Memoirs in Tsarskoye Selo

Overhang canopy ugryumoy nights
Dremlûŝih in the firmament of heaven;
The silent silence sat fraction and groves,
In our old distant forest fog;
Almost hear the creek, running in the shade of the oaks,
A little breeze breathes, usnuvshyy on leaves,
And silent moon, like a swan majestic,
Floating in the clouds srebristyh.

Floats - and pale rays
Objects lit round the.
Alley ancient lime trees opened sight,
Peeped and hill and meadow;
Here, see, with topolom splelasy mladaya Iva
And to reflect in crystals unsteady waters;
Queen among fields shone proudly
The luxurious beauty blooms.

From the hills of siliceous waterfalls
Drain bead river,
There's a quiet lake splash mollusk
His lazy wave;
And there in the silence of the great palaces,
On the vaults leaning, rushing to the clouds.
Whether peaceful days there were earthly gods?
Not ce l Rosskam Temple of Minerva?

Not ce l Elysium polnoschny,
Lovely tsarist-rural garden,
Where, lion slaying, Russia rested powerful eagle
On the lone peace and Otrado?
Alas! Race around those times golden,
When under the scepter Velikija wife
The crowning glory of the happy Russian,
The color under the shelter of silence!

Here, each step in the soul gives birth
Memories of previous years;
Had looked around him, With a sigh, Ross broadcasts:
"Gone is all, Great is not!»
And a thought deepened, over zlachnыmi posterior to bregma
He is sitting in silence, declining winds hearing.
Leaking summer flit sight,
And in the quiet admiration for the spirit.

He sees, surrounded by waves,
above solid, mossy rocks
ascended monument. Shiryayasya wings.
Above it sits the eagle Mlada.
And heavy chain, and the thunderous boom
Around the formidable pillars resounded three times wrapped;
Around the foot, noise, shafts gray
In a brilliant foam subsided.

In the shade of a thick gloomy pines
Erecting a monument to a simple.
ABOUT, how it is for you, Kagulyskoy breg, proud!
And glorious Motherland Dragoi!
Immortal you forever, Rosskam of giants,
In the battles rearing environment abusive bad weather!
About you, companions, friends of Catherine,
Will host a rumor from generation to generation.

About loud century military disputes,
Witness the glory of Russians!
You've seen, Orlov, Rumyantsev and Suvorov,
Descendants formidable Slavs,
Perun Zeus victory abducted;
Their daring exploits fear marveled the world;
Derzhavin and Petrov Heroes of the song rattles
Strunami gromozvuchnыh Lear.

And you raced, unforgettable!
And soon the new century saw
And new battlefield, and the horrors of the war;
Suffer - there is a mortal destiny.
He flashed a bloody sword in the hand of unrestrained
Kovarstvom, audacity crowned king;
Rose scourge of the universe - and soon a fierce battle
Zardelasy groznaya fireworks.

And quickly rushed stream
Enemies on the Russian field.
Before them, bleak steppe lies deep in a dream,
Smokes Lifeblood;
And Sela peace, and castles in the dark glow,
And the sky glow around dressed,
Dense forests harboring fleeing,
And idle in a field rusty plow.

Go - their strength is no obstacle,
all demolish, all toppled in the dust,
And the shadow of the pale dead children Bellona,
In air shelves Syedin,
The grave grim descend unceasingly,
Or wander the forests in the silence of the night ...
But clicks heard!.. They are given in the misty! —
Sound of chain mail and swords!..

dismayed, Men of strange!
Russia moved the children;
Rose young and old: fly to daring
Their hearts vengeance OIE.
Vostrepeschi, tyrant! so fall of the hour!
You behold in every Warrior Heroes.
Their goal il win, il fall into the heat of battle
for faith, the king.

Mettlesome horses abuse pyshut,
Usean warrior down,
For systems operation flows, all Places, glory dyshut,
Delight in their breasts moved.
Fly on formidable feast; production swords are looking for,
And lo - burning wrestle; on the hills thunder,
The air thickened with arrows swords hiss,
And splashing blood on the shield.

at once. - Russian - winner!
And the reverse is running haughty Gull;
But strong in the battles of heaven, the Almighty
Ray last crowned,
Not here, it immediately turned gray warrior;
About Borodinskiye bloody field!
Do not you fury and pride limits!
Alas! Gull on the towers of the Kremlin!..

edge of Moscow, edge home,
Where at the beginning of flowering years
Hours I spent carelessness gold,
Not knowing the sorrows and troubles,
And you see them, enemies of my homeland!
And you Bagram blood and fire devoured!
And for a sacrifice I did not bring you the vengeance and life;
In vain just anger the spirit burned!..

Where are you, Moscow beauty Stoglavy,
Darling charm hand?
Where you can see the majestic castle was first,
The ruins are now one;
Moscow, how is your Russian SPAR dull terrible!
Gone building nobleman and kings,
All the flames destroyed. Crowns eclipsed towers,
The palaces of the rich fell.

And there, where luxury dwelt
In senistyh groves and gardens,
Where fragrant myrtle, linden and trembling,
There is now the coals, ash, dust.
In the hours of silent beautiful, letney nights
Fun noisy to not fly,
Do not shine in the lights too bright shores and trees:
everything is dead, everything is silent.

Console yourself, mother castles Russia,
Look upon the death of a stranger.
This day they are too heavy on their proud necks
Avenging right hand of the Creator.
Look: they run, ozretsya not dare,
Their blood does not ceases in the snows of the rivers flow;
Run - and in the darkness of night and the death of their smooth sretayut,

A rear driving Rossow sword.

About you, which trembled
Europe's strong tribes,
About Galla prey! and you are in the graves of fallen. —
Oh fear! a terrible time!
Where are you, favorite son and happiness and Bellona,
Despised the voice of truth and faith, and the law,

In hordыne vozmechtav sword nyzverhnut tronы?
disappeared, in the morning a nightmare!

In Russia, Paris! - where the torch of vengeance?
germination, Gaul, head.
But I shall behold? Hero with a smile of reconciliation
He is coming with Olivier golden.
Another military thunder rumbles in the distance,
Moscow disheartened, as the steppe polnoschnoy haze,
And he - the enemy has no death, but salvation
And virtuous peace on earth.

Worthy grandson of Catherine!
Why hast celestial Aoide,
As nowadays singer, Bard Slavic squads,
My spirit of enthusiasm is not lit?
ABOUT, estli b Apollo poet gift wonderful
He influenced me now in the chest! whom you admire,
Lyre b thundered heavenly harmony
And shone in the darkness of the times.

About Skald Russia inspirational,
Glorified formidable martial system,
In a circle of friends;, with a soul inflamed,
Vzgremi harp gold!
Yes, once again the voice of the Hero of the slender after spill,
And the strings will fall fire timid heart,
And the young Warrior boil and shudder
At the sound pejorative Singer.

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