Mistress into Maid

On his part, Alex was delighted, all day he thought about his new znakomke; night image of dark beauty and a dream haunted his imagination. Dawn barely worked, he was dressed. Without giving himself time to charge the gun, he went out into the field with his faithful Sbogar and ran to the place of the promised date. About half an hour passed in intolerable waiting for him; Finally he saw between the bushes glimpsed a blue sundress and rushed to meet cute Akulina. She smiled at the delight of his gratitude; but Alex immediately noticed on her face traces of sadness and anxiety. He wanted to know the reason. Lisa confessed, that the act it seemed to her frivolous, she regretted it, that this time, not like it does not contain the word, but that this meeting will be the last and that she asked him to stop dating, that to anything good can not bring them. All this, of course, it was said on the peasant dialect; but thoughts and feelings, unusual in a simple girl, struck Alexei. He used all his eloquence, in order to avert Akulina of its intention; I assured her of the innocence of their desires, He promised never to give her cause for repentance, obey her in everything, He implored her not to deprive him of the one consolation: form with her alone, at least every other day, at least twice a week. He spoke the language of true passion, and at that moment was just in love. Lisa listened to him in silence. "Give me your word, - she said at last, - that you will never look for me in the village, or to ask about me. Give me your word not to look for others with dating me, except, I myself will appoint ". Alex swore it was Good Friday, but she stopped him with a smile. "I do not need an oath, - Lisa said, - rather one of your promises'. After they talked amicably, walking together in the woods, until Lisa said to him,: time to. They broke up, and Alex, left alone, could not understand, how a simple village girl in two visits had time to take on him the true power. His relations with Akulina had the charm of novelty for him, and although the strange peasant prescriptions seemed to him a painful, but the idea did not keep his word did not come even to his head. The thing is, Alexei, despite the fatal ring, a mysterious correspondence and gloomy disappointment, He was kind and passionate guy and had a pure heart, able to feel the pleasure of innocence.
If I listened to one of his hunting, by all means and in all details would describe goodbye young people, increasing mutual inclination and credulity, classes, conversations; but I know, that most of my readers would not share with me my pleasure. these details, at all, It must seem cloying, so, I miss them, said briefly, that has not passed yet, and two months, and my Alexei was already in love without memory, and Lisa was not indifferent, although his silent. Both were happy to present and gave little thought to the future.
The idea of ​​indissoluble bonds often flashed in their minds, but they never talked about with each other.
The reason is clear: Alexey, whatever it was attached to his cute Akulina, still remember the distance, existing between them and the poor peasant woman; and Lisa knew, what hatred existed between their fathers, and did not dare to hope for mutual reconciliation. Besides her vanity was secretly podstrekaemo dark, of romantic hope of seeing at last tugilovskogo landlord at the feet of the daughter of a blacksmith priluchinskogo. Suddenly an important event was almost no place of their mutual relations.
In one clear, cold morning (from those, What is rich, our Russian autumn) Ivan Petrovich went Berastau stroll on horseback, just in case, taking with him a pair of three greyhounds, stirrups and a few yards of boys with rattles. At the same time, Grigory Murom, soblaznyas good weather, skimpy ordered to ride his mare and trotted around his anglicized possessions. Approaching the woods, he saw his neighbor, proudly sitting on horseback, in chekmene, lined with fox fur, and waiting for the hare, which the boys cry and clappers were driven out of the bush. If Grigory could have foreseen this meeting, then of course he had a turn towards; but he did hit a Berestova unexpectedly and suddenly found himself on his pistol-shot distance. There was nothing. Muromskyy, formed as a European, I pulled up to his opponent and politely greeted him. Berastau replied with the same zeal, What is the chain with Bear bows on the orders of their masters Leader. At that time the hare jumped out of the woods and ran field. Birch bark and squire shouted in all throat, Let the dog track and rode at full gallop. horse Muromsky, there has never been on the hunt, frightened and suffered. Muromskyy, proclaimed himself an excellent rider, I gave her the will and the inner case has been satisfied, delivered him from an unpleasant companion. but the horse, galloped up to the ravine, she had never seen by, suddenly rushed towards, and Muromsky not remained sitting. Dovolno severe fallen on the ground merzluyu, he lay, cursing his skimpy mare, which, as though coming to his senses, immediately stopped, once I felt riderless. Ivan Petrovich galloped up to him, inquiring, if he does not hurt himself. Meanwhile, the groom led the horse is guilty, holding it by the bridle. He helped Muromsky climb to the saddle, Berastau and invited him to his. Muromsky could not refuse, For I felt obliged, and thus Berastau returned home in glory, hunted hare and leading his opponent wounded and almost a prisoner of war.
Neighbors, breakfasting, We chatted quite amiably. Murom asked Berestova droshkies, He admitted for, that from injury he was not able to get to the top of the house. Berastau accompanied him to the porch, and Muromsky left not before, like taking with him my word of honor the next day (and Alexei Ivanovich) come dine in a friendly in Priluchino. Thus ancient feuds and a deep-seated, it seemed, I was ready to cease from fearfulness skimpy fillies.
Lisa ran out to meet Grigory. "What does it mean, dad? - she said with surprise, - why are you limping? Where is your horse? Whose droshky?"-" I did not guess, my dear#», - I answered her Grigory Ivanovich and told all, what happened. Lisa could not believe my ears. Grigory, not giving her time to recover, announced, that tomorrow will be his dinner, both Berestovs. "What are you saying! - she said, poblednev. - Berestovы, father and son! Tomorrow we dine! No, dad, as you please: I have no reason not show ". - "What are you, lost her mind? - said Father, - Do you long become so shy, or you to them nourish a hereditary hatred, how romanicheskaya heroine? fully, Do not be fooled ... "-" There is no, dad, no way, for all the treasures not manifest myself before I Berestovs ". Grigory shrugged and more with her did not argue, for he knew, which is contrary to it will not take anything, and went to rest on his walks a noteworthy.
Lizaveta Grigorievna went to her room and called Nastya. Both long we talked about tomorrow's visit. Alex thought that, if he finds in his well-bred young lady Akulina? What opinion will he have of her behavior and rules, its discretion? On the other hand, Lisa really wanted to see, what impression would be made on his appointment as the sudden ... All of a sudden flashed through her mind. She immediately handed it to Nastya; Both were delighted her as a discovery and put it to perform without fail.
The next day at breakfast Gregory Ivanovich asked his daughter, Is it still intends to hide from Berestovs. "Dad, - replied Lisa, - I'll take them, if you please, only persuasion: as if I was not in front of them, what would I have done, you scold me will not and do not give any sign of surprise or displeasure ". - "Again, some leprosy! - said laughing Grigory. - Well, well, well; I agree, do, what you want, My black-eyed minx ". With these words he kissed her on the forehead, and Lisa ran to get ready.
At two o'clock precisely stroller homework, drawn by six horses, He drove into the yard and rolled around thick green turf circle. Old Berastau went up on the porch with two footmen Muromsky. son after him, he came on horseback and with him went to the dining room, where the table was already laid. Murom took his neighbors could not be fonder, He invited them to inspect the garden before dinner and a menagerie and led along the paths, thoroughly swept and strewn with sand. Old Berastau inwardly sorry for the lost labor and time for such useless whims, but she remained silent out of politeness. His son shared neither displeasure prudent landlord, no admiration Proud Anglomaniac; he was looking forward to the appearance of the master's daughter, of which many had heard, and although his heart, As we know, It was already taken, but the young beauty has always had the right to his imagination.
Returning to the living room, They sat three: old men remembered the old days and anecdotes of his life, and Alex wondered about, what role to play him in the presence of Lisa. He decided, that cold distraction anyway all decently prepared and due to this. the door opened, he turned his head with such indifference, with such a proud nebrezhnostyu, that the heart of the most inveterate coquette was due certainly to shudder. Unluckily, instead Lisa, I became old Miss Jackson, nabelennaya, tightened, with downcast eyes and a small curtsy, and great military movement Alekseevo lost in vain. Before he could gather strength again, when the door opened again, and Lisa went this time. everyone stood; father began to view reviews, but suddenly he stopped and hastily bit his lips ... Lisa, his dark Lisa, Nabeul was head over heels, nasurmlena forest itself Miss Jackson; Toupees, much lighter own her hair, was whipped, Louis XIV wig; sleeve à l'imbécile # protruded like hoops at Madame de Pompadour;# waist was constricted, like the letter X, and all the diamonds of her mother, has not laid in a pawnshop, sparkled on her fingers, neck and ears. Alex could not find his Akulina in this funny and brilliant young lady. His father came to her arm, and he followed it with annoyance; when he touched her Belenky Palchikov, it seemed, they trembled. Meanwhile, he caught a glimpse of leg, with the intention of the exposed and shod with all kinds of coquetry. It reconciled him somewhat with the rest of her outfit. With regard to whiting and to antimony, in the simplicity of his heart, admit, he had them at first glance did not notice, and after not suspected. Grigory Ivanovich remembered his promise and tried not to show surprise and mind; but the mischief of his daughter seemed to him so funny, that he could hardly hold. Not to laugh was prim Englishwoman. she guessed, antimony and whiting were stolen from her chest, and a crimson blush of annoyance broke through the artificial whiteness of her face. She threw the fiery glances at the young Wives, which, postponing to another time any explanation, pritvorяlasь, if they do not notice.
Seli for chair. Alex went on to play the role of the scattered thoughtfully. Lisa affectations, I said through clenched teeth, in a singsong, and only in French. Father constantly stare at her, not realizing its goals, but finding it all very amusing. Englishwoman raged and silent. Ivan Petrovich was one at home: el for dvoih, I drank in the measure, He laughed, and his laughter every hour friendlier talking and laughing.
Finally he got up from the table; guests left, Grigory Ivanovich gave way to laughter and questions. "Whatever you want to fool them? - he asked Lisa. - Do you know? Bleach law you agree; I do not enter into the secrets of a lady's toilet, but in your place I would have been belitsya; of course, not too much, a little ". Lisa was delighted with the success of his fiction. She hugged her father, I promised him to think about his advice and ran to propitiate an angry Miss Jackson, where violence has agreed to open its door to her and listen to her excuses. Lisa was ashamed to be seen by strangers such Chernavka; she did not dare to ask ... she was sure, that the good, dear Miss Jackson forgive her ... and so on., и проч. Miss Jackson, making sure, Lisa did not think to pick it up to ridicule, reassured, Lisa kissed and reconciliation pledge gave her a jar of white British, that Lisa and adopted with the expression of gratitude.
The reader will guess, that the next morning Lisa did not hesitate to come to the grove dating. "You were, his, vecor in our lord? - she said at once Alexei, - what seemed to you young lady?"Alex replied, that he did not notice. "Pity", - replied Lisa. "And why should?"- said Alexey. "Wherefore, I would like to ask you, justice Is, say ... "-" What do they say?"-" Pravda li, they say, if I look like a young lady?"-" What nonsense! It before you freak freak ". «Brothers, his, sin to tell you this; Our fair-haired young lady such, this woman of fashion! Where shall I be with her!"Alex swore to her, that it is better to all kinds of little white ladies, and, to reassure her completely, I began to describe her mistress so funny features, Lisa laughed heartily. "But w, - she said with a sigh, - though the young lady, can, and funny, I still before her fool the illiterate ". - "And! - said Alexei, - there is something to lament! Yes when you want, I immediately you will learn to read and write ". - "A vzapravdu, - Lisa said, - Do not try to actually?"-" Very well, Pretty; start right now ". they sat. Alex took out his pencil and notebook, and learn the alphabet Akulina surprisingly soon. Alex could not Hanadiv its cunning. The next morning, she wanted to try and write; first pencil would not obey her, but after a few minutes she and draw in the letters has become quite decently. "What a miracle! - said Alexey. - Yes, we have the doctrine is rather, than the Lancastrian system ". Indeed, the third lesson was sorting Akulina have to spell "Natalia, Boyars daughter * ", interrupting remarks reading, from where Alex was truly amazed, and a circular sheet izmarala aphorisms, selected from the same story.
A week has passed, and between them started up correspondence. Post office was established in the hollow of an old oak. Nastia secretly corrected position of the postman. to bring
Alex large hand-written letters and there on the blue plain paper Karakulko his beloved. Akulina probably got used to the best warehouse speeches, and her mind visibly evolved and formed.
Meanwhile, a recent acquaintance between Ivan Petrovich Berestov and Grigory Muromsky increasingly strengthened, and soon turned into friendship, here are the facts: Muromsky often I thought about, that Ivan Petrovich's death all his possessions will pass to Alexei Ivanovich; in that case, Alexei Ivanovich will be one of the richest landowners of the province and that there it is no reason not to marry Lisa. The old Berastau, on his side, although he admitted in his neighbor a folly (or, in his words, nonsense English), but also did not deny it and many different advantages, eg: rare resourcefulness; Grigory was a close relative of the Count Pronsk, man noble and strong; Count could be very useful to Alexei, and Murom (so thought Ivan Petrovich), probably, overjoyed occasion to give his daughter advantageously. The elderly as long pondered all this to myself every, that finally with each other and negotiations, embraced, They had promised to deal the order process and began to fuss about him each with a hand. Muromsky had difficulty: persuade her to meet Betsy shorter with Alexey, which I had not seen it since the memorable dinner. It seemed, they each other do not really like; at least Alex is not already back to Priluchino, and Lisa went to her room whenever, Ivan Petrovich udostoival of your visit. But, I thought Grigory Ivanovich, If Alex is my every day, Betsy the same should be in love with him. It is in the nature of things. All Slade.
Ivan Petrovich less worried about the success of their intentions. The same evening, he called his son to his office, He lit his pipe and, after a pause, He said: "What are you, Alyosha, for a long time about the military service not Rumor? Ile hussar uniform have you not tempted!" - "Not, father, - Alex responded respectfully, - I see, you do not want, so I went to the hussars; it is my duty to obey you ". - "Good, - she replied Ivan Petrovich, - I see, you are a dutiful son; it is comforting to me; Well I do not want and I'll nevolit; do not urge you to start immediately ... ... in the civil service; and meanwhile I intend to marry you ".
- To whom it, father? - I asked the bewildered Alex.
- On Lizaveta Grigorievna Murom, - she replied Ivan Petrovich; - at least where the bride; Is not justice?
- Father, I was about marriage yet I do not think.
- You do not think, so I thought and thought better of you.
- Will your. Lisa Muromskaya I do not like.
- After pleasant. can endure, slyubitsya.
- I do not feel able to make her happiness.
- None of your grief - her happiness. what? so that you will read to the parent? good!
- As you please, I do not want to get married and not married.
- Will you marry, or I will curse, and the estate, how god world! sell and promotaû, and you will not leave mite. I'll give you three days to think it over, but for the time being do not dare to my eyes seem.
Alex knew, that if my father would take it into his head, it really that, in the words of Taras Skotinin, he and nail not vyshibesh; but Alex was priest, and as it was difficult to argue. He went to his room and began to think about the limits of parental authority, Lizaveta Grigorievna, a solemn promise to his father to make it to the poor, and finally about Akulina. The first time he saw clearly, that he was passionately in love with it; of romantic idea of ​​marrying a peasant and live for his work came to him, and the more he thought about this and decisive actions, moreover I found it prudent. For some time bye in the grove were discontinued due to rainy weather. He wrote a letter Akulina the clearest handwriting and the most rabid syllable, She declared her about the risks they perdition, and immediately he offered her his hand. Immediately he took the letter to the post office, in the hollow, and went to bed very pleased with himself.
The next day Alex, firm in its intention to, early in the morning I went to Muromsky, in order to explain to him openly. He hoped to incite his generosity and win him to their side. "Will Gregory House Ivanovic?" - he asked, stopping his horse in front of the porch of the castle priluchinskogo. "Not at all, - servant answered; - Grigory morning deigned to go ". - "How boring!"- thought Alex. "Does House, at least, Lizaveta Grigorievna?"-" House with ". Aleksei dismounted, He handed the reins and the footman went unannounced.
"Everything will be decided, - he thought, going to the living room;- obъyasnyus with her own ". He entered and was dumbfounded ...! Lisa ... no Akulina, Pretty dark Akulina, not Dress, and in a white morning dress, I sat by the window and read his letter; she was so busy, not heard, as he walked. Alex could not help rejoicing. Lisa started, I looked up, She screamed and tried to escape. He rushed her to keep. "Akulina, Akulina!.."Lisa tried to get rid of him ...« Mais laissez-moi donc, monsieur; but are you crazy?#"- she repeated, turning away. "Akulina! My friend, Akulina!"- he repeated, kissing her hands. Miss Jackson, witness this scene, dont know, what to think. At that moment the door opened, and Grigory entered.
- To her! - said Muromsky, - that you, it seems, thing already quite harmoniously ...
Readers will relieve me from unnecessary responsibilities describe isolation.

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