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You burn me wilt thou soul:
Give me the elapsed days,
With my bedtime dawn
My morning you Sedin!

My eyelids invisible passes,
From the circle of laughter and Harith
Much time to hide my tells
И за руку меня выводит —

Do not give it to us for mercy.
Who can not be used
His volatile year,
He only has their unhappiness.

lucky spirited, young
Leave passions delusions;
Живем мы в мире два мгновенья —
One of reason give.

You, sweetens sorrow
Minute mladosti my,
Love, мечтанья первых дней —
Can it be true forever you run away?

We must die twice:
Проститься с сладостным мечтаньем —
Here Death of terrible suffering!
What does it mean when not breathe?

On my cloudy sunset,
Among the desert darkness,
So I regret the loss of
Deceptions sweet dreams.

Then on my voice dull
I filed a hand of friendship,
It is like a sweet love
In only one tender has been.

I brought her old rose
Encouraging youth days,
And immediately went, but I poured tears
I could go to her only vosled!

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