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Do not blame me, omnipotent,
And do not punish me, pray,
for this, that the darkness of the earth burial
With her passions I love;
for this, that rarely enters into the soul
Live your speeches jet,
for this, that wanders astray
My mind is far away from you;
for this, that lava inspiration
Bubbles on my chest;
for this, that wild excitement
Mrachat glass of my eyes;
for this, that the earthly world to me too small,
To enter you Well I'm afraid,
And often sound sinful songs
I, Christ, do not you pray.

But this wonderful quench the flame,
burnt fire,
Preobrati my heart to stone,
Stop hungry look;
From the terrible thirst chants
let the, creator, I am free,
Then, on the narrow path of salvation
To you I will return again.

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