Elegy (I saw death; She sat in silence)

I saw death; She sat in silence
At the threshold of my peace;
I saw the coffin; It opened its doors;
Soul, pomerknuv, Cool ...
Soon I leave friends,
And my life bitter
No traces will not take too;
Last glance of my eyes
Ray of immortality does not meet,
And extinguished lamp young days
Nothingness calm illuminate the darkness.


forgive, sad world, where the dark path
Over the abyss for me to lay -
Where faith is quiet I do not comforted,
Where I loved, where I can not love!

forgive, daylight, sorry, heaven veil,
Mute the night mist, morning: sweet hour,
familiar hills, creek deserted voice,
Silence mysterious forest,
And that's it. forgive me for the last time.

And you, which was the world to me by God,
The subject of secret tears and sorrow pledge,
forgive! all passed ... Oh, my flame is extinguished,
I'm going the cool grave,
And death dusk fatal
With the torment of love will cover the life of a dull.

And you, friends, when devoid of power,
barely breathing, in painful agony,
I tell you: "On the other! I loved!..»
And quiet spirit will die of exhaustion,
My friends, - then go to her:
Tell: taken it eternal darkness ...
AND, may be, about my fate
She sighs over the sepulchral urn.

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Alexander Pushkin
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