By Scherbinin

live because, dear friend,
Who passion silly not sick,
Who have no time to fall in love,
Who are engaged in all and all pleased;
who Nadinku, by evening,
For dinner secret caresses,
And fatty Strasbourg pie
Fragrant wine washes down;
Who, removing worries away,
As a faithful son of Paphos faith
Conducts pious night
Mladye monashinkoy Citer.
In the morning he dozes sweetly,
Invalid leaf reading;
The whole day is devoted to fun,
And in the night - again reigns Cyprida.

And we're not there days conduct,
Shcherbinin, frisky fun friend,
With Cupid, prank, wine,
For the time being young and in health.
But days mladыe spring,
Fun, Bliss us leave,
The desire to change the feelings,
Hearts dry up and cool down.
Then - without songs, without friends,
without pleasure, without desires,
Let us find the joy, Dear friend,
In the misty dream memories!
Then, shaking his head,
I'll tell you at the door of the sepulcher:
"Do you remember Fanny, my dear?»
And quietly, both have some fun.

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Alexander Pushkin
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