O thou, which combined
With fervent soul, outright
(Although Russian General)
kindness, enlightened mind;
O thou, which the, every day
Getting up at military flour,
Tired barbel verhom
Teaches the science of kings;
But not rashly blaspheme
Its militant arm
Despicable hangman stick,
aquiline, you're right: I forget
His hussar dreams
And Solomon exclaim:
Uniform and saber - hassles!
On General Kiselev
I do not put your hopes,
He's very nice, that word,
He is the enemy of deceit and ignorant;
for noisy, slow lunch
I am happy to sit his neighbor,
Before the night listening glad it;
But he court: promises
He does not cost anything.
Smiriv nemirnye Elan,
No dolimana, without a mustache,
I will hide a mystery of freedom,
With the harp, bliss and nature
Under the shadow of ancestral forests;
Above the lake, in a quiet cottage,
Or in thick grass meadows,
Or hill on skate zlačnom,
In Bukhara cap and gown
I will sing my gods,
И буду ждать. – Когда ж восстанет
On the bed of rest god swords,
And the battle breaks out loud call,
Then leave the world of golf;
Pet flaming Bellona,
In the throne a faithful citizen!
aquiline, I will be under the banner of
Your valiant warriors;
in tents, amid the fray, amid fires,
With sword and battle with the lyre
Will be chopped before you
And sing your glory strikes.

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Alexander Pushkin
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