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somewhere, in the kingdom of Far Far Away,
In tridesyatom State,
There once was a glorious king Dadon.
From his youth he was menacing he
And neighbors now and then
Inflicted wrongs safely;
But old age wanted
Take a break from martial cases
And peace itself arrange.
Here bother neighbors
Become old king,
Terrible harm to it creating.
To the ends of their possessions
To guard against attacks,
He was supposed to contain
numerous army.
Voivod on alert,
But did not have time:
Are waiting, happened, from South, lo and behold, —
An army from the east climbs.
To the right is, - spirited away
Go to the sea. out of spite
Indus cried the king Dadon,
Indus forget and sleep.
That life in such trouble!
Here he is asking for helping
He asked the sage,
Stargazers and eunuchs.
Sending him a messenger with a bow.

Here the sage before Dadon
He became and pulled out of the bag
"Plant you this bird, —
He said the king, - the spokes;
My golden cockerel
It will be your faithful watchman:
Kohl around everything will be peaceful,
So it will sit quietly;
But only slightly from
You expect the war,
Ile warlike forces raid,
Or other troubles uninvited,
Then suddenly my cock
Pripodymet scallop,
Scream and vstrepenetsya
And the place will turn ".
eunuch the king thanks,
Mountains of gold promise.
"For such a favor, —
He says in admiration, —
Will of your first
I will perform, like my ".

Cock with high spokes
It became guard its borders.
Little danger where visible,
Faithful as a watchman to sleep
stirs, vstrepenetsya,
To one side of the turn
And shouts: "Kiri-ku-ku.
reign, lying on its side!»
And sosedi prismireli,
Fighting will not dare:
Such them the king Dadon
He rebuffed on all sides!

Year, another passes peacefully;
Rooster sitting quietly all.
One day the king Dadon
Awakened by a terrible noise:
"You are our king! father of nations! —
governor proclaims, —
prince! wake up! trouble!»
- What, gentlemen? —
says Dadon, yawning: —
А?.. Who's there?.. trouble which? —
voivod said:
"Cock again shouts;
Fear and noise in all of the capital '.
King to the window, - an on spice,
sees, beats cock,
Turning to the east.
procrastinate nothing: "Rather,!
People, on the horse! Hey, lives!»
The king sends an army to the east,
His eldest son is.
Cockerel calm down,
The noise died down, and the king forgotten.

Here it goes eight days,
And the army of no news;
It was Mademoiselle, there was only weapon of battle, —
No Dadon Dispatches.
Cockerel cries again.
King is calling another host;
Son he is now smaller
Sends to the large revenue;
Cockerel again subsided.
Again, there is no lead from them!
Again eight days pass;
People spend days in fear;
Cockerel cries again,
Call together the king's men third
And it leads to the east, —
Without knowing, whether to be much good.

Troops go day and night;
It becomes nevmoch.
our beatings, not flat,
Nor a grave mound
Does not meet the king Dadon.
"What a miracle?"- he thinks.
Here too Eighth day passes,
The army in the mountain king leads
And Intermedia high mountains
He sees Silk Tent.
All in a wonderful silence
Vkrug tent; in close Gorge
Men beaten lies.
Tsar Dadon to the tent in a hurry…
What a terrible picture!
Before him his two sons
Without Shelomov and without armor
Both are dead,
Plunged the sword into each other.
Horses roam their broad meadows,
Stamp down on the grass,
According to a bloody ant…
The king began to howl: "Oh children, children!
Woe is me! caught on the net
Both our Falcon!
above! my death had come ".
All sirens for Dadon,
He moaned a heavy groan
the depths of the valleys, and the heart of the mountains
Shook. suddenly the tent
swung open… and girl,
Shamahanskaya queen,
All shining like the dawn,
Quietly met the king.
As before the sun, the night bird,
The king paused, she looked in his eyes,
And I forgot it in front of her
The death of the two sons.
And before she Dadon
Smiled - and with a bow
His hand took
And in his tent stole.
There he planted at the table,
Every pudding regaled;
laid to rest
On brocade bed.
And then, exactly a week,
Conquering it certainly,
Okoldovan, fascinated,
I feasted at her Dadon

Finally, and in the way back
With his strength inverse
And with a young girl
The king went home.
Before him ran a rumor,
And disclose the true story fiction.
under the capital, near the gate,
With the noise of the people they met, —
All run the chariot,
For Dadon and caricej;
Welcomes all Dadon…
Suddenly the crowd saw it,
In sarachinskoy white hat,
All turned white as a swan,
An old friend of his, eunuch.
"BUT, awesome, my father, —
Said the king to him, - what do you say?
Pod closer! What Lawless?»
- King! - sponds sage, —
finally Razochtemsya.
remember? for my service
Promise me, as a friend,
The will of my first
you fulfill, as his.
Give me are you a virgin,
Shamahanskaya queen. —
Extremely king was astonished.
"What are you? - he said the elder, —
Or a demon in you screwed,
Or you crazy crazy?
What are you in the head he took?
I, of course, He promised,
But all the same there is a border.
And why do you girl?
fully, Do you know who I am?
Ask you from me
though treasury, at least the rank of Boyar,
Though the royal stables with horse,
Though, the kingdom of my floor ".
- I do not want anything!
Give you my girl,
Shamahanskaya queen, —
Sage says in response.
spat king: "Yes disasters same: not!
Nothing you do not get.
Himself you, sinner, afflicted;
get out, intact until;
Pull the old man!»
The old man wanted to take issue,
But with other expensive squabble;
King sufficed him with the rod
forehead; he fell on his face,
Yes and spirit von. - All capital
shook, and the girl -
Hi-hi-hi! if ha-ha-ha!
is not afraid, know, sin.
King, though was troubled greatly,
She smiled sweetly.
Here - he enters the city…
Suddenly there was a light ringing,
And in front of the whole capital
Cockerel sporhnul with spokes,
By the chariot flew
And the king sat on the crown,
roused, I pecked at the crown
And hoisted… and at the same time
With chariots fell Dadon -
I gasped again, - and he died.
And the queen suddenly disappeared,
Though it had not happened.
tale lie, so it hint!
Good fellows a lesson.

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