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love, kindness and laziness
Sheltered from worries and troubles,
Live under the shadow of their reliable:
In the privacy of you happy: you are a poet.
Confidant of the gods are not afraid of the storm evil:
their fishing over him high and holy;
His lull kameny young
And with a finger on her lips kept his peace.
Oh dear friend, and I Goddess chants
Even in the infant chest
Influenced spark of inspiration
And secretly pointed the way:
I lirnyh listening enjoyment
Baby feel able,
And the lyre became my destiny.
But where are you, minute gusto,
Heart inexplicable fever,
Animate work and tears of inspiration!
As the smoke disappeared, my gift of light.
As I caught the eye early in the bloody envy
And malicious slander invisible dagger!
Not, not, nor happiness, no glory,
Neither proud thirst for praise
I will not get carried away! The inaction happy
I forget the sweet music, my tormentor;
But it may be a breath delighted silent,
Listening to the sound of your strings.

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