Fedoryn grief – Korney Chukovsky


The sieve runs through the fields,
A trough in the meadows.

Behind the broom shovel
Along the street went.

Axes, axes
So they pour from the mountain.
Scared goat,
Got her eyes wide:

"What? Why?
I won't understand anything ".


But, like a black iron leg,
Ran, the poker jumped.

And knives rushed down the street:
"Hey, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep!»

And the pan on the run
Screamed at the iron:
"I am running, running, running,
I can not resist!»

So the kettle is running after the coffee pot,
Taratorite, taratorite, rattles ...

Irons are running quacking,
Through puddles, jump over puddles.

And behind them saucers, saucers -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!

They rush along the street -
Tink-la-la! Tink-la-la!
On glasses - tink!- bump into,
And the glasses are tink!- break.

And runs, buzz, the frying pan knocks:
"Where are you going? where? where? where? where?»

And for her forks,
Glasses and bottles,
Cups and spoons
Galloping along the path.

A table fell out of the window
And went, I went to, I went to, I went to, go ...

And on it, and on it,
Like riding a horse,
Samovarische sits
And shouts to his comrades:
"Go away, run, save yourself!»

And into an iron pipe:
“Boo-boo-boo! Boo-boo-boo!»


And behind them along the fence
Grandma Fedora is riding:
"Oh oh oh! Oh oh oh!
Come back home!»

But the trough answered:
“I'm angry with Fedor!»
And said the poker:
"I am not Fedor's servant!»

And the porcelain saucers
They laugh at Fedora:
"We never, never
We won't come back here!»

Here Fedorin's cats
Dressed up their tails,
We ran at full speed.
To turn back the dishes:

"Hey you, stupid plates,
What do you ride, like proteins?
Should you run outside the gate
With yellow sparrows?
You will fall into a ditch,
You will drown in a swamp.
Don't go, guess what,
Come back home!»

But the plates curl, curl,
And Fedora is not given:
“We'd better be lost in the field,
But we won't go to Fedora!»


The chicken ran past
And I saw the dishes:
"Kud-kuda! Kud-kuda!
Where are you from and where?!»

And the dishes answered:
“It was bad for us with a woman,
She did not love us,
She was, she was us,
Dusty, smoked,
She lost us!»

“Who-who-who! Who-who-who!
Life was not easy for you!»

"Yes,- uttered a copper basin,-
Look at us:
We're broken, beaten,
We are doused with slops.
Look into the tub -
And you will see a frog there.
Look into the tub -
Cockroaches are swarming there,
That's why we are from a woman
Ran away, like a toad,
And we walk through the fields,
Through the swamps, in the meadows,
And to the slob-zamarah
We won't go back!»


And they ran in the woods,
Rode over the stumps and over bumps.
And the poor woman alone,
And crying, and she cries.
A woman would sit at the table,
Yes, the table has gone outside the gate.
Would a woman cook cabbage soup,
Yes, go and look for a saucepan!
And the cups are gone, and glasses,
Only cockroaches are left.
Oh, up Fedora,

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