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Чудный сон мне бог послал —

With a long white beard
In the white chasuble before me
Elder certain was coming
And I was blessed.
He told me: “Any pokoen,
soon, soon awarded
Going to the kingdom of heaven.
Soon earthly pilgrimage
Your end will come.
Already preparing the angel of death
For you holy crown ...
Traveler - go to bed for the night,
The Harbor, plavatel, will enter.
Poor weary plowman,
Otreshysh ox from the plow
At the last furrow.

Now the great sinner,
About which divination
Слышал ты давно —
sinner zhdannыy
Finally he comes to you
to manifest themselves,
And received permission,
And you go to sleep a perpetual sleep”.

sleep encouraging, blagoveschny
Heart greedy dares
And to believe and not to believe.
Brother, Shall indeed
I'm close to my death?
And terrible, and I hope,
I dread eternal punishment,
mercy hope:
Calm me down, creator.
But your will be done,
Не моя. – Кто там идет?..

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