Greetings, desert area,
haven of tranquility, works and inspiration,
Where it pours days my invisible flow
In the bosom of happiness and oblivion.
I'm yours - I exchanged vicious yard Circe,
sumptuous feasts, fun, delusions
The peaceful noise Dubrov, in the fields of silence,
On idleness freestyle, girlfriend Reflections.

I'm yours - I love this dark garden
With its cool and flowers,
this meadow, laden with fragrant haystacks,
Where light streams in the bushes rustle.
Everywhere in front of me moving picture:
Here I see two lakes azure plains,
Where the fishermen sail sometimes turns white,
They were a series of hills and fields striped,
Away scattered huts,
On wet shores of wandering herds,
Smoky barns and mills krilaty;
Everywhere traces of contentment and labor ...

I'm here, freed from the shackles of worldly,
Uchusya to find true bliss,
Free soul Act worship,
Murmurs do not listen to the crowd unenlightened,
Participation respond shy Plea
And not zavidyvat fate
Villain il fool - the greatness wrong.

oracles of ages, here to inquire of you!
The majestic solitude
Your voice can be heard encouraging.
He chases a dream laziness glum,
To labor creates heat in me,
And your creative thoughts
In the depths of the soul ripen.

But the idea is horrible soul clouds:
Among flowering Neve and mountains
mankind sadly notes each
Everywhere Ignorance killer Shame.
He saw mallow, not heeding groan,
On the ruin people's favorites Destiny,
Here gentility wild, no feelings, without law,
Arrogated to themselves the violent vine
And work, and property, and the farmer time.
Leaning on an alien plow, pokorstvuya bicham,
Here, the skinny Slavery drags on the reins
Relentless Owner.
Here burdensome yoke to the grave all involve,
Hopes and inclinations in the soul not daring to feed,
Here young virgins blossom
For whim unfeeling villain.
Reliance sweet aging fathers,
Mladen sons, works comrades,
mother come from a hut to multiply
Yard crowd exhausted slaves.
ABOUT, if my voice could disturb heart!
Almost at my chest burns sterile glow,
And it is not given to me by fate Vitiystva formidable gift?
I see eh, oh friends! people neugnetenny
And Slavery, fallen at the bidding of the king,
And over the fatherland of Liberty enlightened
It is finally ascend beautiful Dawn?

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Alexander Pushkin
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