AT 179* I was returning ...

AT 179* I was returning to Livonia with cheerful thinking hug my old mother after four years of separation. The more I was coming to our manor, the more excited me impatient. I drove postman, coldblooded my edinozemtsa, and sincerely regret the Russian coachmen and about daring Russian riding. By multiplication of annoyance, My chaise broke. I was forced to stop. Fortunately, station was near.
I went on foot to the village, to send people to my poor chaise. It was the end of summer. The sun was setting. On one side of the road stretched plowed field, on the other hand - the meadow, overgrown with small bushes. From a distance, the mournful song of young Estonians. Suddenly, there was a total silence clearly a gun shot ... and stopped without a comment. I was surprised. The neighborhood is neither a fortress; how does the gunshot could be heard in this peaceful side? I decided, what, probably, somewhere nearby was a camp, and imagination transported me a minute to employment of military life, I have just abandoned.
Approaching the village, I saw on the side manor house. On the balcony were two ladies. Passing by them, I bowed - and went to the postal yard.
I barely had time to deal with lazy smiths, as the old man came to me, a retired Russian soldier, and on behalf of the ladies invited me to dine tea. I readily agreed and went to the manor house.
Dear, I learned from a soldier, that the old lady called Caroline Ivanovna, that she is a widow, that her daughter Katherine already brides, both are good, and so on ...
AT 179* year I had exactly 23 of the year, and the thought of the young mistress was sufficient, to excite a lively curiosity in me.
The old woman took me kindly and hospitably. Hearing my name, Carolina Ivanovna felt to me a property; I recognized her as the widow of von W., distant relative of us, brave generals, killed in 1772 year.
Meanwhile, as I apparently attentively listened to the genealogical research of good Carolina Ivanovna, I stole glances at her sweet daughter, which is poured out the tea and fresh amber oil smeared on slices of home-made bread. 18-five years, round ruddy face, dark, narrow eyebrows, fresh mouth and blue eyes completely justified my expectations. We soon learned, and the third cup of tea, I have treated her as a cousin. Meanwhile, my chaise brought; Ivan came to me to report, that it will not ready before, both in the morning. This news did not upset me, I stayed overnight at the invitation of Caroline Ivanovna.

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