Confusion – Korney Chukovsky

Kittens meowed:
“We’re tired of meowing!
We want, like piglets,

And behind them are the ducklings:
"We do not want to quack anymore!
We want, like frogs,
To croak!»

The pigs meowed:
Meow, meow!

Kitties grunted:
Oink, Oink, Oink!

The ducks croaked:
KBA, airing, airing!

Chickens quacked:
Krya, krya, krya!

Sparrows jumped
And the cow moaned:

The bear came running
And let's roar:
And a cuckoo on a bitch:
“I don’t want to shout kuku,
I bark at the dog:
Gav, gav, gav!»

Only zainka
There was a goody:
He didn't meow
And he did not grunt -
He was lying under the cabbage,
Babbled like a hare
And foolish animals

"Who is commanded to tweet -
Don't purr!
Who is commanded to purr -
Don't tweet!
No crow is a cow,
Do not fly frogs under the cloud!»

But funny animals -
Piglets, cubs -
They play more than ever,
They don't want to listen to the hare.
Fish on the field walk,
Toads are flying in the sky,

Mice have caught the cat,
The trap planted.

And foxes
Took matches,
We went to the blue sea,
The sea is blue lit.

The sea is burning with flames,
A whale ran out of the sea:
"Hey, firefighters, run!
Help, Help!»

Long, long crocodile
The blue sea was extinguished
Pies, and pancakes,
And dried mushrooms.

Two little chicks came running,
Watered from a barrel.

Two ruffs swam,
Watered from a bucket.

The frogs came running,
Watered from a tub.

Stew, extinguish - do not extinguish,
Fill in - do not fill.

Here the butterfly flew,
Waving her wings,
The sea began to die out -
And it went out.

The animals were glad!
Laughed and sang,
Flapped ears,
They stomped with their feet.

The geese started again
Shout like a goose:

Cats purred:

Birds chirped:

The horses were laughing:

The flies buzzed:

The frogs croak:

And the ducklings are quacking:

The piglets grunt:

Murochka cradling
My dear:

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