Message in a. L. Pushkin

Tell, Parnassian my father,
Can it be true music lover
It can be a gentle singer
And together Guards Colonel?
Shall the, who sometimes
Burning incense gift Apollo,
For honor does not dare without shame
Burn gunpowder in war with hussar
AND, if I may, cities?
Bellona, Muses and Venus,
here, it seems, holy faith
Days of our every singer.
I shlyus on Russian Buflera
And the encouraging Denisa,
But not Glinka officer,
Pretty flat singer;
I do not need his example ...
You'll say: “Stop doing that, Mensagens!
whether people, not a persimmon;
tips, guard, Practice makes perfect -
All this does not inspire odes,
And only the soul wither,
And Marina to be awarded,
May be, right behind Cocytus
Send read his creations.
Listen uncle, my dear:
Go yourself to blind Themis
Or to Diplomatique oblique!
Kropp, my friend, Epistle to Lida,
Leave the sins of war
And sweets complacency
Write Senate decision
And iambic verse;
I do not pirate with cones, —
Take an example from the poet,
From, whose hand
drew Ermak
In the light snow I Do not Know,
And the captivity of the mighty Mehemet,
And fashion horn husband,
Which the, god's grace,
The Minister and the sweet singer,
There was a strict honor sample,
As an example it will be a syllable”.
It's like that, my venerable uncle,
honorable, who human stupidity
Solve intricate disputes;
clever, who is cunning hand
Weaves between themselves
diplomatic nonsense
And the rules also are our destiny.
Smešon, of course, peaceful warrior,
And the most evil epigrams
The famous "Christmastime" He is worthy.
But charming and shake a leg
war, battles and fires,
Blood and empty fields,
camp, knightly attacks?
And what an enviable abusive days
Not too wise longhorn,
But the true heart gusaro
They live in their tents,
Away fun and neg and Graces,
As he lived immortal coward Horatio
In tiburskih gloomy forests;
Do not know the compulsion of light,
nescient, boredom, fear;
Give dinners and battles,
Sing and chopped in battle.
Happy, someone nice and scary world;
Who are behind the song, for business
Thunders true praise;
Who praised Mars and Temir
Bran hung lyre
Between the true saber and saddle.
but you, Enemies work and glory,
Pets Phoebe and fun,
You, peaceful idleness friends
Whisper to you on-the-ear: you're right,
And I agree with you!
God has created for himself the nature,
Their paradise and happiness of fools,
Zloslovie, Men and fashion,
Sure, for fun ladies,
Care noble people,
Tomfoolery for all, - and we
Privacy and freedom!

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