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Vespers walked for a long time,
But in the cells is quiet and dark.
Already, the abbot himself a strict
Their prayers stopped
And the bones ramshackle bowed,
Perekrestyas, a bed, poor.
Around and sleep and silence,
But the church door opened;
trembles . . . beam lamps,
And dimly illuminates it
And dark painting icons,
And gilded salaries.

And distributed in silence
That sigh, the whisper of an important,
And gloomy slumber in the sky
ancient arch, dull and wet.

Stand up for choir monk
And the sinner - stationary two -
And their whispering, as a voice from the grave,
And sinner mealy, as death.


Miserable - full, stop doing that,
Terrible confession villain!

Paid tribute to you
So, Who, in flaming anger,
Cunning sinner fornication
And it leads to eternal death.
Surrender! Come to your senses! time, time,
repentance . . . . cover
I'll let you - sin
Lay down the burden of a painful.

1832 g.

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