Love one - fun life hladnoy…

Love one - fun life hladnoy,
Love one - the torment of hearts.
It gives one a moment of gratifying,
And woes and the end is not visible.
Stokrat blessed, who in his youth adorable
This quick moment to catch on the fly;
Who to joy and bliss unknown
Bashfully bows beauty!

But who does not love to sacrifice themselves?
You, senses the availability singers!
Before you were brought sweet soul,
You sang a passion - and proudly hand
Beauties carry their crowns.
blind Cupid, cruel and biased,
You thorns and myrtle distributed;
With Permesskimi queens consonant,
Otherwise one of you to have joy;
Other sorrows forever linked
And a gift sent fire unhappy love.

Heirs Tibull and Boys!
You know precious sweetness of life;
How am ray, siyayut your days.
singers love! Mladen sing joy,
Bowing to the mouth of the flaming lips,
In the embrace of lovers die;
love poems to sigh!
Envy is not you dare.

singers love! You were in charge of sorrow,
And your days of thorns flowed;
You end your anxiously urged;
It came to an end, and gave life
Do not you have matured minute fun;
But, not having found your days of bliss,
You met at least glory,
And you his immortal flour!

Not a matter of fate I was appointed:
Under the gloomy canopy of clouds,
In the wilderness of the valleys, sad in the dark forest,
One, one wander dull and gloomy.
In the hour of the evening on the lake gray
The anguish, tears, I often groan;
But the murmur of waves sighing my
And the sound of oak in response only I heed.
Whether the soul will stop cold sleep,
Poetry will light l ecstasy, —
born fever, and quietly he freezes:
Barren passes Inspiration
Let it be glorified others,
One love, - He loves and is loved!..
Love, люблю!.. but it really will not affect
the voice of the sufferer; she smiles
His poems casual and simple.
Why should I sing? a field maple
I left deserted marshmallow
Oh, forever abandoned the lira,
And a weak gift as a light smoke disappeared.

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Alexander Pushkin
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