Faun and shepherdess


On the fifteenth spring,
As the lily with the dawn,
beautiful blooms;
And languid breath,
And the eyes of languid light,
And chest flutter,
And roses delicate color -
All youth changes.
Lila does not really captivates
cheerful dance:
One of the carotid in water,
In the woods, she lies,
Sighs and languishes,
And with it there Eros.
When the dark night
Her modest in bed
Finds a quiet sleep,
With fairy dream;
And quiet Tosca
He has filled -
And Lila in dreams
tastes of pleasure
And whispering "On Philo!»


Who's there, in a dark cave,
Bound languid laziness
Rests with you?
so, Since you partook
All the joys of love;
You feel, the Lila,
The excitement in the blood,
And with trepidation, confusion,
With a burning face,
You dyshesh gusto
Under the wings of Cupid.
About the victim of tender passion,
In the silence of the mountains!
Rest in serene
Before dawn fiery.
For you playful stream
Gloomy darkness dressed,
And last month the silent
Misty light Liet;
Here bent roses
Over you in the dark blood;
And the winds lurk,
Where love reigns ...


But who is there, near the caves
In the thick grass lies?
On the altar of Venus
With annoyance he looks;
I bent between flowers
Kosmataya foot;
Above the sad eyes of
Hung two horns.
this Favn, sullen inhabitant
Steep mountains and forests,
Dokuchlivыy gonitely
young shepherdesses.
Cupid's favorite -
beautiful Philo
Long time rival, he ...
The shelter lust
He hears the sighs of happiness
And Nagy tomnый groan.
In the silence of the unfortunate
Drinks the cup of suffering,
And in vain jealousy
Bitter tears pouring.
But here's the queen of night
I rolled down the forest,
And quiet Lucifer
rosy heaven;
Marshmallows whispered -
And a faun in the dense forest
Runs to hide sadness
In the gorges wild mountains.


One morning, Lila
unsteady foot
Amid the thick grove
thoughtfully went.
“ABOUT, soon eh, darkness of night,
With an echo
You will acquire the sky?
ABOUT, soon eh, dark forest,
In the mists of zasineesh
In the west, the sky?”
But a rustle in the bushes
She heard muffled,
And suddenly - he flashed in the eyes
Before her forest god!
As vernal veterochek,
It flies in the little forest:
He pursues her.
And trepetnaya Lila
All the secrets exposed
Mlada its beauty;
And gently opened the chest
kiss of the breeze,
And slim leg
unwittingly laid bare.
Fluttering over the grass,
Shepherdess timidly breathes;
And for a Faun
nearer, closer hears.
Oh, it feels
The fire of his breath ...
All efforts in vain:
You're destined to Faun!
But noisy wave
beauty hid:
River - her grave ...
No! Lila rescued.


Eroses zlatokryly
And gentle Cupid
To help young Lila
Flying from all sides;
All cast Citer,
And peaceful villages Venus
According quivering waves
They bear in the cave -
Love deserted temple.
Lucky was really there.
And now, with Philo
Fun drink it,
I passion easy desktop
Break the silence ...
Quietly dozing Lila
For flowers and sleep neg,
And to quench your beam
Moon behind a cloud.


Ponyknuv head,
Forest unfortunate god
One with the evening darkness
I wandered off the coast:
“forgive, love and joy! —
With a sigh, he said the: —
The sadness spend Mladost
I rock convicted!”
Suddenly out of the woods rosy,
staggering, in front of him
Satir was drunk
With circular pitcher;
He vaguely eyes
Way home searched
And the goat legs
barely crossed;
walking, I went and came
On my Faun,
Laughing recoiled,
I leaned on him ...
“You're my only weapon is, dear brother? —
Cried Satyr gray: —
In which country is obscure
I met you?”
“Brother! - said the Faun dull:
Of the requesting my days!
Everything, I changed everything,
I was unhappy in love”.
“I hear? from Cupid
You strazhdesh and sad,
The baby-mischief
And you idolize?
perhaps l? so oblivion
The jug had drawn,
And the cup of consolation
Fill over the edge!”
And foam flashed
And at the edges sizzles,
And from the first vial
Cupid has already forgotten.


who, been stout, owns
thy beauty?
Invalid, who dares
flaming hand
Wander through the chest passionate,
languish, lament
And with a great Liloyu
Delighted to die?
so, you've changed?
Beauty, captivity,
A Walk to Remember, the Lila!
And again betray.


gone delights, happiness,
As with the morning light sleep;
Where the secrets of sensuality?
Where gentle Palemon?
About Lila! roses wilt
Minutnyya love:
Get to know the sadness and tears,
And now thorns tear.
In the destructive aspirations
Year after year is flying,
And old age in the distant
beauty face.
Cupid has already bowed
I parted with beauty,
I vsled for Cupid
Fun disappeared swarm.
In the forest roams cowgirl
Sad and alone:
Whom there is?
Suddenly she sees Faun.
Philosopher kozlonogy
Under lipoyu lying
And frothy Vial,
Vanco ukrasyv horns,
lazily drained.
Though not find Faun
For Lila old children,
But taken in head babe
Love to stretch Network:
crept, ustremila
At Pan languid glance
AND, I heard, Clones
To talk junction.
But Fawn with an evil smile,
Napenya a phial,
shake their heads,
Belle said:
“No, lilac! I alone -
other, my friend, caught;
There is a time for love,
For wisdom - another.
Sometimes I you
In the frenzy to captivate,
Sometimes I admired
insidious beauty.
And my heart, smoldering passion,
To you I was attracted.
Sometimes ... but, fortunately,
That was - that passed”.

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