To a Young Widow

Lida, my friend unchanging,
Why through light sleep
Often, weary languor,
I hear your quiet groan?
Why, happy in love
Seeing the terrible dream,
eyes motionless, fearful
Rushes into the darkness?
Why, when partakes
Quick pass out of love,
Sometimes I notice
Tears your secret?
You vaguely Hearken
My fiery speech,
Cold hands požimaešʹ,
Hlada gaze your eyes ...
About priceless friend!
Eternally eh tears shed,
Eternally eh dead wife
From the grave cause?
Believe me: graves of prisoners
There embraces eternal sleep;
They are not nice voice too cute,
Not regrettable moan sorrow;
Not for them - Spring Rose,
The sweetness of the morning, noise noder,
Frank friendship tears
And the timid mistresses call ...
Sooner your friend unforgettable
Sigh death vozdohnul
And bliss intoxicated
On your chest asleep.
Sleeps topped lucky;
Believe love - we are innocent.
Not, razgnevannыy jealous
It comes from the eternal darkness;
thunder clap quiet night,
And envious shade
Near lovers will not,
Causing sleep day.

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Alexander Pushkin
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