stations. (from Voltaire)

You burn me wilt thou soul:
Give me the elapsed days,
With my bedtime dawn
My morning you Sedin!

My eyelids invisible passes,
From the circle of laughter and Harith
Much time to hide my tells
And takes me by the hand -

Do not give it to us for mercy.
Who can not be used
His volatile year,
He only has their unhappiness.

lucky spirited, young
Leave passions delusions;
We live in a world two moments -
One of reason give.

You, sweetens sorrow
Minute mladosti my,
Love, the dreams of the first days -
Can it be true forever you run away?

We must die twice:
To say goodbye to a sweet dream -
Here Death of terrible suffering!
What does it mean when not breathe?

On my cloudy sunset,
Among the desert darkness,
So I regret the loss of
Deceptions sweet dreams.

Then on my voice dull
I filed a hand of friendship,
It is like a sweet love
In only one tender has been.

I brought her old rose
Encouraging youth days,
And immediately went, but I poured tears
I could go to her only vosled!

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