Elegy (I thought, that love is extinguished forever)

I thought, that love is extinguished forever,
What is at the heart of evil passions umolknul rebellious voice,
That friendship last gratifying star
Martyr brought to the pier reliable.
I fancied to rest near the shores of the faithful,
Already from a distance look, specify the hand
On sail disastrous swimmers,
Nosymыh yarostnoy storm.
And I said,: “Stokrat blessed,
whose age, free and beautiful,
As the age of the spring raced clear
And passion was not marred by,
Who has not suffered in vain love,
Someone unknown sad captivity.
beatific! but I blissfully Bole.
I broke the chain of torment,
Again I have friendship - I will -
And life gloomy field
Cheerful brilliance fascinated!”
But what I was saying ... the unfortunate!
Moment I fell asleep in the wrong silence,
But grim tailasya love me,
I am not quenched my flame of passion.
Fun in the crowd called out my friends,
I wanted to set up the old way Frolicking lyre,
Still I wanted to sing the young damsels,
Fun, Bacchus and Delfiru.
In vain!.. I was silent; tired arm
Lay, languid, lire of disobedience,
I'm still burning - and sadness indifferent
On the game mladosti looked from afar.
Love, poison our days,
Run with the crowd deceptive dreams.
Do not burn the soul of my,
Fire agonizing desires.
fly, ghosts ... Cupid, so I'm not your,
Give me the joy, Give me back my peace of mind ...
Throw one at me senseless nature,
Or even let fly on the wings of Hope,
Let me sleep more painful and chains
Sweet dream of freedom.

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Alexander Pushkin
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