When I struck the last hour of happiness,
When I woke up in tears over the abyss,
AND, tremulous, for the last time
I touched your hand with my lips -
Yes! I remember everything; I was horrified heart,
But drowned unbearable sadness;
I told: “Not eternal separation
All joy takes now into the distance.
Zabudemsya, in dreams sink flour;
discouragement, gubitelynaya boredom
Hermit shelter will not visit;
My grief delight Muse meet;
I would comfort myself - and friendship quiet glance
My soul cold to light the darkness”.

How little I knew of love and heart!
Hours are, them days pass,
But the woes of refreshing not lead
And do not carry oblivion Vial.
About cute, everywhere you are with me:
But I'm sad and I'm sad in secret.
Do Blesnet day for blue mountain,
Will the night rise with the autumn moon -
I still you, lovely friend, seeking;
I fall asleep, only dream about you, —
One you see in the wrong dream;
Conceived - unwittingly I encourage,
Having heard - I heard your voice.
Scattered sit between friends,
Nevnyaten me their noisy conversation,
I look at them motionless eyes,
I do not know much of my eyes hladny!

And you're with me, o Lira, priunıla
Confidante of my sick soul! —
Your string sad ringing deaf,
And only love you voice is not forgotten!..
About faithful, sadness, sadness with me,
Let your negligent tunes
Portray my despondency,
AND, listening to your saber,
Let them breathe thoughtful virgins.

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Alexander Pushkin
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