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My coming in the fog,
The past is full of torment and evil ...
Why not later or not wound
My nature has created?
Why the creator of preparing me,
Why so sternly rebuke
Hopes of my youth?..
Good and evil, he gave me a cup,
said: I adorn your life,
You'll be famous among the people!..

And I believed his words,
AND, full will of passions,
I measured his future
Vastness of his soul,;
With shrine fought evil in me,
I strangled voice shrine,
Tears squeezed from the heart, I;
As the young fruit, devoid of juice,
It faded in the storms of fate
Under the hot sun of life.

Then, ready for pursuits,
I boldly penetrated into the hearts of people
Through the obscure veils
Secular decency and passion.

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