In the distance you seest secluded cliff;
The cave in it izrylas depth:
darkens entrance, surrounded by bushes,
Near the noisy and foaming wave.
evenings, when the moon nebula,
Here cute Evlega called;
Here the quiet voice of the mountains passed
In the darkness of the night is sad and alone:

“come, Odulʹf, too pale Grove.
On the wild moss Odulfa I sat down to wait,
burns breasts, I sigh for sigh flies.
ABOUT! sweet live, my friend, soul to soul.
come, Odulʹf, I am with you zabudus,
And kiss love kindled.

run, Osgar, I'm scared of your eyes,
Your ugly appearance, and Hladna talk.
leave me, I do not shout!
Is another in the night with me napping,
Already at the dawn of another embraces me,
And sweetness of his kiss me.

Well, he hesitates to accomplish my hopes?
For sweet I threw clothes!
Envious cover lies at the feet of.
but chu!.. go - so! this is my friend sweet.
Already started enthusiasm tender passion,
And kiss love kindled”.

is Odulf; in sight - upoenьe,
In breast - love, and runs away grief;
But near him in the darkness of flashed steel,
And he shuddered - born of suspicion:
“Who are you? - I asked, - Mail You are here? augur,
responsible to me, O son of gloomy night!”

“powerless enemy! Osgara flee!
In the deserted darkness that seek timid eyes?
dismayed me, I have a passion inflamed:
In the cave there Eylega waiting Osgara!”
Damask sword naked in a minute,
Fire flies jets from the blow ...

Evlega heard the sound of swords
And throw fear coldness of the cave.
“Come see the object of your love! —
I cried Odulf gentle friend, faithful. —
traitors! you are calling it here?
In the dark of night you sweetens bliss,
But the daring you find in Valhalla!”

He raised his sword ... and awe Evlega
Fall on the turf, like a tuft of snow flying,
Myatelitsey rejection from the rocks!
Each other rivals seek,
Bloody current ran over the rocks:
The shrubs are rolling in despair.
Last Evlegu voice calling,
And the coldness of death, their fury Bound.

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Alexander Pushkin
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