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Again, I am your, of young friends!
Misty hid separation days:
And his brother again prostrated your hands,
Your frisky again, I saw a circle.
All the same you, but my heart really is not the same:
It is not you give him the most precious thing,
Уж я не тот… невидимой стезей —
Gone is time carefree gaiety,
gone forever, and fleeting life
Луч утренний бледнеет надо мной. —
Gladness with soul.
Rejected fate jealous,
smile, laugh, and playfulness, и покой —
I forgot everything: silent grief
Cover overlies yunoyu head ...
You should not have a playful conversation
And tenderness eloquent soul
My heavy sleep like tear up,
it was all over, – и резвости счастливой
In my soul effaced print.
To delete a gloomy suffering,
In vain you are my lyre;
Pogasnuli of dream of days gone by,
And he died in a voice insensitive string.
In front of a sadness I see!
I'm afraid of the world, I boring daylight;
I'll go to the woods, in which there is no life,
Where the dead darkness - I hate joy;
I froze in her minute trail.
you fallen, sheets rose yesterday!
Not dotsveli to monthly rays.
raced off you, my days of joy!
They raced off you - inadvertently shed tears,
And I'm on a dark morning vyanu days.

Oh Company! leave me oblivion;
In silence the fate pokorstvuyu,
Leave me a heart torment,
Leave me deserts and tears.

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