,
Born in the magic lantern.

Beauty awoke at dawn
And basking on a bed languid laziness.
But wonderful sleep, but cute Gabriel
From memory it did not come out.
King of heaven she would captivate,
His words were pleasing to her,
And in front of him, she reverence, —
But Gabriel seemed to her a mile ...
So sometimes the wife of General
Excessive tempted aide.
What can we do? fate so ordered, —
Agree that the ignorant and pedantic.

Let's talk about the strangeness of love
(The other I do not know anything about the conversation).
In days, when the sight of the fire
We feel the excitement in the blood,
When longing deceptive desires
Impels us and the soul weighs,
And everywhere haunts us, Tommy
The subject of one and the thoughts and sufferings, —
Is not it? in a crowd of youthful friends
Breastplate we seek and find.
With him the secret voice of painful emotions
Adverb enthusiasm translate.
When we caught on the fly
Winged instant heavenly raptures
And to the joys of pleasure on a bed
Bashfully bowed beauty,
When we forget the love suffering
And we have nothing more to desire, —
To revive the memories of her,
With confidant we love to talk.

And you, Lord! I knew her excitement,
And you burned, Oh my God, as we are.
Creator hateful All Creation,
Bored heavenly public prayer, —
He composed love psalms
And belted: "I love, like Mary,
In dejection immortality eked ...
where the wing? Mary fly
And on his chest pochiyu beauty!..»
And so on ... everything, that could come up. —
Creator loved northeast, colorful style,
Then, urging pet Gabriel,
His love, he explained prose.
Conversations of our church concealed,
Evangelist little blundered!
But says Armenian devotion,
That the king of heaven, not sparing of praise,
The Mercury has chosen the archangel,
Noticing it, and the mind and talents -
And the evening had sent to Mary.
Archangel like another honor:
Often he was happy at the embassies;
Carry little notes so lead
though profitable, but he is proud.
And the glory of the son, The intention of concealing,
He became reluctantly helpful pleaser
The king of heaven ... and on earth pimp.

But, old enemy, Satan never sleeps!
he heard, reeling in white light,
That God had in mind a Jew,
beauty, which should
Save our race from eternal torment of hell.
Crafty great disappointment -
he is busy. Gd Meanwhile
In heaven sat despondent sweet,
The whole world forgot, he does not rule -
And without him, everything went its order.

Why does Mary? Where is she,
Joseph sad wife?
In my garden, full of sad thoughts,
Spends an hour innocent leisure
Again, waiting for sleep captivating.
With her soul does not leave the image of cute,
By Archangel flies dull soul.
In the cool of the palms, a dialect of the stream
I wondered my beauty;
Not sweet fragrance of her flowers,
Not fun clear water gurgling ...
And suddenly he sees: prekrasnaya snake,
Primanchivoy shining scales,
In the shadow of the branches swaying above her
And he saith: "O Holy God Lyubimitsa!
Do not run away, - I am your obedient captive ... "
Is it possible to? ABOUT, miracle of miracles!
Who told Mary ingenuous,
Who it was? Alas, of course, бес.

Beauty zmyy, color diversity,
its hi, crafty eyes fire
Mary liked at the same hour.
To sweeten the Young idleness heart,
Satan on the rest gentle eyes,
Since it opened a dangerous conversation:

"Who are you, snake? By flattering the melody,
beauty, by glare, in his eyes -
I know that, who our Eve
Could attract the mysterious tree
And there bowed to the poor sins.
Slay the inexperienced virgin,
And with it all Adam's race and we.
We are in the abyss of misery unconsciously drowned.
Do not be ashamed?»
"Priests have cheated,
And Eve I should not destroy, and Spas!»
«Cpas! by whom?»
"From God"
"The enemy is dangerous!»
"He was in love ..."
"Listen, beware!»
"He burned it -"
«- passionate love,
She was in danger of the dreaded ".
«Snake, you are lying!»
"By God!»
"Not bozhis".
"But listen ..."

Mary thought:
Not good in the garden, alone,
Sneak listen to the slander of the serpent,
And by the way there to believe Satan?
But the King of heaven, stores and loves me,
Supreme benefits: he surely did not destroy
his slaves, - for well? for talk!
Besides, he will not give me offense,
Yes serpent rather modest in appearance.
What's the sin? where evil? null, nonsense! —
Thought and ear Incline,
Forgetting for an hour and love Gabriel.
Sly five, haughtily razvernuv
snaps the tail, sohnuv arc sheyu,
With branches slides - and falls in front of her;
Wish fire in her chest breathing,
He says:

"In the story of Moses
I do not agree my story:
He wanted to capture the Jewish fiction,
He lied important, - and listened to him.
God gave it style and humble mind,
Moses became known Mr.,
But I, trust, - historian court,
I do not need a prophet important rite!

They have to, other beauties,
Envy the fire of thine eyes;
you were born, a modest Maria,
To amaze children of Adam,
To rule over a light heart,
They give a smile of bliss,
Madden two or three words,
On a whim - to love and not love ...
This is your lot. How do you - Mlada Eve
In his modest garden, clever, honey,
But without love blossomed in the gloom;
always the, Eye-to-Eye, the husband and the Maiden
On the banks of the rivers of Eden bright
The tranquility were innocent age.
It was boring monotony of their days.
No canopy trees, no youth, or idleness -
Nothing of love did not raise them;
Hand in hand walked, drinking, eating,
yawning in the afternoon, and at night we had
Neither passionate games, no joy of living ...
What do you say? unjust tyrant,
The Jewish god, sullen and jealous,
Adam's girlfriend Love,
She kept to himself ...
What an honor and what a delight!
The heavens as though in prison,
At his feet so pray molisya,
Praise the ego, his glory be surprised,
Look do not you dare peek at another,
With Archangel softly utter a word;
That is the lot of the, that the creator
Currently take in girlfriend finally.
And what then? for boredom, for muchenye,
Reward all deacons hoarse singing,
candles, tiresome old women cry,
To smoke smoked, yes image for diamond,
Written some Bogomazov ...
So funny! enviable destiny!

I felt sorry for my lovely Eve;
I decided to, the creator of evil,
And destroy the dream of young boys and maidens.
Did you hear, how it happened?
Two apples, hanging on a branch marvelous
(Happy sign, rallying symbol of love),
Opened her vague dreams.
Woke vague desires;
She had known her beauty,
And feelings of bliss, and flutter of the heart,
And the young wife of nudity!
I saw them! love - my science -
I saw a great start.
In a remote grove I left my couple ...
There they quickly wandered views, arms…
Between the lovely young wife's feet
thoughtful, awkward and dumb,
Adam was searching enthusiasm rapture,
Violent by fire,
He inquired of a source of pleasure
AND, Boil soul, lost in it ...
And without fear of divine wrath,
All in flames, vlasы breaks, Eve,
barely, barely moving his mouth,
Adam responded with a kiss,
The tears of love, I lay in the lack of feeling
Under the shadow of palm trees, - and a young earth
Lovers flowers covered.

Blessed day! topped with spouse
Wife caressed from morning until dark night,
In the darkness of night he closed his eyes rarely,
As they were then decorated was leisure!
You know: the God, joy interrupting,
Chet my forever deprived of paradise.
He expelled them from the sweet side,
Where easily they lived so long
And their days spent innocently
In the arms of the lazy silence.
But they discovered I secretly lust
I Vesely youth rights,
languor feelings, raptures, tears of happiness,
And kiss, and tender words.
Say Now: Shall I a traitor?
Can it be true Adam unhappy me?
I do not think, but I know,
What I was left with a friend Evoyu ".

five Wmolknwl. Maria in silence
Insidious listened to Satan.
"Well? - thought, - may be, rights crafty;
I heard: nor pochestmi, no glory,
Neither gold not buy happiness;
I heard, that one must love ...
Be in love! But how, Why and what ... "
Meanwhile, the attention of young
It was catching everything in Satan's stories:
And the causes of action and strange,
And the bold style and freestyle pictures ...
(Hunters we're all new.)
Time of chasu ambiguity start
Dangerous thoughts seemed to her more clearly,
And suddenly, as if the serpent had happened -
And a new phenomenon in front of her:
Mary sees a handsome young.
At her feet, without a word,
To her eyes staring a wonderful shine,
Something he eloquently asks,
With one hand she puts a flower,
Second mnet downtime canvas
And sneaks under garments quickly,
And easy finger playfully concerns
Until the lovely mysteries ... All for Mary miracle,
Everything seemed to her new, mudra, —
Meanwhile blush no blushing
On virgin cheeks began to play -
And the languid heat and impatient sigh
Mladen Mary lifted his chest.
she is silent: but suddenly became urine,
Close the eyes of the brilliant,
By bowing to the evil head of the breast,
cry: brother!.. and fell on the grass ...

Oh dear friend! to whom I have dedicated
My first dream of hope and desire,
Beauty, which I was nice,
Do I forgive my memories?
my sins, young days of fun,
those pm, when your family,
When the mother tiresome and strict
Thee to fail; I secretly anxiety
And enlighten innocent beauty?
I have taught obedient hand
Deceive the sad separation
And delight silent clock,
Insomnia maiden flour.
But youth lost your,
From pale lips smile flew,
Your beauty bloom pomertvela t ...
Do I forgive, of my dear!

father sin, Mary enemy crafty,
You became, and was in front of her to blame;
Brother, and you was pleasant depravity ...
And you had fun crime
Almighty to enlighten wife
And innocent audacity to amaze.
be proud, damn proud of its reputation!
Hurry to catch ... but close, the hour!
Here light fades, sunset beam faded.
Everything is quiet. Suddenly tired of the virgin
Archangel hovers noisily okrilenny, —
love Ambassador, the brilliant son of heaven.

Horror at the sight of Gabriel
Beauty his face covered ...
Before him rebelling, confused gloomy demon
And he saith: "Lucky proud,
Who called you? Why did you leave
Heavenly yard, height ether?
Why disturb the joy of silent,
Busy couple of sensitive?»
but Gabriel, frowning look jealous,
Rivers in question and daring and playful:
"Mad enemy of heavenly beauty,
playboy evil, hopeless exile,
You seduced gentle beauty of Mary
And dare I ask questions!
run now!, shameless man, rebellious slave,
Or I'll make you shiver!»
"Do not be in awe of your court, I,
Submissive servants of the Most High,
From pimps heavenly king!» —
Damned rivers and, anger grief,
frowning, bevel, biting his lip,
Archangel hit right in the teeth.
It was a cry, staggered Gabriel
And left knee bent;
But suddenly there arose, filled with new ardor,
And Satan accidentally struck
Enough of the temple. five gasped, pale -
And rushed into each other's arms.
our Gabriel, no demon is not defeated:
Woven circling flow along a meadow,
On the chest of the enemy leaning beard,
Combining crosswise legs, руки,
That force, the cunning of Science
Ready to captivate each other by a.

Is not it? you remember the field,
My friends, where in the old days, spring,
About placing the class, we played in the wild
And teshilis brave fight.
tired, forgetting and language and speech,
Since angels were fighting among themselves.
underground king, merit shirokoplyechii,
In vain have groaned to dodge enemy,
AND, наконец, wanting to come again,
With Archangel feathered knocked Shelom,
Zlata Shelom, decorated with diamond.
Grabbing an enemy of his hair soft,
He bends back a mighty hand
To damp ground. Mary is a pre
Archangel sees young beauty
And for him in silence trembles.
Oh ache demon, Hell really delighted roar;
Fortunately agile Gabriel
He stared at the place of the fatal
(Excessive in almost every battle),
The proud member of, which the devil has sinned.
crafty fell, sought mercy
And in the dark hell barely found the road.

On a marvelous fight, the terrible anxiety
Belle looked barely breathing;
When it, feat Done,
Friendly archangel addressed,
The fire of love in her face spilled
And tenderness filled with soul.
Brother, how good it was Jewish!..

Ambassador blushed and feelings of others
So he expounded in the divine Word:
"Oh Hail, nevinnaya Maria!
you love, fine art thou among women;
Stokrat blessed fruit of thy blagoslovennыy,
He will save the world and overthrow the hell ...
But I confess my soul frank,
His father had blessed a hundredfold!»
And kneeling before her
He meanwhile she gently shook her hand ...
with downcast eyes, a great sigh,
And Gabriel kissed her.
Embarrassed she blushed and said nothing,
Her breast dared to touch it ...
"Leave me!"- Mary whispered,
And at the same moment with a kiss muted
Innocence last cry and moan ...

What she? That God will say jealous?
Do not complain, my beauty,
About women, napersnytsы love,
You know how happy you are cunning
Deceive the attention of the groom
And experts attentive eyes,
And the next pleasant sin
Innocence sketching dresses ...
From mother mischievous daughter
It takes the lesson of modesty submissive
And imaginary torments, and feigned timidity
It plays a decisive role in the night;
And in the morning, recover gradually,
gets pale, goes a little, so languidly.
Excited husband, mother whispers: thank God,
And old friend knocking at the window.

Gabriel really enjoyable with the news
The heavens flies through reverse.
Foxglove neterpelyvыy God
Beck meets grace:
"What's new?" - "I did everything, that could,
I opened it ". - "Well, she?"-" Ready!»
And the king of heaven, without a word,
With the throne rose and Manius eyebrows
all deleted, as the ancient god of Homer,
When I humbled countless children;
But Greece forever extinguished faith,
Zeus is not, we have become wiser!

Drunken memories alive,
In a corner of Mary in silence
He is resting on a crumpled sheet.
Soul burns and bliss and a desire,
Mladen breast care a new glow.
She calls softly Gabriel,
His love preparing a secret gift,
Night cover foot alienated,
Pleased with eyes cocked smile,
AND, happy in the lovely nakedness,
She marvels at its beauty.
But in the meantime in a gentle reverie
she suffers, - lovely-volume and,
And a bowl of refreshing drinks serene.
dare you, wicked Satan!
And what! suddenly wooly, belokrılıy
pigeon flies in the window of her cute,
Above it, he flutters and turns
And trying to jolly tunes,
Suddenly, flying knees lovely maiden,
Above rozoyu sits down and shakes,
bite it, kopyshetsya, vetitsya,
And nose and legs working.
is he, though he! - Mary realized,
What in the blue another regaled;
knees clenching, Jew cried,
Sigh, shake, start praying,
cried, But the dove triumphs,
In the heat of love trembles and cooing,
And falls, enveloped in light sleep,
Priosenya flower wing love.

He flew away. tired Maria
thought: "That's what pranks!
One, two, three! - as they are not lazy?
I can say, suffered anxiety:
I went in the same day
archly, archangel, and with God ".

Most High god, as usual, then
He acknowledged his Jewish son of a virgin,
but Gabriel (enviable fate!)
Prestaval not be her sneaking;
How many, Joseph was comforted,
He and his wife still before the sinless,
Christ loved both his son,
For the Lord gave him!

Amen, Amen! What I finish the story?
Forever forgetting old leprosy,
I sang you, winged Gabriel,
The humble string you I dedicated
diligently, saving singing:
keep me, attend to my supplication!
Hitherto I was a heretic in love,
Youthful goddesses crazy admirer,
demon friend, rake and a traitor ...
Bless my remorse!
I accept the good intentions,
variable: Helen I saw;
She's sweet as the gentle Maria!
Dominion forever my soul.
My speeches lends enchantment,
Please narrate to me the mystery,
In her mind kindle love Desire
Not that going to pray to Satan!
But the days running, and gray hair time
My head Tyshko poserebryt,
And the important marriage with a loving wife
Altar will join me.
Joseph wonderful comforter!
I pray thee, knees bow,
About stag patron and guardian,
Pray - then bless me,
Give you my carelessness and humility,
You grant me patience again and again
peaceful sleep, wife in confidence,
In the family of peace and love for one's neighbor!

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