Fiala Anakreon

When to worship
I went to the ancient Paphos,
Believe me, I have seen
In the dressing room at the Venus
Fiala Anakreon.
He was filled with Bacchus
Brightening moisture -
Around hung roses,
Green ivy and myrtle,
hand woven
Queen of delights.
I saw in the chunk
Treacherous Cupid -
He looked become sad
On foamy moisture.
“What do you look, prokaznik,
On foamy moisture? —
I asked Cupid, —
Tell, so utihnul?
Or want to scoop up
You blame zlatogo,
Yes pen will not reach?”
“No, - answered moppet, —
sporting, I was in this sea
quiver, and onions, and arrows
All the cast did not mean,
And I can not swim:
Von, out at the bottom of shine;
Oh, I'm sorry - listen,
Get me out of their!”
“ABOUT, not, - I said to God, —
thank, that fell;
Let there remain”.

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