Not to talk and dancing,
Not for the bloody meetings,
Not for questioning kunak,
Not for fun robber
So early gathered Adeje
The courtyard Gasuba old.
The meeting Nezhdanov son Gasuba
Hand envious killed
Near the ruins Tatartuba.
In their native hut he lies.
Rite happening funeral.
It sounds dull song of the mullah.
In a cart harnessed oxen
Stand before Saclay sad.
The yard is full of a dense crowd.
Podemlyut guests mournful howl
And with tears hit the breastplate armor,
AND, heeding the noise of non-combat,
An uproar tangled horses.
Everyone is waiting. From the hut at last
It goes between the wives of his father.
Two Uzdenov render him
On Burke hladny corpse. the crowd
On both sides go off asking.
Compose the body on a cart
And it put a shell military:
undischarged musket,
Quiver and onions, Georgian dagger
And checkers steel Phillips,
So strong was the grave,
Where a brave lie to rest,
So could the call he Azrael
Serviceable rebel warrior.

The road march ready,
And touched Arba. For her
Adeje followed sternly,
Humbling silence fervor horses ...
Already extinguished fiery sunset,
Zlata upland rock,
When the rocky valley
Reached a quiet oxen.
In the valley of the hostility greedy
Smitten with a young rider,
There is now a shadow grave hladnoy
Accept the corpse of his mute ...

Already taken the corpse of the earth. grave
filled up. crowd around
Pleas recent happening.
Because of the mountains were suddenly
The old man and the gray-haired boy slim.
Give way to a stranger -
And mournful old father
so said the, important and calm:
"It's been thirteen years ago,
How do you, a stranger to the village came and,
He gave me a weak baby,
That upbringing of it
I made a brave Chechen.
Today, the son of one
You prematurely bury.
Gasub, be obedient fate.
I brought you another.
Here he is. You should bow your head
To his powerful shoulders.
Your loss of replacements -
My labors you appreciate yourself,
They do not want to boast ".

Umolknul. looks hastily
Gasub per child. this,
Chapter downcast silence,
He motionless to be.
And woe to them admiring Gasub,
Heart attraction obeying,
Tenderly embraces him.
Then caresses mentor,
Thanks and invites
Under the roof of his house.
Three days, three nights with Kunakov
He wants to treat it
And then honestly escort
With the blessings and gifts.
he w, sad fancies father,
I obliged priceless boon;
Servant and friend of the same,
The Mighty Avengers offense.


days pass. Grief fell asleep
Inwardly Gasuba. but Tazit
All former wildness stores.
Among the darling village
He was like a stranger; it all day
In the mountains one; silent and haunting.
So in Saclay feeding deer
Everything in the forest looks; everything goes into the wilderness.
He loves - the steep cliffs
Slide, crawl path silicon,
Vnymaya brown holosystoy
And in the abyss the howling waves.
He sometimes late into the night
Is sitting, sad, over the mountain,
Motionless in the distance of the Charter of the eyes,
Leaning on the arm head.
What thoughts are in it?
What if he wants to?
Of the world where partite
Mladen his dreams gone?…
who knows? Invisible depths of hearts.
The headstrong young man dreams,
Like the wind in the sky ...
but his father
Already unhappy Tazitom.
"Where are, - he thinks, - in it the fruit of Sciences,
adventurousness, cunning and agility,
Crafty mind and strength of arm?
It is only laziness and disobedience.
Or my son's eyes did not penetrate,
Or the old man lied to me ".


Tazit herd of displays
Konya, his favorite.
Two days in the village do not have it,
On the third, he comes home

Where were you, son?

In the cleft of the rock,
Where breached rocky shore,
And the way is open for Darius.

What makes it?

I listened to Terek.

And if you saw the Georgians
Or Russian?

I saw, with goods
Tiflis Armenian riding.

He was with the guards?

No, one.

Why should an unexpected blow
I do not even think you combat it
And do not jump to it from a cliff? —
Downcast eyes of the son of the Circassian,
Without answering.


Tazit again horse saddles,
Two days, two nights lost,
Then a home.

where was?

For with a white mountain.

Someone you met?

on the mound
Our fugitive slave.

About the fate of mercy!
Where is he? She took the arkane
You're a fugitive is not brought? —

- Tazit again the head bowed.
Gasub frowned in silence,
But he concealed his indignation.
"No, thinks he, will not replace
He had another brother.
I not learned my Tazit,
How to extract the gold sword.
Neither my flocks, nor herds
Do not put it on patrols.
He only knows easily
listen to the waves, looking at the stars,
And do not beat in raids
Nogay horses with bulls
And with the fight taken slaves
Court Anapa loading ".


Tazit again horse saddles.
Two days, two nights lost.
on the third, mealy, as death,
He comes home. Father,
seeing him, asks:
"Where were you?»

Okolo stations
Kuban, near forest boundaries
— — — — — — — — — — —

Whom did you see?


whom? whom?

killer brother.

The murderer of my son!…
come!... where his head?
this!... I need the skull.
give naglyazhus!

The killer was
One, catering, unarmed ...

You have not forgotten the blood debt!…
Enemy you face-tipped,
Is not it? You took out his sword,
You're in the throat when he began to thrust
And three times quietly turned,
You bathed him groaning,
His snake legs ...
Where the head?Bring ... ... no power ...

- But the son is silent, clapping eyes.
And Gasub became black as night
And his son sternly cried:

"Go you away - you're not my son,
You are not Chechens - are you old,
You are a coward, you are a slave, you are Armenian!
Damn me! I suppose - to hearing
No one on the timid had,
To forever waiting for you awesome meeting,
To a dead brother on your shoulders
Bloody cat sat
And you mercilessly persecuted the abyss,
May you, like a wounded deer,
He fled, yearning cheerlessly,
That the children of Russian villages
You caught a rope
And Volchenko zaterzal,
I hope you ... Run ... Run quickly,
Defile my eyes!»
- Said on zem lay down - and the eyes
closed. And so I lay till night.
When he got up,
Already in the blue sky
Moon, shining, ascended
And tops of rocks silver.
Tazita thrice he called.
No he did not answer ...


Gorges mountain settlers
In the valley gathered noisily -
Familiar games started.
Verhami young Chechens
The dust rushing at full speed,
Arrow pierce the cap,
Or three times a folded carpet
Bulat immediately dissect.
That slippery amuse struggle,
The dancing fast. Wives, virgin
Meanwhile, sing - and the roar of forest
Far away echoes of melodies.
But between young men one
Naezdnichih fun does not divide,
Verhom not racing along the rapids,
Archery calls are not Celite.
And between one maidens
Silent and pale dull.
They are in a strange crowd chetoyu
are, seeing nothing.
And up to them: he is the son of exiled,
She is a lover of his ...

ABOUT, there was a time!... with her furtively
Kind of young man in the mountains.
He drank poison sweet fire
In its disarray, in a short speech,
Her downcast eyes of,
When a home threshold,
She looked at the road,
With girlfriend frisky saying -
And suddenly he sat down and paled
AND, answer, I did not look
and flares, how fireworks -
Or when standing in water,
Current with stone tops,
And long forged pitcher
Sonorous waves filled.
- And he, not overbearing overcome
cardiac disturbances, time comes
To her father, it removes
And he saith: "Your my daughter
It has long been dear to. According to her longing,
Odin and cheese, I live for a long time.
Bless my love.
I'm poor - but mighty and young.
I work easy. I will remove
From our hut skinny hunger.
Thee I son and friend
Obedient, Loyal and affectionate,
Thy sons kunak reliable,
And she - a commitment spouse ".


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