anniversary of Borodino

Great day Borodin
We are brotherly feasts commemorating,
firmly: “Were the tribes,
Disaster threatening Russia;
Not all eh Europe there was?
Whose star led her!..
But we began to train hard pyatoyu
And chest took the pressure
tribes, obedient to the will of the proud,
And is was an unequal dispute.

And what? a disastrous escape,
kichas, they have forgotten now;
Lost Russian bayonet and snow,
Pogrebshy their glory in the desert.
Familiar feast beckons them again -
Chmielna for them Slavyanov blood;
But it will be hard for a hangover;
But guests will long dream
on close, cold Novosel,
Under the northern cereal fields!

Go Well for us: Russia is calling you!
but know, application reviews!
I do not lead you to Poland:
It will step through the bone!..”
Come true - and on the day of Borodino
Again we invaded our banners
The breaches fallen again in Warsaw;
And Poland, as a running regiment,
The dust casts a bloody banner -
And rebellion is crushed by silent.

In borenye padshiy unscathed;
Enemies, we are not trampled in the dust,
We do not recall them now
Togo, that the old tables
Store in the traditions of silent;
We do not burn them in Warsaw;
They are the people's nemesis
Not ripe gnevnogo persons
And hear the song of resentment
Russian singer of lira.

but you, mutytely chambers,
Legkoyazychnye orator,
You, black bedstvennыy Naba,
detractor, enemies of Russia!
What have you?... Even if Ross
Sick, relaxed colossus?
Even if the northern glory
blank parable, false dream?
Tell: soon eh us Warsaw
Prescribe proud of his law?

Where otdvinem build strongholds?
for Bug, to Vorskla, to Limana?
For whom will Volyn?
For whom the legacy of Bohdan?
Recognizing the rights of the rebellious,
Us to reject the only weapon Lithuania?
Our Kiev decrepit, zlatoglavыy,
This ancestor of Russian cities,
Akin to Do with exuberant Warsaw
Shrine of their graves?

Your stormy noise and screech
Confused eh Russian ruler?
Tell, who hung his head?
To crown: sword il scream?
Is Russia strong? War, and mor,
I bunt, and external storms head
Her, besnuyas, shaken -
See Well: all worth it!
But her excitement round the fallen -
And Poland's fate is solved ...

Victory! heart sweet hour!
Russia! Arise and exalts!
Grammy, enthusiasm common voice!..
but quieter, quieter resound
around the deathbed, where he is,
Mighty Avenger evil insults,
Who conquered the top of the Taurus,
Before whom resigned Erivan,
Suvorov who laurel
Wreath wove triple wrestle.

Rising from his coffin,
Suvorov sees prisoner Warsaw;
I trembled his shadow
From the brilliance they started glory!
he blesses, hero,
your suffering, your peace,
Your companions courage,
And the news of your triumph,
And with her flying over Prague
Mladoy his grandson.

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Alexander Pushkin
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